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A-Z Muslim Book

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A-Z Muslim Book - Page Text Content

S: A-Z Book of Muslims

FC: A - Z Book of Islams | By Lukeja, Alana, Alex

1: A is for Allah | Allah is the Arabic word for God. It is the only monotheistic God for Jews, Muslims, Islamic people, and Christians. Muhammad translated everything that God ever said to him into the Quar'an. | Lukeja Wnukowski

2: B is for Bedouin | The Bedouin population is divided into 8 tribes with about 300 people in each tribe. They live according to traditions and strict laws. They are very respectful to nature and believe in conserving the Earth. They take up most of the Sinai Peninsula. | Lukeja Wnukowski

3: C is for Caliphs | The word caliph means "successor" or "representative". A caliph is the head of the state, and the title of the ruler in the Islamic community. These caliphs succeeded Muhammad as the leader of the Islamic Community. They used the Qur'an to follow in Muhammad's footsteps and what he believed in. There were four caliphs, and due to them, the spread of Islam continued after the death of Muhammad. | Lukeja Wnukowski

4: D is for Dome of the Rock | The Dome of the Rock is the most famous Islamic Sight. It is an important Islamic shrine, and it's known to be the sight in which Muhammad ascended into heaven. | Here, Abraham prepared to sacrifice Isaac. It shows much religious significance in the Islamic culture and Muslims.

5: E is for Eurasia | Eurasia is connected to many important trade routes such as the silk road. It also connects to many important continents | like Asia and Europe. It is very important because alot of trade took place here, and the lands between the connected places. (Asia & Europe)

6: F is for the Five pillars | The financial obligation upon Muslims.he Five pillar's of Islam represented the five main duties that Islam's were to follow in their life span. The duties we're....Iman, Salah, Zakah , Sawm and Hajj .Each of these translate in english.. Faith, Prayer, the final obligation of muslims, fasting and pilgramige.

7: G is for Gabriel | Gabriel was an angel that was believed to be a messenger of God. The Muslim people believed he had proclaimed the birth of Jesus. He introduced the Quar'an to Muhhamad aswell.

8: H for House of Wisdom | The House of Wisdom was a learning center in Badghdad India. It was also a library and a translation institute. Unfortunately this building was torn down in a Mongol invasion during 1258

9: I is for Islam | Islam is the name of a religon that was founded by the prophet Muhammed. The people who follow this religon are called Muslims. This religon was very closely linked to the religon of christianity, and Judaism. Their beliefs were all held in a special book called the "Quar'an". Islamic people worshiped only one God, and one God only called "Allah".

10: J is for Jihad Jihad means striving, it also refers to the inner struggles Muslims face. The word Jihad appears 41 times in the Koran. 3 of the main struggles faced, are the struggle to improve in society, defend the Islam ways, and always stay within Musilim beliefs. alana battalino

11: K is for khadijah Khadijah helped preserve her families wealth and fortune by being a great business woman. At age 40 she married Muhammad and they stayed happily married for 25 years. Khadijah helped Muhammad in many ways, she was the first person to convert to being Islamic, beside him. alana battalino

12: L is for caLLigraphy The art of beautiful handwriting. Also called ornamental writing. This is important because Muslims believe it reflects the glory of Allah. Islamic calligraphy is associated with geometric art on the walls and floors of Mosques. alana battalino

13: M is for Muhammad | Muhammad was born into a powerful Meccan family. He wasorphaned by age 6 six and raised by his grandfather and uncle. Although he had little to no education he managed to become a very successful business manager for Khadijah, who later became his wife for 25 years. His life was changed when he was visited by arch angle Gabriel. Soon after he began to preach in public and became the first Islam. alana battalino

14: N is for astroNomy | Muslims became interested in astronomy when they needed to fulfill the 5 pillars of Islam. An accurate lunar calender was needed to predict religious months. Muslim observitories were great learning centers. Within these centers was a tool called the astrolabe. This tool helped Muslims figure out their location in relation to Mecca. alana battalino

15: O is for the dOme Of the rOck | Built in 691 it is the earliest still standing Islamic monument. It is part of a larger complex making it the 3rd largest holy land in Islam. It is built on the land where a jewish temple was destroyed. The rock on the site is said to be where Muhammad ascended into heaven, and also where abraham sacrificed his own son. alana battalino

16: P is for Pilgrimage | The annual pilgrimage to Mecca is a religious event in honer of the 5th pillar of Islam. All financially stable Islams must preform this at least once in their lifetime to show dedication to their god. All pilgrims wear the same thing (most of the time a white garment.) to represent equality. alana battalino

17: Q is for Qur'an | The Qur'an is the religious text of Muslims. They believe it holds the moral guidance for all of mankind. It is the most divine book in Muslim culture. They also think that the original arabic version is the revelation of God the final testament. alana battalino

18: R is for Rightly guided caliphs | After Muhammad died there was no one to take his position so 4 people were chosen to success him. These 4 people were believed to have the guidance to contribute significantly to the spread of Islam. alana battalino

19: S is for Sunnah | Means habit or usual practice. This is also referred to the sayings and living habits of Muhammad. It includes his specific words, habits, practices and silent approvals. In Shi’a Islam, Sunna means the deeds, sayings and approvals of Muhammad. | Alexandria Zammer

20: T for Tigris River | The Eastern member of the two great rivers that define Mesopotamia the other being the Euphrates. The river flows south of the mountains from south Eastern Turkey threw Iraq. | Alexandria Zammer

21: U for Umayyad | This is a family, that came into power with the Umayyads, Move the Muslim capital to Damascus. This location away from Mecca, made controlling conquered territories easier. However, the Arab Muslims felt it was too far away from their lands. In addition the Umayyads, they abandoned the simple life of previous caliphates and began to surround themselves with wealth similar to that of none Muslim rulers. | Alexandria Zammer

22: V for AVicenna | Otherwise known as Abu Ali Sina or Ibn Sina. He was a Persian physician and philosopher. When he was 10 years of age, he learned the Koran grammar and literature as well as Arabic. At 16, he not only mastered natural science but also rudimentary metaphysics and medical theory; he also began to treat the sick because he didn't find satisfactory in medical theory. He was the author of about 200 books on science, religion, and philosophy. His two most important works were “Shifa” - *The Book of Healing* and the “Al Qanun fi Tibb” - *The Canon of Medicine*. Avicenna died in 1037 in Iran. | Alexandria Zammer

23: W for House of Wisdom | The House of Wisdom is a nation library, academy, and translation center all combined into one building. In it, scholars of all cultures and religions, worked side by side translating words from Greece, India, Persia and everywhere else into Arabic. | Alexandria Zammer

24: X for TeXt | The Qur’an is the religious text of Islam, also sometimes transliterated as Quran, Kuran, Koran, Qur’n, Coran or al-Qur’n. It is mostly known as the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language. Muslims hold that the Qur’an is the verbal guidance and moral direction for all of mankind. Muslims also consider the original Arabic verbal text to be the final revelation of God the Final Testament. | Alexandria Zammer

25: Y for Yathrib | Medina is a city in the Hejaz region of western Saudi Arabia, and serves as the capital of the Al Madinah Province. It is the second holiest city in Islam, and the burial place of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, and it is historically significant for being his home after the Hijrah. Before the advent of Islam, the city was known as Yathrib, but was personally renamed by Muhammad. | Alexandria Zammer

26: Z for Zoroastrians | Zoroastrianism is the ancient religion of Persia. It survives there in isolated areas but more known in India, where the descendants of Zoroastrian Persian immigrants are known as Parsis, or Parsees. In India the religion is called Parsiism. Founded by the Iranian prophet, Zoroastrianism contains both monotheistic and dualistic features. Its contains of one God, judgment, heaven and hell likely influenced the major Western religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. | Alexandria Zammer

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