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Abbie's Monomyth Project

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FC: The Catcher In The Rye and the Monomyth by Abbie Bauman

2: The call in The Catcher In The Rye is when a 15 year old boy named Holden gets kicked out of Pency Prep School. Holden has been kicked out of a number of other schools in the past due to lack of commitment put into his school work. Now he's left to face the decision to go home and face his parents disappointment, or to go off by himself and see where the world takes him. "They gave me frequent warning to start applying myself - especially around midterms, when my parents came up for a conference with old Thurmer - but i didn't do it. So I got the ax." (Saunders 4) | The Call

3: The Refusal | The refusal in this book is when Holden is faced with the decision of telling his parents that he got kicked out of school. He is really dreading it and it's making him lean more towards not going home vs. actually going home and facing possible punishment. "Your folks know you got kicked out yet?" Ackley said. "Nope." (Saunders 22)

4: Supernatural Aid | The supernatural aid that helps Holden in The Catcher In The Rye is Old Spencer. He calls Holden to him and talks to him about how he needs to think about his future and how he's going to progress. He doesn't feel like Holden cares. As Old Spencer is talking to him, Holden insists that he does care but Old Spencer disagrees. "Oh I feel some concern for my future all right. Sure, I do. But not too much I guess." "You will," old Spencer said. "You will when it's too late."(14, Saunders)

5: Crossing the first threshold | The first crossing of the threshold begins when Holden starts to make his way back home to New York City to his family. He comes across different people and environments that make him start to realize he made the right decision, but that doesn't make him feel any better about being all alone. "When I was all set to go, when I had my bags and all, I stood for a while next to the stairs and took a last look down the corridor. I was sort of crying. I don't know why." (Saunders 52)

6: Belly of the whale | The belly of the whale in The Catcher In The Rye is when Holden is sitting in the lobby of the hotel he checked into in New York City by himself. Not only did he not know anyone in the hotel standing around, but there weren't that many people in there anyways. I think this is when he really started to realize how lonely he was. "I felt like getting the hell out of the place, it was too depressing." (Saunders 80)

7: Road of trials | Holden has to overcome a lot of challenges mentally throughout the book. However, a challenging moment in the book that he had to overcome physically was when he got in trouble with Maurice and Sunny. It was stupid of Holden to even give out his room number like that to a random person, let alone someone who deals prostitutes. It was trouble waiting to happen. "He then smacked me ... all I felt was this terrific punch in my stomach." (Saunders 103)

8: Meeting with the goddess | There are a lot of different women in this book but I believe the goddess would be Holden's little sister Phoebe. Holden and Phoebe are really close and they look out for each other. When Phoebe finds out that Holden got kicked out of school she got really upset and wanted to know why he always got kicked out and didn't care. At this point I think Holden started to realize he needs to start caring about his future. "'You did get kicked out! You did!' Then she hit me on the leg with her fist." (Salinger 165)

9: Temptation from path | The temptation from the path in this book would be Holden's friend named Jane. All throughout the book he makes references to memories that he's had with her, or he's mentioned calling her numerous times to get together and catch up. This is distracting because he needs to focus on getting back home and setting his life back on the right track. "I got old Jane Gallagher on the brain again. I got her on, and I couldn't get her off." (Salinger 76)

10: Atonement with the father | In this story, the fatherly figure that really sticks out to me is Mr. Antolini. In the story this is where Holden stays during the night where he has no place else to go. He gives him advice and talks to him about life. Holden feels threatened by him at one point because he finds Mr. Antolini staring at him and brushing his hair when while he's sleeping. This freaks Holden out, and he quickly leaves in panic. "I rang the elevator bell and he stayed in the damn doorway. All he said was some business about me being 'a very, very strange boy.' Strange my ass." (Salinger 193)

11: Apotheosis | I think Holden's moment of apotheosis is when he realizes that he wants to be with Phoebe and stay with his family. When he heard Phoebe say she wasn't going back to school and that she didn't want to be in the play he realized how bad it sounded. He didnt want her to make the same mistakes he did, and he knew that the only way to prevent that would be to stay with her. "It sounded terrible. God, it sounded terrible. It sounded worse then swearing." (Salinger 208)

12: Master of two worlds | Holden becomes the master of two worlds when he realizes that he wants to start caring about his future and that he wants to start being happy again and not depressed all the time. He's able to over come the state of mind he's been in throughout the whole book and grow up and realize that he'll regret a lot of things in his future if he doesn't get his act together now. "I felt so damn happy if you want to know the truth. I don't know why." (Salinger 213)

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