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ABC Alphabet Book

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S: Serna Family Homeschool 2012-2013

BC: I don't want my children to be what I want them to be. I want them to become everything God created them to be. - Jon Gordan | Dear Ady, Isaac, & KB- I am beyond blessed to be your mom and teacher. Watching the three of you learn and grow has been one of the greatest joys of my life. You three are so special. I am lucky that God chose me to be your mom. Thank you for being you. I couldn't ask for better sons. I love you from the depths of my heart, Mommy

FC: The Serna Family Homeschool Yearbook | Where we are learning to live lives for Jesus! | Our third year 2012-2013

1: Adrian Michael Serna 2nd Grade | Isaac Anthony Serna Kindergarten | Mommy Serna Teacher | Our Class | Caleb Arturo Serna Pre-Kindergarten in Training

2: Summer Fun | Before the school year began we had a few days of summer learning. | The boys completed their first triathlon. They did great! | June 24, 2012 San Bernardino, CA | Hidden Valley Nature Center | B | U | G | S | Bug catching | Madagascar Hissing Cockroach | Walking Stick | Walking like bugs

3: U | La Brea Tar Pits | July 2012 | Excavation site | Laboratory | Tar Pits

4: Whale Watching | Our first time whale watching! August, 2012 | Didn't see whales... but saw LOTS of dolphins! | We did a Titanic study | We visited the Natural History Museum in San Diego and toured the Titanic exhibit. Sadly, no pictures were allowed but it was cool!

5: Summer 2012 | Olympics | London, England | Lighting the torch from Greece to London in our backyard! | Olympic T-shirts... learning that each color appears at least once on the flag for each participating country | Torches! | ~~~~~~~~~~

6: This year we continued our enrollment with Sky Mountain Charter School. | September 4, 2012

7: is for Pre-School

8: is for Caleb | C

9: Caleb started Pre-School this year and did great! He loves to learn and always asks to "do school."

10: Sports | Football | Archery | Bullseye | ! | Basketball | Snowboarding

11: Baseball and T-Ball | This year Ady and Isaac both learned to ride a bike WITHOUT training wheels. | Snow Sledding | Ady tried snowboarding for the first time. | The boys completed their 2nd Triathlon | Ady's first time pitching

12: Ady's 2nd Piano Recital | Ady continued doing well with the piano although he had a bit of a struggle with practicing consistently. We stopped piano this year for a few months. We are looking forward to getting back to it! | Caleb got tired of waiting! | *Neil Stipp was his teacher through our charter school

13: This year we signed Ady up for the RAA Robotics after school class. He had a great time! | Using an iPad to make a robotic device move | Ady made a solar powered car. It really worked! Good for you, buddy!

14: The Human Body | Inside our bodies | The doctors reporting for duty | Inside a human cell | We used JELLO and other items to recreate a human cell

15: The Skeletal System | We made our own x-rays after studying dad's hand e-ray | X-Rays | Learning how difficult it would be to use our hands without joints. | Learning about a hinge joint. | Skeleton puzzles | After learning the names of some bones in our bodies (and where they are located) we played "Simon Says" | A treat for their drink!

16: The kidney's filter our bad blood | Internal Organs | Brain | Kidneys | Stomach | We used cereal and water (acid) to show how our stomach breaks down our food | Muscles | We used balloons tied to a cardboard elbow to show how our muscles contract | We used a JELLO brain mold to learn various functions of the brain | Body BINGO

17: Circulatory System | "For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139: 13,14

18: Election | We learned about the constitution and wrote our own! | We learned about responsibility. We also learned that we have more responsibilities the higher our position. | We used candy to demonstrate the concept of taxes. | We used toy army men in different colors to learn about Democrats and Republicans | Voting Station | We voted on 3 Musketeers and Snickers. 3 Musketeers won!

19: Unit | We talked about the original 13 colonies. We learned that they were not united at all. This is the beginning of America's election history. | Then we went to our polling station and mommy voted! | We used paper shreds to fill in each state. Then we put the states together like a puzzle forming the original 13 colonies. | The future of our country!

20: Ring of Fire | Tia Lola helped us paint our map and make our volcanoes | Volcanic Eruption | Volcanoes | Label-a-Volcano | Isaac | Caleb | We used a flour dough to form our volcano. We painted it then used baking soda and vinegar to make the eruption

21: Earth Layers | Inner Core Outer Core Mantle Crust (Top) | We used Play-Doh to learn about the Earth's layers | Tsunami Study | Tsunamis are formed by large waves that occur by anything that disturbs the water: earthquake, landslide, or volcanic eruption | Our village | Adding our ocean | Shaking the table to make waves. The stronger the wave, the greater the destruction

22: Rock Study | Sedimentary Rock | Identifying "rocks" from "minerals" using candy. Minerals are pure like a gummy. Rocks have minerals inside them like a nut candy. | Pulling the minerals out of a rock. Cookie = rock & minerals = chocolate chips | Igneous Rock | A rock that is made by heat | A rock that is made by the layering of sediments | Minerals: chocolate chips peanut butter chips marshmallows | Step 1: mix "minerals" together | Step 2:melt together over heat | Step 3: let the melted chunks harden | Collecting sediments | Add sediments together in a jar. Shake them up and the sediments will always layer together with like sediments

23: Metamorphic Rock | A rock that is changed by heat and pressure | The Jelly Bean Experiment Take your jellybean mix (as shown). Wrap it in foil. Press a baking sheet on top of it and leave it there while baking it in the oven. The jellybeans were changed by heat (oven) and pressure (baking sheet). *Final result not shown | Making Observations | Classifying Rocks | Digging for Minerals | Verse 1 Rock of Ages! Cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee. Let the waters and the blood From thy wounded side which flowed Are of sin the double cure, Cleansing from its guilt and power. | Spiritual Component | We learned the hymn "Rock of Ages"

24: Solar Energy | S'mores

25: WATER CYCLE | WATER CYCLE ASSESSMENT Put the cycle in correct order and explain the process | PRECIPITATION! What a fun surprise while we were in the middle of our lesson! Of course, we had to take a break and enjoy it! | EXPERIMENT | STEP ONE: WATER IN POT RISES WHEN HEATED (EVAPORATION) STEP TWO: IT COLLECTS AT THE TOP OF THE LID (CONDENSATION) STEP THREE: TOO MUCH HAS GATHERED IN THE LID AND BEGINS TO FALL (PRECIPITATION)

26: Ocean | We learned about a baleen whale. We used pepper as "krill" and a toothbrush as "baleen." We swept the toothbrush through the water and the bristles filtered out the water keeping the pepper much like baleen bristles filter out water and keep the krill. | Baleen Whales | Beach Date with Mommy, Isaac & Caleb | Shell identification | Ocean Diagram | We learned about the 3 layers of the ocean and the animals that are found there. We also learned that there are ocean volcanoes and trenches on the ocean floor.

27: Study | Learning about Seashells with Mr. & Mrs. Carreon | Mom's friend from high school came with his wife to teach us about seashells. They brought along their collection and helped us learn the 5 main groups of shells and how to classify them. It was cool! | Isaac decided he wanted to invent the Tiger Baleen Whale. | Ocean Diagram | Ocean Diagram | Salt water vs. Fresh water | We learned that salt mixed with water makes objects stay afloat. | No salt | Adding salt | After salt | Isaac loves turtles! Dr. & Mrs. Maynes were kind enough to give a special turtle lesson complete with crafts!

28: Fish Dissection | We dissected our first fish with our friends Marcus and Malcolm Maynes. It was awesome (and kind of gross)! Their mom, Mrs. Maynes, spearheaded the whole project.

30: B | I | O | G | R | A | P | H | Wilbur & Orville Wright | The Wright Brothers | Tchaikovsky | Composer of the Nutcracker. We finished our unit with an annual trip to the ballet. | We tried our hand at agriculture since G.W. Carver did. We planted a potato eye and it grew! | Experimenting with plants like G. W. Carver

31: I | E | S | George Washington Carver | Biography Bags- We wrote facts on the backside of a paper peanut, Tuskegee flag, a science tube, and a farm drawing | Homemade Peanut Butter | Alexander Graham Bell | Inventor of the First Speech Machine | History timeline of the phone from 1876 - 2013 | Written by: Ady

32: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. | We made Wafer Words. Each cookie displayed a word that reminded us of MLK, Jr | M | o | r | e | i | Thomas Alva Edison | We have a bright idea! | Using wires and a light bulb to generate electricity | It worked! We made the bulb light up! | Benjamin Franklin

33: y | r | o | t | s | i | h | George Washington & Betsy Ross | Christopher Columbus | We made Washington hoe cakes. He ate them as a kid! The boys prefer pancakes. | The first U.S. flag made by Betsy Ross at the request of G. Washington | Using chalk to recreate his voyages | Pocahontas | Jamestown math | Ady | Isaac | Caleb

34: Laura Ingalls Wilder | This year we read some of the Laura Ingalls series. What fun! | We made a sod house. It definitely wasn't easy! | Measuring the perimeter of the house in inches | *Not to scale of her real home | SOD HOUSE | We made butter!

35: Revolutionary War Times | Childhood games | Hearing about the stamp act | Looking at war supplies | Hearing from a judge in the court of law | Learning about good manners and bad manners | Learning how to weave | Preparing for war | The soldiers | Ready for combat | READY! AIM! FIRE!

36: Lutheran Braille Workers | We took an awesome trip to the Lutheran Braille Workers site. We learned so much! We learned how they make the metal sheets to press the braille onto and they showed us step by step how the process goes. Incredible! | -An extension to our Helen Keller lesson | Working on the braille machine. We got to write our names. So cool! | A complete Braille Bible | Look closely- you can see our names in braille!

37: Music Class with Mr. Brett Walls | This year mommy's friend came with all of his instruments (trumpet, trombone, violin, cello, & guitar) to teach us about how vibrations in instruments help produce its sound (slower vibrations cause low sounds, faster vibrations cause high sounds). We also learned their placement in a symphony orchestra. | Our craft was to place the musical families in the correct symphony spots. Of course, we had to include a conductor.

39: This year we went to the Renaissance Faire with some friends (the Smiths). It was tons of fun! | Ady stitching a pillow. Stitching was a common craft of the time. | Renaissance Faire | 1.) ready with arrows 2.) completed crafts 3.) knife throwing- Ady got a bullseye!

40: Isaac's Art

41: Isaac continued taking art class at the Riverside Art Museum. He loved it! | You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. -Maya Angelou

42: Ady's Art | First semester Ady studied the California Coast. | California Poppies | Turtle and Birds | Ady continued taking classes at Riverside Art Museum. This year really helped him find his inner artist! | Seashells | Rock & Seaweed | Clown Fish | Horseshoe Crab

43: California Fir Trees | California Coast/Cliff | Tide Pool | Coral | This year Ady was introduced to some of the "isms" of art-- Impressionism Surrealism Cubism

44: Isaac's Kindergarten | Class of 2013

45: Graduation | Our family had the pleasure of hosting this year's graduation. It turned our well! We had 9 graduates. | A special thank you to Tio Ted for being our commencement speaker. Also, to Tia "Ita" for being our photographer.

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