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ABC Alphabet Book

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S: ALPHABET BOOK: By Sydney Roberts


1: By Sydney Roberts | Sydney I know this book isn't something you had in mind when you completed your 8th grade English assignment to journal something about yourself from A to Z, but to me it became a treasure worth saving. You now have a book written by you about you. I hope you enjoy the memories as much as I do.Love, Mom

2: is for Accident | Four years ago (2008) my family and I went to Idaho to visit my cousins. The second day I was there we were riding their four-wheelers around their mini track. When it was my turn I thought I was going to have the time of my life. The second time around I ran into a barbed wire fence. It was really bloody. We got it cleaned up. It really hurt!

3: is for Bike Ride | For Mutual one time all of the Beehives went to the canyon for a bike ride. When we got to the opening of the Provo Canyon we started riding! When we got to Bridal Veil Falls we took our shoes off, rolled up our pants and got into the lake at the bottom of the falls. I slipped and my backside got all wet.When we left I was FREEZING!

4: is for Cancer | In the 6th grade I was in a 5th/6th split. One of the 5th graders got cancer, his name was Lakota. After 2 or 3 months of not coming to school he finally wrote us back. He thanked us for the origami that we made for him. 1 or 2 months later he was well enough to visit us. He is all better not and goes to Lakeridge.

5: is for Donuts | ...and garage sales. Every week in the summer since I can remember me and my family go garage sale-ing. We wake up at 7:30, get ready, have a tiny breakfast and get in the van. We go to Smith's and each of us gets to pick out our own donut. After that we go garage sale hunting. It's fun! | GARAGE SALE

6: is for Eighth Grade | This year I'm in eighth grade. Almost everyone has a ton of attitude in 7th grade. I am about a year younger than everyone so my attitude has mostly been this year. For almost every fun thing there is one thing I don't like so I don't want to do it. Even though I've been in a bad mood this year it has been great. I've made a ton of new friends. | th

7: is for Family | I am the oldest of 9 kids. My Job in many ways is harder than my mom and dad. At least once a day I have to babysit for my mom. Even when I'm not babysitting I still have to watch my siblings. It has it's rewards though. I get to go more places. I get to go out to dinner with my parents, and I get more privileges.

8: is for Guppy's | Two years ago my family decided to get a pet. My parents would only agree with fish. We went to Petsmart and got our fish. They were guppy's! They all died within a month. The first one died two days after we got them. | This picture is of our second round of fish in a better tank.

9: is for Holiday's | My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I love it because I love going to the parades and watching the fireworks! I love the end of the day lighting the fireworks. I love watching the big ones go off at the same time. I really like the smell in the air on July 4th. The food smells so good, and tastes good too!

10: is for ICE | is for June, July... | When I was six years old me, my dad, and grandpa Roberts were driving to my Aunt's salon. It was January so it was cold and icy on the roads. We were almost there when we missed a turn because of the ice on the road. My grandpa ducked, my dad pushed on the brakes and I had know idea what was going on. We hit a telephone pole and I got hit in the back of my head. The car got banged up. | ...and August. Those months are my favorite months of the year. So many things happen in the summer. You get out of school, you go to youth conference, girls camp, 7 Peaks, swimming and that's just to name a few. My b-day is in August, sadly its during school. There are fun holidays like Pioneer day, & 4th of July. I love summer!

11: is for Kids | I have always loved kids. I love going babysitting for the little people in my ward. It's so fun to play with them and watch them have fun. I have 8 little brothers and sisters so I am obviously around a lot of kids.

12: is for Lollipops | Lollipops are delicious. There are so many flavors that you taste all at once. It tastes like a party in your mouth. The best tasting lollipops are the ones with the gum in the middle. The ones with Tootsie Rolls are great. Yummy!

13: is for Mom | My mom is the only person that I can talk to because she listens to me and mostly understands where I'm coming from. She has been through a lot of the same stuff that I'm going through. When she doesn't understand me she waits for me to explain it better then talks to me about reasoning things out. I love my mom. She is the best.

14: is for Naughty... | ...little Daric. A week ago Daric was talking to my mom. He said he wanted to walk down to Westmore and meet my mom there. My mom said, No. McKenna walked in 1/2 hour later and announced that Daric wasn't with her. Mom sent McKenna to a neighbors house to see if he was there. Mom found him halfway to the school. You have to cross 400 W. to get there. SCARY!

15: is for Outside | I really enjoy being outside. When it starts to get hot I'm always out. I get really tan in the summer because I'm outside all the time. Last year for Christmas my family got a basketball hoop. It's so fun to play in the street. My dad teaches me a lot of offensive skills. It's so fun being outside.

16: is for Party | is for Quiet | ...with Aunt Tami. Not very many people can say that they have an aunt that comes over every week to hangout. My Aunt Tami comes over every week on Thursday or Friday. She lets my parents go on a date. All of my brothers and sisters love her. She is my second mom. She does stuff for all of our birthdays. Every time she comes is a party night. Whoop. Whoop. | I have always been more quiet than others in my class. I remember in elementary school they used to do class plays. I didn't want any part that had to talk. Three parts of the play didn't require any talking. I played the Princess, her only part was to laugh at the end. Well lets just say I was a bad actor. My teacher had to laugh for me. How sad is that? My only line and I didn't say it!

17: is for Rated PG-13 | My parents first set the example of NOT watching PG-13 rated movies. I decided as soon as I turned 13 that I wouldn't watch any of those kind of movies too. A few weeks ago one of my nameless teachers..cough, cough, Mrs., cough, Stanger was going to watch a movie that was a PG-13 called ROOTS. I went to her before school and told her I didn't want to watch the movie. She seemed mad. She said, "Well how are you going to learn about slavery?!" I said, "Well I could do book work." She finally agreed.

18: is for Swimming | In the summer my mom's friend invites me and my siblings over to swim in their pool. I love the water and I love swimming. It's kind of funny though I don't know how to swim. I can doggy paddle and float, but NOT swim. All of my friends know how to swim really well.

19: is for Tyler... | ...getting bit. Tyler is my brother. He is two years younger than me. He was riding his rip-stick one day when our neighbors really big dog started coming towards him. The owner said that Ty was okay. Then the dog came up and bit him on the leg. We should have reported it but we didn't. He bit or almost bit 3 other people.

20: is for Uncle Craig | My Uncle Craig is one of the funniest people I have ever met. He works for a company that repose people's cars. Sometimes he drops off the cars at our house to go pick up new ones. He comes in visits, uses the restroom, and then leaves. He would try to scare my little brothers and sisters. It would never work.

21: is for Voice | is for Water park | A lot of people don't know that I love to sing! I am so shy that no one had the chance to hear me. If you came to my house and I didn't know I would be singing to whatever was stuck in my head or was on the radio. I really think that my voice is beautiful. | 7 Peaks is probably the funnest place in Utah.They have tons of slides and each one is different in one way or another. They're all super exciting. My favorite slide is the twisty tube one. It's the best at night because it is pitch black. You get jerked around without knowing which way you're going. 7 Peaks is da-bomb.

22: is for X-Ray | I have had 6 broken bones, 4 of which I had to get an x-ray on. The 1st broken bone was my elbow (x-ray). The 2nd and 3rd was my arm (x-ray). The 4th was my finger (x-ray). The other two were both of my pinkie toes. | This is actually an X-ray of Todd's arm, yours was a much worse break. You were the one who cared for Todd when he broke his arm . You did so good with him until mom and dad could get home. Well done, Syd.

23: is for Zoo | is for Youth Conference | Grandma Loreen get these free zoo passes to the Hogle Zoo. Grandpa Wolfley takes us on the train, then we go see the animals. My favorite is the giraffe. They look so graceful. | Last year for youth conference we went up to "This is the Place Monument". We did a trek. Me and my dad woke up at 6:00 in the morning. We got to Salt Lake at 8:00 and started our trek at 8:30. We had to do a "women's pull" which is where the women trek up this huge hill with the handcarts. My dad almost started crying.

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