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ACT Skill Scrapbook #2

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ACT Skill Scrapbook #2 - Page Text Content

FC: ACT Scrapbook #2 | Connor Wise 12/10/12 1st Period

1: Table of Contents | Pg. 2-3: Functions Pg. 4-5: Midpoint and Distance Formulas Pg. 6-7: Make it Real Pg. 8-9: Perimeter, Area, Volume Pg. 10-11: Donuts Pg. 12-13: Ratios, Proportions, and Cross Multiplying Pg. 14-15: Easy Matrices Pg. 16-17: Art Class Pg. 18-19: Pythagorean Theorem Pg. 20-21: Special Right Triangles Pg. 22-23: Dr. Evil and Mini Me Pg. 24-25: Translations Pg. 26-27: Word Problems Pg. 28-29: Just Do It! Pg. 30-31: The Law of Exponents In

2: Functions | Functions are just a type of equation. says it says f(3). That just means plug 3 in where ever there is an x.

3: If f(x)= -2x^2 - 3, what is f(-3)? a. 33 b. 15 c. 3 d. -21 e. -39 If you plug in -3 where the x is, your answer will end up being -21. so the answer is D.

4: Midpoint and Distance Formulas | To find the midpoint of two points on a graph you use this formula: | If you want to find the distance between 2 points on a graph use this formula:

6: Make it Real | Make it Real just means when a problem has variables such as "c= 2x + 4z, what happens to the value of c when x and z increase be 2?" you just plug in real numbers for the variables.

8: Perimeter, Area, Volume | There are certain formulas that you need t know for the ACT: | Area of a triangle: 1/2bh Area of a circle: piR^2 circumference: 2piR Area of a rectangle: l*w Area of a parallelogram: b*h Volume of a solid: l*w*h

10: Donuts | This is jut for finding the shaded region of a circle. It is found by subtracting the area of the bigger circle by the smaller one.

12: Ratios, Proportions, Cross-Multiplying | Ratios are just reduced versions and bigger fractions. A proportion is like saying 4 boys to 5 girls, or 5 girls to 9 students and when you see a proportion, you cross-multiply.

14: Matrices aren't that hard if you pay attention. They're just charts basically. The result after multiplying will have as many rows as the first and as many columns as the second matrix. | Easy Matrices

16: Art Class | When a picture isn't being used in the problem and you need one, use the information it gives you and draw your own picture to help you.

18: Pythagorean Theorem | The pythagorean theorem is just a^2 + b^2 = c^2. This used on right triangles. The 2 sides are A and B and the hypotenuse is C.

20: Special Right Triangles | When figuring out a 30-60-90 triangle, refer to this: | When figuring out a 45-45-90 triangles, refer to this:

22: Dr. Evil & Mini Me | With a triangle, some are similar. You can always use proportions and cross-multiplying with these problems.

24: Translations | This is saying when a word problem has something like "what number.." that would translate into x. All it means is translate the English to math.

26: Word Problems | Word problems should be no problem. Just use the translation skill and turn fractions into decimals to make word problems seem much easier.

28: Just Do It! | When you see something in a problem that can be factored, reduced, FOILed, or simplified, just do it. And turn fractions to decimals.

30: The Law of Exponents 1 | When multiplying matching bases, add exponents. When dividing matching bases, subtract exponents. Power to a power, multiply exponents. Any base to the 0 power = 1.

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