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ACT Trig/Stats

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FC: ACT Trig/Stats Haley Love 7th period December 10, 2012

1: Contents | Skill one: page 2 Skill two: page 4 Skill three: page 6 Skill four: page 8 Skill five: page 10 Skill six: page 12 Skill seven: page 14 Skill eight: page 16 Skill nine: page 18 Skill ten: page 20 Skill eleven: page 22 Skill twelve: page 24 Skill thirteen: page 26 Skill fourteen: page 28 Skill fifteen: page 30

2: Skill One: Use the Answers | To use the answers, all you need to do is look at the answer choices given to you and plug them into the equation given. EX:) if 5x+8=43, x=? a) x= 9 b) x= 5 c) x= 7 d) x= 3 The correct answer is C. You can also get the answer by working out the equation, but to make things go faster and easier all you need to do is plug each answer in for X.

3: Real World Example:

4: Skill Two: Super Easy Algebra | EX:) 4X+5=10X-7 a) x= 5 b) x= 2 c) x= 3 d) x=1 For this equation, to get the answer, you have to get X by itself. So, to start, you're going to subtract 4x by itself and 10x. Then you add 7 to itself and 5 which gives you 12. The equation will look like: 12=6X. You then divide 6 by itself and 12 and your answer will be X=2. (B)

6: Skill Three: Algebraic Manipulation | When an equation asks you "what is y in terms of x and z, basically all you have to do is solve for y. EX:) if 3x+4y=12, then what is y in terms of x? The answer is 3-3/4x

8: Skill Four: "Mean" Means Average | To find the mean of a group of numbers, you find the same of all the numbers and then divide your sum by how many numbers you have. EX:) 4, 12,8,32 a) 18 Sum b) 7 number of items c) 5 d) 14 The correct answer is D

10: Skill Five: Angles | A three sided triangle adds up to 180 A four sided triangle adds up to 360 A five sided triangle adds up to 540 A six sided triangle adds up to 720 EX:) b= 100 what is the value of c? Because the shape is 4 sided your going to first subtract 140 from 180 and then add that number (40) to 77 and 100 and then subtract your answer from 360. Your answer should be 143.

12: Skill six: Parallel Lines | Parallel lines are too equal lines that don't touch and when they cross another line it forms eight angles. EX:) In the picture below, line A is parallel to line B. Which angle is congruent to

14: Skill seven: Triangles | An isosceles triangle has two equal sides and the two angles opposite of the equal sides are equal too. An equilateral triangle has all three sides equal and each angle equals 60. EX:) Which is true? A) b=a B) b=c C) b does not equal c The correct answer is B

16: Skill eight: FOIL | FOIL mean First Outer Inner Last. EX:) (6x+4)(4x-8) You will start with 6x and multiply it by 4x and -8 and then multiply 4 by 4x and -8 and add like terms. Your answer should be 24x^2+16x-74

18: Skill nine: Vocab | Real numbers are just any numbers Constant term is a letter in place of a number like a variable Integer is any number without decimals or fractions Even/ Odd: even numbers are numbers like 2,4,6,8,10 and odd numbers are like 1,3,5,7,9 Positive and Negative: positive numbers are numbers greater than 0 and negative numbers are numbers less than 0 Consecutive Numbers are numbers in a row: 1,2,3,4,5 Prime Numbers are numbers whose factors are only 1 and itself: 2,3,5,7,11 Units Digits are the ones placing in a number like 3 in 183

20: Skill ten: More Math Vocab | Factors are numbers that divide evenly into a number: the factors of 16 are 1,2,4,8 Greatest Common Factor is the biggest factor shared with two or more numbers. the greatest common factor between 24 and 36 is 12 Prime Factors are numbers of a number that is also a prime number.

22: Skill eleven: Multiples | Multiples are numbers that are divisible by a number. the multiples of 5 are 5,10,15,20,25.... Least Common Multiples are the smallest number that is a multiple of a number. the least common multiple of 12,18, and 24 is 6

24: Skill twelve: Graphing Vocab | Standard coordinate plane is a grid that you graph lines on (X and Y) Cartesian plane is a grid that you graph lines on Ordered pair is (X and Y) X and Y intercepts are the values that cross the x and y axis on a graph

26: Skill thirteen:Slaloming Slope I | The slope formula is y1-y2 x1-x2 A line with a positive slope goes up from left to right, a negative slope falls from left to right and a horizontal line has a slope of 0. EX:) (4,-2)(5,3) what is the slope? The slope would be -5

28: Skill fourteen: Slaloming Slope II | Parallel lines have an equal slope and perpendicular line have negative reciprocal slopes. EX:) 3x-5y=-12, what is the slope of the line? You start by subtraction 3x from each side and then divide both sides by -5 and the answer should be 3/5

30: Skill fifteen: Using Charts and Graphs | Charts and graphs are mostly used to keep stats and display information. Charts display their information in rows and columns. There are many different types of graphs like the pie graph, line graph, and pictographs.

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