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Addie Year 2

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Addie Year 2 - Page Text Content

S: Addison Renee

BC: Cheers to a perfect second year

FC: Your Second Year | Addie Renee

1: Another beautiful year to add to the books.. You have turned from our beautiful bouncing baby girl into an independent, curious, exploring toddler!! While it has been nothing but joyous watching you grow, it is only slightly difficult saying goodbye to the baby that you were and welcoming this ever-growing big girl!! You became a big sister this year and continuously awe us with how much love, affection and "soft touches" you shower Delaney with. No doubt about it, you were made to be a big sister...Thank you for teaching us more about the joys of life and keeping us entertained all the while.. .WE LOVE YOU NUNI!!

2: Never Better November | November delivered in the way of fires in our fireplace, sweaters for chilly nights and cool, fall breezes through the day! We had play times with our friends Sofi and Maddie, visited the library and did lots of playing with your new baby doll..practicing for sissy! You also started to point which was a big help in showing us what you want. You continue to talk up a storm, adding lots of new words to your vocabulary. "Ba" seems to be a favorite and has many meanings! Your little voice is so so sweet!! | 12 months

4: We went up to Nana and Papa's in Lake Almanor for a beautiful Thanksgiving celebration.We got to play with your cousins Reid and Cassidy and eat lots of turkey and stuffing! You loved chasing after Nana and Papa's kitty Enzo and playing ball with The Grant's pup Rocky.We got you all bundled up for Merchant Night in Chester to walk through the towns shops. Despite the cold, you did great, and we all had a blast! | A time for giving thanks...

5: 2010

6: Dreamy December | 13 months

7: Our December was full of fun! We stayed busy with friends and family and the big news is you are officially a walker!! You started off with a few steps early in the month and by the end you couldn't be stopped! You've been combining verbal words with signs making two-word "sentences" now. You still love to say "boo" and do it to gain peoples attention, its hysterical! You are a love through and through!

8: Bubble Time | POP! | POP! | POP!

9: We got an unexpected, warm, sunny day in December, and took advantage! We played in the backyard and blew bubbles galore. You LOVED them! | POP

10: It's the most wonderful time of the year.....! | We had so much fun getting ready for Christmas. You helped pick and decorate our tree and were such a good listener when mama said no touches only smells. You also loved looking at the Christmas lights down Candy Cane Lane!

11: J O Y | Addie Meets Santa

13: Christmas 2010 | What a truly great Christmas we had! We were lucky enough to have all of your Mama's side of the family down to celebrate at our own home! We did our usual appetizer Christmas Eve dinner and opened gifts galore on Christmas morning.. We relished the time we got to spend with our family celebrating Jesus' birthday.

15: We got to enjoy Christmas twice this year!! The second time with Dada's side of the family... We ate a delicious meal up at Grandma McCurdy's and opened even more presents!! You got to spend time with cousin Reid, show off your adorable Christmas dress and get cuddles from Nana and Papa. It really is the best time of the year!!

16: It's raining..its pouring..

17: You had been dying to get into your rain boots since your Auntie Tot gave them to you for your birthday, so on the next rainy day we made it happen. You went out to splash in the puddles under the drizzling clouds with your Dada and you LOVED it! Mama couldn't help but feel like you were dada's little duckling following right behind him through those puddles. You giggled the whole time...What a fun memory! | ***Rain drops keep falling on my head***

18: We had a great start to the year spending time with our Tot and Sof, visiting some friends out of town and going to lots of parks. You are talking and walking up a storm! You love puzzles, baths and rubbing mamas ever growing belly. We also got a visit from Gigi & Gaga.

19: Joyous January | 1 4 M o n t h s

20: Welcome To. . | . . Boise, Idaho | We were lucky enough to get to spend a fun filled weekend in Boise, Idaho with our favorite Wights! They showed us their town, their homes and a good time! You played so well with Sophia and Aaliyah and cousin Reid. Jenni also gave you your first (very needed) haircut... you did great and looked adorable! As usual, it was so fun getting to see the Wights and we look forward to visiting again sometime soon!!

21: Our favorite Jenni Jo gave you your first haircut!!!!

22: Fun- Filled February {15 months} | You continue to be such a blast.You have developed the ability to fake-sneeze and it cracks us up so naturally you do it a lot! You love holding hands, playing with Mrs. Potato Head and reading books. You speak even clearer these days and give great soft touches. You are SUCH a love and a pure joy to be with.

24: Mama & Addie's Beach Date

25: What a special day this was. On a whim, you and I packed up our towels and beach toys, sun hats and lunch and headed for the beach. It was a beautiful day and we took advantage of it. You were timid at first but fast became in love with the sand and water. Mama will always remember this beach date we shared!!

26: Our Fun-Filled Trip Up North

27: We had a great trip up North visiting your Gigi and Gaga, aunts and uncles and Great Grandma Tahoe. We went to San Francisco, did some orange picking in G&G's orchards and got cuddles all around. Another great trip in the books.

28: Marvelous | March | You are such a big girl these days its hard for mama to process just how fast you're growing. You are talking up a storm, approximating all sorts of words! We keep you busy with friends, your activity table, the pups, and playing outside. Your favorite thing in the morning is to sit on my bathroom counter and watch as I do makeup...SO cute! You love spending time with your Gigi & Gaga and time at the beach rental with Nana and Papa. And perhaps the most sweet is your love for my ever growing belly. You kiss baby sister in there and rub my belly and it melts my heart! | *16 Months*

30: The love you two share...

31: ...Is what dreams are made of

32: Backyard Family Photo Shoot March 31st, 2011 | Our Addie Bug is 16 months, 3 weeks and 4 days old here... Mama is 4 days from her due date and 8 days from sisters actual arrival... Almost time!

33: M a m a & H e r G i r l s | Photos taken by: Nana

34: The last week of us as a family of three. Spent at the beach and loving on each other.. Little did I know, this picture to the left would be one that I held in my mind when laboring with D.. You held my hand the whole time | Days Before You Became A Big Sister..

35: She wore an itsy- bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini....

36: "I see who I want to be, in my daughter's eyes." | L a i n e y s B i r t h

37: T | E | R | * | S | * | I | S | There aren't adequate words to express the moment when you first met your new sister. Having Delaney at home allowed your first meeting to be truly perfect. You crawled up onto Mama and Dada's bed, looked at Sissy and simply said "Hi" it was as if you'd always known her and were just waiting for her to get here. My heart has never felt so full of love and adoration for these two lives we created. You LOVED holding sister and kept taking her hat on and off each time saying "HAT". You hugged her and kissed her and gave her soft touches with no prompt from us. You kept pointing to mama's belly and then to sissy which showed us you knew where shed' come from. I will FOREVER remember this moment as one of the BEST of my life.. I"m SO proud of you and the big sister you've become

38: Our first month as a family of four | APRIL | 17 Months

39: HOw fun our month of april was welcoming your new sister! we got to visit with so many family members and friends who all just showered you with so much lovin! You are such a big helper, you love to help give sissy tubbies, read books with her, cuddle in the cribby and give her sooo many soft touches. Youre eating great, sleeping well and adjusting awesome to our new family member!

40: Spring is Here!

41: We had a great start to Easter at home with your first Easter basket! You LOVED the M&M's and gobbled them up!! We then went to breakfast with Nana and Papa and then on to Aunt Jill's for a beautiful Easter celebration! You got to play with cousin Kyler and celebrate Emie's 1st birthday as well! You also got to go for an Easter Egg Hunt and had a blast... It was a perfect day all around!

43: Another fun-filled month for our family...Park trips, backyard play, time with friends and cousins and visits from Gigi and Gaga..May was jam-packed! You love to help me whisk your scrambled eggs in the morning, play with the pups, point out trucks "cocks" driving by, play with sissy's car seat, brush your teeth,, and are showing a great interest in using the potty! You think toots, sneezes and burps are hysterical you talk up a storm, know colors, shapes and some letters (thanks to Dada!)... You are an awesome little human and we are so proud!! :) | May isMerry | ~~18 Months

44: Fun in the Sun | If there's one thing you love it is playing outside!! The only thing that can make outside any better is adding water to the mix!! So we do.. ...A LOT!!

45: You had been hearing the ice cream truck (van in our case) for weeks and the perfect time finally presented itself so we jumped on it! Gigi and Tot helped you pick out your first purchase.. A Tweety Bird Popsicle that was as big as you!

46: Mama had a beautiful 2nd Mother's Day celebrating with some of my favorites! We had a beautiful brunch at Brigantine with Gigi and Auntie Tot and spent the rest of the day together at home. It was a beautiful day made best by time spent with my sweet girls... The ones that make me 'mama'!!

47: Merry Mothers Day

48: UP NORTH | We set out on the road to get to Gigi & Gaga's house! You did great on the drive and tried your 1st In N Out shake and LOVED it :) You got to see your Uncle 'Caca' and Meg, explore G&G's property and swing swing swing! You could play at the town park center, pet BB, and explore all of Mama's old toys and books for hours! Mama loves that you get to see your great grandmas and extended family; I love that you get to know them!

50: Days don't get better than these... | Jumpin' June | {19 months}

51: June delivered by way of sunshine, time with friends and lots of adventures outside! You love to do somersaults, ballerina spins, say "Ummmm" when you're thinking about something, give soft touches to sissy, point out airplanes, say "dove do", play with the pups, talk up a storm, hold hands, wear bows, pick out your own clothes, see friends, watch Chugginton, play in the new backyard.. and EXPAND our hearts with love.... You are a true JOY Addie

52: Father's Day Photo Shoot at Balboa Park: Mama will treasure these photos always!

53: the

54: Red, White and Blue Baby | **Family, Food & Fun**

55: Our annual (not-so) FFF trip to Lake Almanor did not disappoint! We played in the Lake, rode on wave runners and the boat, watched the parade, played in the sprinkler, and visited with the Wights and Grandma Souter. You loved playing with Aaliyah and Sophia.. It was a beautiful week with fun had by all!

56: July | 20 Months

57: July added to the rest of our fun-filled months. You love to have play dates with friends, trips to the Wild Animal Park and Dada's office, visit with your Gigi and play with sis. You call Dada "Justin Babe" and put yourself in timeout which equally crack us up, and you can't get enough time outside in your "cool" (pool).. You are fun , girl!

58: You were in awe of all of the fish and underwater creatures! Your favorite was the HUGE fish tank...You could have watched them swim all day! | Our First Trip To Scripps Birch Aquarium | You loved the outside features! Reaching into the tide pools, touching a starfish and playing with the changing waterways with Dada! | We drove over to La Jolla to explore the Birch Aquarium and it did not disappoint! We loved walking through and seeing all of the many sea creatures!

59: "Children are born with a sense of wonder and an Affinity for Nature." | ~This couldn't be more true for you!!

60: Close to my heart you'll always be... | Sisters, forever...You and me!

61: My sweet girls..As you can see your love runs oceans deep for your 'Nainey'.. You have taken to big sisterhood like I never could have imagined.. You two share a love like I've never seen... I can't wait to watch you two continue to grow together! We love you two SO much!!


63: We can add another great month to these pages! You had a great check-up with Dr. Page, you've been making all sorts of 4-5 word sentences and say some cute one-liner's "uh-oh daisies" you love playing with your activity table and took a tubby with sissy for the first time and LOVED it! You love tracing your hands and feet, and you can't get enough play time with our Sof! And, you make us laugh every day!

64: Exploring the San Diego Children's Museum

65: We had a BLAST at our local Children's Museum. You absolutely loved the Rain House where the inside sounded like rain hitting the tin roof! The Rainbow bouncer was another favorite as were the bubble station and swing! It is SO fun watching you explore the different places we take you and see your imagination and curiosity run wild! Your sissy slept almost the whole time, so we were able to spend lots of time chasing after you as you went from one station to the next! We will definitely be visiting this museum again!

66: WINTERS, CA | We had a perfect trip Up North starting at Gigi and Gaga's house where we played on the swing, rode the towns train and carousel, ate some ice cream and cuddled with Auntie Sheeg.. | ...and Grammy Joyce. You LOVE exploring G&G's property and playing with B.B. and Patches! You get to play with all of mama's old toys and sleep with G&G, you were one happy girl!

67: We traveled next to Nana and Papa's where the fun kept coming! Crafts with Nana at the annual Chili Cook-off, rides on the boat, a manicure courtesy of Nana on the deck.... | ..Playtime with Enzo kitty, and cuddles with Grandma Souter re-filled our love tanks! Next down to the Bay Area to celebrate cousin Reid's 1st birthday! You loved seeing your Auntie Annie and Uncle Jared too! | LAKE ALMANOR, CA

68: ~Sweet September~ | ~22 months~

69: We have had a month full of play dates! Matty and Julie, Sof and Tot, cousins Emie, Maggie and Cassidy, Erin and Joey and of course the Lane Family! You have been doing so great with all of your friends and cousins it makes mama so proud! You've loved feeding the 'guckies' (ducks), going to the beach, and tried a tumble class for the first time! Nana and Uncle B visited as well as 'Gigi Bobby' and 'Bammy Joyce' and you can't get enough of them! You love doing whatever sissies doing, laying on the ground,blowing spit bubbles etc., You've asked to be held a lot 'hold you' and will ask me to 'pay you' (play with you)I can't get enough! You love horses and taking tubbies; especially splashing with Dada! You are SO.MUCH.FUN!

70: A Trip To The Lake

71: We had a blast playing in the Lake at Nana and Papa's house. Dada and Papa played in a golf tournament so us girls went up to enjoy time with Nana and Grammy Souter. Chris, Kelly and Sof as well as cousin Reid were at the lake with us and it was so fun playing with them. We fed the deer late at night, blew bubbles, baked with Nana and soaked up some lovin'!

72: Our Road Tripping Continues...

73: Winters --> Napa --> San Francisco --> Winters | We had so much fun on the second part of our trip.. Visiting your great grammy's, jumping in your new bounce house, and exploring S.F. with Uncle KyKy and Meg! You loved running up the hills on our way back from dinner, you cracked your uncle up and pointed out every dog and plane we saw :) We also went to a Kid's Museum to play.. it was great!

74: Our October | 23 months

75: Our almost 2 year old and girl do you know it! We ask you how old you are and you either respond "five" or "Addie be two" it makes us smile from ear to ear! You LOVE Sesame Street, hide n seek, playing in your crib with sissy and making her giggle, watching Finding Nemo, telling me to "go" at green lights, visiting with 'Mashew & Jewy', talking about airplanes, saying "Bwess you" and "nakey" and being at home. You are perfection in our eyes little bug!!!

76: Bates Nut Farm

77: Another perfect trip to Bates Nut Farm where you and sissy rocked your orange leg warmers. You LOVED riding the pony, and petting the animals! You picked out a perfect pumpkin and laughed while Dada gave you a wheelbarrow ride! You were a little unsure of going on the wagon but finished it like a champ! Mama will remember these trips always and the tradition of going as a family each year!

78: Halloween Preparations

79: Spooky Decor, Pumpkin Patch Visits and Carvings... Oh my...! We were ready for Halloween 'round these parts!!

81: Trick or Treat! | We played a game of cat and mouse for Halloween this year with Mama and Dada as the head cheese :) You loved being able to trick or treat this year and were so excited to check out your loot afterward. But perhaps your favorite part, was handing out candy at our house...You were so excited any time someone rang the bell and if their costume was too spooky you would say 'BOO...Go away spooky man' and it worked like a charm and had us cracking up... We look forward to this holiday ever year.. | Happy Halloween

82: Our Walk to help STOP DIABETES | "He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it" -Clarence Budington Kelland

83: We did a Fundraising walk for a Foundation Dada works with and knows well; The American Diabetes Association. We talked about it all week and you looked forward to being able to help STOP DIABETES! You did great in the stroller but eventually decided you wanted to walk.. You crossed the finish line on your own two feet... We were SO proud!! We walked for Dada, for your Uncle Blair, your Gigi, for your sister and yours increased risk and for all of the millions of people living with Diabetes. We look forward to making this an annual event for our family... Your sissy will be able to walk across the finish line with you next year!

84: Can you tell me how to get... ...How to get to Addie's 2nd Birthday Party??

85: Your 2nd party went off without a hitch..You and your friends got to ride the train, eat cake and best of all...PLAY WITH ELMO... I will NEVER forget the smile on your face when you saw him come across the park to you... Happy SECOND Birthday Addie Bug

86: November 6th, 2011 Your Actual Birthday was spent with Gigi and Gaga, breakfast at The Beach House, opening more presents, pushing your new stroller, doing your new life size Sesame Street puzzles and having LOTS of talk of Elmo... We relished in the fact that two years prior we welcomed you into your world... You forever changed us that day and we will always be better because of YOU! Happy Day Beautiful!

87: At 24 months.. 2 Years.. You TALK UP A STORM!! You ask "What dat is?", pointed out "little man" in Trader Joe's, love puzzles and say "probably" or "this may go here", have started going poops and peeps on the potty, LOVE horses and nursery rhymes, like the A/C on "huge" while driving in the car, can't get enough of your sissy, GIgi and Gaga and Nana and Papa, keep talking about your birthday party and "Addie be two"...We can't believe it!

88: To my Addie Bug~ Another year in the books baby girl... Or should I say big girl? You are two... And I know this because anytime I ask “How old are you?” you reply “Addie be two” with your little pointer and middle finger sticking straight up to show 2...It simultaneously makes my heart swell with pride and tears it at the seams just a tiny bit at the thought that you really are two years old. Yet again, you taught us so much this year with your continued curiosity, zest for life and exploration, and desire to learn more about the world. Your independence shown through from the minute you began to walk, at 13 months, and you could not be slowed. You’re walk quickly became a run and therefore us trying to keep up with you. We have enjoyed your second year on this planet so much, and, if its possible, you just keep getting better and better :) We kept busy in the first part of your second year with play-dates galore; Sofi &Tot, Matthew & Julie, Emie and Brita are our go-to pals and you love to play at their homes, visit the library, and run around parks and play centers with them. You have perfected your soft touches in preparation for your little sister and mama could NOT be more proud of how you treat your little friends...It warms my heart to watch your compassion and care for your buddies; showering them in hugs and kisses. You are a great friend and mama feels so thankful that we’ve been able to encourage your development of these friendships through the year! Speaking of this little sister...We welcomed our Delaney Marie in April and despite your mamas reservations of how you’d handle it, you BLEW us away. Your overwhelming love and deep-seeded care for your little sister is truly remarkable. We saw very early on that you were going to do great with her in our lives and you only continue to inspire us with your interest and desire to be with her. The morning you first met your sister was the proudest and most fulfilled I’ve EVER felt...You walked into mama and dada’s room with your shy smile on and simply said “Hi”...I swear it was as if you’d always known your little sister and were merely waiting for her to be here in person to re-kindle your relationship with her. You held her and hugged her and played with her little cap, all the while showing us your soft touches and sweet kisses for this new part of our family. I want to thank you for making this transition in our lives the easiest it could have been...Thank you for showing us how its done Addie.

89: The relationship between your sister keeps growing and growing becoming just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. You absolutely LOVE to play with her and will often ask me to put her in your cribby with you, so you can “pay” with her. Whenever you see her, be it in her Bumbo seat, exersaucer or someone’s arms you smile big and give a nice “Hewoo Yainey” and it melts my heart. I am without words in describing just how at peace I am with your love for your sister...It’s truly incredible...I look forward to watching your sisterhood blossom. Once Ms. Delou finally arrived we spent the rest of your second year continuing to keep you busy and feed your ever present hunger to learn. Coloring, sticker art, outside fun in your water table, long walks, trips to the beach and Sesame Street are just a few of your favorite activities and we were sure to keep those joys of yours at the ready! We also had many-a-trip up to Northern California to see your Gigi Bobby & Gaga and Nana & Papa, both sets of grandparents that you love more than I ever knew possible. We get to visit great grandmas, uncles, aunts and cousins of mamas all of whom are SO in LOVE with you. You are so happy when you’re with your extended family and it makes your Dada and I SO happy to watch you with them. You are in your element when surrounded with your family, completely at peace with all the love that is so readily available when with them. We continue to be blown away at your intelligence. We say weekly, if not daily, “my gosh she’s smart”. You are talking up a storm, having combined words at just 15 months old, those two-word sentences quickly grew to 5 or 6-word sentences. Given mamas background in Human Development I know just what a feat this really is. I am continuously thankful for your ability with words as it has been so helpful in having great communication with you. You are now helping mama and Dada teach your baby sister words through signing...Your favorite seems to be showing her to sign “help” with her arms up in the air. We just know what incredible things are to come with that smart brain of yours! We rang in your second year with a big Sesame Street party, complete with a visit from Elmo (your very best friend). The look on your face when he walked across the park was one I will never forget... You were thrilled. And now today, we celebrate you, perfect, little you. Relishing in the fact that you continue to make us better people for getting to raise you. The love we have for you truly is immeasurable, you are our everything and we thank you for ALL that you are Nuni. Happy Birthday big girl, WE LOVE YOU!! With ALL of the love in the world, >Your Mama< Written to you on your 2nd birthday from Mama

91: Created for you my sweet Addison Renee With a heaping amount of love from, Your Mama & With the support and motivation of your Dada

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