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Addison Renee

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S: Addison Renee Souter

BC: Addison Renee Souter 11. 06. 2009

FC: Addison Renee November 6, 2009 | Our Beautiful Baby Girl | Your First Year

1: "A precious baby has come from above to live in our hearts and fill them with love." | Our lives were forever changed the day you entered into your world. We feel blessed beyond our wildest dreams to call you our daughter. The lessons you have taught us in one short year have far surpassed any others we have ever known. We know we are better for having had you. The amount of love you have shown us is immeasurable and the level of joy you have brought into our lives is truly beautiful. Thank you for all that you are Addison Renee....Our entire world!!

2: We're Pregnant!! | Estimated Due Date: October 29,2009 | -------> | Positive!

3: We could HARDLY wait to share the news that we were expecting you!! We planned a trip Up North for mama's birthday and made sure everyone would be there! Mama was about to burst at the seams with our news so as soon as everyone was in the same room we made our announcement!! There were hugs, smiles, tears of joy, and pure excitement... And so it all began!!

4: From February to November we grew together; healthy and happy as can be. I have never felt more beautiful then when I had you growing inside of me. Feeling you kick was without a doubt the most incredible experience of my life. I knew from day 1 how much I'd love you and by day 270 I couldn't wait to meet you!

5: We just kept growing and growing and growing...!

6: 9 months along | Our Ocean Front Photo Shoot

7: Your Garden Nursery | Mommy and Daddy worked so hard to get your nursery ready for your arrival! Lots of painting and decorating to fill it to the brim with LOVE. I've never enjoyed putting clothes away as much as I did with your new things! Such a BIG miracle..In such a little girl!

8: The Story of your... | 11 -6- 2009 | 10:16 PM | 19.75"in." | 7.0 lbs.

9: There's no way to put into words how November 6th changed our lives. Welcoming you into your world was the most important job I've ever had. We were overwhelmed by how much we loved you after just having met you. Your grandmas and grandpas felt the same as well. You came out with dark hair and looked just like your daddy which surprised us all. We loved you from the minute we met you Addie Renee. You are our Angel Baby!!

10: Your First | We were so ready and once we did it been there with was little sleep, abundance of between daddy was the MOST felt. You changed great way this 1st

11: Week Home | to get you home was as if you'd always us. While there there was an love. You slept and I and it complete we've ever our lives in such a week. We love you. | We were so ready

12: Your first month was a real whirlwind...We worked on putting the puzzle pieces of who you are and what you like together. You were smiling more and more, sleeping lots, sneezing, hiccuping and meeting lots of family. Your dada had the magic touch, tucking your legs up under you and putting his thumb in your mouth..You were the most content this way..Mostly you are just a joy! | One Month


15: You were quite the star at your first holiday gathering. You met all of the extended family on your mamas side, and they ate you up like their turkey dinner! We went to the Buckhorn Grill in Winters for a special Thanksgiving together. And you were an angel baby! You let everyone hold you and you even let your mama eat her own meal too! It was so fun for me to see you with all of our family, it made my heart smile!

16: Friends are Flowers that Never Fade | My | Calendar | Girl..

17: Mama had so much fun getting you all dressed up for you Calendar Photo Shoot! You were SO patient during ALL of the MANY takes! And, your grammy's sure loved their calendar!

18: At just two months you continue to awe us! We still have you cuddled in between us at bedtime and absolutely love it! You love watching your mobile in your crib, and you've been smiling more and more... it MELTS our hearts!! You make such great eye contact, everyone is so impressed with how alert you are! You are always moving your arms and legs, and cooing and babbling up a storm!! Slow down would ya?!? We are SO in love with you

19: 2 | m | o | n | t | h | s

20: Your First flight!! | Christmas | 2009

21: Your first Christmas was so special!! You traveled great by plane and car to get up to Nana and Papa's house in Lake Almanor! You got to meet your Great Grandma Souter for the first time and it was beautiful! We realized just how fun the holidays will be now that you are a part of them!

22: Three

23: Months | Your 3rd month has been so much fun! You become more and more capable. You're holding your head up, sitting in your Bumbo seat, enjoying walks, being outside, and smiling all the while!! You are the light of our lives, it's that simple.

24: Your First Photo Shoot

25: What a beautiful baby you are. We did a photo shoot with a family friend when you were just 3 months old and got some precious pictures. Mama will always treasure the one with your head resting on my shoulder. The pictures captured your purity and innocence so well. | Baby Girls are Gifts from Heaven...

27: "To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world." | You and your daddy... How do I explain the love you two share? Ever since the first time you laid eyes on each other..really saw one another I knew you were both in love! The way you light up when you see each other gives me goosebumps. My favorite sound is you cooing and babbling to him while he changes your diapers. I can't wait to continue to watch your relationship blossom!I know one thing...You were born to be his girl and he was born to be your DADA!!!

29: F | R | U | O | S | H | T | N | O | M | You continue to do more and more in these months. The most exciting was giggling for the first time! You also started rolling over from you belly to your back!! Sadly we moved you into your own crib... you are doing great with it, mama's having a hard time though! We call you all sorts of things noodle, squish, squeeze, and mini! We love to listen to you babble and coo. We just love you!

30: Your First Trip to the Beach

31: We had so much fun taking you to the beach for the first time. We went over to our favorite spot in Del Mar, right below Seagrove Park and walked along the beach. You had your bright pink sun hat on and focused mostly on chewing your Baby Bjorn. Everyone we passed along the beach told us what an adorable baby you are. We so look forward to many a days spent along the beach with you..

32: We love you | What a happy first Valentine's Day for the three of us together. We started out with a brunch at Lawrence Welk and spent the rest of the day relishing in the love we have for each other! | Be My.... | ...Sweet Valentine

34: To Winters Or Bust..... | We took a loooong road trip up the I-5 to arrive at our final destination;Winters, Ca. where your grammy and grandfather live. It was your mama's 25th birthday so we were able to see both sets of grandparents and a whole lot of extended family too! Your Auntie Shanna even made it up for a visit. The weather was chilly so we got to dress you up in all sorts of warm, cozy outfits, the white fuzzy boots were mamas favorite. We had such a blast and you loved all the snuggles from your family!!

36: Months Old | 5 | You continue to grow so beautifully in your 5th month..You roll over from your back to belly, you love to eat your toes, you are so close to sitting up on your own, and you love to smile especially at mama and dada. You've spent lots of time with family and friends this month and enjoyed being outside in the sunshine. You light up our lives.

37: The many sweet faces of Addison Renee | They just don't come | any cuter... than YOU

38: While these pictures may not show really did such a great job trying your new foods for the first time!! We started with a very watery rice cereal and you really seemed to like it.. You'd been showing signs of wanting to try foods for weeks so we dove right in. Next up was sweet potatoes and you definitely weren't to sure about them! The second attempt with them was much better and we've just added more and more variety since! | Your First Taste of Solid Foods

39: First rice cereal... Next, Sweet Potatoes

40: A fun-filled month with Nana and Papa

41: What a great time we had with Nana and Papa in the month of May! They rented a house in Escondido and we saw them nearly every day! They showered you in their usual hugs and kisses and you loved every second of it. We went to two family weddings and you were such a good girl for both! We just love seeing you with all of your family!

43: We spent your first Easter at Great Grandma McCurdy's house with lots of family. Nana and Papa were in town so we got to see them too.. You looked so sweet in your Easter Sunday dress!!

44: Cute as a.. | Button | 6 | Months

45: Six months...half a year... That time has FLOWN by!! You are such a busy baby and I wouldn't have it any other way. We had a wedding to go to this month, a trip up north, lots of walks and playtime out in the sunshine. You love tummy time and often lift your tush up under you, so we know crawling is just around the corner! You continue to try new foods including sweet potatoes and squash! You love to grab for things especially jewelry! You really enjoy your exersaucer and are SO close to sitting up by yourself! You also got your first TWO teeth this month and coincidentally stopped nursing.. This is very bittersweet for mama..You are growing SO fast, we just can't believe it!!

46: Rub A Dub Dub... ..The Girl LOVES her tub


48: Mothers Day 2010

49: I could not have asked for a better or more special first Mothers Day! Dada made me breakfast, we walked around Balboa Park and saw the beautiful botanical gardens. I felt like I had joined a new special club...All thanks to you!

50: Your First Trip To The Park

51: We were so excited to get you out to the park and swings for the first time..It was a little chilly so we bundled you up and headed to Jesmond Dean Park. As usual, daddy had you smiling the whole time you were swinging. We know there are many more park days to come..

52: You had a great check-up this month, measuring just right! You're sleeping great at night a full 12 hours...thank you! You love peek-a-boo & daddy is so good at getting you to giggle I could listen for hours! You waved "bye" for the first time to mama and said your first word... DADA, he melted! You're sitting up by yourself and are SO close to crawling!!

53: You turned months old this spring... | 7

54: Visiting Your Dada at Work

55: We have become permanent fixtures at your daddy's office! Everyone is always so happy to see you and can't get over how cute you are! We just have to be sure you aren't feeling extra talkative while daddy is on the phone!! You are such a daddy's girl!

56: Visits With Great Grandma McCurdy & Great Grandma Souter

57: They love you so and we love that they love you so!!

58: Eight Months Old

59: This 8th month you continue to grow and grow. You have been fake coughing and it cracks us up so naturally you do it often You can click your tongue, sing sweet sounds and my absolute favorite, your sloppy, sweet kisses. It MELTS us. You also started army crawling this month. You keep getting more teeth and you started to clap too.. Our busy, smart babe.

60: Fun The | We just LOVE exploring your world with you and your first time in the ocean was no exception.. You were timid at first, not wanting to put your toes in, but quickly warmed up to the idea.. You also loved playing with your sand toys... You finished the day with a ''ba'' inside your shade tent.. We love what a beautiful beach babe you are!

61: In Sun

62: 4th of July | What a great trip to Lake Almanor! We got to spend time with the Wights, BBQ, watch fireworks, go out on the boat and play play play! You were so cute in your 4th of July outfits!!

64: 9 | M O N T H S | O L D

65: You are such a happy, smart, curious babe! This month you have been pointing to objects and body parts, trying finger foods, signing 'more' and 'eat', 'dancing' to music, giving high fives and saying mama! You also started to crawl and pull yourself up on things! We're amazed at how much you are capable of! Your Auntie Tot moved in with us so you get to see a lot of her now! Some big news this month, you will be a BIG SISTER next spring..WOW!

67: You are a water baby through and through!! You squeel with delight anytime we get you ready for the pool or splash park! It makes us smile to see you love the water so much! You splash and kick, knowing just what to do in the water! You're our little fish and we wouldn't have it any other way!

68: You continue to get to know each of your aunts and uncles and we love to watch you play with them. They just so happen to think you're just the cutest thing around and we'd have to agree!!

69: Fun times with Auntie Lauren,Uncle Blair, Auntie Annie and Uncle Jared

70: Mama just LOVES watching you with Auntie Tot and Uncle KyKy!

71: Its safe to say these two think everything you do is adorable! They get a kick out of watching you, holding you and loving on you. It makes mama smile.. I just can't wait to see you get to spend more time with them!

72: I still can't understand how your 10 months old! We've visited Northern California again, had playdates galore, and enjoyed lots of aquariums and parks that San Diego has to offer this month! You are getting so close to walking and will stand by yourself for a few seconds! You love to give hugs, blow kisses and have added to your vocab with "dog" and "ball". You are just growing right before our eyes and we eat up every bit of it!

73: Months Old | 10

75: ~Mommy and Me~ | Some of my favorite shots of us

77: How do I explain the relationship between you and your grammy and grandfather?? You smile each and every time you get to see them and they the same! It is abundantly clear that you have them wrapped around your little fingers, and they wouldn't have it any other way! They are so good with you and it makes mama so happy to see your love for each other! We can not wait to see what you end up calling them. No matter what it is i'm sure it will be perfect! | Grammy and Grandfather | L O V E

78: Our Family Photo Shoot

80: Sweet September

81: 11 | Months | Mama can hardly handle that you're ELEVEN months old!! You have grown so much this year and are capable of so many things.. You are a crawling machine, you try pulling yourself up on everything and we know walking is just around the corner! You are talking so much and we just love to watch you use your signs and approximate different words. We've been taking advantage of warm days and getting ready for the cold ones on their way! We played in Lake Almanor, visited with our friends Sofiya and Jakey and continued to explore your world. We can't believe we're already planning for your first birthday party next month!! You are the light of our lives!

82: GO CHARGERS! | Your dada is SO proud of your Charger cheer!! He is a true fan and grins from ear to ear when he sees you in your Charger gear!

83: Blue | Gold | &

84: Make a wish!

86: Bates Nut Farm

87: We had such a fun fall!! Its been mamas mission to get you out and about seeing all that this time of year has to offer. We went out to Bates Nut Farm to pick pumpkins, pet some farm animals and go on a hay ride. You were so cute in the pumpkin patch, trying over and over to lift them up. You were so brave riding on the horse and kept signing "more" when we finished. This will forever be a favorite family memory of mine!

88: Carving and Decorating and Spooking...Oh my

89: Trick or Treat | We LOVE Halloween around these parts and we wanted to get you started right away..and that we did. We carved pumpkins, decorated the house, went to Halloween parties and trick or treated til you dropped. We taught you how to say boo and it fast became your new favorite word..SO CUTE. We love starting new traditions with you. | Nana made you a sweet duck costume for day and by night you were our ladybug.. Us your bug catchers.

91: Your great grandmas are just smitten with you, and jump at the chance to cuddle you.. We can't blame them!! | Quality time with Great Grandma Joyce and Great Grandma Tahoe......

92: 12 Months Old

93: The last month of your first year on this planet...We rang it in just, friends and fun with our sweet girl!!

94: After celebrating with 85 of your closest friends and family members at your birthday party, we celebrated a little more quietly on your actual birth day. Great Grandma Joyce, Grammy Robby, Auntie Tot and the Watkins all went up to Julian with us to apple pick!! We dressed you in this sweet outfit that I'd dubbed your "apple picking dress" and headed up to the orchards! We had such a fun filled day ringing in your first year on this planet. Mama was overcome with emotion at the realization that you were already one year old..time has literally flown by... I wish I could bottle up this "baby you" and keep you little always. Alas, I cannot, but I can seek comfort in the fact that you made your dada and I the happiest we've ever been this past year as your parents and we cannot thank you enough for that gift. XO | ONE YEAR OLD | 1

95: November 6th 2010

96: To my little girl.... I honestly can’t say where this past year has gone... I am awe-struck when I really think about the fact that you are 12 months old. You are down for a nap, and as I write this I fight back tears...tears of joy for who you are and what you’ve accomplished in the past year. You are my are why I breath, why I get up in the morning, and why I want to be a better person. You’ve taught me so much, which seems silly...I should be teaching you...but you truly have taught me an unwavering patience and unconditional love I never knew existed... I am beyond proud of this perfect little human you are are assertive yet SO sweet, bold yet just the right amount of timid, sassy yet so so loving, precocious and yet a comedienne in your own right.. You are so much FUN...You make your dada and I laugh and smile at least once a day and melt our hearts equally so. Thank you for that... It is so refreshing to have someone so innocent and full of a renewed sense of excitement to wake up to and start the day with.

97: I am so thankful for every inch of your last year and wouldn’t have traded a late night, or a fussy day for anything, because they help constitute the little person you are. There are SO many things I wish for you in this next year and life in general, but mostly, I wish you a continued healthy, healthy, healthy, happy, happy, happy and beautiful year filled with heaping amounts of love. I am a better person for having had you and continue to be a better mama for getting to raise you. Thank you Addison Renee for a year I will never ever forget. As difficult as it is to say goodbye to this past year and look ahead to the next, I know that it too will be filled with wonder and inspiration as we continue to watch you grow and develop into the person you are destined to be. You are heaven here on Earth and a true joy I just could not live with out....I L.O.V.E. Y.O.U baby girl...Happy Happy 1st birthday my little Addie bug. XOXO x’s ONE MILLION, Your Mama

99: Made for you Addison Renee With SO much love from: Your Mama And with the patience, support and motivation from: Your Dada We Love You!!

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