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Adoption Profile

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BC: Contact Us: website: www.daddyCHRISpapaJUSTIN.com email: daddyCHRISpapaJUSTIN@gmail.com Instagram: DADDYandPAPA2B Adoption Practitioner: Betty Ann Streeter 416-969-7930 adoption.paradigm@rogers.com

FC: Justin & Chris

1: Hello Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We want you to know that we admire your courage and strength very much. Choosing an adoptive family for your child is a very difficult decision and we can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through right now. But, we do know what it’s like when people don’t understand us and have a hard time relating to where we are coming from. Like many gay people, we grew up surrounded by family and friends who had no idea how tough it was to be in our shoes. So, like many others, we also have a Chosen Family - family bonds with people who are not related by blood, but who are related by shared circumstances and experiences. Science can do some pretty amazing things. There are a number of options for two men who want a biological child, but adoption has always been our first choice. It seems like a natural way for us to continue growing our chosen family. But, the first choice is yours. This profile is a glimpse into our lives. You’ll meet us, our friends, and our wonderful families - both biological and chosen - to help you make your decision. We want you to see the unconditional love and support your child would have from all the people in this profile, not just us. | Chris Justin... | .... and Marvin

2: Being silly at our wedding reception! | Exploring a castle in Alicante, Spain.

3: Chris and Justin When we met back in 2005, we quickly knew that there was something very special between us. Since then, we have built a strong, committed relationship based on honesty, respect, and tons of love and laughter. We are lucky enough to live in a place where same-sex marriage is legal, and in 2009 we got married surrounded by our friends and family - with Marvin as our ring-bearer! Beyond the inexplicable natural “spark” that binds us, we have many common interests. We both love art, theatre, traveling, walking/hiking, bicycling, and great food! These are all interests that we can’t wait to share with a child - and re-learn about all these things through their eyes. The art of macaroni and glue, the theatre of puppets, traveling to learn about different places/people, walking to the playground, learning to ride a bike, and tasting foods for the first time (and everything in between)! | Justin's 30th birthday in Paris (2012) Hiking in the Muir Woods, California (2008)

5: Meet Marvin! OK, so we went a little overboard with pictures of Marvin... but can you blame us?! He's awfully cute, even when we don't put silly costumes on him - although his tolerance for being dressed up comes in handy when he's on the float in the Santa Clause Parade, or during Halloween at the dog park (a very big deal, especially since his birthday is October 31). Marvin has been in a couple commercials, TV shows, and even a movie, so he's a bit of a local celebrity. Don't worry, we haven't let any of that go to his head. In all seriousness, Marvin is a very quiet, gentle, well behaved dog, and he's great with children.

6: Keeping my voice in shape is very important. I want to be ready to sing lots of lullabies! This is me singing the role of Sarastro in The Magic Flute, 2012. | This is me and the famous "Mirror House" near my cottage. I (of course) wanted to live in it when I grew up! YES, those are little mirrors in the stucco. | When we lived in London, England for a year, we HAD to visit the famous Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station, from the Harry Potter books! | This is me trying oysters for the first time at the North End Fish Market in Boston, 2010. Verdict? They were OK... but I really liked the hot sauce they put on them.

7: I was working as a corporate trainer when I met Justin. Eventually, I realized that I loved the teaching aspect of my job, but I didn’t like what I was doing. With Justin’s full support, I went back to school so I could become a teacher. Since then, I’ve taught at both the high school and university levels, and I LOVE it! I never want to stop learning and experiencing new things. Justin and I have deep roots, in an amazing community, but we both still have a strong sense of adventure. We love to travel, but we’re also lucky enough to live in one of the most diverse cities in the world. Adventure is often right on our doorstep. Being creative is also very important to me. Whether I’m drawing, painting, baking, singing, or doing something crafty, it brings me great joy to share whatever I create with the people I care about. I think my creativity has also helped me when I’m interacting with children. I’m sensitive to - and can relate to - the natural curiosity that helps kids find their way as they constantly encounter new things in the world around them. Justin and I have built a loving, stable life together, and we would jump at the opportunity to take this creative journey with one, special child. | A bit about Chris I’m the middle of three children, and we couldn’t be more different from each other if we tried. It’s quite amazing that we all get along so well! My older brother David is a shy, computer system designer, now living in California with his wife Yanmei. My younger brother Graham is a sporty scientist, living in Massachusetts with his wife Jessica and their new daughter Emilia! Then there’s me... I’m the artistic, extrovert historian, married to Justin and living in Toronto. I grew up in Toronto, but I haven’t spent my whole life here. I used to be an opera singer, which gave me the opportunity to travel a lot. I’ve even lived in both Italy and Austria. But, I moved back to Toronto when I realized that I didn’t want to travel the world alone, living out of a suitcase. I wanted a place where I could put down roots and build a life. | December 2013, in Hawaii.

8: Chris getting surprised by the waves in Ghana, Africa.

9: Justin's thoughts about Chris I first met Chris back in 2005. The first impressions that Chris made on me - like he makes on most people he meets - were memorable and lasting. I remember getting to know Chris over the course of several months and being struck by his genuinely caring and thoughtful nature, but also by his fun-spirited and playful personality. I realized very early on that Chris was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and after five years of building our relationship together, we decided to get married. | Although we have been together for 9 years now, Chris continues to amaze me on a very regular basis. His passion for advocacy and community involvement inspire me to be a better person; his intelligence and commitment to education make me want to challenge myself and never stop learning; his compassion and sensitivity serve as a constant reminder of the importance of strong relationships with others; and his contagious love for life is always sure to make me laugh and bring a smile to my face. Because I have known Chris for so long and he has influenced me in so many ways, I can say with the utmost confidence that he will be a loving parent and exemplary role model to our child. I know this from seeing how the many children currently in our lives respond to him – it is heartwarming to watch their eyes light up when Chris enters the room and immediately “high-fives” and gets down on the floor to play. Chris has a rare ability to excite children through his presence alone, and to interact with them in very meaningful ways. Chris has so much love in his heart, ready to give and share. I can't wait to continue growing our family with him.

10: Chris spent several months in Ghana, Africa in 2008, learning about primary education. While he was there to work, he still took time to teach some of the kids about "gimme five!" | Chris with Lachlan in 2002, and again in 2014, less than a week before Lachlan's 13th birthday. Lachlan is the son of Chris' good friend Craig - Chris and Craig have been friends since they were 13! | Little Jasper got the big butterfly net, and big Chris got the little butterfly net. That's the way life goes sometimes. | Chris playing "where's Waldo?" with Liam and Jasper circa 2010. They're the son's of Chris' cousin, Jody and his wife, Sarah.

11: Chris chatting with 3-month old Teo at the cottage. Teo is the son of Chris and Justin's friends Jenny and Hugo. | The "tickle monster" just caught Caius! | For the past several years, Chris has been helping his friend Christine collect maple sap in the early spring. We then boil it down to make delicious maple syrup! This is Chris with Christine's daughter Aja, just before they head out to collect some more sap. | Tobogganing at Chris' parent's house at Christmas time! Chris originally had a Santa hat, but Liam wanted to wear it, so Chris ended up being a panda twin with Jasper. You can see Liam in the background in the Santa hat pulling the sled.

12: I had to wear these goggles after I had lasik eye surgery. Chris thought they were hilarious. I may have looked a bit silly, but it was worth it - I don't need glasses anymore! | This is at the farmer's market in Hilo, Hawaii. I decided on some of those red spiky fruits (Rambutan), and they were delicious! | I'm very proud of my German-Polish heritage! Here, you can see me taking some German cabbage rolls out of the oven (my great-auntie Doris sent them home with us after our last visit), and posing with all the tasty stuff we just got at the Polish deli (kielbasa, kabanosa, pierogies & poppy seed cakes) YUM! | I made a friend in Gibraltar! There are tons of monkeys on the mountain, and they're obviously used to being around humans. This little guy decided to hop up, and didn't want to come down. A park ranger ended up coaxing him off.

13: When I started high school I continued down the athletic path, playing any and every sport I possibly could. I played basketball (no surprise there!), football, hockey, volleyball, soccer, and I even joined the swim team. I also played basketball for a short time when I started university but decided to stop playing for a while so I could focus all of my energy and attention on my schoolwork. I still play lots of sports recreationally because it's a great way to meet new people, it’s a good way to get some exercise, and it’s just a lot of plain old fun. Making the choice to stop playing basketball during university wasn’t easy but I know it was the right decision for me. All of that time I spent with my nose in text books led me to a career that I love – I work as a policy advisor in the environmental sector, a job that is very rewarding and provides Chris and me with a stable income, a great benefits plan, and a very secure pension. I met Chris just before graduating from university and realized very early on that we were meant to be together. We hit it off almost instantly because we had so much in common. We both have a passion for learning and are always excited to try new things. We both love to travel and see the world. We both love animals (especially dogs!). And, most importantly, we both really love kids. We have many children in our lives right now that we see regularly and spend lots of fun time with, and we’ve always fully agreed that we wanted to have kids of our own someday too. | A bit about Justin I grew up in Mississauga (a suburb of Toronto) in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by lots of loving friends and family. I have always loved to play sports and have very fond memories of playing basketball in my backyard with friends. The only thing that could stop me was my mom calling me in for dinner. As much as I loved playing basketball, I could never resist a good, hearty, home cooked meal from mom! Although I spent most of my childhood in Mississauga, I also spent a lot of time in Toronto with my grandparents, and Uncle Henry and Aunt Bobbi. Whether I was helping Grandpa fix his car in the front driveway, helping Grandma make potato salad in the kitchen, or heading up to the family cottage for a fishing trip with Uncle Henry and Aunt Bobbi, we always had something fun and exciting on the go. | Hanging out in the hammock with Marvin at the cottage.

14: Justin showing off the scarf Chris knitted for him.

15: Chris' thoughts about Justin When I married Justin, I truly married my best friend. Justin can always make me laugh! We have a lot of fun together. He is extremely professional and mature in his work life, but at home, he'll get a little glint in his eye, and you know you're about to start laughing. Justin can do more one-handed dance moves while driving than anyone I know! I know, as a father, he will be able to keep our family entertained on those long drives up to the cottage. | Justin is an easy guy to love. My friends and family fell in love with him just as much as I did. My family used to be a bit reserved, but now Justin has everyone hugging and kissing whenever we say hello or goodbye. There are never more smiles and warm hearts, than when Justin is around. In addition to his tender heart, Justin is the most thoughtful, and caring person I have ever known. He will be the kind of father who showers his child with unconditional love and support. This is perhaps what I appreciate most about Justin, his unwavering support. I have achieved more in the past 9 years we've been together, than I had in the 30 years before that combined! Justin always encourages me to go after what I want and does everything he can to support me in achieving those goals. Big or small, if something is important to me, it's important to Justin. He even moved to London, England with me for a year when I started my PhD. I wouldn't want to raise a child with anyone else. I know Justin will be a wonderful father, because having him in my life has made me a better, happier person. I can't wait to see him sharing all these amazing qualities with a child, as a father.

16: Justin took Aja for her first boat ride at the cottage. It was so calm the lake was like glass, a perfect day for a first-timer! | Justin put Jasper up on his shoulders during the bag-piper parade at the cottage. Justin is 6'4" so Jasper had the best view in town. We should also note - it was raining, but nothing can keep us away from the pipers. | Justin and Aja hunting for two things: crayfish and a route to a big rock in the middle of the river. They found both and managed to stay dry (don't worry, the river is only 5 inches deep). | Justin dancing with Jasper back in 2010 at a family wedding. Jasper kept asking Justin to "fly up high"!

17: Jasper really likes to take advantage of Justin's height. Justin made sure he got at least ONE basket at the end of his lesson. | Justin and Zack meeting for the first time - they had the same hair do! | In 2002, Justin went to Haiti to help set up a youth drop-in centre. This little guy took a special liking to Justin. | Taking a break for some fun at the Antique Market. Caius would only go down the slide if Justin went too... and Justin is a man of his word (much to the delight of Caius).

18: Justin's friend from high school, Matt, and his wife Shawnna, gave us some extremely helpful pointers about diaper changes, bath time, and bed time... and then we got to test out our new skills with Matt and Shawnna's son William. We got rave reviews!

20: Chris performed the wedding ceremony for his brother Graham. | Justin was his uncle Henry's best-man when Henry and his aunt Bobbi got married on their 25th anniversary of being a couple!

21: Our Backgrounds Justin’s heritage is Polish and German. He was raised Catholic and lived with his parents in Mississauga. Justin also spent a lot of time with his grandparents in Toronto. His grandma ran a daycare, and his grandpa worked in a cookie factory – talk about a dream for a little kid! Chris’ heritage is Scottish and British. He was raised Anglican and grew up in Toronto with his parents. Chris had close relationships with all of his grandparents, but he had an extra special relationship with his grandma Mary. We were both raised with a strong sense of tradition, and deep loyalty to those we love. We were also both taught that all people are created equal, and to value honesty, kindness, and compassion. These shared values have helped us to get along with each others' families very well, and they will be passed down to y/our child. We're both very spiritual. We understand that faith is a powerful force, and respect the wonderful things it is capable of. Chris has even acted as the officiant at his brother Graham’s wedding, and at his grandma Wright’s funeral – and has been asked to officiate his uncle’s wedding next year.

22: left to right: Justin & Me, Jessica & Graham, Mom & Dad (Anne & Larry), David & Yanmei We are very excited by the prospect of Chris and Justin becoming parents. Firstly, because we think Chris and Justin will be great parents, but also because we would love to have another grandchild. Our first grandchild was born in December 2013, and we have seen the joy she has brought everyone, including us. Chris and Justin’s child will be warmly welcomed into the family with equal joy and enthusiasm. All family members are very supportive of this adoption so I know this child will be surrounded by acceptance and love. - Anne (Chris' mom) | I don't know why the photographer had us stand in a row like that - I think we look like dorks! | The Wright family selfie at the cottage, 2014.

23: Chris' Family Mom and Dad live on a 100 acres just 45 min outside of Toronto, with a small lake, streams, walking trails, and tons of trees. We get to go out there often to visit. We feel very spoiled to live so close, since my two brothers David and Graham live in the U.S. (California & Massachusetts). BUT, the whole family fills Mom and Dad’s dinner table at Christmas time. It’s not unheard of to have 25+ people in their house over the holidays! Mom makes all of our Christmas crackers herself, and even writes a customized poem for each person at the dinner table - just one of our many traditions. As with all families, we can get into “spirited conversations” when we’re all in one room, but we never fail to make-up and share plenty of laughter. This is all repeated in the summers, up at Bruce Beach! | You never know what wildlife you'll see at my parent's house - those are peacocks in their garden! We just looked up one day and they were in the garden. We called a petting zoo to come get them, but we never found out where they came from. | This is a typical Christmas dinner at Mom and Dad's house, anyone who doesn't have a place to go is always welcome at the table... there have been years when we set up tables in different parts of the house! Round two starts after Boxing Day when our relatives from London and Michigan arrive.

24: Henry & Bobbi's farm | Me & one of the horses on the farm | Me with my catch of the day, after fishing with uncle Henry - did they ever taste good! | Everyone in Bayfield (left to right): Henry, Bobbi, Tom, Me, Mom, Chris, Glady (Tom's mom) &Tom's daughter Michelle with her partner John, and their son Mahikan.

25: Justin's Family My mom (Diana) and her partner Tom live in a beautiful village called Bayfield in the western part of Ontario. We love visiting Bayfield because of all of the wonderful shops and festivals they have throughout the year. Mom and Tom spoil us with delicious meals and all-around good company when we’re there so we visit as often as we can. Another great thing about Bayfield is that it’s only a 45 minute drive from our cottage at Bruce Beach! My birth-father is not in my life, but my uncle Henry has always been a strong father figure. Henry and aunt Bobbi live on a farm in Campbellford, Ontario. We always have so much fun visiting with Henry and Bobbi because our times together are filled with adventure and laughter. Whether it’s taking the boat out to go fishing in the lakes and rivers nearby, snowmobiling in the deep winter snow, or helping out with feeding all of the farm’s animals, Chris, Marvin and I are always sure to have fun in Campbellford. | Mom and I dancing at my wedding | I am very excited that Justin and Chris have chosen to have a very precious gift enter their lives... A CHILD!! Justin is a wonderful son, and we have a very special relationship. I have been through some very difficult times and he was the rock in my life, and the glue that held me together. Chris came into my life around 9 years ago, and I am very grateful for that. He has become a very important part of my family. Chris has brought joy, happiness, respect, security and a sense of belonging to Justin, that is very clear. They make an outstanding couple, full of love, kindness and responsibility. You only have to see that in how they treat their dachshund Marvin, who is a delight every time I see him. Justin is a very loyal and loving young man, and I know in my heart he and Chris would be excellent Fathers and Dads to any child that would bless this family. -Diana (Justin's mom)

27: Our Homes & Communities Our house is on a quiet, tree lined, dead-end street in Toronto. It has three bedrooms, a fenced in yard, and is just steps from the restaurants and shops of the Danforth. The area is extremely family-friendly, and full of resources/activities for children. It is in a wonderful neighbourhood, close to all the things a big city has to offer, but still a short walk to amazing green spaces. There are beautiful ravine trails - where we can be in nature and even see rabbits and deer - or Riverdale Farm, a heritage site that has been preserved in the city, complete with animals! We have a nice grassy yard out back, with trees, flowers, an herb garden, and a BBQ (Justin is a BBQ Master!). We are very lucky to live in one of the most sought after school districts in the city AND to live within easy walking distance of many friends and family members! But, we also have a “home away from home”... Bruce Beach

28: Taken from the front deck of the cottage (late summer 2013)

29: Bruce Beach Chris’ family has had cottages at Bruce Beach for over 100 years. It is a very tight-knit community, on the shores of Lake Huron. Almost all of Chris’ best childhood memories are from the cottage: swimming, picking wild raspberries, roasting marshmallows during bonfires on the beach, marching with the bagpipers on Saturday nights, building forts in the woods, watching shooting stars, and seeing the most breathtaking sunsets you can imagine. It was also at the cottage Justin and Chris said, “I love you” to each other for the first time. | playing golf... | ... the Scottish pipers

30: With Craig and Tova's sons, Caius & Lochlan (2014) | With Amy and Vic's son, Luke (2012)

31: Our Views on Parenting, Discipline, and Adoption Open, honest, and respectful communication is the foundation of our strong marriage. This will be a cornerstone of our approach to parenting as well. There is no single approach to parenting that will work, because each child is unique and parents have to be sensitive to each child's unique needs. Through communication with each other, and y/our child, we will be best able to introduce consistency, and stability into y/our child's life in a supportive and loving way. We will never raise a hand to y/our child or hurt them in any way. The definition of punishment is to “cause pain.” We do not believe in punishment. We believe in discipline, which is rooted in education. It encourages good behaviour, offers structure and guidance, and teaches the right way to prevent and/or solve problems. Discipline, patience, and love will ensure a child feels protected and nurtured. As your child's adoptive-parents, we promise to love them with our whole hearts, and provide the best life possible. But, you will always be your child's birth-parent, and they will know that from day-one. Having an open adoption is important for both Justin and me. Your child will always be told what a brave, difficult, loving decision you made. If you choose us, you will have given us the greatest gift imaginable, and your child will know that such an incredible gift can only be given with love. We are committed to ensuring your baby has the opportunity to keep in touch with you as he or she grows up with us.

32: Chosen Family As you have seen, we are lucky to have very supportive biological families. We also have a very large, and equally supportive, chosen family. When they heard that we wanted to adopt, we were overwhelmed by the support and love. People started asking what they could do to support us in our journey - so we asked them if we could include them in our profile. The following pages include members of our amazing chosen family - waiting eagerly with with open arms for the next family member. People with kids even started sending in endorsement letters, so you can feel confident we're not the only ones who think we'll make great parents!

33: Len, He was Justin's best-man at our wedding. | Tanya, She was Chris' "best-man" at our wedding. | Eve & her dog Roarry, We met her at the dog park when we got Marvin. | Craig & Tova, Craig and Chris have been friends for 25 years, Craig & Tova were married 15 years ago (Chris sang at the wedding) and they now have two boys, Lachlan and Caius | Mike S, Matt, Mike P, and Justin - all best buds since high school (pictured at Matt's wedding). | Sarah, Amy & Chris. We grew up at Bruce Beach together, as did all of our parents, AND our grandparents... so we've known each other for our entire lives!

34: I've known Justin for 17 years, and Chris for many years as well. Despite the highs and lows, Chris and Justin have always been true friends - supportive, funny, intellectual, challenging, thoughtful and always loving. Without a doubt Chris and Justin will be fantastic parents; not only because they're big softies with a huge heart but because they are caring, loving and supportive and will provide a great environment for any child to grow up. Any child would be blessed to have parents like the two of them. Richard and I are looking forward to being parents in August 2014, and we hope that Chris and Justin might be sharing the joys and challenges of parenthood with us. - Ginny & Richard (Alexander was born on schedule, August 2014) | After knowing Chris and Justin for over six years, Hugo and I can say without hesitation that they will make excellent parents. They are empathetic and caring people who value family, friends and community. When Chris' brother offered them the use of his cottage for a week, instead of enjoying the peace and quiet of a beautiful lake front property, they promptly invited my husband, myself and our our three-month old son to join them. Chris and Justin generously provided us with one of the few breaks we had in that first joyful but also exhausting year of our son's life. Since then they have played an important role in Teo's life, supporting him as he grows into a toddler and marvelling in all his accomplishments - large and small. They will be equally doting with their own child, who will benefit from their unconditional support, love and joy of life. - Jenny, Hugo ,Teo (their twin boys, Matius & Nicolas, were born in April, 2014) | I have known Chris for my whole life, and Justin for nearly 10 years. Chris and Justin are like family. When I think about them being parents, I think about how much they value joy, adventure, love, and justice. I think these are wonderful values to have as parents. They also have an amazing support system, which we all need as parents. When I see Chris and Justin with my son and with my nephews, I can picture them with their own children- raising them with much love and respect. - Amy, Vic & Luke | I have been friends with Justin since high school and he has always been a stand-up guy and somebody I could turn to. My wife Shawnna and I have our first son William, and Chris and Justin have jumped right into being great "uncles". -Matt, Shawnna & William | We are so excited for Chris and Justin to become parents! They have always shown an interest in our boys, asking how they’re doing, and how we handle different parenting situations. Liam (10) and Jasper (8) always look forward to seeing Chris and Justin (and Marvin). We all enjoy spending time together at Bruce Beach, where our families have cottages, and during the holidays. - Jody (Chris' cousin), Sarah, Liam & Jasper | We are very excited for Chris & Justin as they go through this incredible journey of building a family together. They are kind, generous & loving people who will be wonderful & caring parents. We have known Chris & Justin for many years and know that they will ensure a warm, supportive & loving home for their family. The children who live in this home will be incredibly blessed. -Lauri, Ryan & Wyatt

35: Chris is one of my oldest and best friends – we have known each other since we were teenagers. Chris has been someone I can confide in, someone who has challenged me when I was being ridiculous (ha!) and we’ve been through many ups and downs together. In getting to know Justin through Chris, it is obvious what great friends they are and I feel pretty lucky to have them both in my family’s life. When they told me they wanted to start a family and raise a child, I was so very, very excited for them. Raising kids is an awesome adventure, but not always easy. My husband Michael and I have two children together. Chris and Justin are kind, compassionate, intelligent people, and most importantly, they speak with each other about their concerns. Having parents that slow down and communicate with each other is so important. My family and I are very excited to meet Chris and Justin’s child and have him or her be a part of our lives too. - Julia, Mike, Sacha & Evelyn | So honoured to be a part of Chris and Justin growing their love and family! We can't wait to meet you, baby! - Christine & Aja | We have every confidence in Chris and Justin's ability to provide a happy, stable, and nurturing environment for a child. They have a natural levity and exuberance that seems to be picked up on by kids and allows them to interact well with children. My wife and I have recently given them a new baby niece and we would not hesitate to leave our baby in the care of her uncles Chris and Justin. - Graham (Chris' brother), Jessica & Emilia | Justin and Chris are one of the most loving and generous couples we know and would make wonderful parents. They take such a loving "uncle" approach to our little guy, always with smiles and open arms for our Zachary. Justin and Chris understand that being a parent is a challenge. We've discussed approaches to parenting many times and their approach centers around being attuned to the needs of the child - the cornerstone of mindful, sensitive, responsive parenting and the foundation of secure attachment and positive developmental outcomes.* We can’t wait for Zachary to have a friend to play with! - Tanya, Warren & Zachary *Tanya is a Child Psychologist | My husband Owen and I welcomed a baby girl in March 2014 and we can’t wait for Chris and Justin to join us on the journey of parenthood. They are loyal and caring friends and we know they’ll make fantastic parents. - Angela, Owen & Charlotte. | Parenting is not a role to be taken lightly and as a mother of two, I know first-hand the dedication and selflessness that is required. The Chris and Justin that I know have realistic expectations of parenthood. I am sure the dreams of rocking a baby to sleep and strolling down the street as a family are anticipated, but through our conversations over the years, welcoming the upcoming challenges of teaching strong values and demonstrating human kindness is what will make them exceptional parents. I am certain they will love their child unconditionally and provide an environment for him or her to thrive in all areas. Chris and I have been friends for over 20 years and he has always been honest, compassionate, loving, respectful, strong, accepting and supportive; it is who he is and he was fortunate to find a partner who holds the same traits. Chris and Justin will be wonderful parents and through their very character, their son or daughter will grow into an adult that will surely hold those traits as well. - Urla, Tim, Jacob, Breeze & Aria

37: We created this profile to help you find the right family for your child - we're sure you'll be reading many books like this one. If after reading all the profiles you decide that we are the right choice, and you choose us... we will choose you right back! We very much look forward to meeting you. With Warm Wishes & Respect,

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