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Adoption Profile

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FC: Jennifer & Blair | Dear Birthmother, Our names are Jennifer and Blair. We have a committed marriage, a wonderful son, two sweet dogs, and loving and supportive friends and family. Our lives have been blessed and we would be delighted to add another child to our family. After six years of infertility we are thrilled about adopting.

1: About Us | We have been happily married for 12 years and we look forward to growing old together. Our lives and our home are filled with love, laughter, and joy. We are a very close knit family who enjoy spending time together. We are a strong Catholic family who attend church together on Sundays. We are committed to influencing our child with strong morals and values. We demonstrate how to be a loving, honest, and compassionate family and respectful towards others. We enjoy fishing, watching our child play sports, swimming in our pool, going out to dinner, and a house full of friends and family.

2: My Husband, Blair | Blair has a smile that is contagious. When he walks into a room it lights up. He is the most wonderful husband and father that I could ever ask for and I could not imagine my life without him. He loves meeting new people and Blair does not make acquaintances; he makes friends. He is ambitious loving, honest and devoted to our family. Blair enjoys hunting, fishing, and coaching baseball. He has been a successful business owner for the past 10 years which allows him the flexibility to take time off to attend our son's school functions and spend time with family. | Blair working in the vegetable garden | Blair coaching our son's team | Blair ready to go hunting

3: My Wife, Jennifer | Jennifer has always said that her greatest accomplishment in life is being a mother. She is the most nurturing, devoted wife and mother that I know. She is a selfless person who puts God and her family first. Jennifer is a very friendly and out-going person. She is organized, strong, intelligent, caring, and honest. She is a strong believer in education and proper nutrition. Cooking healthy well balanced meals for our family is important to her and I must say she is an excellent cook. | Jennifer at pilates class | Jennifer & Blair dancing | Jennifer cooking

4: Our Son, Blair | Blair is 8 years old and he enjoys hunting, fishing, sports, and video games. He is a smart, friendly, funny, and loving child. He is excited about our decision to adopt. | Blair fishing | Blair after a baseball game | Blair

5: Hunnie & Creole | Hunnie is our yellow lab. She is a sweet girl who loves children. Creole is the newest addition to our family. She is our 11 month old yellow lab and she loves to give kisses and get belly rubs. Both of out dogs are friendly and well behaved and they are very much a part of our family. | Hunnie | Creole

6: Our Home | Our home is located on 10 acres of land and it is an ideal place to raise a family. Our house is a spacious two-story home with 4 bedrooms, family room, and a screened porch, as well as porches on the front and back. Outside we have a stocked pond, swimming pool, vegetable garden, chicken coop, and a space designated for the outdoor kitchen. All of our son's friends love to come over and play at our house. We have the luxury of country living while being just minutes from the city. | Our Home | Our Backyard

7: Our Family | We are both close to our families. Our family uses any excuse to get together. Whether it's Sunday dinner, watching our son play sports, celebrating a birthday, watching a sports event on TV, fishing together, or just because we want to. We spend lots of time cooking, eating, laughing, and telling stories at our family gatherings. Everyone is supportive about our decision to adopt and they all look forward to welcoming a new baby. | Blair's Family | Jennifer's Family

8: Going hunting | Jenn & Blair | Baseball Tournament | On a boat in the Bahamas | Rocking on the porch

9: Our Promise to You | We promise to provide your child a stable loving and safe home. We love your child unconditionally. We promise to raise your child with strong morals and values and respect and compassion for others. We will provide your child with an education and an opportunity to attend college and fulfill their dreams. Your child will know how much you love them and know that adoption is a part of who they are. We are open to keeping in contact with you through, letters, pictures, and possible visits. Sincerely,

10: Dear Birthmother, Our names are Terry (ReRe) and Blair (PawPaw). We are the proud parents of Blair III. Without sounding boastful, Blair was the perfect child. He was always happy and even tempered. Blair went to a Catholic grammar school where he excelled in academics as well as sports. He was always a leader and respected by his friends. Blair graduated from Catholic high school and again did very well. He worked his way through college by working in the President's office. He made such an impression on the President that he was asked to be a board member for the International Student Leadership Institute and still travels to Notre Dame each year to speak at seminars. He continues to enjoy a close relationship with the now retired president. Blair and Jennifer met in college an he fell in love with her right away. How can anyone not fall in love with her. She is an amazing wife to our son and mother to our grandson. There is nothing she would not do for her family. Jennifer loves unconditionally with all her heart. When you walk in their home, you can see and feel the love she has for her family. Even though Jennifer has a full time job, this has never stopped her from putting her family first. She can run a half marathon, do pilates, and organize a major fund raiser at the ball park and never skips a beat. Blair, Jennifer and little Blair are a perfect family. The only thing that can make it better would be a baby that would fit right in. They would have a big brother that would love and protect them as well as two parents that would adore them and also have four grandparents that would love them with all our hearts. It would be hard to imagine anyone more qualified for adoption. Financially they will be able to provide a stable and protected home for a baby to grow in. Emotionally, they would be able to provide a loving and nurturing home for a baby. They have a huge support system with great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and many cousins. Blair and Jennifer have proved that they are great parents by the way they have raised Blair IV. We know they have so much love to share , and a baby would be welcomed into this special family with open arms. Sincerely, Blair and Terry

11: Dear Birthmother, Our names are Marlene and Alvin. We are Jennifer's parents. We joyfully sit down to write this letter, because we know that some lucky little baby is about to get loving parents. Since we are Jennifer's parents we have always known what a special and unique individual she is, and we could not be more proud of her. She is very successful in her job and at home. She is totally organized and able to handle many tasks and responsibilities without undue stress. She is full of energy and not afraid of a challenge. We also feel very blessed to have such a responsible and loving family man such as Blair for a son-in-law. He is more like a son to us and a perfect fit for our family. Blair has a loving and playful personality and he is a dedicated father and husband. He helps coach is son and many other children at the ball park. Their son, Blair IV, is a beautiful eight year old. He loves his cousins and is very sharing and polite. He is a very bright child and does extremely well in school. He has been waiting for a brother or sister for quite a while. Jennifer and Blair are both devoted parents who, before all else, put their child's needs first. They read to him, help him with homework, and go to church together. They enjoy family gatherings and special events. We cannot think of two people more deserving of becoming parents once again. Jennifer and Blair have so much love to give, any child would be blessed to be placed in their care, We would love to have another grandchild. Grandparents in Waiting, Marlene and Alvin

12: Dear Birthmother, I have known Jennifer and Blair for almost 9 years. We met when I started dating Jennifer's brother, Ryan, who is now my husband and father of our two children, Aiden, 5, and Allie, 2. I can't tell you how excited we were when Jennifer and Blair told us that they were interested in adoption. We are so excited that they are going to bring another child into their family and ours. We spend a lot of time with Jennifer, Blair, and Blair IV, also known as "Fifi," Uncle Blair," and "Cousin Blair." I talk to Jennifer several times a week on the phone and we try to gt our families together as much as we can. Most of our time is spent together on the weekends, whether it;s just hanging out on a Sunday over dinner at one of our houses or surrounding the activities that our kids love doing together. Our son Aiden considers Blair to be his "very best friend" despite their 3 year age difference. He and Ryan love to spend time with Blair and Uncle Blair fishing, hunting, playing baseball, playing soccer, and anything else that requires running around and having fun. Now that Allie is old enough, she wants to be right in the middle of whatever Blair and Aiden are doing. She loves going over to their house to swim. play with the dogs and cats, and her favorite thing, to feed the chickens. It is hard to capture in a letter all that we would want to say about why Jennifer and Blair would be wonderful adoptive parents. I guess I can only describe our relationship with them. Jennifer and Blair are who we go to for advice whether it is on parenting, our relationship, about career choices and changes, and just about anything important that we are struggling with. They always manage to present the pros and cons and help guide us through coming to the decision on our own. Jennifer and Blair are reliable, trustworthy, and honorable. I often think of how lucky we are to have people that we can call at any moment and know they will be there for us. We love to be around them because they truly enjoy everything they do, they embrace life. I know that there are many parents out there that want a baby but if you choose Jennifer and Blair, know that you have made the best choice. They will do everything in their power to raise a happy and healthy child surrounded by much love, family, and support. Christy and Ryan

13: Dear Birthmother, I have known Jennifer and Blair for about 16 years when they met in college. I performed their marriage and baptized their son. They are wonderful parents to their son Blair and would be great adoptive parents as well. I heartily recommend them as adoptive parents. I have seen them grow throughout the years as warm, loving, and caring people. They do things together and have a wide circle of family and friends with whom they celebrate holidays and family events. Their home is a happy place and their son thrives on being at ball games with his father and play grounds with his mother. Their arms are wide open to receive and care for another child. Blair has a very successful nursery business and Jennifer is a successful pharmaceutical sales representative. They are bith very intelligent and educated and know how to balance the home and business. They see to their son's academic as well as his spiritual education and are present at all of his events. Jennifer and Blair are happy and loving and would be great parents to another child. They will do all in their power to love and cherish as well as provide for a child. Nothing would be spared to give this child a loving and happy childhood. You would not be sorry to place your precious child in this wonderful family. Sincerely, Father Tom

14: Dear Birthmother, In August of 1989 I started my first day of high school. I remember being nervous with the anticipation of being at a new school but never dreamed I was about to meet my best friend. Jennifer and I met that day and our giddy chatter about high school, boys and football games was actually the beginning of a lifelong friendship that we forged based on unconditional love and support. Even after high school and moving out of state, we always kept in touch and even now I know every single day my phone will ring between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. and it will be Jennifer. When I am wary about something, Jennifer is always the strong support and sense of reason that helps me thinks things through so I can make a clear decision. Jennifer is extremely goal oriented, organized, determined, and detail oriented. I admire her so much for all she has accomplished in her life. Like everyone does, Jennifer has had her fair share of difficult times and she has gotten through them with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She can overcome anything because she uses adversity as a stepping stone to greater things. Jennifer is an inspiration not only to me, but to everyone who knows her. Family is everything to Jennifer and her husband Blair. She comes from a large family where traditions and family dinners are extremely important. To Jennifer and Blair, family is not just about blood, it is about love! Jennifer and I are like family and on her wedding day, the last person to walk into the church to be seated before she walked down the isle was my father who at the time was terminally ill with cancer. Because Jennifer is like a part of my own family, nothing was going to stop my father from being there to see her get married. Exactly on week later to the day, my father passed away and Jennifer deeply cherishes that memory of her wedding day because he was there. While Jennifer is like a sister to me, Blair has become like a brother. He is a strong and supporting husband and a loving and dedicated father. He is the type of man that is dependable not only at work but at home because he puts his family first. Jennifer and Blair both have successful careers and a beautiful home and love spending time with their son, Blair IV. They are always with him and they never miss his sports games. She and her husband are active and and they make it a point to help with their son's sports teams and be at every game without exception. Blair is always available to coach and Jennifer never misses an opportunity to cheer her son on. Blair always takes their son fishing and for "boy time" as well as their family time together. Both Jennifer and Blair are great at balancing their work with their home life. Blair is the person who you walk into a room and see him making people laugh and playing with all of the children. I know that any child that Jennifer and Blair are blessed with will never lack anything, especially love! They have instilled great fundamentals in their son Blair and he is such a courteous and well-mannered child who gets along with anyone he meets. I always look forward to our family vacations together because all three of them are so wonderful to be around and it uplifts your spirit just to spend time with them. As a mother myself, it is touching to see Jennifer with her son and see how patient, gentle and loving she is with him as she raises him to be he respectful young man that she and her husband are so proud of. I could not have chosen a better husband and father for my best friend and her son because Blair is a father we would all be lucky to have! I can promise you there is no one else who will love and care for a child more than Jennifer and Blair nor anyone who is more deserving. Whatever your decision, I wish you peace of heart in knowing you made the right choice for you. Sincerely, Kellie

15: Dear Birthmother, I am delighted to share with you a little about Jennifer and Blair. I have been their pastor and known them for over 10 years. Their family is one of the finest I know. Blair is a skillful, hardworking business man and is popular in his self-made vocation. Jennifer is a joyful, loving mother and wife. The whole family is enjoyable to be around. They have a wonderful young boy who attends school here and is one of the most delightful happiest students on campus. I attribute this to Blair and Jennifer's commitment for their son, to give him the care that he needs and the love he deserves. Blair and Jennifer have an inspiring faith life and have supported me as a pastor for a very long time in good times and in bad. They are sincere, caring people who are generous with their time and love. I would trust Blair and Jennifer in any situation where kids are involved. Most importantly is their tremendous love for one another, their child, family and community. I know that the increase of a child to their family will make them both happy and content. They have my full support in all endeavors of life. I love Blair, Jennifer and little Blair. Thank you for considering this beautiful act of faith and love. Sincerely In Christ, Father Paul

16: Dear Birthmother, We are so happy to share with you our thoughts and feelings about Blair and Jennifer. We have known Jennifer since she was born. We have known Blair for 14 years. One of the most impressive things that we can say about Jennifer is she is totally dedicated to her family. We have personally witnessed her strength and great love for her husband and her son. Jennifer and Blair and their son are very close. They plan their lives around their family unit. We believe they have taught their son the value of a loving family. They want to make sure Blair has the opportunity to explore different things such as sports, travel, hunting, fishing, and of course they work very hard to make sure he is getting a great education. When you are around them you can really see the love and devotion. We know that this family has so much love that they truly want to share with another child. They are not only able to provide financially for another child but they want to care for this child in every way possible just as they have with Blair. Sincerely, Debbie & Eddie

17: Dear Birthmother, We love Jennifer and Blair! My children, my husband and I are all very close to them and we spend as much time with them as we can. "Little Blair" and my youngest son are best friends and have spent a significant amount of time together throughout their lives, including playing baseball throughout the year on Coach Blair's team. Despite age differences, Little Blair is also very close to my other three children, all of whom love to play and stay at Jennifer and Blair's house. Jennifer is an incredible homemaker and my kids love to hang out at their house as they have a million things to do and she is an amazing cook. My family and I have always been welcome at their house and have even been included on Christmas Eve. Their door is always open to everyone as Jennifer and Blair love to spend time with their extended family and friends. I can't say enough good things about Jennifer and Blair. My children love them and consider them a second family. If they had to pick any other parents to live with, hands down my kids would pick Jennifer and Blair. They are both so good hearted and thoughtful people. They have a very strong commitment to each other, not to mention the loving relationship that they share with Little Blair and with their multitude of friends and family members. I would highly recommend them as parents as any child would be exceedingly lucky to be raised by them. Sincerely, Sheri

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