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Aeroscraft: A Vertical Tranportation

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BC: Worldwide Aeros


1: the Aeroscraft Introduction The Future The Present The Past

2: Worldwide Aeros Corp. is an international, California-based company founded by leading aviation engineer, Igor Pasternak. Aeros is a lighter-than-air (FAA-certified) aircraft manufacturing company that does complete in-house research, development, production and operation of Aeros-branded air vehicles, aerostats and aeroscrafts with advanced aviation engineering technology. | The Aeroscraft vehicle was developed for over-sized freight transportation from point of origin to point of need. The Aeroscraft offers the most flexible and efficient vertical takeoff air-lift freight solution for large cargoes bound across urban, remote, even ecologically sensitive locations.

3: Chapter 1 The Future

4: Introduction to the Aeroscraft A Vertical Transportation System The world has a finite amount of mass. Somewhere, someplace a road will always reach its end— halting access. Airports cannot be infinitely constructed. Shipping ports cannot take up the entire coast line.

5: These limitations prevent the current modal of our distribution network from becoming a foreseeable reality that can fulfill rapidly increasing population demands for the next 100 years.

6: Only through a vertical airlift solution can this be possible. Created and engineered by Aeros, the Aeroscraft offers the only vertical airlift solution today.

7: The key design elements of the Aeroscraft include an internal ballast system, light and strong material, a rigid hull structure, and variable speed control.

8: The Aeroscraft is not a blimp, zeppelin, dirigible or a hybrid vehicle. It is a new type of aircraft—the fourth dimension of flight— built with a suite of innovative technologies by Aeros.

9: These key elements achieve true vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability at a payload of 66 tons or more, making the Aeroscraft a solution that can meet global transportation demands for the next 100 years.

10: The biggest obstacle that conventional and hybrid airships face is the inability to control buoyancy. The requirement for ballast exchange, ground infrastructure and need for runways significantly limits usefulness of the vehicles for cargo applications.

11: The Aeroscraft is the only Rigid Variable Buoyancy Air Vehicle of its kind, designed to control lift in all stages of air or ground operations, including the ability to offload payload without re-ballasting.

12: Runways, airports and ground support are not required in the Aeroscraft's vertical operation, therefore expanding the potential of commercial cargo transport, military applications, and large-scale humanitarian relief efforts.

13: By Passing the Multi-Modal System Sustaining a world with 7 billion people will become a harsh challenge in the coming decades. Cities will multiple in density. The environment will be inimitably affected by mushrooming congestion and growing transportation needs.

14: Aeros’ newest air vehicle, the Aeroscraft, was developed to provide new vertical ways of moving heavy and over-sized cargo, from point-of-origin to point-of-need, even to areas with limited or no infrastructure.

15: For environmentally conscious companies, the Aeroscraft is an ecological solution. It uses significantly less fuel than airplanes and offers a noiseless and no-pollution operation. The Aeroscraft will not only be able to haul massive amounts of cargo, it will do so with minimum carbon dioxide emissions at a third of the fuel consumption of fixed wing aircrafts.

16: The Aeroscraft has a rigid aeroshell and an internal ballast control system that provides its distinctive utility of vertical takeoff and landing and float capability at maximum payload, without the use of off-board ballasting, as well as off and on-loading cargo and freight while hovering.

17: Although our current infrastructure has led us to distant lands, austere terrains and isolated environments remain reachable only in the developed periphery. Reaching places from Western Alaska to Papua New Guinea demands a vertical airlift solution with the ability to bypass infrastructure.

18: When a relentless hurricane or tsunami devastates a community, the Aeroscraft can save lives, give direct access to food, shelter, medicine, and provide relief with its vertical humanitarian application.

19: The Aeroscraft can support cargo transportation to remote and ecologically sensitive areas for numerous industries around the world, such as Oil and Gas, Mining and the Wind Energy Industry.

20: Aeros is also exploring options to utilize the Aeroscraft to streamline logistics for the Wind Energy Industry to help increase power generation through the production, transportation and installation of larger wind turbine components.

21: Though our needs infinitely grow, the Earth's resources remain finite — requiring a vertical airlift solution that can effectively work in a variety of ways and radically change any number of industries — from logistics to air transport to project engineering and construction. The Aeroscraft's capabilities are truly ground-breaking.

22: Aeroscraft October 2011 | Aeroscraft December 2012 | Aeroscraft July 2012

23: Chapter 2The Present

24: As the Aeroscraft reached completion, Aeros received worldwide media attention. The story was featured in hundreds of news outlets,TV shows, newspapers, and multi-media platforms.

26: "A giant floating airship could be the future of flight in our examining of the past and future of airships." Bloomberg TV | "New blimp-like Aircraft can carry cargo to military overseas and to disaster areas." Fox News | "Blimps and airship sales are inflating and jobs are coming with them, so we welcome Igor Pasternak, founder and CEO of Aeros." CNBC

27: "The Aeroscraft, at speeds putting traditional truck or ship cargo carriers to shame. Airships seem so practical, some wonder why they ever went away in the first place." CBS This Morning | "A high-tech helium airship made in an Orange County hangar looks like something from a science fiction movie set. The airship will take to the skies soon." ABC News

28: “If the design team can make the Aeroscraft steady and maneuverable, it would be the ultimate logistics and transport vehicle, carrying tanks, equipment and supplies to bases around the world.” Associated Press

29: "A revolutionary aircraft prototype developed as a potential long-range transportation technology combines buoyant and aerodynamic lift in a different way from other lighter-than-air and hybrid vehicles, and is designed to be more efficient, more flexible and easier to handle on the ground." Aviation Week

30: "'It's a new era for logistics in cargo. Transport is our first aim for these craft,' says Fred Edworthy. 'It's impossible to get into some of the resource rich areas of the world. Areas of the far north, or the Amazon are good examples.'" BBC

31: "The company hopes its airship will revolutionize cargo transportation, and it doesn't seem so implausible given the craft's impressive specs. Airships have some big advantages over traditional planes -- for one thing, they can take off and land vertically, which means there's no need for large, costly runways." Huffington Post

35: "Project Pelican, a non-deployable airship technology demonstrator designed by Aeros, aims to integrate and demonstrate a technology suite that could reduce operational constraints on future heavy-lift, buoyant-aircraft development programs, budget justification documents state." Inside the Pentagon | Aeros garnered international media coverage from every continent and almost every major publication from Ziare to Australia & France to Oman.

37: The Aeroscraft is being hailed by the media and leaders of government and industry as the breakthrough transportation solution for the new century.

38: "We have met these tough standards and proved this extraordinary technology. We are now ready to build the first, fully-capable Aeroscraft airship and head for the skies with a real heavy-lift cargo.” CEO and Founder of Aeros, Igor Pasternak, announced recently that his company's engineering, production and flight teams have now completed, tested and confirmed all of the current prototype requirements the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have set for the demonstrator model of the Aeroscraft, the world's first rigid-hull, variable-buoyancy hybrid air vehicle.

39: Chapter 3 The Past


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