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Africa Mission - Uganda & Ethiopia - 2012

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Africa Mission - Uganda & Ethiopia - 2012 - Page Text Content

S: Africa Missions Feb/Mar 2012 - Ethiopia & Uganda

FC: Africa | February - March 2012 | Uganda | Ethiopia

2: We had four flights: Dallas to Atlanta Atlanta to Amsterdam Amsterdam to Sudan Sudan to Addis Ababa | This was taken in the Atlanta airport. It was one of those items you spot and just have to take a closer look! I do not know how well they would actually deflect the sunlight though. So I decided not to purchase them.

3: After being over the ocean for so many hours, I was so grateful to see the coast of Amsterdam from the plane window! | This was in a restaurant in the Amsterdam airport. My first meal after expatriating: English Breakfast Sausage, Toast, Tomatoes, Bacon, Cheese and Pork & Beans

5: In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, we stayed in the luxury accommodations of the St. Michael Socio Pastoral Training Center. Lucky for us, we had a shower, a toilet and (thank you, Jesus!) tissue paper. NONE of these things are standard or even usual for this area of the world. The first night, which was a Sunday, we could hear chanting/singing from the orthodox cathedrals nearby. Since we did not know the language, we had no clue if it was Christian music or not. Nonetheless, it was very pleasant to hear through our fitful sleeping, after over 20 hours of plane travel. The air was very hot and extremely dry throughout the days in Ethiopia. However, the nights were cool and pleasant. Which was great because we walked so much the cool evenings were a real treat.

6: These are the evangelists who work in remote villages in Ethiopia, spreading the Good News. They have true hearts for God because they can be punished and even put to death for preaching the gospel. How wonderful to meet such courageous men of God!

7: YWAM sponsored this converted community and as a result were able to dig a well, build a school and provide two meals a day for the children, who were extremely malnourished before. The children deposit their shoes here before entering the classroom. The location of this site is unmentionable because the village is surrounded by another religion who has punished and even killed Christians.

8: This classroom/school house was built by using donations coming from YWAM. The children get lunch & breakfast during school so now they are much more healthy than they were before their conversion.

9: We got to play with the children during recess. I accidentally gave them spearmint gum, which was too hot for their little mouths. But they spit them out & we got them a sweeter variety, which they loved!

10: Joy explains to Stephanie and Jamie how a Christian family lived here for 7 years before anyone converted to Christianity. Once the fire was lit, well let's just say they are on fire for Jesus now. | This villager does not speak English and had no idea the meaning on this shirt | These evangelists risk their lives every day by talking about Jesus . They could be beaten or killed for teaching the gospel in this area | We interrupted class today but all of the children were so happy to see us. They are so dear!

11: Joy and village leaders pour over blueprints for the new worship center. Their current place of worship is under a huge oak tree on the corner of the property.

12: Stephanie was asked to preach to the team of evangelists in Ethiopia. She preached to them with her Jesus heart. It was an amazing message with a lot of "amen's" from the audience.

13: Stephanie with school children in Ethiopia. Look how happy she is to be with these children! They were equally as happy to have her there with them.

15: These are people in the leper colony in Korah. We saw physical and mental sickness here. Most of the people were so very nice. A lot of them had not seen pale people before so we were a novelty to some. | Left: A large road-side market. We stopped here so our guide could pick up some onions for his wife to make supper that night.

16: Breakfast was included at the seminary where we stayed. Today, it was cinnamon tea, bottled water and corn flakes with heated milk.

17: Stephanie was very sick this morning, but it did not stop her and the children in the leper colony from loving on each other. | Thought these children live in the middle of a colony full of sick people and it is situated right next to a literal dump, they are still so full of life and hope.

18: Children in the leper colony in Kore, Ethiopia. | The church where we met these people in need was less than 600 square feet on the inside.

19: Joy from YWAM conducts interviews with the families who are mostly single parents or widows who have adopted orphans. Her crew also takes photos of the family so they can get badly needed sponsors. Many of these people will become homeless or stave to death without sponsors. Some of them are so disabled that they can only beg to get enough food to feed themselves and the children in their charge. As a condition of getting a sponsor, the families are not allowed to beg and must learn a skill or a craft. Unfortunately, the needy are many and the sponsors are few.

20: More children from the leper colony in Ethiopia. We got the chance to love on them, give them balls and candy, and most importantly, pray for them.

21: Four men of God in the Kore, including Tesfaye and Pastor Nunushe | The kids thought is was hilarious to immediately see their pictures as soon as we'd taken them.

22: These are people who have leprosy who live in Kore. Most of them have lost fingers, toes, hands, feet and entire limbs from complications with the disease. Yet many of them sew, weave and make all kinds of items to sell at the hospital gift shop. These people were so dear!

23: This lovely woman had no fingers and a leg missing. | They actually make items from cotton & other materials by knitting, sewing and weaving. And they are SO happy! | And she still manages to load the spindles with thread. | I did not speak her language but she had the most lovely voice. I could spend the whole day loving on these beautiful people.

24: Ethiopia was a place of cool nights and hot days. Poor people with rich hearts. Dark skinned people with so much light. Physical poverty and spiritual wealth. This is a place that will change you forever. | Good-bye, Ethiopia. I have been touched by your extremes. I love your people dearly. I will be back.

25: This was our first night in Uganda. We got in very late and checked into our cute room at the Gately on the Nile. Aren't the mosquito nets cute? We didn't think to actually use them until Stephanie had a beetle fly into her hair. Eeeck!

26: How can you not just fall in love with these kids?

27: Breakfast was included while staying in Uganda. In fact, everywhere we went, they wanted to feed us. There was fresh fruit like jack fruit, papayas, bananas and passion fruit everywhere. The people we visited normally made us glasses of fresh squeezed juices. The plushness and greenery was a big contrast from Ethiopia's dry and brownness.

28: This is a clinic in Uganda. As bad as it looks to us, it is actually a very successful clinic. People come from Kenya and other countries to be treated here. They only have one microscope and the slides were "sanitized" by laying them out in the sun.


30: According to a guide at the source of the Nile, Gandhi's ashes were spread here so he could rest in this great river at last. Here are photos of the memorial.

32: This is our main Uganda guide, Sam, one of the most incredible guys you'll ever meet. His reputation preceded him and I couldn't believe someone could be even better than what everyone said about him. He is a very serious man. So serious that it is hard to tell when he is joking. I got to tell him about the book, Green Eggs and Ham. He asked me to bring him a copy the next time I come to visit.

33: It took Sam over 3 hours to get us to and from the airport. | He wanted to make sure we saw the Nile before we left. | Sam and his wife have adopted over 50 orphans. We met many of them. | The whole time we were traveling, his kids were calling just to chat with him. | No wonder this man is so happy!

34: I put this picture on Facebook and told my American friends that they shouldn't complain about $3/gal gasoline. Of course, I didn't tell them that Uganda is on the British currency system.

35: When Maureen (left) saw me take a photo of the gas sign, She told me to take a picture of her too because, "Everything is beautiful in Uganda." | A man selling newspapers at a gas station in Uganda.

36: More views of the Mighty Nile. Sam took us here so we could see these terrific rapids. They did not photograph as magnificently as they looked in person.

37: Beautiful foliage on the banks of the Nile River | We were taking photos of the river and had not realized these fellows were shy. They were swimming and jumped out to put all of their clothes on while we photographed.

38: This was one of the last orphanages we visited in Uganda. The children were quick to grab our hands and show us around - indoors and out.

39: Scenes as were were traveling in Uganda: A huge bird that looked like a cross between a buzzard and a pelican, a gazillion motorcycles (used as taxis) competing for road space along with other vehicles, and a stadium.

40: Yolks in the eggs here were not yellow or orange like our here in America. The chickens we saw looks plump so it must have been something in their diet that cause the yolks to be white?

41: Uganda is a beautiful place with incredible people. Everyone we met was so generous and appreciative of our visit. They all greeted us by shaking our hands and then saying, 'You're welcome." I did not realize until later that they were saying I was welcome to their country and into their homes.

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