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AHS - Grade 3 - Urban Project

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FC: Associated Hebrew Schools 2011 Grade 3 Urban & Rural Project Introducing Our Urban City... Toronto

1: The goal of this on-line book is to share pictures and information about our city, Toronto, with our friends from Linwood Public School. We hope you find it educational and enjoyable!

2: When we began this project, we categorized the pictures into urban: | 1. Transportation 2. Land Use 3. Buildings 4. Population

3: We hope you enjoy the photos and the information.

4: Transportation in Toronto Buses Buses are vehicles that you can find all over Canada. They take you to the subway and to bus stops all around Toronto. Some bus stops tell you in how much time they will come. Some buses are even double deckered. Buses take routes to get to places. They all have numbers to stay in order. Buses can carry lots of people. Double decker buses can carry double the amount of people. People take buses to get to places. Buses are busy 24 hours 7 days a week. Streetcars The streetcar is a vehicle like a bus. A bus runs on wheels and a streetcar is attached to a wire. That is what separates a streetcar and a bus. Streetcars are only in downtown Toronto. A streetcar can hold around 50 people. Streetcars have a special track to move on. Normally, streetcars are red in Toronto.

6: Transportation in Toronto Subways The Subway is an underground train. It is very fast and it is very helpful to people who don't have cars or just want to get places fast. Some people use it to get to school. Some people use it to get to work or even to the basketball game -- go Raptors! The subway cost is $3 per person. You can buy special tickets for the subway. There is a driver on the subway, but it mostly runs on electricity. There are about 25 stops on each subway. The doors open automatically when a special person blows a whistle and then the doors close and it's off to the next stop. The subway goes to museums, restaurants, Yorkdale and other shopping malls. It really goes almost everywhere.

8: Transportation in Toronto Greyhound Buses Many people use Greyhound buses to travel from place to place. Greyhound buses are very comfortable and useful. Some people use them to go to camp and others use them to go to faraway places. Greyhound buses have washrooms on them. When you want to go on a Greyhound bus, you need to buy a ticket. You can ride a Greyhound bus if you don’t want to ride an airplane, a car, a truck or a taxi. Taxicabs In Toronto, there are taxis. Taxis are used for transporting people who don’t have cars. Taxis are also used if people don’t have a car with them. Taxis are helpful and useful for a lot of things. You can call a taxi by holding up your hand and shouting, “Taxi!” Taxis are often lined up at busy places so it is easer to find one than to call for it.

10: Transportation in Toronto Streetcars Streetcars are vehicles that run on tracks. They are useful for many things. It is a way to get around without subways, cars, bikes, motorcycles and much more. It works by electricity. It is an environmentally friendly way to get around. Your family can go on a streetcar to get somewhere. It's pretty long and big. There are very busy streetcars in Toronto. There are a lot of streetcars in downtown Toronto. They can be very crowded.

12: Transportation in Toronto Cars and Bikes In Toronto, we use cars and bikes to travel all around the city. For example, you can drive to the Rogers Centre or ride your bike to the park. Cars have amazing personal features including radios so you can listen to the music you like, buttons that can change the temperature inside the vehicle, and some even have personal televisions. Cars are great because they get you where you need to go fast and they are more private than buses or subways. Bikes are also really great and they are a good way to exercise while you travel. Bikes can bring you places that cars can’t really get to. You can ride your bike to different park trails or along the shore of Lake Ontario. Bikes are more environmentally friendly than the other forms of transportation. Riding in cars and on bikes is so much fun and is really helpful when you need to get some place faster than walking, especially in a city as big as Toronto!

14: Airplanes Many people in Toronto use airplanes to travel or send different items to other cities, provinces, or countries. People can travel for work or for vacation too. From Lester B. Pearson International Airport, you can travel anywhere in the world. It is the largest and busiest airport in all of Canada. People like to travel on airplanes because they can get anywhere in the world much faster than by bus or car. For example, if you travel from Toronto to Vancouver by car, it could take 5 days, but if you fly, it only takes 5 hours. In Toronto, we have The Canadian International Air Show, where smaller planes fly and perform with amazing aerobatics. Street-lights and Cars Street-lights are very important in a big city like Toronto. Without the direction of traffic lights and signs, it would be very dangerous for drivers, bikers, and even pedestrians to be on the road. Traffic lights instruct the vehicles to stop, slow down, and go. They also cause people to drive slower and help to direct traffic, preventing a lot of accidents. Traffic is a very big part of Toronto and without the traffic lights and signs, lives could be at risk. There are so many different types of street signs. Yield signs, stop signs, no parking signs, and handicap signs are just a few examples! Street signs, also help the cars flow better throughout the traffic and they help pedestrians feel safe to cross the streets. Street-lights and signs help keep us all safe in Toronto!

16: Land Use in Toronto Eaton Centre The Eaton Centre is a big mall that is downtown. In the Eaton Centre, there are lots of stores and there is a huge food-court with many different restaurants. The Eaton Centre has lots of big stores like the Disney Store and Toys Toys Toys. In the Eaton Centre, there is a big fountain that sprays very high every five minutes. At the Eaton Centre, it is very hard to park because lots of people go there. It is fun because you can sometimes just get lost in it. Parks Parks are places where there are lots of trees. They are like little valleys. You see hills and wild flowers. You can always see people riding bikes and lots of joggers. You can have a picnic in the park. Parks are places to run around. Some of the parks in Toronto are Earl Bales, Cedarvale, Wilmington, and Bedford Denlow. There are over 1500 parks in Toronto. Some parks even have play sets, pools and sprinklers to play in.

18: Land Use in Toronto Baseball Field In Toronto, there are really big baseball fields. Lots of people go to baseball fields to play baseball. They play for fun and on teams. Baseball is a fun sport. You can only play baseball in the fall, spring and summer. People enjoy playing baseball. You can run around in a baseball field when it is empty. A lot of people use baseball fields as parks. Tobogganing People go tobogganing at parks that have hills. We have many good hills in Toronto to go tobogganing. Forest Hill is one of our favourites. Sometimes the hill is really crowded. Toboggans are sold in many different stores in Toronto such as Toys ‘R’ Us, Mastermind or Costco.

20: Land Use in Toronto Basketball Court Basketball courts are found at clubs and parks. At parks, there can be lots of nets and courts. That way, if a court is full, you can use a different court. The game works like this... you try to shoot the basketball in the net by dribbling the ball. A player tries to throw the ball in the net. If you get the ball in the net, you get one point. In professional basketball, if you get the ball in the net, you get two points. Lots of people love to play basketball because it’s fun! ROM The ROM is the Royal Ontario Museum. The ROM shows you the things from a long time ago like Egyptian armour. They made a crystal sticking out of the ROM. The ROM is an interesting place to go. You can find interesting facts that you did not know before. If you go there, it will be very busy. They have different exhibits all over the ROM. There are some places at the ROM where you can watch movies about history. It’s an exciting place to be!

22: Land Use in Toronto Hockey Ice hockey is a sport where skaters on a team use hockey sticks to hit a puck into the opponent's net. It is an important game because it is very good exercise and so much fun to play. Hockey is a very physical sport, there is a lot of body checking to get the puck from the other players on the opposing team, and there is also a lot of movement involved while you skate. Our school's hockey team's name is The Posluns Predators. It is so much fun to play hockey and to watch it at the Rogers Centre or on T.V. When Toronto’s hockey team, The Toronto Maple Leafs, wins a game, the whole city celebrates. We love hockey!

24: Land Use in Toronto Advertising In Toronto, we have a lot of different advertising. Advertising is the way stores can communicate to people in order to convince them to buy their products. People pay a lot of money to have their merchandise advertised in Toronto because there are tons of great places for people to see the ads in such a big and populated city. Most advertisements are really flashy and have a smart or catchy line. They also have great pictures that relate to what they are selling to catch your attention. Coca Cola, Nike, and The Gap are all examples of products or stores that have great big advertisements in Toronto. Stores that make big advertisements make it possible for people to know who they are and will make them want to shop there. The flashier ads that are downtown are really cool, especially at night, because they can light up the sky and you will remember their ad for a very long time!

26: Land Use in Toronto Science Centre The Science Centre is a science museum that opened up in 1969. When you go to the Science Centre, you get to see the amazing things that were invented, but also you get to use them because most of the exhibits are interactive. That means that you can really touch them and play with them to see how they work. There is a huge movie theatre called the Omnimax at the Science Centre, where you can watch movies on the different displays. There are great exhibits at the Science Centre. The Body Works exhibit is where you actually see the inner workings of the human body. They also showed how to launch a rocket ship and how to make fireworks. If you go to the Science Centre, make sure to check out the big metal ball that makes your hair stand up. We learned about it in school. It uses electrostatic force. It is really awesome.

28: Buildings in Toronto Air Canada Centre The Air Canada Centre is the place where the Toronto Maple Leafs and our Toronto Raptors Play. It's also a place to go shopping. 18 500 people can fit in the Air Canada Centre. It is in downtown Toronto near Union Station. It looks like a big rectangle with an Air Canada symbol on it. It's a great place for entertainment. Much Music The Much Music building is at 299 Queen Street West. Speakers Corner is a booth where people come in and talk about their opinions about certain things on City TV.

30: Buildings in Toronto Yorkdale Shopping Mall Yorkdale is a mall. A mall is a huge building that holds many stores. Some of the popular stores are Claire’s, Bath & Body Works, Pink and Shoppers! Stores that kids love and that are popular are Gap, Old Navy, Children’s Place, Mexx, Zano, Winners, and Sears. It’s a place where you shop, you have fun and sometimes you get lost because it’s so big. You can buy things such as food, clothes, accessories, electronics and glasses! There are book stores such as Indigo and Chapters. Some types of books you can get are comics, chapter books, picture books, or graphic novels. It’s a place where people get together and hang out. Yorkdale is huge. They are expanding it and making it almost double the size. Some of the stores that are coming are Justice and Target. It's fun and you can shop till you drop.

32: Buildings in Toronto Cinesphere The Cinesphere is at Ontario Place. The Cinesphere is where you watch movies. There is a giant screen. There is a flag on top of the Cinesphere. The Cinesphere has a lot of dots all over it. You have to wait in a huge line to watch a movie. They usually show Imax movies that make you feel like you are in the middle of the movie. There is water all around the Cinesphere. The Cinesphere is white. Upstairs there is a bridge that leads you to the water park. Office Buildings Office buildings are really busy in the day. Some people work at night. Office buildings have many things like computers, paperwork and desks. Many people wear suits to go to office buildings to work. Office buildings are mostly on busy streets. Some people have big offices and some people have little offices. There are different types of offices for different types of jobs. Some offices are decorated on holidays and they are pretty. Some office buildings are far away from your house or close to your house. There are many office buildings in downtown Toronto.

34: Buildings in Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame The Hockey Hall of Fame is where the best hockey players’ photos go to after their hockey careers. The hockey players go to the Hockey Hall of Fame to sign autographs. Awards and trophies are on display there. The Hockey Hall of Fame is in a mall. You can find hockey sticks, skates and other equipment of the great hockey players from the past. It’s an amazing place to visit. There are so many cool things to see there.

36: Buildings in Toronto The C.N. Tower The C.N. Tower is the tallest building in Toronto. It is 5 814 feet tall and has a glass floor at the top of it so you can see all the way down to the street. The C.N. Tower is so tall that when you go up in the elevator, your ears pop! When you reach the top, there is also a glass window all the way around so you can see a beautiful view of Toronto. There is also a part of the tower that moves around in a circle 360 degrees so you can get a view of the entire city. The C.N. Tower lights up at night in different colours so you can see if from far away. It is really cool. At the bottom, there is a great souvenir shop where you can buy presents for all your friends. The C.N. Tower is an amazing place to go to! We hope you can come and see it one day! Rogers Centre The Rogers Centre is a great and fun place where cool events happen all the time. It used to be called The SkyDome. The Rogers Centre opened in 1989 and is located near Lake Ontario. It is next to one of the tallest buildings in Toronto, the C.N. Tower. Professional players participate in lots of sports games in the Rogers Centre like baseball, football, and hockey. If you want to see a game, all you have to do is buy a ticket and go there, or you can watch it on the television. There are a lot of conventions, trade fairs, concerts, funfairs, and monster truck shows at the Rogers Centre too. It really is a fun place to go for the whole family with so much to see and do!

38: Buildings in Toronto City Hall Toronto City Hall opened in 1965 with a very rare design. Instead of being tall and straight, like most buildings, it is curved. It is one of Toronto's best known landmarks. City Hall has two office towers where there are meetings every month about what is happening around the city of Toronto. City Hall is where the Mayor works, his name is Rob Ford. At City Hall, there is a square in the front called Nathan Phillips Square. In the summer, lots of students go play near the pool and in the winter, they turn the pool into an ice skating rink! We really have fun going to concerts there as well! There are even outdoor chess tables! City hall is a really cool place to go and visit, especially if you are interested in politics!

40: Population in Toronto There are many people in Toronto. Toronto is a very crowded city. It's especially busy in shopping malls. There are many different people in Toronto and we all have different personalities. In Toronto, there are a lot of different cultures like Canadian, Chinese, Filipino, Greek, Israeli and Polish. All of them speak different languages such as English, Russian, Polish, Hebrew, Filipino, French, Greek and Chinese. Also, all of us have different faces and traditions.

42: Population in Toronto Population The GTA (The Greater Toronto Area) is the largest metropolitan area in Canada with a population of at least 5.6 million people. The GTA is made up of Toronto as the main area and is surrounded by 4 smaller areas. Toronto has 2.5 million people and is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It is also one of the safest cities in North America. Toronto has a lot of different minority groups because half of Toronto’s population was born outside of Canada. The South Asian community in the GTA is 298 372 people, Chinese is 283 075, African American is 208 555 people, Filipino is 102 555, and Latin American is 64 860. There are over 140 languages spoken just in Toronto. Aboriginal groups, like groups from the First Nations also live in the GTA. Living in Toronto, with all the different types of populations, can really open your eyes to all the other communities there are in the world. This helps to make Toronto an amazing place to live!

45: We hope you enjoyed learning about our urban community.

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