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AI photobook published

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FC: Happy, happy birthday, Brian! AI Photobook February 22, 2014

1: Happy, happy birthday to you, Brian!!! Thank you, thank you and deep bows for your devoted, generous, masterful, and caring support of our acupressure community - every week! It is such a treasured gift. We hope you enjoy this collection of pictures and sayings from classes, birthdays, and gatherings over the years! Blessings to you now and always, The Acupressure Institute Community

2: Homage to the Teachers | We honor the teachers and the ancestors who came before who made the transmission of these precious teachings possible.

3: pushing with Simu

4: Playing with swords | Tai Chi

5: The Elements Alive! | and bears on skates | around and unaround | catching elusive thoughts and butterflies | watch out for twisting dragons | water buffaloes and infinity signs (or figure 8s, to be more precise)

6: one more time... on either side! was that one? I lost count! | was that for the bird or for the pony?

7: push hands

8: "This is just to lift up your Qi!"

9: Final AI Tai Chi class!

10: And the moral of the story is.... The fair lady at the loom... is the secret to everything!

12: Tui Na (na na, na na...) | (yes, even cats can do Tui Na.... | ...if they can just look at the board!)

13: don't try these at home... (only in your session room!)

14: Turn your partner into a Tui Na Pretzel! | Now that I've got you right where I want you - let's make a deal!

15: Sometimes Tui Na goes An and An ('cause there's always Mo and Mo, you know!). Will it ever be lunch?

16: Medical Qi Gong | Do you understand? Do you feel the same? Or am I only dreaming? Is this burning an eternal flame? | (Medical Qi Gong Gone Wild, featuring The Bangles) | Close your eyes, give me your hand, Do you feel the Qi beating?

17: you put your right hand in, you put your left hand out | you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around | that's what it's all about! | you put your right hand in | and you shake it all about | (excerpted from classical Chinese medicine texts)

18: Thank your partner and tell them the important phrase, "It's my turn!" (or, "Let's do lunch!")

19: Tui Na 3 Gone Wild! | Deep Thoughts with Buddha Palm and Acu-Skeleton... | Tui Na 2 | Tui Na 3

20: Pulse and Tongue | Questions to ask when taking the pulse Is it right, is it left, is it hot, is it cold? Does it ferment when you touch it, like icky green mold? Is it excess or deficient, surface or deep? Does it scream like a car horn going beep-beep, beep-beep? Is it yang, is it yin, is it Qi, is it Blood? Is it wallowing beneath oozy layers of mud? Is it slippery, soggy, wiry or thin? Does it rattle like fingers tap-tapping on tin? Is it upper, middle, or lower burner? Is it mushing along like a butter churner? Is it fire, earth, metal, water, or wood? Would you leave it with the neighbor if only you could? So once you have listened and felt the pulse out there are so many ways of going about to start with your session - but wait! before you do ask your partner please, please may I see your tongue too?

21: Will you stick out your tongue, please?

22: did you get all of that?

23: The Wizard behind the books... | It's not just smoke and mirrors! (or magnets) | Wizards have lots of tools, you know!

24: Practice Sessions

25: Are you pulling my leg? Or twisting my arm? Or both? | practice sessions... such a Qi-ful place to be!

26: Tui Na Gone Wild! | dredging - up, up, and away! giving it over to the light... | wild and cozy, that is!

27: last practice session at AI.... | sunset over Andronico's

28: Community | One day Ananda, who had been thinking deeply about things for a while, turned to the Buddha and exclaimed: ”I’ve been thinking- sangha is at least half of the holy life!” The Buddha replied: “Say not so, Ananda, say not so. Sangha is the whole of the holy life!” (Samyutta Nikaya, Verse 2)

29: 2010 Birthday

32: 2013 birthday | 5 Elements: the Musical coming to a theater near you!

33: Hello, my name is Brian. What's your name (today)? | It's official: Tui Na has Gone Wild!

34: 2012 AI party | It's a happenin' place to be!

35: after a few spirulinas spiked with Qi at an AI party, things look a little funny... | ...and you start pulling up desserts off the floor (using your Qi - or the Qi from your drink)

36: The AI Rainbow Push Coalition | ...giving way to an AI mosh pit!! | group hug.... | 2013 Final AI party

37: "Well, I never!" | Just a friendly arm bar!

39: partners in crime (wildness) | where is that elusive acu-pea?

40: Ya-Fang and Christine proselytizing the Tui Na Gospel to unsuspecting passers-by at the Spice of Life festival | 2008 solstice!

41: 850 graduates of the world, unite! | post-darshan - AI field trip to Amma's | Estevan, you are dearly missed. Gone too soon but will never be forgotten | Kwan Yin , the Boddhisattva of Compassion, the one who hears the cries of the world and responds with compassion

42: Reflections | Whenever anyone asks me what my practice is, I say "tai chi and qi gong". "Oh," they often say, "that slow motion stuff old Asian people do? It's so mellow." "No," I say, "This is different. It's more like, a Chinese medicine energy ninja tai chi wizard disguised as a long-grey-haired Berkeley guy with a belly and a beret, fantastically narrating every motion of the craziest, silliest most fun and awesome tai chi set ever, like a psychedelic poetry trip collides with that ever-peaceful wave-hands-like-clouds motion you've seen an old person do in the park. You get sweaty and laugh like crazy and in the end, feel all filled up." "Wow." "Yea, it's awesome. Brian O'Dea. Don't forget. It's tai chi, but silly." Dearest Brian, Thank you for showing me what lies within, with movement, laughter and grace. My life will never be the same. You are so loved! ~ Emily Frost

43: There once was a shifu named Brian His shirts they were always Hawaiian He tui'd and he na'd All the while la-dee-da'd He's the best and that is no lyin' ...precious Brian you are the gift that keeps on giving...a font of knowledge, wisdom and awesome qi that showers down upon us...thank you so much for your gracious sharing and eternal willingness to entertain every ernest question...all with good humor and great fun! hooray for you always...Happy Birthday and best wishes for your new year! -Janice Baker | Happy Tui Na songs, Sunny parking lot tai qi, They go an and an... -Panda | Thank you for giving of yourself so generously and for transmitting the wisdom of your extraordinary teachers. The beauty and grace of the energetic spaces you create are a profound and transformative gift and teaching. May all that you share come back to you many times augmented, filled with brightness, light, and joy! -Aline

44: excerpt from recommendation letter... I so appreciate ALL of the staff at AI. And that is why I travel 2 hours each way from Sacramento to attend classes.. But I especially want to speak about Brian O’Dea, who has probably made the biggest impact of all on me. He is a master in disguise, never comparing or putting himself above others. He incorporates self care into the bodywork demonstrations and instructions, thus allowing me to experience how a session can be effective, without jeopardizing myself physically, mentally and/or emotionally. After one of Brian’s classes, I feel energized and grounded. His knowledge is very deep and I am able to glimpse the bigger picture in whatever level class he is instructing. His handouts are extraordinary, very complete and easy to follow, obviously, a work of love and a long evolution of refinement. He is very supportive. He treats all questions as being important, and somehow ties them into the subject at hand. He always brings boxes of books related to the particular class he is teaching. And I have directly benefited from his generosity of lending these books out on the honor system for months, and in some cases years at a time. The teaching tools he uses assist me in remembering. His rendition of the 5 elements, of acting out the personalities, makes it easy for me to relate to and remember. Also, his use of singing helps me remember, as well as his repetition of material, hands on demonstrations and poetic use of nature to describe energy’s flow, feel and relationships. I appreciate the school’s insistence on taking time for a proper closing in sessions. And for me Brian’s rendition of closing is easy to remember and has been incorporated into my own work. Brian also has the knack of making each class feel new and of making it fit the group he is teaching. I am 68 years old, a retired nurse and a retired body worker. Through the years, I have taken and continue to take classes, so when I say that Brian is a gifted teacher I am saying it from a lifetime of experience. His popularity is not just with me as I have spoken to many experienced body workers, who travel from near and far for the Tui Na and other classes that Brian has created. In closing, Brian is truly a treasure, an energetic, wise and loving teacher. I am so grateful he is a member of the AI staff. Namaste, Lina Braunstein

45: Dear Brian, Thank you for teaching me that Acupressure is a life; for your generosity, creativity, kindness, and humor; for being able to answer any question at any moment, even if my (or someone else's) question was far more complex than realized & that you always connect your answers into the larger TCM dialogue; for all of your book recommendations and teaching me how to use my resources; for being my teacher; for teaching me how to love this work. Love, Kattt | Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday! With deep gratitude for all that you share and all that you Are, Joyce | Dear Brian, Thank you for your years of generous sharing, guiding and na,na, na-ing. Your students treasure you as well as treasuring what you offer us. Blessings on your new year, Kathleen | In closing , we would like to offer the important words: "Bye, so long, and thanks for all the fish!"

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