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Alans 60th birthday

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Alans 60th birthday - Page Text Content

BC: Stewardess told me to put my camera away!!(twice) you can see I didn't listen...What's up with that! It wasn't my phone it was a non-electrical device. hmmmm

FC: Cabo

1: Happy 60th birthday Alan | DOB January 13, 1954 Celebrated your 60th in Cabo San Lucas from February 1-10, 2014 | Your office surprise

2: It's hard to believe this plan came up in conversation two years ago while having dinner at your house and it has already come and gone. Three parties later the adventure is wrapped up in a book of outstanding memories. | LOVE this picture of you two.

3: Team Shallan | Poor Alan, I was trying to put my arm around Terry and I got Alan's butt instead, hence the look on his face.

4: Party #1 August 3, 2013 | This was the first time for all of us to meet Sandra and Dave. The weather was amazing, the hosts were so much fun and it was a good way to warm up to the up and coming Mexico festivities in February 2014. Food was fantastic, alcohol great, music and dancing set the pace. | Hosted by Margaret and Alan

5: This was also the party where we started nudging Mark and Silva to come to. Silva was on board immediately but Mark wasn't convinced because of their hockey schedule. And so it began...........................

6: Strawberry Margarita Jello Shooters Mango Margaritas Mexican Bull Dog/Wine/Beer Nachos and Guacamole Bean & Corn Salsa Hummus & Spinach dip Crackers Veggies | Menu

7: Cheeses Olives Quesadillas Mexican Fiery Shrimp Scallops Salt & Pepper Mexican Wings Fruit Platter Dave's Mexican Hot Lava Cake

8: B | U | L | L | D | O | G | E | X | I | C | M | A | N

9: Shelley and Marv got the tunes going and the dancing started. Your deck area served us well for the dance floor. We were all so happy to share this with Marv and France but sad they wouldn't be joining us in Mexico. Most of the pictures were taken at night, so not many of them turned out.

10: PARTY#2 Terry & Sher's house January 11, 2014 | SURPRISE......... | It was awesome of your sisters to make you this card Alan. It was fun seeing pictures of you and your siblings when you were growing up. A very thoughtful gift!!!!! | Gotta LOVE Mags expression as you walked around the corner Alan. It's like "YES...we did it........

12: C | A | N | D | I | D | S

14: Fantastic picture!

15: Terry " Al, your my best friend, I love you man" Alan, " WELL call me sometime then dammit" Give me a hug! | Here's how your conversation with Terry went down Alan. | The look on your face is hilarious Alan!!!!!! | Love this pic. Looks like we are already in Mexico | Silva & Rick preparing a special tequila drink

16: Could you two cuddle a little closer? Alan you are resting your arm on Terry's stomach and Terry's arm is around you like you do this all the time, actually you do.

17: BOYS will be BOYS | Gord, Mr. OC...you have the BEST expressions

18: and we .....

19: Loved that all of us girls got to hang and for everyone to meet Gord & Jenine, the last couple to join us at the last minute. Only two weeks from this party and we would be in Mexico. Even though Mark thought my music was Lesbian music we didn't care, it only made us dance more........ | ...danced.....

20: FIRST GROUP TO ARRIVE Jenine & Gord were there Jan. 30-Feb.13 Mark, Silva, Rick and Val were there Jan.30-Feb.6. Mark & Silva also hooked up with friends Rob & Cindy Lee. All the rest of us arrived Feb. 1-10. and the games began........

21: Jenine....did they drug you to get you on this boat??? I couldn't believe it when I saw this picture. | Poor little Blowfish!!!! I can just hear Val "No Rick don't touch that" then you get a little closer yourself. Mark should have stood back a little farther just in case it did a flop over like dead chickens do.


24: Room 2114 | Room 2127 | Room 2125 | Room 2169 | Gord &Jenine | Mark & Silva | Rick & Val | Alan & Margaret

25: Room 2056 | Room 2033 | Room 4117 | Room 2113 | Gord & Shelley | Al & Doe | Dave & Sandy | Terry & Sher | Dave, Sandy, Terry and I were close to each other on one side of the hotel. all the rest of the rooms were on the complete opposite side

27: The scenery just simply makes me smile...

28: It wouldn't be a holiday........ | Alan, Terry was pretty pumped to wear his Xmas socks from you!!!

29: with out Alan & Margaret | Alan I still remember the day Terry came home from work and said he met this really great guy. As you know Terry doesn't feel that way about a lot of people and I don't mean that in a bad way. Your friendship was the best thing that came out of Terry's career change. Meeting Mags was icing on the cake for us because we really liked each other, and like Terry, I don't like a lot of people. hahahaha Whether we have a five minute visit or a two week holiday together or a simple phone call we always pick up where we left off. We are so blessed to have you in our life and we love you both to pieces. xoxoxo

30: We were so lucky that Silva was there ahead of us. She organized the "Joint Birthday Supper" at the Mar De Cortes Steak House". It was the only time we were able to get all 16 of us a one table. Tons of food to go around, champagne and cake. Our dinner was at 8:45pm. It was hilarious when they brought the cakes. They covered Alan's eyes and thought Sandy was the birthday girl...It was really funny. After dinner we took our group shot on the stairs, sadly Rick isn't in it as he was sick.

31: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

32: Mags kills us...She has 1/2 of one drink and is riding Alan's back. We love our pool time but we really missed not having floaties. The cement ones just didn't cut it.

33: Gord was an awesome pool bartender... Always making sure we had refreshments in our hands and was always trying something new. He had excellent radar finding the coconut booze cart. He's the best...est | The Alans.... | Mags, we were probably laying here whining about not having floaties!

34: The Alan's reading my "Sher's" trashy mags. You two are soooo my girlfriends. My Ali's as I like to call you. I just lurve you both.

35: ...Lamisil Dave told us about this amazing cream that heals everything, so they hiked off to Walmart to buy some. Whether it was a hangover, sunburn, or feeling shitty, they had a cream for it. | OUCH... | Silva & Doe's favorite saying. "I'VE GOT A CREAM FOR THAT."

36: Venus | I started choking on my morning coffee when I asked Terry what that ONE bright light was in the morning sky and he said "if you get my phone I'll check my planet finder but I think it's Venus".

37: my one and only sunrise I got up for

38: H | A | N | G | I | N | G

39: A | R | O | U | N | D | The ultimate place to be. There was always someone hanging over the rails soaking up the views and beach action. It was the most social place to be and Gord (Mr. Orange Crush) could easily keep track of the booze cart that came by with those coconut tequila drinks. THEY WERE THE BEST.....

42: Since Dave couldn't be here for this picture we borrowed another mans body and I photo shopped Dave's head in.....I give myself an

45: Many strolls on the beach.

46: Our tour guide today was Terry. We put everything from getting a taxi that would fit all of us, to finding a boat and captain in his hands. He pulled it off without a hitch. Captain Roberto and his first mate Emmett gave us an amazing two hours. P.S. I took a photo of the license plate in case we got kidnapped and someone found my camera...cause it could happen you know.... | Captain Roberto

47: Our Gilligan "Emmett" | AND WE'RE OFF

48: We bought drinks and the captain supplied nachos, guacamole & salsa. HEAVEN..... Feb.4 - 2 hours @ $200 per hour divided by the 10 of us. It was a perfect, perfect day. | Captain Roberto Castro has been on the water his entire life. He was raised here, his family ran a fishing company.

51: Not a lot to say, the pictures speak for themselves. It was a perfect two hour cruise except for the choppy waters that made Alan and Mags sick. The scenery was spectacular and being with such great friends was the icing on the cake. Last time we were here we had a larger boat and you didn't feel the waves hit like in this boat. I like being a little tossed around but it makes others sick.

52: We saw a few whales but they were always at a distance. This is the only whale picture from our boat trip that turned out so at least we can say we actually saw them. These sea lions were adorable. They gave Doe a fish to feed them and they followed us all the way into the dock. | Such a beautiful picture of you Val

53: These Pelicans look more like Pterodactyls that landed right on the boat. Rick took these amazing shots.

54: Front | Top | Poor Margaret & Alan got so sick and weren't able to enjoy the ride....Mags even fed the sea lions as we were pulling into dock...ewww | We were so happy Silva joined Doe & I on the top level.... | AWE.....

55: BACK of the boat....

60: to Lovers Beach | Jenine, no wonder you are in good shape. we are just jealous we couldn't get our men to hike around with us. You made us laugh every day. Love you....xoxox | Gord, todays hike is to lovers beach. It's only six hours, there and back.

61: This is Dave saying: WTF "what did I just see" and Al in the background..HOLY SHIT | OH SHIT I'm coming Sandy, I'm COMING | Sandy and Dave, this is all I could come up to make a visual of when you went flying off the boat.Somehow I imagine you were still graceful and smiling. I found pictures of Dave and made up my own conversation in his head. I captured the images in my head but not too well on paper. LOL

62: Celebrating Shelley's 50th tonight.

63: The start of our Runaway night.....page 1 | Celebrating Shelley's birthday.

64: This night was the most fun. Our stomachs hurt from laughing so much. If I had it my way I would have chosen four couples from our own group to go up and play these outrageous games but no one would have it. The night just got better and better after the show. Just so many laughs with such great friends.

65: Runaway night....page 2

66: RUNAWAY NIGHT WITH THE DREADED BUN... | arrival of the "BUN" | Shelley steps on a piece of the broken glass..........

67: Runaway night......page 3 | I asked Gord how, why and when did he get this hot dog bun! His reply was: "He wanted a conversation piece, a prop for the night", SO after we watched the Couples show a band started playing we all took to the stage and started dancing. Gord went over to the Sports Bar and saw they had hot dogs and decided to grab a bun and bring it back to see what would become of the bun...we only knew that all of a sudden there was this bun going from person to person on the dance floor. When the band was finished we decided to head back to our hotel to the disco. As we were about to leave Shelley dropped a glass and accidentally stepped on a piece of it and her toe started to bleed. Gord solved the problem by wrapping her toe in the bun... | Like a good husband, Gord doctors it up with "The Bun" | Alan and Shelley heading to the disco......... | This guy that worked at the theatre looked a little physco....

68: ..........Walking back to our hotel everyone was ahead of Mark and myself and somehow Mark now had the bun....feeling happy, strolling arm in arm and laughing about "the bun" I looked at Mark and said "Mark, if I'm a lesbian then you're a fag" He stopped and said well we have to do something about that", so I dare him to walk into our hotel and straight to the disco with the bun in his pants"......so he does. I said it was a smokin dog so lets let it smoke, so we do.....We could hardly walk we were laughing so hard . Mark strolls into the disco (below) like nothing is going on. | OMG...I love how serious Mark looks as he is strolling across the dance floor! | it smoked..... | Shelley goes after it with Mark.....

69: it rests on the bar... | it gets kicked to the side...."The Bun is done but we are not ......page 4... | it comforts Doe's armpit.... | it finds Al's place.... | it found Sher's chest..... | Gord takes possession again.... | it gets left on the dance floor... | I have to say I never thought a hot dog bun would make me laugh this hard or make me act like my shoe size instead of my age. Gord, your sleek maneuver bringing a prop into the night worked like a charm. It entertained us till the end. You had to be there to appreciate the moments and we will always remember this night with smiles on our faces. I will never be able to eat a hot dog without thinking about "The Runaway Night" in Cabo..with the most fun friends. | it finds Marks shirt pocket

70: J | U | S | T | W | E

71: Runaway night....page 5 | D | A | N | C | E | D

72: Mags & Alan definitely win for the grooviest dance moves. I could watch them all night. | I love this picture because you can see us in the mirror reflection behind Alan. Seeing the action through Alan's eyes. | A | N | D | A | N | C | E | D

73: Runaway night....page 6 | I so didn't do this.....Here's what goes through my head....Shelley is sitting on the bar counter and we are chatting and she looks so cute and tiny and I felt so strong , so I say "Shelley..get on my shoulders" it's your birthday lets dance. As tiny as Shelley is, she is solid, and we were not so steady on our feet....it was so funny......I walk straight to Terry and Dave and they helped her down. I'm a freak, what if I had dropped you? OMG I'm never drinking White Russians again. They make me feel possessed.

74: Last of our Runaway night.. | Mags, your arms look ripped! | This picture of Mags behind the curtain on stage helps explain why she never saw the traveling bun...Mags it was hysterical when you suddenly whip out from behind the curtain to dance. LOVED IT... | Good | Night

75: Random fun pictures!

76: Happy 50th Birthday Shelley!!!!! | Today was Shelley's actual birthday and we spent the day at the pool. One of the coconuts started dripping on us so we all moved so that we were covered by the umbrella's. I have this thing that one day a coconut will drop on my head.

77: Feeling a lot quieter tonight we sat in the lobby and sipped on tea after dinner and were all too tired to go out so it was an early night. We toasted to Shelley's birthday with our tea cups.

78: The day after Mark, Silva, Val and Ric left a few of us ventured out to San Jose. | Gord | Sher | Mags | Doe | Orange Crush | Alan | Shelley | Jenine | Mags | Such troopers....letting me take a picture of you doing Terry's shopping Pucker.F..hmmmm Love it...Gord mastered the Pucker. Terry would be proud. | We strolled the streets...

79: We shopped... | And, I sat on a bench watching the Policia apply her makeup and brush her teeth while on the job in front of a jewelery store. | We ate and had a beer... | Alan sitting on the bench with me says (as my camera clicks away) "Sher I know what you're doing"... You know me so well. I always need one picture of weirdness.

81: We ate at the Santa Fie this night. Dave was after his sushi fix but they didn't have any but we did have turkey dinner....Al was sick tonight but we were happy Doe still joined us. It was great getting to know Dave and Sandy. We had so much fun with them!!! Thanks for sharing your friends Alan and Mags. LOL

84: I'm not ready to go home yet!!!! | This picture leaves me speechless!

85: Mark & Silva scoped out the chairs with the ocean view and hustled out in the early hours to reserve 10-12 of them. Gord joined in the day we arrived and was our life savor every morning, staying until the rest of us stumbled down. We only had once incident where a lady freaked on us and said we took her towels, so she came back another time and stole two of ours. Security made her give them back. Another lady thought one of us stole her sandals. Val saw her later with them on but she still had attitude. | Another great picture Gord took. Nothing like riding a horse on a beach talking on your cel phone....I want that job! | Gord took this picture of Silva watching the sun rise on her last day here. It's a fantastic picture.

88: Feb.9, 2014 Happy Birthday Doe!! Love you tons. | We went to the Casino in Cabo at the Mall for Doe's birthday. We didn't stay long, it was hard to understand what we were doing because it was all in Spanish of course. Wemt to Cabo Wabo for drinks and snacks. The guys were at a different table than us so when we ordered we asked our waiter to put our tab on theirs. They said OK...When we were leaving they guys asked if we paid and we said it was on their bill so we checked with our waiter and he said all was good to go. So as we are walking out the door three huge men come after us to collect for our bill. They couldn't speak English very good so explaining ourselves was rather pointless. Even though we were chased down like criminals it still was really funny.

90: Silva and Doe loving their chocolate martinis! Don't know how I missed out on those. The rest of us trying different drinks and coffees. Just another easy night of visiting and hanging out.

91: I don't know about these two!...Staggering up the beach after bar hopping back to our hotel after the boat ride. What was it 4 hours later?? Wished I had my camera then. I hear Mark was hassled constantly on this walk home as he was carrying Silva's leopard print back pack...Nice picture in my head!

92: A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Dave for bringing some great wines to dinner. It was outstanding with my buns!!!!

93: Gord Graschuck and myself couldn't eat most of the food at this restaurant. Sandy felt bad and asked them for buns for us......I can't believe how happy it made us. We're cheap dates Gord!

94: S | A | Y | I | N | G

95: G | O | O | D | B | Y | E | Our favorite cookies. Had to eat a couple more before we left. Remember when I raided the whole the whole bowl on my way to bed one night Mags?? You said " there's no chocolate ones left" Because they were in my bag for midnight eating....

96: Last group picture after Doe and Al left us........

97: Well it's ten days later and time to go. Gord and Jenine don't leave for another four days. Ba..t...s.. It was plus 31 the day we left and we were going home to minus 31. | one last dip

98: Allan & Shelley, we all loved sharing in your birthday celebrations. Thank you for including all of us on this milestone occasion. Such an easy group of friends to be with we just need more practice keeping up to the young ones. Hope we can do this again for another milestone occasion.

99: Our plane home..

100: Saturday Feb.1 We left Edmonton at 6am, had a quick stop over in Phoenix and arrived in Cabo at 1:12pm. Alan I know you had a different lay over but we arrived close to the same time. The sign said your flights were delayed so Terry, myself, Dave and Sandy went ahead to the hotel. After checking in Terry and I fell asleep and met everyone downstairs at 6pm. Had drinks and then went to the Buffet dinner followed by a Broadway Show and we were in the sack by 10. I'm always tired on travel days. Rick was sick and didn't join us. Superbowl Sunday Feb. 2 - Birthday Celebration Night Early rising today at 7am. We pooled all day. Guys went to one of the Superbowl rooms they had set up to watch the game. Us girls walked over to the Santa Fe for drinks and a little snack at the buffet. Our reservation for dinner was at 8:45 at the Steak House for the joint birthday dinner. It was a lot of fun. Rick was still sick and unable to join us. My favorite part was when they brought cakes to the table and started to sing happy birthday and put napkins over your face and Sandy's instead of Shelley's. The pictures are funny. They show the surprise and confusion in everyone.We then did our group photo on the stairs. We got to the common area and the band was playing music so I believe Alan and Mags were the only ones who did a little dancing before it closed. Stopped off at the disco for some shots and a little more dancing. Mark, Silva, Shelley and Gord were the last to leave at 12:30. Us elders crashed. Great Night. Monday Feb.3 Up early, pooled all day. Gord got us started on drinks at 9:45am..What a man. Some of the girls walked the beach this morning and again later in the afternoon. We all meet at 6 in the lounge for drinks before dinner (this became a daily thing right until we left) Doe and Silva were loving their chocolate martinis today and were a little buzzed( as Silva would say)before we headed to Japanese restaurant for dinner. Dinner was great for most of us....Gord and I were sooo happy with our buns as we watched everyone else enjoying their appetizers. Our main course was not very good so it's a good thing Sandy ordered buns. Went to the Michael Jackson show tonight. Shelley and Sandy hit the dance floor during the performance. I believe us elders went to bed while the McCanns, Gallants and Grashchuks hung out for awhile longer. Tuesday Feb. 4 Sailing Day 7:30am met for breakfast with the ones that were coming on the boat today. We taxied to the Marina and Terry arranged everything else and we hit the water at I believe 11-11:30ish. Captain supplied the food, we supplied the drinks. Weather was beautiful, waters were choppy at times, saw some whales but mostly at a distance. Sadly Alan and Mags both were sick from the waves..hit the docks two hours later with Mags releasing her stomach all the way in to dock. Sea Lions loved that! | How we filled our.....

101: Tues. cont'd. After we dock most of us stroll the Mall for a bit but some were not feeling well and so we all decided to head back to the hotel. Mark and Rick decided to walk back from downtown, so they did. With some bar hopping they staggered back to the hotel pool a few hours later. We pooled for most of the afternoon. We hit the Sante Fe for turkey dinner tonight. After, was the Grease Show. Mark didn't come as he was passed out from his afternoon partying. Wednesday Feb. 5 RUNAWAY NIGHT We celebrated Shelley's birthday today because Mark, Silva, Val and Rick were heading home the next day. Walked the beach with the girls and pooled for most of the day. Dinner was at the KRYSTAL tonight. The food was excellent. Birthday toasts were given. OFF to the Sante Fe again..to watch the "IDEAL COUPLE" show. It was the best show so far and we all laughed until it hurt. We did a lot of shooters along with the white russians, and other liquor during the show. The band we liked played again after the show and us girls took to the stage and danced...shortly after the rest of the gang joined in and Gord brought a new friend to the party. His bun entertained us the entire evening. The band stopped and I asked if we paid them something would they play a couple more songs.. Wahoo they did. We then crawled back to our hotel to the disco. It was a late late night and crazy fun. Have no idea what time everything ended. Thursday Feb. 6 - Shelley's Birthday Mark, Silva, Rick and Val leave today. Everyone was great about meeting at the pool for one last group photo. We lined up along the edge of the infinity pool. Sadly Dave had to run into town but I found another guy that lent us his body for the picture (so I could photo shop Dave in later) Doe, Mags, Sandy and I went for a great beach walk and chatted on the beach for quite awhile. Great bonding moment for us all. I LOVE people who are REAL about life, and all our girls throw it out there like it is. Pooled the rest of the day. Ate dinner and then went to the lobby and ordered tea. Felt bad the we didn't party it up on Shelley's actual birthday. We were all a little under the weather from our Runaway night. Called it an early night. Al Kaye was still sick and didn't join in. Felt weird without some of our Shalan Team but we soon got back into the groove of things. | .....days and nights....

102: Friday Feb.7 AL, Mags, Doe, Jenine, Gord, Shelley,Gord and myself went to San Jose in the morning. We just shopped around a bit, had lunch and went back to the hotel. It was hotter today. We hung out at the pool. Meanwhile, Dave and Sandy had gone downtown for the day. We met up with everyone at 6 like usual. Sandy and Dave took a water taxi home from downtown and this taxi was bigger than the usual ones. It was really choppy in the waters so when they pull up to drop them off the crew tell you when to jump off the boat (and that's when the tide is going out). So Dave goes first and all is good, Sandy hesitates for just a second and when she jumps the wave hits and the boat goes up and she flies off and up in the air 9ft and lands on her back in the water. Dave is shocked and thinking WTF just happened here. He grabs her arms and gets her out. I'm sure the crew was concerned that she hurt herself. Sandy is soaked, her phone is ruined and I think her new? purse is soaked, and you had bought a new dress. I probably messed up some details here and there. Sandy walked away with a few bruises on her arms probably from when Dave was trying to grab her before another wave hit. Dave and Sandy were laughing so hard telling the story and I so wish I had a picture of it. And, don't ask me how but getting ready for dinner I threw my tweezers into my eye and I could hardly keep it open after that. It left a blurry line in my eye and it stung so bad all night. Between Sandy and I we felt a little beat up, especially her. Went to Sante Fe for dinner tonight and back to our hotel for drinks. Terry stayed with the guys for drinks and I went back to the room. My key didn't work again...grrrr I was so tired and just wanted to crawl into bed. When I finally get settled and just start to drift off I hear all this banging and popping sounds. The first thought that came to mind was someone was having a shootout. Too tired to care I went back to sleep. Turned out it was fireworks for a wedding on the beach. Next day at breakfast we met up with Jenine & Gord and she tells us she was on the floor ready to dive under the bed for cover from the shooting last night. It was so damn funny. I can just see and hear her panic. Saturday Feb. 8 This morning I woke up at 6am to watch the sunrise. I'm on the deck and it's still dark out with only one bright light in the sky...this is the moment when Terry told me to get his phone and he would check his planet finder and I choked on my coffee....from here we pooled all day and saw lots of whales. And no, I don't mean in the pool I mean in the ocean. It never sounds right when I say we were at the pool whale watching. The guys and Doe went for a dip in the ocean and we took some great pictures. I don't think we did anything special this evening because I have nothing written down. Sunday Feb. 9 Doe's Birthday!!! Again, hung at the pool. Jenine and Gord walked to lovers beach. Doe and Al went into Cabo earlier than the rest of us and then Alan, Mags, Dave, Sandy, Terry and I met up with them to go to the Casino for Doe's birthday. It was a small casino, no tables for the guys to play at and us girls didn't have a clue what we were doing because it was all in Spanish. We didn't stay very long. From there we went to Cabo Wabo for drinks and then went back to the hotel for dinner. Watched the "Ideal Couple" show at our hotel tonight. It was funny but not as good as the one at that Sante Fe. Hit the sheets after the show.

103: Monday Feb.10 HOME TODAY Did our packing early so we could hang at the pool for as long as we could. Had one last buffet lunch before leaving. Whales were out a lot this morning again. Left for the airport at 1:40pm. Had to say goodbye to Jenine and Gord..they still had another four days left. We all bugged Jenine to give Gord a day off from walking. It was quite funny. Our flight was direct to Edmonton. We left at 4:15pm and arrived just after 8pm. We were all on the same flight home which was great! . In a matter of hours we went from plus 31 to MINUS 31....HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE | Alan & Shelley Hope you had an amazing birthday holiday!!! xoxo Neither of you look a day over 40 and 50 | I got all these wonderful pictures Love you All... Cheers Sher | from me to you ENJOY | P.S. Sorry that I didn't include other adventures that you individually went on. I didn't keep track, so I didn't purposely not put them in.

104: From Beaches

105: To the garage | it doesn't matter where We are, we just have a great time together. Looking forward to a few bbq's this summer to reconnect with everyone...., from this trip

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