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Alay wedding card Final version

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S: Few Memories Captured

FC: CONGRATULATIONS Wish you a very wonderful life ahead!! | Alay | & | Mona

2: Beginning of new phase of life in USC at 1238 West Adams With pre-decided roomies all pursuing same dreams Started with group of four on the first day. But got extended as new friends came their way everyday And slowly there formed a family away from family..

3: A bond of love and friendship grew everyday, this helped us overcome all the darkness till today. The friendship that we share will always be cherished, The time that we spent together helped us to be nourished, And the love that flows will always keep us binded!! Today, on the most precious day of your life, we all with our deep thought and love wish you both the happiest life hereafter and may the love between you both flow unconditionally and may you be blessed with the best!!!!

4: Lots to say lots to write but can understand your plight if you had to read a treatise. So here goes something really brief for u.. AB urff Alay Bhayani.. A tall guy whom I first met at USC AIS function, never thought that we will become such good friends in such a short span of time. I remember the times when our frequencies matched and we were really amused by the fact that we think so much alike. So many common things we share really amused me further - sharing almost same birth-date, always ready to pose for a photograph, always ready to sing while playing antakshari, undoubtedly great cooks.. :) uhmmm!! Even though some confusion came between our friendship but I am thankful to God and for our strong bond of friendship that we are and will always be best buddies. Mona, I would just say that you are really lucky to have Alay as your life partner and that you both perfectly compliment each other.

5: A great friend with amazing personality, Always there when needed even if he is under a penalty. Creativity is in his blood and talent in him flows like a flood. Very caring, helpful and beloved, but ohh god he is always confused. Memory loss and laziness are his weakness; But Mona is his biggest craziness. Intelligent, Smart and very focused in life, But dear friend along with your focus, now do take care of your wife. You both are starting a new, exciting life, together, as partners - as husband and as a wife. Adventures, thrills and choices are waiting just for you,the road will have some turnings and perhaps a bump or two. But hope you both be strong together; and will come through every test On this biggest day, wish you both heartiest congratulations and all the best!!! | Love Ankiii urffff phophu

7: I did not believe in love at first sight, But then a couple came along and changed my mind.. I did not believe faithfulness was a strength we possessed, But then a couple came along and changed my mind.. I did not believe that relationships could withstand the test of time, But then a couple came along and changed my mind. I did not believe that distances make the love grow stronger, But then a couple came along and changed my mind. I did not believe in true love, in finding the right person, But then a couple came along and changed my mind.. I did not believe that marriages are made in heaven, But then a couple came along and changed my mind I do not believe in happily ever after, But I know this couple will come along and once again change my mind. Hearty congratulations and wishing you all the happiness and prosperity for your new life together!!! ----Ankit

8: Congratulations on the news that you have found your life Partner. This news brought about tears of happiness in my eyes. The only advice that I can think for a long relation is "Lots of Love & Trust and No ego". And I am sure that you are the perfect guy with these attributes. With these excellent qualities, we are sure that Mona is going to find her dream guy in you. | Being away from my family, from a best friend you transformed to my family. You were like an elder brother to me who is always calm and supportive and kept me away from all misery.You are that friend who sees the truth and pain in me when I am trying to fool everyone else. We have had wonderful memories like the happy times we have spent together in 2662 eating from same plate, our trip to SFO, aunt’s visit to California, etc. | As I get nostalgic of the great time we spent, I recollect that we met in fall 2008 however we really got along after my trip to India in Jan2009.We had a great time together.

9: As you step into the new shoes from being a humble son, a caring brother and a true friend to a loving fiancé (and then a husband), I wish you luck in all the relations you will encounter in your life.I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful decision you have taken in your life. And as this new chapter unfolds, it will bring about all the happiness you desired for. I pray to God – the almighty that your marriage will be filled with all the right ingredients i.e. a heap of love, a dash of humor, a touch of romance and a spoonful of understanding. Looking forward to have a blast in your wedding. Love you baka aka alay Mittal Kothari | you're just as pretty without makeup on.. he is the guy who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have YOU... The one who turns to his friends and says, "I love her".... | Mona I would say you are lucky to have him. He is the guy who calls you back when you hang up on him, he is the one who stays awake just to watch you sleep..he is the on e who thinks

10: I remember entering 1238, W. Adams for the first time when I came to the US. I entered the house and there were two people (Bhairav and Ankit) just staring at me. None of them offering to help me with my luggage :P One was as usual eating his food (daal) and other coming out of the bathroom in a towel! We chatted for a while and then they directed me to my room where I saw a huge 6 feet guy sleeping on the floor leaving all the worries behind! That was you Brother! :-)

11: After a few happy days living with you all, I realized- the "Bhairav with a Daal", "Ankit with a Towel", "You always sleeping" and "Me? - Having an amazing time with you all away from home". I surely did annoy you with my early morning alarms, but hey, who can disturb a "Kumbhkaran", right? ;) Days went by, Months went by and our family grew bigger with all the dearest friends in our lives. Days at USC couldn’t have been so amazing, so blissful without each other’s company.

12: One night you were chatting from my laptop and suddenly we started hearing sound of "kisses" coming from it. Me and Bhairav looked at you and crack up! That was the day i came to know about a beautiful, caring, sweetest girl in your life - Mona. | We teased you a lot, probably annoyed you a lot but we didn’t care! Because, by then the brotherhood and the bond grew much stronger :-) | The first time I spoke to Mona, she was the friendliest ever. Dude, I think we all talk to her more then we do with you :P She is the most amazing girl you will ever find, she completes you in all aspects! Keep her safe, keep her happy, love her all you can and don’t ever let that smile on her face go away. Otherwise the "Devar's" are ready to beat you up!

13: Mona - Our friendship has grown stronger in such a short time. As you and Alay take this step in your life, my relation with you and him will grow even more stronger. You really are the perfect girl made for Alay. Do take care of Brother :) I wish you both all the luck, happiness, blessings in the beginning of this Journey and for the future (in future, I will be around as well, so don’t worry ;)) Our love and friendship is the strongest bond we share and we shall cherish this for our Life! A Big Big Congratulations and the last thing i want to say to you both for getting "Married" - "Let the arguing begin!" :) Love you both!! - Nainesh (aka yours "Don")

14: Recollecting the day of Ramkumar’s mechanics class when I had first meet Alay. None of us would have imagined in their wildest dream that our relationship will turn up to what it is today. Looking back in time reminds me the mischief and fun we had in different classes (from Ramkumar’s joke till Video’s practical session). Various kinds of sports we played together, the cricket in your building, cricket and football at Aksha beach and intra college tournaments, the TT and carom in gymkhana, etc. Those overnight stays to play cards and computer games during study leaves or vacations and many other reminiscent things and events which can definitely fill a whole book. All those happiness and sorrows were the building block of our castle of brotherhood. Though officially from today you (Mona) are my bhabhi but for me you were for the past 6 years. If I am not mistaken we had meet first during our Fresher’s party. Looking back in time reminds me those times when we all used to go out during traditional day, formal day, etc. The time we enjoyed during the rehearsals of the play for which we won second prize. Those help and feedback you gave us for our presentation, etc. Even though we don’t talk that frequently but bhabhi devar’s relation is pretty strong inherently and I hope it will grow to form General Sherman (largest tree).

15: Unseperable like nut (definitely fits alay ;-) ) and bolt. May your marriage be all that you dream of and more, Because a pair like you’ll is perfect for sure. May your love never perish, And live a life that you both will cherish. This is the beginning of your new voyage, But don’t worry we are the crew of your carriage. | These wedding memories will become a fine treasure, Seeing you’ll together is an indescribable pleasure. May you’ll live together without any jolt, | Hearty Congratulations and jubilation, You both remind us radha and kishan | yours one and only Bhairav

16: TO ALAY: I still remember the first time when we met in Fall of 2008 at the Lyon Center where we played tennis and since then it always felt like you were the Bhupathi and I was the Paes, even though we have never played tennis together after that.. hahaha ;) . However, as time passed by our friendship got deeper and deeper. We have shared some amazing memories together and definitely with all others in the group, both in and out of academics. I know you know this, but still wanted to express that you mean a lot to me; you were first person in U.S. with whom I shared anything good, bad, any advice, suggestion, help (whatever it was) that I needed or had. | I have always looked up to you as a trustworthy friend, a comforting comrade & ally, and most importantly as my elder brother. I know, I am being repetitive and that this is the same case with every one and I ain’t no different in this matter, but what should I say, you are such an amazing person.

17: I can honestly and without a doubt say that no other guy in our group is as much adored and as much loved as you are, and why not, you should be, you deserve it bro. Now, without getting too much nostalgic and emotional (as you know that has been one of my problems ), and with lots and lots more to say (I am just | TO MONA: I know we have only had one or two occasions when we spoke in person, and that I don’t know much about you. But still I can blind-foldedly guarantee (with how little I have known you personally or how much I have heard about you from Alay & Others :P) that there is no other person as lovely, as caring, as sweet, as adorable, as beautiful, as perfect as you, Mrs. Mona Bhayani, for Mr. Alay Bhayani. I really look forward to your arrival in the United States after your marriage and knowing more about you personally and not just hearing from Alay :P | not able to put it in words :P), I would like to wrap up by wishing you all the best in your new and exciting venture ahead. May the path ahead be lightened with opportunities and success!!!!!!

18: TO MONA & ALAY: As you both guys unfold a new chapter of your life, I wish you loads of happiness, success, and prosperity in your lives, and pray to God that the trust, the bond, the love between you two always stays intact and unharmed. May the sanity and romance never die!!!

19: Finally here is something which I struggled like anything to come up with, as I am sure everyone knows, how bad I am with all these things ;)) I ain’t no William Shakespeare, I ain’t no John Keats Here are the 2 lines I shall cherish with all my heart beats What a lovely couple both you guys maek...... Just like the adorable Fiona and Shrek..... Yours AB Junior (kaheka Junior, there is only one AB and that’s ME :P)

20: Hey Alay. I don't know what to write because any sentiment is a repetitive of what is already said by all your loved ones in this book. So this is just a small poem for you and Mona (I have the power of google :)) | On this special day of days Although I cannot be here- I send to you my warmest thoughts- And in your heart you'll feel me near.

21: Your wedding day is just the start Of a lifetime full of love and fun. It just begins as you take your vows, When the two of you are joined as one; We wish for you sweet happiness; Through the years, may your love grow, To warm you both from day to day, In your marriage’s satisfying glow. | You'll share life's joy and pleasure; You'll have plenty of that, it's true. But love is the real treasure For Mona and you. And if life hands you challenges, As it does to one and all, Your love will hold you steady And never let you fall. Your wedding day is full of joy; Tomorrow you cannot see. But one thing's sure for the two of you: The best is yet to be.

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