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Alexa Labadie's Monomyth Project

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FC: Paper Towns and the Monomyth By- Alexa Labadie

1: THE CALL | After the main character, Quentin introduces the past of his friendship with troublemaker, Margo, he receives a strange late night visit from Margo. Before this visit, Quentin lives a very plain life. He recieved admittance to Duke University and acts as his parents expect(Green 32). Normally Quentin would refuse Margo, but it is his senior year in high school and he has yet to tell the crazy high school stories as everyone else does. She asks Quentin to take his mom's van and drive her around the city of Orlando, Florida(Green 25). This adventure's cause is Margo's revenge and it takes place until 5:42 in the morning(Green 81).

2: Refusal of the Call | After the invitation from Margo to embark on a one-night journey, Quentin is very skeptical about the outcome. Receiving admission from Duke University, Q thinks back to the information that warned him that any trouble with the law will in turn revoke his admission(Green 32). His fear almost caused him to deny Margo's request for adventure.

3: Supernatural Aid | It is very clear that Q lives a very "by the book" type of life. Margo Roth Spiegelman aided Quentin in discovering who he really is all by disappearing the day after their adventure(Green 100). With her eccentric ways, she leads Q on an adventure that accidentally winds up with the discovery of Margo's location(Green 281). After the contingency, Q realizes that the boring and simple life he had been leading wasn't really him, and made it clear he would live and act differently from that point on(Green 292).

4: Crossing the first threshold | After the disappearance of Margo, Q thinks back to her many other carefully thought out absences, for which she provided clues as to her location(Green 102). It seemed that Margo had purposely left clues for Q to find. When he | discovered a poster on her window shade that had never been there before, he stepped into the unknown(Green 108). When Q and his friends Radar and Ben began to see that the clues tied together, they began the adventure that they knew absolutely nothing about. These three amigos entered the regions of the unknown by following clues from the girl who ran away to Mississippi and left clues in her alphabet soup when she was younger(Green 102).

5: Belly of the Whale | Quentin shows his willingness to basically undergo a metamorphosis searching for Margo. He began to choose the search over school, which had been his priority his entire life(Green 121) This to me seemed like the point of no return because Q's feelings for Margo, more than just for her wellbeing, start to show.

6: The Road of Trials | Q and his friends, as well as ex-pal of Margo's, Lacy, undergo many troubles along the way to finding Margo. When they find the first "'paper town," their excitement is at its peak. However, what they believed to be the solution to the mystery, was just another clue. Margo had left locations for other places she would be in an empty building(Green 167). With many tries and fails at searching in paper towns in Florida, the crew began to realized they may be searching in the wrong state(Green 174).

7: Meeting with the Goddess | With much effort continuing to be put into the search to find Margo, a post on Q's friend, Radar's information website is the source of the one of the biggest decisions the group will ever make. Margo left a post on the Omnictionary website about her location in a paper town in Agloe, New York(Green 236). This is a reassurance that Margo is still alive. Q believes that this is his last chance to see Margo before she disappears for good.

8: Temptation from the True Path | After finding the last clue to reveal Margo's whereabouts, Q researches the distance of the trip he would need to make. He is planning to miss his own high school graduation to find Margo and bring her home(Green 237). When Q googles trip he sees that he has enough time to make it to Margo by her deadline of May 29. However, his friend Radar calculates the 19 hour and 4 minute trip with | traffic and stops. He discovers that the trips would actually be 23 hours and 9 minutes, which would in turn have wasted everyone's time in the search(Green 238). Q's fear and frustration distract him from his true purpose in finding Margo.

9: Atonement with the Father | From the beginning, you see that Q and Ben share a special relationship but have obvious differences in priorities and opinions. However, nearing the end of their drive to New York, the teens are involved in an almost fatal car accident while Q is driving. A cow is in the middle of the road and Q sees there is nothing he can do but just surrender the wheel. While in movement and already have given up, Q sees Ben take control of the steering wheel and maneuvering the van out of the way and onto some grass nearby(Green 267). Seeing that Ben was able to step up and put differences aside to save everyone ended any argument the two boys had. They realized they were more alike than different after all.

10: Apotheosis | After a few more hours, the friends arrive to the destination planned and discover Margo. They all had expected a happy greeting, but got surprise and a bit of rudeness from Margo. Q breaks out of his normal act and finally expresses his feelings. He yells at Margo for putting them all through this not even wanting to be found and leaving her family without any | notice or care(Green 284). Also, Q physically expresses his feelings for Margo by kissing her when they are alone(Green 299). This is the point where Q finally transforms into the person he had been keeping inside the entire time.

11: Refusal of the Return | Realizing that Margo doesn't want to be rescued, Q almost goes into denial. He continues to suggest that Margo just come home and live with him for the summer and get a job(Green 298). He knows what it is Margo is looking for out her adventure, but his feelings for her make him not care about her personal quest to figure out who she is.

12: Master of Two Worlds | After the realization and acceptance that Margo will be leaving to fulfill her own quests, Q knows that this won't be his last time seeing her. They made their plans to continue to talk, while they both live their own lives(Green 304). Q changed the way he wanted to live his life with this accidental adventure. His fear will no longer control his wants and needs.

13: 3/31/11 http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/029/f/7/paper_towns_thumb_tack_by_evil_voodoo_twin-d38c7cd.png http://bigjimindustries.com/wordpress/wp-content/rotary-cell-phone.jpg | Citations | 4/10/11 http://ravenessences.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/blue-door-mexico.jpg hEI/AAAAAAAAEHU/VUKEaYPTi80/s640/whale+jpg.jphttp://2.bp.blogspot.com/_MDIhQyBMEfw/TERDZUr-g http://hero044.edublogs.org/files/2011/03/ClinicalTrialsInProgressRoad-1awt5u5.jpg http://www.josephinewall.co.uk/goddesses/moon_goddess.jpg http://www.ihasafunny.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/ihasafunny-temptation.jpg | http://www.laprogressive.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/father-and-son.gif http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/30/Detail_of_the_apotheosis_of_Charles_VI_-_Fresco_of_Paul_Troger_(1739)_-_.jpg _Stair_Case_-_G%C3%B6ttweig_Abbey.jpg http://massrealestatenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Man-fingers-in-ears-e1269947731460.jpeg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_BJs8mlnXmKQ/R_zcilninEI/AAAAAAAAKlk/8q3T4pX16Uc/s320/Power+Quest+-+Master+Of+Illusion | BOOK Green, John. Paper Towns. New York: Dutton, 2008. Print.

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