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Alexa's Autobiography

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S: Alexa's Autobiography

BC: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

FC: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3;5-6

1: To: My loving family and amazing friends who never stop loving and supporting me.

2: First of all, thank you to my savior and heavenly father!And second, thank you to my amazing parents who brought me into this world. And third, I never forget about my awesome family members and friends out there; you guys ROCK! LOVE YA'LL!!!

3: I Make an Entrance......................................................Pg 4 On My Birthday............................................................Pg 6 Before I Started School.................................................Pg 8 Early Years...................................................................Pg 10 Me and the Outside World............................................Pg 12 Special Times...............................................................Pg 14 Memorable Dates.........................................................Pg 16 My Family....................................................................Pg 18 Family Life...................................................................Pg 20 Being My Age...............................................................Pg 22 Everyday Life at My Age...............................................Pg 24 Thoughts on Friendship...............................................Pg 26 Romance, Love, and Marriage......................................Pg 28 Brag Page.....................................................................Pg 30 Life Messages...............................................................Pg 32 The World of Work......................................................Pg 34 Who I Was...Who I Am...Who I Will Be........................Pg 36 Likes and Dislikes........................................................Pg 38 Thoughts About Serious Subjects.................................Pg 39 Who Am I Really?.........................................................Pg 40 VIPs.............................................................................Pg 41 Favorite Sport Page......................................................Pg 42 The Future...................................................................Pg 43 Highs and Lows...........................................................Pg 44 Time Line....................................................................Pg 45 Make a Collage............................................................Pg 46 Map of Life..................................................................Pg 48 Floor Plan...................................................................Pg 49 Family Tree.................................................................Pg 50 Bonus Pictures!!!.........................................................Pg 52 | Table of Contents

4: I made an entrance on June 22, 1998 at 9:22 PM in Orange County, CA. I was the first born, so I am the eldest sibling in my family. My parents said that since I was born I was always a happy and content baby who was very well bonded. No one would believe to this day that I was born completely bald. But all of a sudden I got really tight curly hair when I reached the age of one. My first name, Alexa is short for Alexandria. Alexa means defender (of man). Lexi is my nickname which is short for Alexa. My dad's family is German, so that is why our last name sounds like it is from Germany: Krause. When I was born, I was given my first stuffed animal: a yellow teddy bear. On its tummy, it said 'My First Bear', which was later named Sara when I turned five. I also had a little pink blanket that said 'Precious One' on it. I still have Sara and the blanket today.! When I five months old my mom heard me say my first word, which was 'Daddy'. One of my favorite poems was “'Jack and Jill'. A song that I loved was 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'. And my favorite books were Polly the Parrot and Little Bill: Where's Elephant? | I Make an Entrance

6: On My Birthday | PM,

9: My earliest memory is when I was maybe about two years old when my Grandma Renee put me in my crib with my yellow teddy bear. I do not know how or why I remember it, but I can still picture it today in my mind! When I was a preschooler, people remember me as the sunny and sweet, outgoing, adorable little girl with the really tight curly hair and big blue eyes. Whenever I would hear music, I would just start dancing; not only dance, but sing too! In general, I absolutely loved music! When I was little, my favorite food was pasta with butter, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. My favorite drinks were Sprite and strawberry smoothies. myself when I would hold my breath for five seconds underwater. The majority of the time my grandparents babysat me. It was rare for me to have babysitters that weren't family. I stayed home with my mom and sometimes went to be with my grandma and great grandma. I have great memories being with my great grandma Jeanette. Even though I didn't go to preschool, my great grandma would teach me numbers and the alphabet. Every moment with my great grandma was a gift. | Something cute I did as a toddler was I tried to impersonate my mom and walk around with my toy phone and pretend I was talking to someone. A time my mom was frightened for me was when she watched me at my first swim lesson when I was four. I didn't know who was more frightened that day: me or my mom. I would be so proud of myself when I would hold my breath for five seconds underwater. My family was so proud of me when I sang my first solo singing “Happy Birthday Jesus” when I was five in front of a large audience. I felt so relieved when I finished the song, I ran to my mom and dad and hugged them so tightly! A time when I would annoy or irritate someone is when I would always want to know more and would constantly ask, “Why?” even after telling me an answer. An incident that sums up my personality was that I was shy with a dramatic personality that pushed me to not be so reluctant. Since I always loved to sing, that helped me to be able to finally be unashamed and sing it front of people. | Before I Started School

10: My family has said that I was such a cheerful child while growing up. I would always be so sweet and caring to everyone. It would be rare for me to ever be shy. It was fun to be an only child. Mommy and Daddy would give me all the attention! My Grandmas and Grandpas would give non-stop hugs and kisses. My Great-Grandmas would give me so much love and teach me new things. Every day was a day of fun! There were lots of toys and dolls to play with, a cute puppy to cuddle with (well, most of the time), and a big loving family to love. But then one day my family of three was no longer a family of just three it became a family of four! On March 18th, 2003, I got a baby brother! The times that were hard were when I experienced the first death in the family in 2006. That was when my beloved Great-Grandma Jeanette passed away on March 6th. I was very close to her and it was hard to go through that. But then just three months later, my baby cousin, Kaylee Noelle Krause, passed away of a rare genetic metabolic disorder called Hurler's Syndrome. She was two years old. This sweetie will never leave my heart. Not even a full year later, my darling Great-Grandma Rose left this world in early 2007. I treasure all those unforgettable memories for ever. The years 2006 and 2007 were very hard years for me, but God gave me and my family peace. Jesus is with them in Heaven. It's not like I won't see them again! | The thought of what I wanted to be when I grow up has changed throughout the years. In Kindergarten, I wanted to be a teacher. In first grade, I wanted to be a dentist. In second grade, I wanted to be a vet. In third grade, I wanted to be a swim teacher. In fourth grade, I finally realized what I really wanted to be when I would grow up: a Christian singer! I would want to sing for Jesus and people all around the world. Even if I didn't become a Christian singer, I would sing, dance, and act and use these gifts that God gave me to be a light for the world. I would use my popularity to help people and give to charities and shelters. Some celebrity role models of mine are Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Chris Tomlin. When I was two years old, I got the common but irritating disease, chickenpox. The two good things about this is that one, I don’t remember feeling anything at all, and two, I don't have to worry about getting them again! Unfortunately, I accidentally spread the chicken pox to my Uncle Aaron and Great Grandma Jeanette, who got shingles. I didn’t break any bones until I was in fifth grade. I was playing kickball at school and I tried to catch the ball when a kid kicked and it banged against my pinky and bent it. I’ll tell you one thing, IT WAS NOT PLEASANT! Dad said that it was just sprained, and that if it was broken I would have been crying a lot harder. I tried to explain to him that I was crying hysterically when the ball banged against it. He said that it would heal soon. Well, I am in eighth grade now and MY PINKY STILL ISN’T STRAIGHT! I’m pretty sure that if my pinky was sprained, it would be back to normal by now. But yeah, we better get that checked. One hiding place I can remember really well is the one I had at my old two story house. My hiding place was behind the plaid couch in the living room. Behind there was a tall fake tree and a high window. I would have pillows and blankets back there, along with board games, books, dolls, and my roller skates. It was a fun secret hideout. | I would go there a lot for peace and quiet and sometimes pretend I was a spy and my hiding place was my hideout. Well, I wasn't exactly scared of anything when I was younger except for the common things, like the dark, spiders, deep pools, and bees. Okay, maybe there were some other things that would freak me out when I was younger. One thing that freaked me out was my Fur-Real Friend Pomeranian Puppy. It would move, walk, and bark. It seemed that its eyes were ALWAYS staring at me. Other than just the robotic dog, it was any toy or doll with big eyes that would creep me out! Also, the game Operation would freak me out, too! One quiet night, I was sleeping in my little bed. I turned over on my side and all of the sudden, “BZZZZZZ!”I jumped and went under the covers. “MOMMY!!!” I screamed. Mom came running in. It was the Operation game that went off. I’m still not sure how it buzzed, maybe because the batteries were dying, but it sure was freaky! After that, the next few years I never wanted to play Operation again! My favorite comics when I was younger were SHOUT! (The Voice Of Victory For Kids) Adventure Comics. I would get a comic in the mail every week when I was younger. My favorite clothes were anything comfortable I could run, jump, play, and sleep in! My favorite TV shows were SpongeBob Squarepants, Fairly Odd Parents, American Idol, House of Mouse, and The Powerpuff Girls. My favorite books were the Bible, Guess How Much I Love You, any Blue's Clues books, any Veggie Tales books, and Disney's- The Human Body. My favorite movies were Big Fat Liar, Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie, and Rolie Polie Olie: The Baby Bot Chase. My favorite toys were my stuffed animals, Barbie dolls, Legos, and board games. My favorite board games were Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Checkers, and Cranium Cadoo. | Early Years

11: My Great-Grandma Jeanette | My puppy Samson

13: The first school I attended was Nicolas Valley Elementary School. I went there for Kindergarten and part of first grade. This was the school where I met my first school friend, Kaitlyn Campbell. After the first semester at Nicolas Valley, I switched to Alta Murrieta Elementary School to finish up first grade. After finishing up at Alta Murrieta, I went to Cole Canyon Elementary School to finish grade school. Cole Canyon had the most memories, of course, because I attended there the longest. That is where I met my two best friends Leslie Cruz and Emily Maxfield. After graduating elementary school, I went to Thompson Middle School. During my first year there at Thompson, I met a very sweet and cheerful girl named Audrey Houseman. We soon became very close friends. Near the end of sixth grade, I started to know another nice girl named Athena Gierke, who was very cool and spunky. When I started seventh grade, Audrey and Athena met and the three of us quickly became a trio of friends. We were very close friends and always hung out together. By meeting Athena, I met another spunky girl named Natalie Borrosen at one of Athena’s parties. Soon enough our little group of three expanded larger throughout the seventh grade year and the beginning of the eight grade year. We soon had about eight to ten friends in our group. Several people at Thompson were heartbroken when they heard I was moving and switching schools. I was also kind of sad to leave, but I was excited for a new change and what god was going to do next in my life. I was blessed to be able to attend Temecula Valley Charter School, a great school to where I have met very good friends, including Amanda, Josh, Hayden, Charmaine, Ryley Hardy, Ryley Jones, Christina, Caroline, Jody, Isa, Itzel, Angelique, and so many more! At Nicolas Valley and Alta Murrieta my parents would drive me to school. At Cole Canyon they would walk me to school. Our house was only a few houses away from the school. During the first few years at Cole Canyon, my Grandma and Grandpa Crane were living with us because their house flooded. So sometimes my Grandpa Lenny would walk with me to school. Either my parents or Grandma Renee would drive me to Thompson (my grandma would take me sometimes because we lived with her). And today going to the Charter School my parents would drive me. My favorite school activities at my elementary schools were singing and acting in plays, field trips, Young Writers' Conferences, The Good News Club, Astronomy Nights, school dances, the DARE program, and sometimes spelling bees. I would also love being in the Chorale Club, which was a choir group of third and fifth grade at Cole Canyon. I started being in the Chorale Club in fourth grade. We would sing a song every Thursday at our assemblies and at the end of the year we would perform on stage at a high school. At Thompson Middle School, I was in Student Senate, Community Service Club, National Junior Honor Society, Video Production, and Advanced Drama. I loved taking leadership and theatre classes in middle school the most! Some things I would do after school or on the weekends would be to: eat snacks (popcorn, mac and cheese, fruit, chocolate, etc.) watch TV, play video/computer games (PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameBoy, etc.) play with siblings and neighbors/friends, practice karate, do homework, read, do art (draw, origami), go to church, go to movies, and be with family. I mostly lived in the suburbs when I was growing up. I lived in the town. I never really lived in the city and never lived on a farm. I loved living in a friendly little neighborhood. I would like to ride bikes, walk my dogs, go to the park across the street, and go to my neighbors’ houses to play. I love sports. I’m not the fastest, I’m not the strongest, I’m not the most flexible, but I am very energetic, athletic, and agile. My favorite sports (in order) were karate, basketball, dance (Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet), kickball, and dodgeball. I did karate for about three years and it was very fun learning self-defense. I played basketball in fourth and fifth grade and started to like the sport very much. I took dance for about a year and loved getting into rhythm. In seventh grade I was on the champion dodgeball team of Thompson Middle School. I actually had fast reflexes by dodging the balls and was pretty strong to catch the balls thrown by tough eighth graders. It felt good to be the champions! Out of all these sports, I did karate longest and enjoyed it the most. | Me and the Outside World | SCHOOL | SPORTS

14: The best gift I ever received was Jesus Christ. I grew up in a Christian home, so I started learning about God at a very young age. When I got one of my favorite toys, my plastic microphone stand, I would sing and praise God. I actually asked Jesus into my heart when I was five years old. I started to understand more of what it meant to have Jesus in my heart when I was seven. I rededicated my life to him many times (not that I needed to, just because I felt like it and wanted to make sure that I was absolutely ‘saved’, ha-ha! ;-) ) There is nothing better than knowing that your heavenly father is in your heart. That is why Jesus is the best gift I could ever have! | What was the best gift I ever gave? Hmmm, that's a tricky one. I really liked last Christmas because I gave a lot of nice presents to my family. It felt so good to when I would receive money I just felt that I had to give to someone. It is like giving a gift to me when I see others filled with joy and happiness receiving the gifts I gave them. Last Christmas I gave my baby sister a Lite Sprites doll and wand and Brielle lit up with joy when she saw it. I gave my little brother a Tony Hawk skateboarding video game and Jaden almost exploded with joy when he un-wrapped it. I gave my mom, dad, and grandma and grandpa Crane a brand new coffee pot and they all were so surprised! One Mother's Day I gave my mom a beautiful pair of earrings I bought with my own spending money when I went to a birthday party at the mall. It felt so nice to give because all of their joy and happiness was a gift to me! Using money was one way to give a gift. I can give my talent, my time, my help, and my love. They're a lot more valuable than money. One time a put together a birthday poem and read it to my Uncle on his birthday. He loved it! On Mother's Day I gave my mom a bouquet of flowers, flowers that were made of cupcake liners and coffee filters! She thought it was beautiful! A gift I gave to my dad was by helping him do some backyard chores like pulling weeds and trimming the plants. He was so grateful for me to help him! | Our family has many traditions. We have family traditions and we have holiday traditions. One family tradition we have is to eat dinner together as a family every night. Mom would make dinner, the kids would set the table, and we would have everyone sit at the table to eat as a family. One holiday tradition is that we make Christmas bread on Christmas Eve and the kids would be allowed to open one present. Another holiday tradition is that the kids always get an Easter basket. Every Easter we always get the main treats we get every year: Peeps, Cream Eggs, and a chocolate bunny! Also, every Christmas and Easter the cousins from my dad's side of the family would get together at Grandma and Grandpa Krause's house for a cousin get-together. On a Christmas get-together we would take Christmas pictures, open presents from the cousins and Grandma and Grandpa Krause, watch Christmas movies, make popcorn balls, and have Christmas puzzle contests (and play a fun card game of High-Man Low-Man)! On an Easter get-together we would have a B-B-Q, do an Easter egg hunt, hit an Easter piñata (or just hit a regular piñata), dye Easter eggs, get little Easter baskets, and play High-Man Low Man! We have many traditions in the family. Traditions are part of the glue that holds our big family together and they form memories that will last forever. | Special Times

15: I don’t know why, but one of my birthdays that I remember the most is my sixth birthday. We had it in my favorite park in Temecula. I had many friends and family come and it was a lot of fun! We played princesses and pirates and hit the piñata and had delicious cake. It was a very ‘magical’ birthday! My number one top favorite vacation was when my mom, dad, baby brother, and I went to Orlando, Florida to go to Disney World! It was my very first time ever going on an airplane! We took my cousin, Joey, with us on the plane ride because she was going to visit some other family there. It was the best vacation ever! We have so many memories from going there and they are absolutely unforgettable! The first time I was in a wedding was when I was five. I was a flower girl (along with my cousin, Joey) in my mom's friend's wedding. The second time I was in a wedding was when I was eight as the flower girl in my Uncle Aaron’s wedding. When I was nine, I mentioned that that day was one of the best days of my life. It was soooo romantic! I cried when my Uncle and new Aunt kissed! List of ‘Firsts’: First Sport: I was five years old when I started to be a cheerleader. My cousin, Joey, who was (around) seven years old at the time did cheer with me too. First Time Riding a Bicycle: I was six years old when my dad taught me. I was riding it around the neighborhood. It was pretty fun learning to ride a bicycle, except for me running my bike into a ton of cars! First Time on a Horse: I think I was six. I was riding on a horse that was led by a worker. That was at a fun place called Tom's Farms. First Time Going to the Movies: I believe I was four when I went to the movie theater for the first time. I went with my grandma Renee. We saw the movie Return to Never Land (my second trip to the movie theater was to see Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron). First Time Winning a Trophy: I was thirteen when I got my first trophy for my softball team, Knockout. I couldn't believe we got first place in the championship...and it was my very first season in softball!

16: The terrorists' hijacked planes crash into the New York Twin Towers | The CNN News channel announcing the planes crashing into the Twin Towers | People's reactions looking down Fifth Avenue towards the World Trade Center after two airliners crashed into the twin 110-story buildings | The first African-American president, Barrack Obama, announces Bin Laden's death to the world | The Fox News channel announces Bin Laden's Death | People in front of the white house celebrating Bin Laden's death

17: Memorable Dates

18: I live with my amazing mom, (Stacey), my delightful dad (Jared), my nosy, loving little brother (Jaden), my bubbly, baby sister (Brielle), my graceful grandma (Renee), and perfect papa (Lenny). My mom, Stacey Lee (Crane) Krause has dark brown hair, light blue eyes, and is 5’1 (about the same height as me). She is loving, protective, fun, and funny and does anything for her family and loves cooking, singing, and Facebook. I have a very good relationship with my mom. I love talking to her and hanging out with her. I love it when she helps me with cooking and baking. I remember when I was little we went to tea places (Tea Houses) for tea together. She has really taught me how to mature into a smart, beautiful, confident, young woman. My mom is my role model, and I want to be as good a mother as she is when I grow up. | My dad, Jared Lauren Krause has brown hair, light blue eyes, and is 6’0. He is caring, defensive, exciting, and has a great sense of humor. He is very self-motivated and works hard to get a job done especially for his family. He loves to play Texas Holdem, go to the movies, and be a firefighter. As well as with my mom, I have a very good relationship with my dad and I love talking to him and hanging out with him. I remember when I about seven years old when Dad taught me how to play Texas Holdem, a very fun Poker game. My mom and dad have really taught me how to mature into a smart, considerate, beautiful, and confident, young woman. | I have two younger siblings named Jaden and Brielle. Jaden Levi Krause is my eight year old little brother. Even though he can be annoying, obnoxious, and nosy, he can be very thoughtful, kind, helpful, and encouraging. And he is also pretty cute at times, too. Brielle Ellianna Krause is my three year old baby sister. Ok, Brielle at times can be a little bit stubborn, sarcastic, and sneaky (like wear my underwear and take my lip-gloss). But she is a bubbly ray of sunshine and a bundle of adorableness! I love my siblings both the same and they are both very special to me, and always will be. My family rocks! I couldn't ask for a better family! A family can't get any better than this. | MY

20: We love having family traditions. Especially around the holidays!

21: My family is a very positive family. No matter what's going on in life or what situations we go through our family always has a positive outlook on life. Even though we are a big happy family, we are all human, and there are times to where we don't exactly get along. But God helps us manage to get along and to have peace in our family. Our family has a lot of personality. My family's personality is active, noisy, friendly, protective (a bit strict but in a good way), loving, caring, thoughtful, cheerful, fun, funny, respectful, encouraging, wise, understanding, faithful, devoted, kind, sympathetic, trustworthy, unselfish, and awesome! What makes my family special is their love for God. Each live for the other and all live for God. My family always puts others before themselves. They always are looking to help or assist someone. I love how my family is encouraging and funny one moment and then be serious and helpful the other My family has many important values. One value is integrity. Integrity is a mix of honesty, truthfulness, trustworthiness. My family has taught me that integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. When times get rough and when I feel like just giving up, I always remember what my mom and dad told me ever since I was little: Krause's aren't quitters! Also we value family time very much. We always try and get a family day to where we can go to the park as a family or go get ice cream or walk around the mall. But one value is very important and is the most important value in the family. | And that is our love toward our heavenly Father and the Lord our God. When we put him first and love him, we can share kindness and love toward others. My whole family is involved at my church (except for Brielle, of course!), New Covenant. My mom sings on the music team, my dad helps be an administrator, my Grandma Crane works in the works in the coffee shop and my Grandma Krause works in the book store, my Grandpa C. is the community care administrator, and my Grandpa K. is in charge of the parking lot greeters. My Uncle Aaron is the worship and arts pastor and director of youth ministries and my Aunt Adrienne helps him and is a youth leader in the Student Life Center (my youth group). My cousin Marty is also a leader in the SLC. My Uncle Scott works with the church security. I think it's awesome that my family gets to be involved at my church. Right now we have our (my) beautiful, darling, sweet, loyal, obedient, loving and amazing dog, Sheeba. Our other beloved adorable dog, Sienna (Sheeba’s adopted little sister) had to be put to sleep not even a month ago: March 21st, 2012. She was a very, very good faithful dog and was a total sweetheart. Our family will never forget her. One thing we LOVE to do with our family: have family get-together! Either it's on my mom's side or my dad's side, our family always has a blast being with our relatives. I have the best grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts, cousins, and great grandma! And, my family has many close friends who we consider ‘family’, too! | Family Life

22: People say I am a sweet, caring, smart, talented, mature young woman who has a heart of gold. But hey, they said it, not me! I agree, but some other things I would add are that I can be a little spunky and inquisitive too. I am like other people my age by me acting like a young (sometimes naive) slightly emotional (okay, very emotional according to my parents), dramatic, teenager. I can be different from others my age because I can sometimes be over-sensitive, and either completely mature, or sometimes have the childish nature to be a little immature, too. too. People say the most unusual thing about me is that I show extreme care for others and in some ways I am very mature for my age. First and foremost I am influenced by my Lord. Second, I am influenced by my awesome parents. Chili, beans (except for green beans and jelly beans), spiders, my brother (joke), and scary movies disturb me. My family and friends, music, chocolate, softball, holidays, and comedy movies make me happy. I definitely value my life, my family and friends, Christmas and Easter, the Bible, my church and youth group, my talents, and technology. | Being My Age

24: Kid's Choice Awards 2012 Results: Favorite TV Show: Victorious Favorite TV Actor: Jake Short Favorite TV Actress: Selena Gomez Favorite TV Sidekick: Jennette McCurdy Favorite Reality Show: Wipeout Favorite Cartoon: SpongeBob SquarePants Favorite Movie: Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chiprecked Favorite Movie Actor: Adam Sandler Favorite Movie Actress: Kristen Stewart Favorite Animated Movie: Puss in Boots Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie: Katy Perry Favorite Buttkicker: Taylor Lautner Favorite Male Athlete: Tim Tebow Favorite Female Athlete: Danica Patrick Favorite Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series Favorite Video Game: Just Dance 3 Favorite Music Group: Big Time Rush Favorite Male Singer: Justin Bieber (BIG SURPRISE not) Favorite Female Singer: Selena Gomez Favorite Song: Party Rock Anthem (by LMFAO) | Skinny Jeans | VANS | Hairstyles

25: Everyday Life at My Age

26: Of all the people I had known, I have a LOT of close friends. The first best friend I can remember is Kaitlyn. I met her in Kindergarten. I was at the front of the school when she popped out of nowhere with a huge grin on her face and said, “TAG! You're it!” I, at that moment, felt a lot more comfortable about Kindergarten after I saw Kaitlyn, and thought, “Hey, she seems nice! If I be with her, maybe I will like Kindergarten! And I did! I was heartbroken a year later went I found out Kaitlyn was moving to another state. I was losing my best friend. Our moms exchanged phone numbers, and Kaitlyn and I gave each other a big hug. To tell the truth, three years later I actually found Kaitlyn's number and called her to say, “Happy Ninth Birthday!” It was great hearing her voice again. | The most important things to have in a friendship are to be honest, trustworthy, attentive, supportive, positive, sweet and caring, fun, and loyal. A friend should always be ready to listen, and will always stick with you in the good times and bad. A good friend accepts you for who you are. I would say I have gone on an adventure with one of my very good friends, Natalie. We went bike riding to the pond where the ducks were (this was actually a few houses down). We would sit there by the rocks and talk and have picnics together. I have been very hurt by my best friend before. I really didn't know what to do, and I didn't even know if she realized she was hurting me. So, I wrote a letter and gave it to her the next time I saw her, letting her know how I felt but also how special she was to me. Then she wrote a letter back and apologized. We are still very good friends today. | Parents everywhere usually say the same thing: “You become whoever you hang out with.” This, unfortunately, is very true! ;-) Whoever you hang out with, you start to act like them. That's why I am very careful who I'm friends with. Every friend is a blessing to me! I guess I would say my mom is my best friend within the family. She always said she was just like me when she was little. Unlike other teens, I love talking to my mom and telling her about my day. She is always there for me and I love spending time with her. Of course we have our disagreements, our ups and downs, but that can happen. I am very blessed for my mom and how she is my best friend. | Thoughts on Friendship

29: I think I was five years old when I had my first crush. He was in my Kindergarten class. His name was Andy; he was from Texas and had the cutest southern accent. At recess we would play ‘house’ and he would be the daddy who would pretend to take me, the daughter, to ‘school’ in a two-seated tricycle ‘car’. He would always let me use his scissors when we were in art class and he would help me if I had the curve in J going to the left. Ahhhh... young love! It's adorable. I have mixed feelings about dating. For me, I’m not allowed to date. But even if I was allowed to date, I don't know if I would. Or would I? There are actually a lot of kids my age who date already. And that sometimes gets me thinking. The majority of my friends have a crush or a boyfriend. Some of my friends are a little boy-crazy, and sometimes it's difficult for me not to be. But occasionally I feel that boys can get between friendships. And at this age, relationships DO NOT last long. That's why at this age I treasure friendships more than relationships; especially if it's a guy friend, I would want to stay good friends. What qualities would I want in a boy? Well, I want a boy who, of course, likes me for who I am. I would want him to be supportive and caring. And he could even have a sensitive heart who is thoughtful and willing to listen to me and who could reveal is feelings. | I would like a guy who is fun to be around with, someone who could make me laugh, a guy who is always honest and straightforward, a boy who respects all my decisions and choices that I make, and a guy who has a great personality and a positive attitude. And of course, I want him to love Jesus with all his heart. I do believe that I will get married someday. There have been a lot little girls that have said they want their husbands to be just like just like their daddy. And I remember when I was seven years old, I said, “I want my husband to be just like you!” And I bet in about eleven years I will find a husband that is just like my daddy. I honestly don't think people my age can be in love. Having a crush on someone is different than loving someone. And (most) people my age have crushes. A crush is filled with infatuation. Even though its love when he really sticks by your side no matter what, that's just part of what true love really is; this is later down the road. You may like him for his personality, or his kindness, or even his religion. I never said it was horrible to date. That's why it's probably a good idea not to date at this age because boys and girls my age (and several years older too) don't know what love really is yet, I don't even know what true love really is yet! This is a perfect example! It’s good to wait, because I know God has the right guy for me and he will come at the right time! ;-) | Romance, Love, & Marriage

30: Ok, I don't mean to brag, but, oh,wait... Actually, I DO mean to brag on this page! One thing that I did that pleased me was when I learned to knit. I think I started when I was six or seven, but I really got into knitting when I was eight. The first thing I knit was a tiny pink blanket for my Tweety doll. Then, I started to knit a neck warmer in the summer and gave it to my mom for Christmas. I was so proud of myself; I wanted to knit something again, so I knitted a cute beanie for myself. It felt so good that I did those things all by myself. Well, I’ve won so many awards, I lost count! I do remember when I was in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade, I won many citizenship awards. In third, fourth, and fifth grade, I won Academic Achievement, Super Citizenship, and Outstanding Effort awards. In fifth, sixth, and seventh grade I won Honor Roll, as well! When I was ten, I won my AWANA certificate and Blue Ribbon at the AWANA Assembly at my church. Also at age ten, I got a Super Star Ribbon at the Shining Star Talent Show at my church. At age eleven, I earned a Star Swimmer ribbon for getting at the second highest course at the swimming school (my first summer attending there). I won a lot more, I’m sure, but these are some that I can remember for now! Well, of what I have heard, I am a very talented singer. Ok, maybe not a very talented singer, but at least that is what I have heard. Other than singing, people have told me I am a really good actress. I can dance too; I did used to take hip-hop, jazz, and ballet. Maybe I’m not as good a dancer as I am singer and actress. I love to bake, and folks say they love my baking. Especially my cakes and cookies! I adore children (you know, little children) and I’m a pretty good babysitter, if I do say so myself! My parents have always said that I’m a leader, not a follower. I believed them and I believe that I am a good leader. I even took leadership classes like Student Senate and National Junior Honor Society and clubs like Community Service to help me become a better leader. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or small, you can still definitely make a difference! Some special skills I have are curling my tongue, talking really fast, doing a pretty cool “Goy Call” (you can ask me to do it for you), and last but not least, talk like a chipmunk. That’s right, I have a pretty epic chipmunk voice. I sound like one of the Chippettes! Did I mention I can sing with my chipmunk voice? Pretty sweet, huh? The top three things people have complimented me on is my amazing and lovely smile, my beautiful, sparkly, blue eyes, and last but definitely not least. My gorgeous, dazzling, stunning, long curly hair! Those are the outward appearances, but people have also complemented me on my maturity, adorableness, kindness, energetic enthusiasm, how I try my best at everything and be the best me I can be, and how I stand up for what is right, no matter what. I am very blessed to have all these personalities and God-given talents! | BRAG PAGE

31: Here are only some of my amazing accomplishments!

33: Life Messages | I can remember a lot of messages I heard growing up. Some messages I remember most are: Krause's aren't Quitters! Stand up for what is right, even if you are standing alone. Sharing is caring! Good friends are like stars; You might not always see them, but you know they're always there! Three things you must know to be an adult: Don't fool yourself Don't fool others Don't let others fool you and do it all without trying to impress anybody. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” These are some life messages that I think of pretty much every day of my life. I always remember that that in the Krause family, you never quit (even when I’m married, I will still remember this)! I continually remember that I should always stand up for what I believe in, and should never be ashamed. Of course, you need to share, to care. I believe that sometimes you might feel that you are alone and that your friends have disappeared, but if they are true friends, they will always stick with you, no matter what. To be an adult (or at least act like one), make sure you don't fool yourself, don't fool others, and don't let others fool you. But you would have try and do this all without trying to impress anybody. Philippians 4:13 is a verse I will always have in my heart. Whenever I feel discouraged, I just think of this verse, and it helps me get right back up. Because if I believe in myself, and believe in God, I believe I can do anything!

34: My dad is a volunteer/reserve firefighter. He’s wanted to be a firefighter ever since he was a boy. In early 2008, he decided to finally fulfill his dream and become one. He’s still working at being one today, and I am so proud of him! My mom is a medical assistant, post-partum doula, and lactation consultant. She helps take care of new moms and babies and helps the family adjust to having a newborn. She also is certified to help moms that are breastfeeding. My grandma likes to call herself a family administrator, a fancy word homemaker! She is also a part-time cashier. My papa is a carpet cleaner and is also a custodian at Murrieta Valley High School. I would say my brother, Jaden, also has a job a paid job. He sometimes acts in book trailers for Witness Pictures. And the whole family (except for Brielle, of course) works (volunteers) at our church. I think it’s possible to like work. People say it depends on the job that you have. I say it depends on what attitude you have! I believe you have the choice to either make the job fun or boring. You just have to have a positive outlook on things, and a positive attitude. | I really can’t remember the first paying job I ever had. If I had to guess, it would probably be when I helped do yard work in the back yard with my dad. I think he gave me a dollar or something. Other than that, it could have been helping grandparents clean their house. Papa Lenny would give me dimes and quarters for doing small things like wiping down the table and sweeping floor. I would feel so proud of myself when I would finally finish the job. Another time was when I helped clean my Grandma and Grandpa Krause's house. It felt good to help someone out and get paid for it! The worst job ever is picking up dog poop. No one wants to pick up dog crud. It’s gross, boring, and hideous. I would hardly ever even get paid for it! But hey when you got a dog, you gotta do what you gotta do. The job stinks literally! | The best job I ever had was babysitting. Babysitting is so much fun, in my opinion. Personally, I still love to play around and play make believe and watch Veggie Tales and play ninjas; with babysitting, you can do all of that! Babysitting teaches me responsibility, and how to care for a child. It doesn’t even matter if you get paid or not, it’s just important that you have that special bond with the child. It’s extra special when the child(ren) look up to you and loves you too. I have learned responsibility, integrity, self-control, and self-discipline from working. When I grow up, the job that I want is to be a famous singer, preferably a Christian singer. It really doesn’t matter, because I can still tell others about the Lord either way. Just like Tim Tebow. He’s a famous football player for the Broncos, but uses his fame to share the love of Jesus to others! When I become a famous singer, I would like my Uncle Aaron and Aunt Adrianne to help train me and give me vocal exercises. They both are astounding and talented singers, and I would love for them to help me. They totally rock, and with their help maybe someday I can become as good as a singer as they are (Of course, my Mom, Grandma Renee, and Grandpa Lenny could help me also, ‘cause they are amazing singers, too)! ;-) | The World of Work

35: I did this page when I was ten years old and in fourth grade for my Young Writers Book "Me and My Life"

36: WHO | I WAS... | I AM... | I WILL BE | When I was five, I lived in an apartment. My mom would come and wake me up out of my small pink bed on a beautiful spring morning. I would skip downstairs and a bowl of Cheerios is waiting for me on the table. Then I go upstairs again and get washed up and ready for my afternoon Kindergarten. After a fun day at Nicolas Valley Elementary in Kindergarten, I would come home and do homework with Daddy (I would usually “force” him to help me because it was always fun when he would be at my side to assist me)! After homework, my mom would either find me watching Caillou or playing Roll the Ball (rolling a bouncy ball back and forth) with Jaden, who was just about a year old at the time. | When I was ten, I lived in a one story house in Murrieta. I would wake up to my princess alarm clock on a cool autumn morning, stroll into the kitchen, and pour myself a bowl of Cheerios, and run back to my room to get dressed and ready for another enjoyable day of 5th grade. After school at Cole Canyon Elementary, I would go home and do homework after a quick munch on apple slices covered with cinnamon. After a couple hours of homework, I would either be playing on my PlayStation 2 or playing Roll the Ball with Brielle, who was just about a year old at the time. | Here are some average days for me at different ages. Some average days I can remember from when I was younger (and today), and some I imagine will be average days for me in the future. | Here is an average day for me today: I wake up to my alarm on my Android phone. It is a sunny winter morning and I jump out of my queen bed, get dressed, and walk into the kitchen and get myself a bowl of you’ll never guess CHEERIOS! I then cut a banana and some strawberries and grab some blueberries to put in my cereal. I quickly go to the bathroom to get washed up and ready for another pleasurable day of eighth grade. After a long day at Temecula Valley Charter and I finally get home, do my homework, and go to softball practice. And sometimes when I get some free time, I like to watch TV, read, and hang out with my siblings, Jaden’s now nine, and Brielle, who will soon be four.

37: When I am twenty, I will (most likely) be in college. So I wake up on a nice late summer day and get ready for another interesting day at my college. And what will be for breakfast? I believe there should be a cereal called Cheeriolos (a cereal that is just like Cheerios, but is ten times better)! Just being a little creative Anyway, after college I would go home and get ready for my job (I don’t really know what it is going to be, but I got to have a job at that age)! After my job I would go to the store and pick up groceries for Mom, and then go to Lowes to pick up the tool box for Dad. And then I would study for the politics test I would have in three days. After studying, I would go to sleep in my big king sized bed. | I really don’t know the person I will become in the future. I don’t even know exactly what job I want or what college I want. But I believe that today I choose what will be my future. Will I go to college and get my diploma? Or do I not want get a paying job and just stay at home and be a couch potato? I pretty much have an idea on how I could be successful. Not with just money, but more importantly I want a great family. When I am 35 years old, I believe I will have a handsome, funny, loving, and sweet husband and a son/daughter (maybe two children)! When I am 60, I believe I will be a grandmother. And when I am 80, I believe I will be a great grandma with many great grandchildren! I want to follow my mother, grandmother, and great grandma’s footsteps into being a prosperous woman when I grow up.

38: Likes & Dislikes | Clothing

39: Gosh, I really don't know what I would change about the world if I could change it. I know pretty much everyone would wish for world peace. I know I would. It’s just you have to put a lot of thought into it. There is a lot of intolerance in the world. If you could just wish it all away, then what would be the point of living? I think the best part of living in this world is to be able to make a change, and, really, tell others about Jesus. I kind of like the challenge of how I can maybe show someone Jesus’ love, just by living every day with a positive attitude even with everything that is going on in the world. Divorce is such a hard thing to go through, whether you are the actual parents breaking up, or the child who is going through it. It just makes my heart break to hear a friend (or even family member) to say, “Oh, I’m not sure if I can hang out his weekend. I’m at my dad’s house. Maybe we could hang out next weekend when I’m at my mom's house.” Divorce happens a lot in the world. Approximately 50% of all marriages just in America end in divorce. It’s really sad. It’s so hard for the children who go through it. Children from divorced families are more likely to have academic, behavioral, and psychological problems than children from non-divorced families. | If my house is on fire but my family and pets are safe. I have time to get one thing from the flames, safely. What would it be? I would grab my Bible. My Bible is the one thing that I would grab. My Bible can comfort me and my family because it is the Word of God. Some people might ask why I would waste my time to save a book instead of food, water, a blanket, or even a family photo. The Bible is my book for every answer in my life. That is why my Bible would be the first thing I would grab. A difficult thing I have faced (and still is facing) is, well, telling others about God. Even though over two billion people in the entire world are Christians, there are over four billion people who aren’t. It’s hard just to tell someone to believe in something they can’t see. But I do believe in the one, true God in Heaven. To be honest, sometimes I can feel a little self conscious about talking about my beliefs with others. I just want others to at least see the love of God through me. I know it sounds weird, but just by being me I can show others some love. I guess that is how I would say it. | I live in a Christian family. We all have accepted Jesus into our lives and we love him! To tell the truth, we are not religious. In fact, we don't like religion. Everyone thinks Christianity is a religion, but that's what the world thinks. Christianity is a belief, not a religion. My family goes to church every Wednesday night and every Sunday morning. Some people might be like, “Every Wednesday and Sunday? That stinks for you!” Well, I would tell them, “You're just missing out on all the fun!” Sometimes it would be tough to be around others who aren't Christians. I mean, the whole reason we are on Earth is to tell others about Jesus, right? But that can be hard, especially when non-Christians are your good friends. In some cases it’s easier, and in some it’s harder. We need to accept others. We can tolerate someone’s beliefs, but that doesn’t mean we need to believe them. One of my favorite sayings is “Preach the gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.” This means to always walk in love and be an example of Christ and sometimes you can even talk to someone about him. | Thoughts on Serious Subjects

40: Things I Think About: 1.The Lord 2.Family 3.Friends 4.Church/Youth Group 5.School/Homework 6.Sports (mainly softball) 7.Food (mainly chocolate) 8.My appearance (hair, face, figure, posture) 9.Boys (just like any other teenage girl) 10.Entertainment (music, my phone, TV, video/computer games, reading, sleepovers) 11.My future/career I care deeply about my incredible family and friends. I could not do anything without them. And of course, I care deeply about God! I really couldn’t do anything without Him! Okay, I am pretty emotional. Another word I guess I would call myself: sensitive. It’s true. The thing is, I get really sensitive in real life situations, like well, almost everything! I am super sensitive. Maybe it’s because I am a 13 year old girl. I guess we’ll see in a few years. Not something that I like to brag about exactly! But when it comes to super sad movies there is only one person in the room or theater with two dry eyes: me. I don’t cry that easily when it comes to movies, unless they are like, SUPER SAD and I can’t contain myself but to start bawling. I love making other people feel better and showing them some love, either by giving someone a big hug, a cool high five, or even a nice letter, email, or text. The only times that I hate is when I hate an object or an action, never a person. For example, I could maybe hate a computer because it goes soooooo slow; I can hate an act of bullying, but not the bully itself. I can show joy by being really energetic and singing and dancing at random times. Okay, the only times I can be like, really angry, is when I lose my temper with my brother Jaden (sorry Jaden). I mean, he is a brother, and so like every other brother he can be obnoxious, bratty, annoying, and disrespectful at times and not listen to anything I say at all! But most of the time the little angel isn’t like that. But when he does act like that to me he makes me blow a fuse! Some hopes and dreams I have are to become a famous actress and singer, own my own bakery/café, or child care worker. I love to sing and act. That’s why obviously I want to become an actress and singer. I also enjoy working at my church’s coffee shop/café. I dream of maybe owning my own coffee shop someday. And I adore children (obviously ones that are like older than me)! I love babysitting, so I think I would love being a child care worker. When I was really little (almost four), I really wanted a younger sibling. I thought a brother would have been really cool. And sure enough, I got a baby brother. I was so overjoyed I would finally have someone to play with at home! Then when I got older, I started to think how it would be to have another sibling. And guess what? I got a baby sister! Another dream that came true was after we had to give away my puppy, Samson. He was such a cute small dog, but was very tough on me. I was very young and because he started to get too rough, we gave him away. After that I prayed that I could get another puppy. Then I got Bootsie, an adorable Pit-bull about a week before my 6th Thanksgiving. She got a bad virus on Thanksgiving and about less than four months later we had to give her away. I soon got another (much more adorable) puppy named Sheeba. She is a Shiba Innu. (creative name, huh?) My mom and dad surprised me at age 7 when I went to the pet store with them to look at puppies when they secretly picked one out for me: a small, adorable, beige female baby Shiba Innu puppy. I think I was the one who named it Sheeba (can you tell?)! | Who Am I Really?

41: vIPs | These are some Very Important People who have meant something to me and have touched my life: -The Roger Family-Neighbors: This amazing family is always there for mine in one way or another. -Sienna Krause-Pet/Puppy: My four-legged little princess went to heaven on March 21st, 2012; she always ran to me when she would see me, and I can never stop thinking about her. I loved my baby girl very much, and she loved me. -Mrs. Constantino, Mrs. Guzman, Mr. Fisher, Mrs. Voechting, Sr. Drago, Ms. Toops, Mrs. Rholin, Mr. and Mrs. Sheldrake, and any other awesome teacher that taught me my eight grade year: These super cool teachers have really made me feel very welcome at TVCS. They have really made a difference in my life. They really do rock and I couldn’t have wanted any other school for my last year in middle school! -Mrs. Burnett-TVCS Principal: I wouldn’t be at Temecula Valley Charter School without her. -Ramona Quimby: This spunky little girl is one of my top favorite book characters. I loved reading these fun and entertaining books when I was younger. -Anthem Lights/Chad Graham, Caleb Grimm, Kyle Kupecky, and Alan Powell-Christian Rock Band: This outstanding American Christian rock band is one of my favorite bands. They’re songs are just as amazing as they are. -Pastor Aaron and Adrianne-Youth Pastors/Aunt and Uncle: I’m not saying this just because they are my family, but these guys are amazing! They are very important people who are always there to help me out with anything! I love them very much! -The Dunn Family-Great Family Friends: These guys are practically family. They are always so sweet to us and are there for us. The kids (Paige and Kai) are angels. I love babysitting them! -The French Family-Great Family Friends: These guys are alsopractically family. They are a caring fmaily who is always there to help. -The Themm Family-Great family Friends: These guys are also practically family! They are so sweet and loving and always reaches out a helping hand. -Knockout-French Valley Softball team (and coaches!)/Amber N., Amber C., Marie, Peyton, Cheridin, Sam, Shelby, Taylor, Karina, and Sarrina: This team really knows the true meaning of teamwork! These girls always look out for each other and help each other out all the time. And how could we have won the Championship without our amazing coaches: Coach Alex, Frank, Jared, and Bill! -Bethany Hamilton/ Christian Surfer- At age 13, this young surfer was attacked by a 15 foot long tiger shark. She survived, and even though when it looked like all hope was lost, she believed in God that all things are possible through him, and she went back to surfing with her left arm gone.


43: THE FUTURE | When I am an adult I would like to live in a peaceful (not necessarily quiet) town in the suburbs. I mostly want to live in Los Angeles in Hollywood. It would be pretty nice to live near the beach, too. I would like the climate to be perfect with mild temperatures and cool breezes, and thunderstorms every other month. What I really dream of being is a famous singer and actress. I guess I could be a photographer and baker before I become famous, but I would really like to be a celebrity. Some leisure-time activities I would do would be play softball, go shopping and traveling with friends, and go to movies with my family. | I think I will grow up to be a very smart, thoughtful, and mature woman. I will be a generous and thoughtful neighbor, a responsible and friendly member of the community, a loving and sweet spouse, and an awesome compassionate and caring parent and grandparent (and great-grandparent). I know I will have a bright future. I know god will provide me with what I need to live a great life. I know I will have an awesome husband and amazing kids. I know I can do all, through Christ, who strengthens me, and that whatever I put my hand to will prosper. Because God will guide me through the right path and he makes my future bright!

44: Highs and Lows

45: Timeline

48: Map of Life | . | . | Born in Orange County-1998 | . | Where I Live: Winchester-Present | . | . | . | Visited Atlanta, Georgia Airport-2005 | . | . | Visited Orlando, Florida-2005 | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | Where Cousin Elan and Suzie and their kids, Taylor and Chance, live: Conroe, Texas-Present | Where Uncle Sheldon and Great-Grandma Anne Crane live: Douglaston, Queens, New York-Present | Maternal Great-Great-Grandparents emigrated from Poland-Early 1900s | . | Paternal Grandfather emigrated from Germany-Early 1900s | . | Where Great-Grandma Charlotte Karasek lives: Sapulpa, Oklahoma-Present

49: Floor Plan | This is the present home I live in. I live here with my mom, dad, little brother Jaden, baby sister Brielle, grandma Renee, and grandpa Lenny. We moved here on August 31st, 2011. We have already made many memories here. We have a lovely neighborhood and amazing neighbors. When we moved to a new home, I also switched schools. I love my new school! I love it how we live near a lot of friends, family, and our church. We love our home!!! | Grandma and Grandpa Crane's Room | Mom and Dad's Room | Hall | Dining Room | Front Bathroom | Front Door

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