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All about me

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S: All About Me by S.F.R.

BC: Thanks for reading!

FC: All about me By Steven Ryan

1: Halloween "Hurry up!" I yelled aloud. It was almost Halloween and i had a billion things to do. Even though 20 days was'nt that long though i had to make my ghillie suit, (a type of camoflauge desiened to make you look similar to a bush). So i had to either buy one or make one. I had to sew a netting onto the back of camo clothing, then weive foulege from the area to make it blend in. but i also have to think of something to do for my friends Haunted house! But worst of all my dads in Afghanistan so he wont be able to help me make the ghillie suit in time! Also do you know anyone who can sew?

3: GAMES "Its amazing!" I thought as I looked at my scores. Overall I have completed every first shooter game I have on the hardest difficulty and have found every bonus content within the game. I also have every achievment possible, for 2 of the four games i have. Also when i compare my ranks to my friends and I am the highest and i barely play! It is just insane how i am good at all games! In first grade we had to write a talent weir good at and i wrote i am good at all games! Some how several years later who would've known it would be true. It's not much of a thing but since in our age we are surrounded by technology i thought it would be a good talent to list. It's lonely at the top.

4: Ipod "Ya" i said after my best friend asked if i wanted to see iron man 2 in theaters! So Justin his brother (Jason), his brothers friend, my brother and i went to see it. It was awsome except for the fact Jason's friend wouldn't stop talking. So after the movie we still had to wait for Justin's parents to come, so i did one of the only things I'm good at, the skill crane! i have one them 5 times before and now i am going up against the ultimate challenge. A 2 clawed crane, trying to get a ipod shuffle, the hardest and biggest prizes of all, 'eh I'm a gambler" i said and then i stuck all my money in the machine. A total of 3 bucks was all i had. i flipped it, i turned it, but that rectangular box would'nt hang on. Before i knew it i was out of money, and i was defeated but then Jason gave me a dollar and i shuved it into the machine! i carefully monerverd the crane and let it go, suddenly i got it! it was hanging on smuggly but i told every one not to touch the machine. Suddenly i spotted Jason's evil friend running to hit the machine! i quickly blocked him for a second when i herd it fall. I lost i thought, i couldnt have done it anyway i thought, but when i turned around it was in the prize bin! I was so happy so i snatched it and opened it like a kid at Christmas! "ha ha" i shouted "I am undefeated!!!"

5: Broke One day i went on the internet after my brother.He left open several pictures by the predator movies which happen to be my favorite . so i clicked on a few, one lead me to a website. It was called sideshow they had several movie action figures! so i clicked on one that showed predator stuff. there, i got a glimpse of heaven and it had everything, masks, figures, skulls of the predators, and much much more. Even ones from the new movie predators along with put together yourself kits! i decided to check how much money i had, most of it was going to the Halo Reach Legendary edition, i have been preparing for months and by most i mean a lot! so i had no spending money, also everything was around 200 dollars. so i felt broke.

6: Cat tails! It's a nice sunny day and i had nothing to do luckily my friend Zak Nameh called me in the nick of time and said "sup, Hey want to go to the cat tails?" "YA!!!" i said. The 'cat tails' was a small overgrown area in between 2 houses, there was a golf behind the houses, but in between them was a marshy area. So Zak and i would hang out down there and pick some cat tails. We would even smash them on the ground and they would create almost a smoke screen, or a ninja disappearing trick. It’s so thick you can’t see through it! My brother through one in the highway too!! We did a lot with those things in 5th grade, but now its overgrown and you can’t walk any were. It was still super fun!

7: Drop of Death I was afraid of roller coasters, i admit it. I avoided them at all times, whenever and were ever possible. But in 5th grade i had to go on several witch was bad. Luckily i had my dad on by my side the whole day. Since i was with my friends i HAD to go on them and act cool. For a warm up my group decided to go one called the loch ness monster a yellow ride that did twists and turn. It was very bumpy but super fun so we went on the all the rides except 2; the alpengeist and worst of the entire Griffon. The Alpengeist does flips and drops; the Griffon is a ninety degree angle drop straight down. A few weeks later i came back with my family and i still didn’t go on them. Lastly we came back in 2010 were i was convinced to go on the Alpengeist and it was smoother than i thought. Feeling at the top of the world i went on the Griffon. It was the most adrenalin ride i ever went on so i went on it four more times. Finally i left with a T-shirt and i never felt better.

10: A rainy day I was so exited! Tomorrow was the Hunters Glen run walk! Were we walk or run around the lake, my friends and I were getting all prepared and going to sleep that night I felt grate in the morning though it was the exact opposite. I had a sore through so bad I couldn’t go to school. My mom told me to try and sleep in, but I couldn’t I was just too depressed. The very next day I went to school feeling fine. I sluggishly walked into class and toward my desk was there was a mysterious bag there with all my friends clustered around it. The bag turned out to be what everyone got; a T-shirt and a few other things. Fortunately yesterday it rained and everyone ran around the neighborhood not the lake. The unexpected new cheered me up and I was glad I was sick. But I love the rain.

11: Fluffy Fun "aaawwww" i said as i petted the kitten. Yesterday i was at pet-co i don't remember why but that day changed my life. I saw the cutest most playful kitten of all. So i came back the next day and decided to play with it in a small room where they let people play with the cats. The kitten was all over the place from licking my ear to chewing on my jackets zipper, I had to have it! So i walked around the store and memorized the prices for everything i needed for it. Everything including the cat added up to 150 dollars and the cat was 75 so i thought it was a fair price so i convinced my mom to get it! i was so happy! But I had to keep it in my room and little by little I had to let it out so the dogs can get used to it. YAY! warning: not actual photo of my cat!

12: One thing I’ve learned in my twelve years of life is that toothpicks are hazardous to your health, but I learned the hard way. Two thousand eight to two thousand nine, it was the night after Halloween Zak Nameh and I just got back from participating in a haunted house with Jordan Payne. Zak decided to have a sleepover at my house, I unwillingly agreed. So we plundered on what to do for what seemed to be years when Zak finally announced “We should have a dart gun war!!” We raced to my basement to “load up”. Apparently I was the last one down and all the good dart guns were gone. I had no choice but to scour the basement for a weapon. I turned a corner thinking I’d get lucky, but nothing was found. So I begun digging through every tiny pile but still I couldn’t find it. Zak and my brother waited for me bored out of their wits. I moved out of their view point when suddenly I felt a hoard pain in the arch on my left foot I lifted my foot to see what I stepped on and then I found a toothpick gouged into my foot. Suddenly a thought exploded into my mind; “in a survival or extreme situation always remain calm this will allow you to stay focused and do what is necessary”, all these years of watching to the discovery channel are about to pay off. I leaned up against a wall and situated myself in the correct position to pull it out. When I pulled up my blood drenched foot I got a good look at that nasty little toothpick and the increasing amount of blood on my sock. I began reaching down to pull it out but the moment I touched it a massive shock of pain coursed through my entire body, mostly my right arm that was touching it. It felt as if I had been shot or a master lightning bolt from Zeus hit me. The pain made me collapse but I luckily caught myself on a shelf.

13: The thought hit me like a rock; I knew I couldn’t pull it out myself. I yelled at my brother to go up stairs and get our grandparents, without question he ran up the stairs like a jet. Then I called Zak over, he cursed in astonishment “JUST PULL IT OUT!!!” I said with a scolded face and gritted teeth. He dropped his dart gun as I pulled of my bloody sock, “let’s do this” I said. Suddenly when he started pulling it out the dreadful pain was back except it seemed to last for centuries. It was so unbearable but I had to remain calm. Before I knew it, that blasted toothpick was out and blood seemed to spew like a broken fire hydrant all over the floor. While Zak helped me down on my dad’s work chair, meanwhile my grandma and grandpa came sprinting down the stairs like a grand stallion in a derby. I was astonished at how fast they were. They held in their hands several cleaning utensils and a bandage. So while I was cleaning my foot Zak my brother and I just chatted a little. When I was all fixed up we concluded to just play games, something wouldn’t be painful. A few days later I was alright, I’ve been banged up pretty worse but this one left its mark, a big one for that matter. ALL OVER THE CARPET!! A massive blood stain now resides there, and I realized somethingWHY IS IT ALWAYS MY LEFT FOOT!?!? I mean really, it’s been smashed by a rock, a toothpick in it, and every time I get a cramp or were you’re tendons get crossed and it hurts really bad it’s always the left foot, WHAT NEXT!?!?!Ah well (sigh) that aside I amazingly don’t have a scar not even a tiny dot, but I’m afraid of toothpicks now. I don’t even want to come near them now. I think it’s just amazing that one night can change youre life forever

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