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All About Nancy

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1: Life's Highs at 60... 1. Laughing hysterically 2. Dancing your heart out 3. Star gazing 4. Shopping 5. Going to the beach 6. Listening to the rain 7. Ice-cream on a hot day 8. Feeling wanted 9. Getting that warm, fuzzy feeling when you think about the one you love 10. ReceIving text messages 11. Personal jokes 12. ComplIments 13. Late night phone calls 14. Christmas 15. Hugs 16. Kisses 17. Knowing someone misses you 18. Knowing someone is thinking of you 19. Good dreams 20. Skipping school for a day 21. Lying on the grass starring into the sky 22. Going up to the snow 23. Jumping into a warm bed on a cold night 24. Seeing your guys/girls name on your mobile when it rings 25. Your first kiss 26. Talking for hours about absolutely nothing 27. Looking back on the laughs 28. Receiving presents 29. Giving presents 30. Birthdays 31. Air conditioning when it's hot 32. Being full of energy 33. Seeing your boyfriend/girlfriend 34. Watching someone do something stupid, and them thinking no one saw 35. Nice smelling perfume/cologne/deodorant 36. Good hair days 37. Turning on the radio to hear that your favorite song is being played 38. Running into an old friend 39. Strolling along the pier at night 40. Finding $5 on the ground 41. Being home alone 42. Reading a good magazine 43. Sun baking 44. Sleeping in 45. Watching the sun come up 46. Seeing a shooting star 47. Waking up to find the person you love in your arms 48. Weekends 49. Holidays 50. Jumping on a trampoline 51. Sitting in front of the fire on a cold evening 52. Smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies 53. Singing into your hairbrush in your room 54. Bubble baths 55. Turning up your stereo as loud as it will go 56. Being so happy it makes you cry 57. Summer 58. Finally completing something you started a long time ago 58. Achieving a long time goal 59. Warm nights 60. Falling in love... To Nancy with Love September 30, 2013 Quotation by ChristinaBallarina

2: Nancy Carr O'Connor was born on September 30th, 1953 to John Carr O'Connor and Elizabeth Browne O'Connor at St. Vincent's Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana. A year after Pat had passed, Nancy was a true blessing: a redheaded girl! She was the "first of the redheads". Blama says, she is "her father's daughter". Apparently she hardly spoke until she was 3 (which she is making up for now). She sucked her thumb and held onto her blanket "Yambie" for years. She had two imaginary friends,: "Loving Tane" and "Jane Dooley". She was the middle child of 7 children. Her siblings had many nicknames for her: CeeNance, Spurt (Dog), Nanco, and Leep (Large Enamel Protrusions). She went to grade school at St. Joan of Arc. In her adolescence, Nancy traveled to Costa Rica with a friend and wrote home "when I grow up, I am not going to live in the States". She naturally was a Lady Wood varsity cheerleader. Then Nanco broke the Notre Dame mold and attended Boston College where she met Dennis. Then nursing school, wedding, 3 children, and the rest is history. Here is to you Nancy! 60 years young!

3: Nancy was always on the hunt for something Big and Furry to sit on! Love, Martha

4: To Nancy on her 60th The Ying and the Yang To Nancy, aka “the”Red Head, aka Porky Toes: Since I've met you, about 40 years ago, you've become my best friend, my wife, then a great Mom to our kids. You are the foundation of our family.. Being the Ying and the Yang, we've complimented and learned from each other of the years: You taught me that black pepper isn't really that spicy. I taught you how to drink “mini vodka gimlets” You introduced me to Mexican food. I introduced you to Roast Beef on Weck You got me to read other things than the sports pages. I got you to watch other things than HGTV You showed me the cornfields of Indiana and gorgeous Lake Michigan. I showed you the mountains and pubs of Mt. Washington Valley. You basically got me on the dance floor and taught me some great moves. I used those great moves to get you to marry me, (if you know what I mean ) You were always there for my multiple orthopedic issues and surgeries. I stood by you for your... Bunion? Then I met your family of nicknames; White Bomb, Blama, Swirl Head, Koofie, Keevers, and Ja Ja to name a few. You then met a few of my friends with nicknames; Woofer, Dad, Gramps, Piggy, Boomer, Dirty and Sully You got me to run in road races. Many years later I got you to do a 60 yr. old pub crawl Together we learned to become adults and parents, you managed the academics and social life. Of course I managed their athletic careers. You juggled work and being a thoughtful, caring mom. I helped by losing them, dropping them and forgetting them back at the house Of course, you're well known for your “Fancy Nancy” wardrobe of matching shoes, hand bags etc. And I'm known to sport a few BC shirts, jackets and hats You became such a great cook that I began to expect quality food at all times Except when I lost my head and asked “what's for dinner? Your response? How about a Go to Hell Burger and a side order of “kiss my ass fries”? Finally, your 60th birthday party tour will go on for another year covering the countryside and hundreds of people will attend showering you with gifts. Mine was a few couples riding the cold rapids in Maine with me falling in and a cute little Dennis bobble head doll. Enjoy your tour! Love and kisses, Den

6: From bunny ears to "this cake smells funny" from party flow to "matchy matchy", from stating your opinion to helping others, you have taught me so much. I am constantly saying how lucky I am that my mom is...a party-starter, a nurse, a shopaholic, opinionated, strong, caring, open, and goofy. You make me proud to “let my Nancy show” which seems to happen more everyday. Thank you for everything you have done for me, given me, and taught me. Happy Birthday! Love, Zibby | ZIBBY

7: I remember it like it was yesterday. I was leading my class in the "Grand March" before prom. Out of the crowd emerges a loud redhead. "You guys are amazing! You are unbelievable!" You have always been my biggest fan, and now I am yours! I admire you immensely from your world view, to your com)passion, to your humor. And look at me now. I am a Mass Gen nurse and a runner! Happy 60th to my biggest role model. I love you Mom! | Meg

8: Happy Birthday Mom! I often think about this vivid childhood memory I have, which has to be one of my earliest. It's the middle of the night, I'm about four or five, and I wake up really needing to pee. The problem is it's too dark, and I'm scared to make the long walk to the bathroom by myself. I decide the best course of action is to scream, "MOM!", at the top of lungs, and hope you come to my rescue. Which, of course, you do. After a few minutes, you show up at my bedroom door, asking what's wrong. Once I explain the dire circumstances, you take my hand and patiently walk me down the ominous hall. When you walk me back to bed, you tuck me in and rub my back until I fall asleep again. I can't explain to you how much that act meant to me. You most likely had to wake up in couple hours, and would have preferred to sleep through the night uninterrupted. Still, you did not hesitate to take my hand and walk me through the dark. Something you have done for me, continually, throughout my entire life. There has been anxiety and depression, mistake after mistake, and even heartbreak. But, no matter what dark, scary hallway I was faced with, I only needed to call your name, and you would walk with me. Through every challenge I have ever faced, you were holding my hand. It is impossible to describe how much that means to me. Everything I have, I owe to you. Everything I have accomplished, is because of you. You are my drive, and my safety net. You are the reason I am who I am. I love you Mom, and always will. Thank you for everything, and Happy Birthday! Much Love, Jamesy Boy

9: Happy Birthday Nancy! Love, Jason, Barb, James, Evan, Jack and Ollie

11: Sissies! Accents are encouraged Wine is required Cheating is inevitable Laughing is a must Memories are exaggerated Wait, who won Euchre last time?

12: "You are telling me it's her birthday? Oh, Lord! I was the one who was there!" "After Pat died, it was terrible. My head was gone. And you know, then came out a red headed girl. It saved my life. She saved me." "Happy Birthday Nanco Baby!"

13: To Left: Nancy and her big brother discuss quantitative easing. Nancy demonstrates calisthenics for the elderly at Johnny’s 65th birthday party. Nancy shows Johnny why he should have attended Boston College. | To Right: Nancy teaches goddaughter Christy an important life lesson. | Happy Birthday Nancy! Thanks for all you have taught me. Love, Ja Ja

14: Red and Goldie: Causing trouble and laughing since 1973 My roomie, sister-in-law, running partner, partner in crime, laughing buddy and friend for life!!

15: Here are two pictures that display important aspects of our birthday girls unique personality and history. Pic #1 Once a Fashion Plate. In this family picture from Easter Sunday in the mid 60's you can see that our birthday girl is already displaying a real penchant for cutting edge style. Notice the very 'avant guard' embrace of a nautical theme and the very sassy punctuation of the duster with a bright lemon bow! Woo Mama! Do you dig it? And those hot mid-century modern specs echo a bit of Mad Men , no? Honey, no matter the time of year or place on the globe, you is one stylin' babe and we dig, so keep it up! Thank you for enjoying, exploiting, and celebrating your femaleness all the time. You do it the to the max, which is a blast. Pic #2 Pumpkin Head Look at that beautiful couple! That was SF around the time of Gerry and Patty's wedding. I wonder what that photo was about, anyway?? Okay, we've heard of the nickname 'Red' or 'Carrot-top'! But 'Pumpkin head'? Never. We reserve that for large, 'chowder-headed' individuals. Ooops, I guess the pumpkin is referencing Den Den and not his lovely wife, that person crouching next to him. You chose a good guy and you two have made a wonderful family. You even managed to produce one 'carrot-top' and one 'pumpkin-head' (plus one 'original') yourselves. So much of their great values, strength and survival skills come from their Ma. They should be proud, as am I of my little sissy, Cee-Nance! Happy Birthday, Old Girl! Lots of love, Becky

16: I want to offer my best recollection of how you acquired the family nickname “Cee-Nance.” Would-be pedagogue that I was, I was trying to teach my late-talking baby sister how to pronounce her own name. I thought I would break the process down to its simplest syllabic parts. “Say, Nance.” “Nance,” you replied. “Now say, Cee.” “Cee.” “Good, now say, Nance-Cee.” A pause, then you said, “Cee-Nance.” Well, I thought, just a little problem about the order of the syllables. “No, Nance-CEE.” “Cee-Nance.” “No, Nanc-CEE!” “Cee-Nance.” I began to get frustrated, but after many further attempts—which left me red-faced, tearing at my hair and spitting saliva—you would say only, “Cee-Nance.” Becky had walked in on the scene as an interested observer and finally told me, “She knows how to say it, Kevin. She's just trying to get attention.” How sisters know sisters. Anyway, you went off with your favorite thumb-sucking blanket, your “Yambie” (which you pronounced perfectly, of course), perhaps to confer with your best imaginary friend, Janie Dooley (also pronounced perfectly). I became a frustrated teacher, forever trying to redeem myself. Happy 60th Birthday Nancy! Love, Kelvis

17: Thanks for being such a terrific sister, sister-in-law, aunt and friend and for always providing sound fashion advice! Happy Birthday, Nancy!! Love Gerry, Pattie, Nora, Chris and Coley xoxo

18: Dear Boogerbone #1 As shown in this photo, you have always been a fashion plate. I benefited for a while from some excellent hand-me-downs. You were also a very supportive sister in other ways. You believed in me despite the fact that I was a non-fashion plate spaced-out chubkin. and this past year, you have been there every minute and handled things I probably shouldn't have asked you to. Thanks for always being there (proving the assertion that Boogerbones always "stick" together). But I do have a few questions: 1.) This hand-me-down system seems to have broken down - where is all my stuff? 2.) Are Boogerbones allowed to turn 60? Love, Boogerbone #2

19: S hares the same alma mater I is always for a party S assy with her outfits S trong and athletic Y ahoo. she is my Sissy

20: Nancy, I hope you have a great year celebrating your 60th ! I wanted to take a moment to thank you how wonderful having you in my life the last 3 years adapting to life in New England. Joe, Henry, Timmy are so blessed you and Dennis have welcomed us into your lives so generously. Love always, Susan Sabina

21: life, your effervescent positivity and optimism, and, of course, your hair!!! You have such great hair. In all seriousness, I learn so much from you Nancy. I admire you and love you and I'm proud of what you stand for. All my love, Catherine | Nancy- Happy Birthday!!!! I love this picture because we are clearly laying the SMACK down on some relatives during a drinking game in that cool pub in Georgetown. And I think the portrait shows that healthy dose of O'Connor feistiness that we both display on occasion, always with appropriate restraint. On your birthday I want to honor all the wonderful qualities you have in addition to our healthy competitive spirit - your commitment and dedication to your beautiful family, your passion for your work and the health of others, your unending skills at throwing a party and your accompanying emphasis on the celebratory moments in

22: ONLY DAMN MATCH YOU EVER WON Happy 60th! Love, Jody

24: Dear Nancy, You have been a great friend through the years and I always have great fun with you. We can (and do) reminisce about our adventures! Pictured here is our last fun night together with Elise and Margaret. I love that we can always pick up our friendship right where we left off. Love, Meg

26: Chris and Lisa Hanson | Nancy, You are a great friend. We have always considered ourselves lucky to have met you 15 years ago when we were looking for friends - any friends after just moving into town--and how appropriately, we got to know you through sports when Kristy started playing soccer & basketball for Dennis. Our friendship has grown over the years, blossoming from many memorable and often hilarious moments at times. "Bucky Beaver", "Circling Up" and tripping down hotel stairs quickly come to mind, but it's the many quality moments we've shared that we truly cherish. BC tailgates, dinner in Boston, vacationing in MV and "porch night" are special memories to us, as are the many fun times we've had together at New Year's Eve parties, Sept. Anniversary weekends and bonfire evenings. Nancy, you are certainly fun and inspirational but even more important to us is that you have a heart of gold and a passion for life. It's very hard to find friends with these attributes, which is why we feel truly blessed to be your friends. We will never forget the great times we've shared and look forward to creating even more fun memories with you in the future. Love, Chris and Lisa 2013

27: Paul and Cheryl Healey | "For here all are one and their hearts are true" Surely you recognize this line from the fight song of your beloved alma mater! They are simple but poignant words that remind us so much of you. In this world it is often difficult to find those who remain with hearts that are true and that see all as one regardless of circumstances...good or bad. You, dear friend, give these words flight every day simply because of who you are and the way that you have chosen to live your life. It has become very clear to us where your priorities lie and that you do not waiver from your convictions or your beliefs. Your honesty, courage and strength of character are a wonderful model for family and friends alike. On this very special birthday, we both want you to know how much we've enjoyed getting to know you over the years and how you've brightened up our lives like only "Nancy" can! We look forward to the next 60 years because we believe the best is still yet to come! God Bless you and yours always. Love and friendship, Paul and Cheryl

28: Oh my Nancy, oh my sweet little Bunion Foot when we think of you, we think mostly of fun. We know we can always count on you to enjoy yourself, to bring life to a party and to light up the room. Whether it is playing cards with secret signals or playing music and insisting we "circle up"; we know when we are all together, fun is a given. We look forward to many more years of adventure, fun and friendship. Happy Birthday Nancy!! XXOO Love, Mike and Janis (aka Skeletor Toes) | Mike and Jan Quigley

29: Picture this: We are all dressed up and looking for a place to go in the Parker House Hotel lobby. You know Nancy, dressed to nines with one of the several outfits she has brought for one evening. We have gathered together to chat when Nancy excuses herself to go to the ladies room. As we are standing there, out of the corner of our eyes we see this ball of fluttering pink taffeta?? rolling down the stairs. Up pops Nancy to her feet, looking around to make sure no one has seen her... of course we all did although we were laughing so hard only an elderly couple came to her aid. That's Nancy for you - the life of the party and good for a couple of laughs, even if its at her own expense! "One Way or Another" Nancy will "Get the Party Started" and become the "Dancing Queen", until its a "Dancing Inferno" around the fire pit. Nancy is the life of the party until she's "Runnin' on Empty" and "It's Time to Say Good bye". So "Raise your Glass" and let's toast to Nancy as she turns the page on another decade... Our very best to you, Nance, Love, Abbe and Don 2013 | Don and Abbe Ritchie

30: It has been 24 years since that fortuitous meeting in a small cinder block room at the YMCA with Jamie nestling at your “sparse” bosom, Ziblet and Meggie flanking your sides and me with AJ in my belly! You came to the big metropolis of North Andover looking for a place to expend your boundless energy. You were ready and eager to teach the many exuberant seventy year olds who frequented our class. Little did we suspect that it was the beginning of a very long, wonderful friendship filled with laughter and fun. Little did I know what valuable lessons I would learn from our friendship. Little did T and I know that it would be the beginning of a priceless journey of our friendship. You withstood the persistent episodes of AJ’s refusal to go to preschool, as he would howl while you extracted him from my home. My job of retrieving Jamie was never that difficult-yet Jamie’s perch on the roof did prove to be a bit unsettling-so we are “sort of” even. I learned the power of patience and tirelessness from you. Remember the interesting time when we witnessed our friend’s unraveling. Throwing on your bathrobe and rushing down the common to see the unbelievable site of two grown adults frolicking on the green lawn, exposing their indiscretions for all to see. How about the other aerobic soap operas we watch unravel over the years? These baffled us as we thought that there was something to fear as an aerobic instructor...will these bizarre events somehow affect us? We kept our our own exploits to a minimum those years. I learned the power of focus and devotion from you. Running and training for the Marathon with you was truly a life-bucket-list-event that I will cherish. We solved the philosophical and ethical issues of the world while we ran-yapping the whole way. Den would sit on the porch as we rounded the corner at the conclusion our run with a look of astonishment as his would inform us that he heard us coming from miles away! Even though I didn’t drink enough water for fear of peeing-you listened as I babbled in delirium about my childhood those last few miles of the marathon. You taught me the power of perseverance and determination during this time. While working at the cardiac rehab with you, I saw the passion and enthusiasm you had for your work. It was amazing to see the ability you had to communicate the importance of exercise and self-control to your patients. I learned about communicating and expressing personal passion in ways that enlightened others. So many other events throughout the years come to mind...Going away to Jackson NH house with the girls, Irish pub; Dennis’ birthday celebration on the chilly, raging waters of Maine; Your clever “ode” to us at our 25th /50th party; weddings; dancing; discussing current events; your competitive game playing; Christmas parties and opening many bottles of wine; watching sports and so much more fun! And then there was the political espionage episode where you engaged in counter terrorism and displayed the intriguing problem solving skills and techniques learned through the FBI...Fat Bastard Investigations. Rainbow Obama had been kidnapped by a devious group of masked “contractor-like” insurgents and the ransom demanded was beyond comprehension - a bottle of wine. So you bided your time, and counter- kidnapped the suspect’s priceless home outdoor | furnishings-plant urns without being noticed. The week of intrigue, stealth ransom demands and suspense was enough to make us all tremble with anticipation...Do they know who “dunnit”, are they playing with our heads, will they seek revenge? The result was more than expected, a secret meeting at the Headquarters 99 and the exchange of the kidnapped items. You played this to the hill and we learned the power of fun, fun, fun from you during an innocent, goofy trick that turned out to be a wonderful memory. We will get you again? Be on guard friends-Beware! Nance, we love and embrace your spirited and energetic personality! We love and embrace your fiery passion for all things, especially sports and politics! We love and embrace your devotion to your family, Dennis, Zibby, Meg and Jamie, the bonds and respect for your siblings and especially the love of your adored Whitebomb and Blama. Nance, we thank you for your friendship. We not only love your company, but we gain so much just being around you. We love you and cherish our friendship. Happy 60th birthday, you look amazing and inspire us daily with your energy and enthusiasm for life. Love, T and Renée,Serrano (Written by us, but mostly Renée, although T tossed in a nugget here and there)

31: Tom and Chris Tetrault | Nancy,- Life is made sweeter by the friends we keep and the memories we make- so fortunate to call you a friend. . Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more wonderful years ahead. Love Chris and Tom XO | We were the most scared, therefore the most brave... - Nancy and Chris, May 2012

32: Nancy, We first met through our kids' sports endeavors. Dennis coined the name "Meg Legs," and there were so many soccer and basketball games for Patrick and Jamie. My most favorite memory is jogging the streets of North Andover. We've solved most of the world's problems while running by Stevens Pond and on up Marbleridge Road. You carried me along many of those mornings and kept me from drifting too far from the side of the road. You made the miles go by faster with tales of family and friends, and have helped to solve a few problems of my own! Here's to many more miles and lots more conversations. We'll get back to the weekend runs in the Fall. Thank you for being a great listener and a wonderful friend. Happy 60th Birthday Love Gayle | Rob and Gayle Welch

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