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Allissa Ruggeri

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FC: The Reformation By: Allissa Ruggeri History C

1: Martin Luther was a priest who traveled to Rome. He saw the priest acting sinfully and he started to question the Doctrine. He saw that what the priests were saying wasn't in the Bible. So he posed his 95 arguments against the church on the church door. He translated the Bible in German so that people could read it and see the corruption in the church. The pope told Luther to take back his statements about the church . When he didn't take back his statements he was excommunicated. And he started his own Protestant religion called Lutheranism.

2: The church was very corrupt at this time. The pope was spending church tithes on personal things such as food and wine and other things that he only needed. These church tithes were supposed to be used to better improve the church. People could buy their way into the clergy, into being a priest, or if they were rich enough they could buy their way into being the pope, They also told people false things and said it was God's will. No one could speak against them because they couldn't read the Bible.

3: Selling Indulgences | At this point the church was obsessed with one thing, getting money. They had many ways of doing this but one of the main ones were selling indulgences. Indulgences were kind of like tickets into heaven. It was believed that when you die you would work off your sins in Purgatory before you can go to heaven. The church told people that by buying these indulgences you could skip going to Purgatory and go straight to Heaven. This was wrong because only God had the power to let people into Heaven.

4: A Calvinist is a person that follows the religion of Calvinism. Calvinists believe that you cannot change wether you go to Heaven or Hell. They believe that God decides your fate even before you are born and nothing that you do in you life can change it once he decides. They also believe that Christ dies for their sins but he didn't die for the sins of the entire world. Calvinists were taught that if God gives you grace and lets you into Heaven you cannot refuse access into Heaven. Also that saints are protected by God until the day they go to Heaven.

5: John Calvin was the founder of Calvinism. Calvin was a big part of the reformation. Like Martin Luther, Calvin separated from the Catholic Church because of all the corruption and started his own religion that he called Calvinism and the followers of Calvinism are called Calvinists. Calvin based his religion on the absolute power and supremacy of God.He began preaching when he was in Geneva and became a pastor.

6: Calvinism is a religion made by John Calvin. The point of Calvinism is to emphasize the irresistibility of grace and the doctrine of the religion.The main points of religion are summed up in five points. These points are summed up in T.U.L.I.P. This stands for Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and Perseverance of the Saints.

7: King Henry was a King during the reformation. He married a woman named Catherine. He and Catherine were both devout catholics. They had a daughter named Mary. King Henry worried about the war. He needed a male heir to take the throne and take care of the people during the war. But his wife couldn't have a boy,

8: Since King Henry's wife Catherine could not produce a son he wanted a divorce. But the Catholic church does not support divorce. So King Henry called a meeting with the counsel to remove the pope from power. So now all of the power was given to King Henry so Henry was king of the Christan community and king of the people. After Catherine and Henry got a divorce he took a younger queen named Anne Boleyn and she couldn't have a son so he cut her head off. And he continued to do this to many other women.

9: King Henry VIII Born: June 28, 1491 Died: January 28, 1547

10: The reformation was a time for change. During this time many people helped to change the church for the better. Also to help end corruption. Martin Luther, John Calvin and many others fought and risked everything to stand up for what they believed in and helped to change the church.

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