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S: The Almekinder Family

BC: Special Thanks to my: Great Aunt Peggy, Aunt Terry & Uncle Dan | Created by Janelle Lippa

FC: Our Ancestors | The Almekinder

1: Johannes & Mary (Sonnerville) Almekinder Had 16 children, | Josiah Almekinder & Susan (Hood) | Carl Mull & Anna (Suppendusky) | Leonard & Catherine (Mull) Almekinder | The Almekinders | Dedicated to my amazing mom: Beth Lippa ~In memory of my Grandparents: Robert & Bernice (Van Bell) Almekinder~ | Robert & Bernice (Van Bell) Almekinder | Bruce & Sue (Reeners) Almekinder | Daniel & Terry (Gleichauf) Almekinder | Leonard & Judy (Paczkowski) Almekinder | Paul & Beth (Almekinder) Lippa Children: Jennifer, Janelle, Joseph, Robert, & Crystal (Bratcher) | Children: Emily, Jon & Ashley | Children: Cori, Jamie & Traci | Children: Sarah, Allison, & Jeffrey | Luke & Crystal (Lippa) Bratcher Children: Austin & Ava

2: The Almekinders Arrival The Almekinder family arrived in America in August 1882 from Holland. Josiah Almekinder was 16 years old at the time. The Almekinder family bought a farm and settled on Beam Hill in Williamson NY. Josiah would tell his children about his rough boat ride from Holland to America. His wife, Susan Hood would tell her children, jokingly, she didn't remember her boat ride trip because she was only 4 months old. From Williamson, NY the family moved to Sodus, NY. | The Mulls Arrival Carl Mull came from Germany. He became a US citizen in the 1914. Carl's wife, Anna Suppendusky, was Polish.

3: Leonard Almekinder in the backyard on Blossom Road. He was a bus driver for Rochester Transit and then in the payroll department. He was called a paymaster. | Suzanna Almekinder (Hood) was born in Holland April 2, 1875. This picture was taken on her 80th birthday. Susan passed away a year later from stomach cancer on April 14, 1956. Peggy, Carl and Robert Almekinder used to call her “little grandma” because she was very short. | Photograph of Anna Suppendusky Mull on the farm on Blossom Rd in Brighton, NY. She died when Catherine was 24. | This is the house that Carl Mull built on Blossom Road. It was was a farm, with a few cows, horses, a mule, plus a chicken, ducks and lots of fruit trees. Anna Mull had grafted an apple and pear fruit tree together. Catherine used to tell stories about the pear/apple tree to Peggy Almekinder. Carl Mull was an accomplished carpenter and stonemason. The cement sidewalk had coins from all the over the country embedded in it. He also worked on the George Eastman House in Rochester, building a strong bridge and some stone walls. | Leonard Almekinder | While Catherine and Leonard were dating, Leonard took Catherine for a Indy motorcycle ride. Catherine was holding on tight to Leonard's waist. After going around a corner, Leonard went to talk to Catherine, but she wasn't there! She had fallen off the bike a few yards back! Needless to say, she never rode a bike again!

4: Leonard Almekinder born 1899 Willis Almekinder born 1904 May 22, 1908 | Carl and Robert Almekinder were fraternal twins born on December 3rd, 1922. The family doctor came to 1654 Blossom Road, and delivered Carl and Robert on the dining room table. Carl was of normal weight, while Bob weighed only 1-1.5 pounds. For an incubator, the doctor wrapped Bob in cotton wool padding, set in a cigar box, and placed on top of the wood stove to keep warm. | Carl and Bob were confirmed April 5, 1936 in St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rochester NY. | Robert James Almekinder December 3, 1922 | Robert & Carl Almekinder, 13 months | The Almekinder Siblings: Rose (married Terry Barney) Betty (married Richard Moore) Peggy (married Mel Wagner) Carl (married Martha Hoffarth) Robert (married Bernice Van Bell)

5: Bernice Johanna Van Bell July 20, 1928 | Bernice's dad was well known for building grandfather and grandmother clocks. Uncle Tommy inherited two clocks. Now cousin Jerry owns the grandfather clock and cousin Linda has the grandmother clock. | Left to right: Betty, Bernice and Lois | The Van Bell' Children: Tommy (married Mary) Ken (married Kay) Charles (married Adele) Bernice (married Robert Almekinder) Betty (married Jim Humes) Louis (married Bob Parnia)

6: Bob served in the U.S. Army World War II 1940-1945 | It was well known that when two officers come to the house, a loved one in the war had died. Two Army officers came by the Blossom Road house while Bob was in the war. Bob's mother, Catherine, Aunt Gertrude and little sister Peggy were at the house. Bob's aunt immediately fainted when the officers came to the door. The officers informed the family that Bob was missing in action. He was not found dead; however, they couldn't find him or his entire unit. The soldiers told them to change their flag to recognize a missing soldier. Several weeks later, the soldiers came back to say the troops and Bob were found. Turned out, the troops were missing in the woods of Germany without any communication. | After an attack in Germany, Bob and his troops marched through a town to clean up the power lines and telephone wires. The entire town was completely destroyed; homes and buildings collapsed. In the middle of a torn down house, a perfect kitchen table with a tablecloth stood isolated. Bob took the tablecloth home and gave it to his mom, Catherine. | When a soldier first enters the army, the soldier wears a cavalry overseas hat (Bob is wearing the cavalry overseas hat in the two pictures on this page). Bob is wearing a "US Army enlisted man hat," which reflects a higher level of service. | Bob sent his parents a postcard from almost every station he visited during his war years. He sent the postcards to inform his family that he was safe; however, was unable to write a message due to secrecy. During train rides across the country, the windows were frequently blackened to discourage potential spies on board. | In Germany, Bob was part of the Signal Corps. Signal Corps would go into the village after they have been bombed to run communication lines for the troops to stay n secured communication with the other U.S. Military Troops.

7: Bob Almekinder entered the army at age 18. He was stationed in: Germany, Chicago, Mexico, Texas, Iowa, Arizona, etc.

8: One of the many fishing trips Bob went on in Thousand Islands. | Bernice & Bob dating years | Carl & Bob | Bob and Bernice started dating when Bob was dismissed from the services.

9: Peggy Alemkinder, age 6 | "Watch your speed!" Leonard, Bob, and Carl. | Bob, Leonard, Peggy, Catherine, & Rose | Bob Almekinder in his Army outfit | Bob in Army uniform, Leonard, Rose, & Carl | "One Thanksgiving, Carl and Bob were sitting at the dinner table with the entire family. Carl let out a big fart. Bob wouldn't let Carl outdo him in farts. So Bob and Carl had a major farting war. Catherine, mom, was so furious with the boys. She said they had to leave the table and go outside if they couldn't control themselves." a memory from Peggy | Carl & Robert | Carl Almekinder

10: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Almekinder | July 28, 1951 Saint Boniface Church They honeymooned in Thousand Islands, the start of yearly family vacations. | From left to right, top row: Mr. Barney (Rose Almekinder's husband), Robert Almekinder, Bernice Van Bell, Martha Almekinder, Carl Almekinder, Dick Moore (Betty Almekinder's husband) 2nd row: Lois Van Bell (married Bob Purina) Betty Van Bell (married James Humes) Flower Girl: Linda Van Bell (Thomas Van Bell's daughter)

11: Love

12: Bruce horseback riding in the living room with his dad, while Beth Ann follows along on the floor. | All dressed up, ready to go. | Hot dog anyone?

13: Leonard (September 2, 1953), Bruce (November 28, 1956), Daniel (December 12, 1957), & Beth Ann (January 17, 1959) | S i b l i n g s | The Almekinder kids would ride their bikes outside as well as in the house, by making circle laps through the kitchen and living room. | Everyone would love when Mum VanBell would come spend the night at the 180 Quinn Road house. They would look forward to her little treats. | Bath time traditions: one in, one out, one out, two in. | The gang in matching pajamas.

14: 1958, Bob carving ham for a holiday gathering. | Bob enjoying his morning newspaper and breakfast. A typical breakfast was a bowl of cereal with a banana and coffee. | November 1957, Lenny trying to give Bruce a special gift. | Our yearly vacation to The Thousand Islands begam with Leonard and Catherine Almekinder in the 1930's. Bob and Carl continued this tradition with their families. Len, Bruce, Dan and Beth would swim from sunrise to sunset in the St. Lawrence River. Bob and Carl would fish all day long; on some occasions their mom, Catherine Almekinder, would go fishing as well. Once the children were old enough, they would also fish. Bernice and Martha would stay at the cabin watching the children, enjoying each other's company.

15: Bob and Mindy | Daddy's little girl blowing out 5 birthday candles. | Len with his new Christmas bike. | Bob maintained all the landscaping; including floral and vegetable gardens. | 180 Quinn Road | Bernice would decorate the house for every holiday. | Bernice, Bob, Martha & Carl

16: They would take annual trips to Lake Placid, 1000 Islands, Silver Lake, Henderson, etc. | Bob and Bernice loved to travel.

18: 1970, Catherine Almekinder, Helen and Claira sitting around for the annual Thanksgiving dinner at 180 Quinn Road house. | Beth Ann, Suzie, Bruce, Bernice and Bob on Bruce's Sperry High School Graduation. | Len and Ken Czpranski | Beth, Catherine Almekinder and Paul Lippa

19: One of the last photos taken of the kids at 180 Quinn Road.

20: Bob & Bernice's July 28, 1976 | 25th Wedding Anniversary

21: Willis and Leonard Almekinder were brothers.

22: Irene Van Bell's wedding in Philadelphia, PA. Top; from left to right: Lowey, Betty, Bernice, Irene, Greg, and Ken. Bottom row: Bob and Beth, with Paul Lippa taking the photo. | The twin brothers: Carl & Bob | Blaze

23: Bob was well known for his beautiful flower and vegetable gardens. He planted a variety of perennials such as tulips, hostas, holly bushes, rose bushes, etc. In his vegetable garden, he grew green beans, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. | Leonard Almekinder

24: Beth married Paul Lippa September 22, 1979 | The Lippa Gang: Jennifer: March 15, 1980 Crystal: April 13, 1982 Janelle: December 11, 1983 Joseph: July 19, 1986 Robert: March 29, 1990 | 1980, Len and Jennifer Ann pose for a picture. | Bruce, Bernice holding Jennifer, Dan, and Bob at the Lippas' first home at 18 Westmoreland Drive. Paul and Beth made numerous Cypress Clocks and sold them as part of their hobby.

25: Janelle, Bob Almekinder and Joseph | Jennifer, Crystal, and Janelle would love going over to their grandparents house. When they'd spend the night, they'd often wear their Grandpa's t-shirts as nightgowns. "Some of my favorite memories at my grandparents involved playing games! During our visits, Grandma, my sisters and I would play endless card and board games. SCAT was typically the game of choice, using quarters from an old Noxzema We'd also play Aggravation and Ker.Plunk," a memory from Janelle Lippa. | Beauty rest for Bernice, Janelle and Jennifer. | Bob, Crystal & Jennifer resting. | The Lippa girls scared by Ms. Piggy, Halloween 1984. "I loved trick-or-treating at my grandparents' house. My Grandpa would always try to scare us at the door. We'd always scream! At the end of the night, we'd ask Grandpa for the left over candy. He was so cute! He'd only give it to us if we knocked again and again," a memory from Crystal Bratcher. | Bob and Bernice adoring their first grandchild, Jennifer Ann. | ""I remember my weekend traditions at my grandparents' house. My sisters and I would go to my grandparents' house on Friday night and watch The Commish with Grandma. On Saturday, we'd wake up very early to go to the hair salon. Grandma would pick up Great Aunt Martha from her house, and then the two of them would get their hair styled in Rush. My sisters and I would play around in the salon. Afterwards, Grandma would drop Great Aunt Martha off and we'd venture to Wegmans," a memory from Jennifer Lippa.

26: Len married Judy Paczkowski October 12, 1985 | Left to right: Dan, Paul, Beth & Jennifer Lippa, Judy & Len, Bernice & Bob, Bruce & Linda | Sarah and Allison wearing matching teddy bear sweater vests, knitted by their Grandma, Bernice. | Children: Sarah: January 13, 1987 Allison: July 29, 1988 Jeffrey: February 2, 1992

27: Left to right: Judy, Len, Bob and Sarah at the Lippa cottage in Conesus, NY

28: Bob loved to play the lottery! Every Saturday, Bernice would buy Bob a handful of Lucky 7 scratch offs, in addition to TAKE 5, Mega Millions, etc. | Mindy | A typical Almekinder gathering: pizza, snacks, cards, and lots of pop! | Bob fishing at the Lippa cottage on Conseus Lake. | The Annual Christmas Village

29: Van Bell Family Reunion | Dan Almekinder holding Corianne, Paul and Beth Lippa (Beth holding Robert), Joseph, Janelle, Jennifer, Crystal, Bernice, Betty (VanBell) & Jim, Bob Louis & Bob gather for a picture at Helen's house in Calendonia, NY.

30: "Perhaps they are not stars in the sky...but openings for our loved ones to shine thru to let us know they are at peace." | Bob & Bernice, George & Cathie Gleichauf (Dan's future in-laws).

32: Betty Moore, Bob and Rose Barney pose for a picture at Dan & Terry's wedding. | Bob and Jamie Jo | Left to right: Traci, Jamie, Cori, Dan and Bob posing for a picture as Terry captures the moment at the 170 Sussex Road house.. | Can you guess what Dan and Terry bought Pop (as Terry called him) for Christmas? | Dan married Terry Gleichauf November 10, 1995 | Children: Cori: February 5, 1988 Jamie: March 11, 1997 Traci: May 18, 1998 | Bob, Dan and Terry, holding Jamie | Dan and Cori

33: Cathie & George Gleichauf, Daniel. Allison, Cori, Sarah, Jeffrey, Len and Bob at Dan and Terry's house at 170 Sussex Drive | Left to right: Carl & Martha, Len & Judy and Bob enjoying the day. | Jamie & Traci | Frisca | The Old''n Days of the Almekinders: Traci, Cori, Dan, Terry & Jamie

34: Bruce married Sue Reeners April 15, 2000 | Bob & Emily enjoying a fancy limo ride. | "My sisters and I would color in various coloring books at my Grandparents house. My Grandma, Bernice, always asked if we could please sign our names somewhere on the page that we colored because Emily always asked," a memory from Janelle Lippa

35: Children: Emily Almekinder: January 17, 1988 Ashely (Reeners) O'Mara: May 5, 1984 Jon Reeners, January 21, 1986 | Dan, Bob, and Bruce | Bruce, Sue, Ryan & Ashley O'Mara, Emily & Jon

36: Crystal & Luke's wedding in Livonia, NY. Left to right, top row: Joseph, Jennifer, & Paul Lippa, Allison Almekinder, Beth, Janelle, Robert Lippa, Judy, Len, Emily. Bottom row: Jamie, Terry, Traci & Dan Almekinder, Luke & Crystal Bratcher, Bob, Sue & Bruce Almekinder | Four generations: Bob, Crystal holding Austin Bratcher, & Beth | "Family faces are like magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future." Gail Lumet Buckley | Crystal married Luke Bratcher September 16, 2006 | Children: Austin John August 25, 2007 Ava Grace February 18, 2011 | Traci, Austin & Jamie posing for a picture, taken at Austin's 3rd birthday party at the Bratcher house in Hemlock, NY

37: Father & daughter at the Peppermints Restaurant; one of Bob's favorite restaurants. | Left to right: Len, Judy, Dan, Terry, Paul, Beth, Bob, Bruce & Sue gather for a picture during the annual Christmas Party at 180 Quinn Road. | Frisca | Joe, Jamie, Traci & Beth riding the Gator around the Lippa's house in Geneseo, NY

38: A family gathering to honor a WW2 veteran, son, brother, father, uncle, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend: Robert Almekinder October 25, 2011 Top row, left to right: Paul, Joey, Robbie, Len, Judy, Sarah, Judy, Allison, Emily, Chris, Bruce, Sue, Terry & Dan. Bottom row: Beth, Crystal, Jennifer, Jamie & Traci

40: Whether a family is bound together or scattered far apart, Loved ones from the past and present are always in our heart. Legacies of love and pride are passed down through the years, Journals kept of triumphs, tragedies, and tears. Tales of great joy, sacrifice, and sorrow can be found, Character traits, personalities, and likenesses abound. Families give us history; roots tied to our past And a heritage that’s honored is one that’s sure to last. Laura Taylor Mark

41: No matter the occasion... upcoming holiday, a messy house, a crochet project gone wrong, being born with the wrong color hair.... Grandpa always could find the perfect cartoon comic.

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