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Alone - Page Text Content

BC: a l o n e c. corinne whitaker 2015 www.giraffe.com giraffe@giraffe.com all rights reserved

1: a l o n e corinne whitaker

2: did you know enola wasn't gay?

3: 1

4: straight, like a plumb line, down to the wood and paper houses to the tumbling younglings to the mayor, eating breakfast with his grand chicks in hiroshima to the 18-year-old mail carrier in nagasaki.

5: 2

6: his name was tamaguchi, by the way, he was in the way, as hell fell. ashes to ashes they all fall down. to the toenails the eyebrows the thin skin unwrapping.

7: 3

8: fat man even had a human touch. it was signed by soldiers. annihilation, autographed. too bad sotheby's can't sell it. going once. going twice. gone. I don't know if little boy was autographed but I know he vaporized humans by the score. humans, zero. gone.

9: 4

10: did you know enola, backwards, spells alone? tibbets said, "I did what I was told". "you've killed so many civilians". "that's their tough luck for being there".

11: 5

12: alone, homo sapiens inhabits the planet earth today. it was not always so. millions of years ago many types of humans co-existed. less sophisticated, perhaps. more sapiens? making us mongrels, perhaps?

13: 6

14: why can't one type get along with each other now? we will have to if we are to survive. can we survive each other?

15: 7

16: little brown-eyed girl found in siberia two molars and one finger bone alone remain.

17: 8

18: rummaging through 42,000 years of rubble aha! an ear of a cod. if god why cod?

19: 9

20: is fighting part of our dna? pathogens attack white cells fight back.

21: 10

22: a friend says we were born to argue. god wants us to argue, he argues. it is written. he is smitten with the microbes of certitude.

23: 11

24: in australia the chicken hawk and the crow malarrkarr kulu a-wangka argue. I own fire! I own water!

25: 12

26: the storyteller lady who fell out of the sky I know she's true I heard it from the yoingu.

27: 13

28: there are so many things I have never seen. the quagga the moa

29: 14

30: I have never seen a hairy-nosed wombat either. she sees poorly like a woman wrapped in a niqaab. the wombat claws her way into safe burrows. where are the safe burrows for muslim women?

31: 15

32: we think - no, we insist - we are unique. we are. we blush. is that it?

33: 16

34: selam was 3 when she died in the desert in ethiopia. wet and humid it was 3.3 million years ago. white and sere it is today.

35: 17

36: from white sands to red clay comes the pit of bones 430,000 years that hid our hominid secret: intention to kill. at will.

37: 18

38: I can remember being born bursting out of the birth canal alone wildly exuberant, overjoyed. give me fistfuls of life, I thought. I wonder: what language did I think in?

39: 19

40: is there a nonlife canal, an eerie passageway to another state of being? will I find anti-me there? will we self-annihilate?

41: 20

42: or, when I end in this universe, do I begin in another? can I slither thither back and forth between them?

43: 21

44: shall I wait for you there? arms outstretched to breach the chasm? I will call you selam child of peace. we will live in harmony. no longer alone.

45: 22

46: list of images cover: twisted logic 1. enigma 2. little men and frat boys 3. slaughter house 4. corpus 5. at home with the wild ones 6. hands across the milky way 7. primordial soup 8. cast a blind eye 9. honey comb 10. chortling trumpet 11. golden cock 12. clash

47: list of images (continued) 13. jumping 14. conversation circa tomorrow 15. daphne and the laurel tree 16. salmagundi 17. and then there were none 18 firmament 19. riboflavin 20. the I and the other 21. alien, incoming 22. tentacles back cover: ougalu

49: it was 1934. two rooms and a kitchenette in new york city rented for $72. men's neckties sold for 55 cents at saks 34th st. 25 cents bought a ticket to cecil b. demille's "cleopatra" starring claudette colbert. in berlin, bachelors under age 25 were fired from their jobs to make room for older workers with families, and the reich declared that it could not make any debt payments for years. roughly 65 million tons of topsoil were blown away by storms in the dust bowl states. people hummed "blue moon", read "goodbye , mr. chips" ,and saw "the thin man" at the movies. the composer frederick delius died after years of blindness and paralysis brought on by syphilis. in 1934, august 31 to be exact, a tiny pre-digital giraffe entered the world, hungry for adventure. a tumultuous 80 years later, after world-wide exhibitions, 34 years in the digital realm, 21 years of web publication, 12 books of digital poetry and painting, the digital giraffe is still finding magic in all things digital. What a glorious time to be alive!

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  • Title: Alone
  • Corinne Whitaker's 12th book of digital paintings and poetry, "Alone" takes us back to those deep and private moments when we face what we truly are as humans today.
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