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S: Amra Mostarlic

BC: By:Amra Mostarlic Pictures provided by Google

FC: Hermes | The messenger of God God of thieves and lies

1: By Amra Mostarlic Mr.Fussell's class | Hermes...........Pg1 Hermes Start.......Pg3 Did you know........pg6 Hermes Apprentices....pg8 Invented what?......Pg10 Hermes children are......pg11 Slayer of Argos.....Pg12 Symbols......Pg13 Hermes myth......Pg14 Hermes family.......Pg15 | To Mr. Fussell's class, Mr. Fussell, my friends, and the amazing Greek God, Hermes

2: Hermes was said too be the messenger of god. He is the son of Zeus and Maia and was born on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. His strengths are being clever,bold,determined,speed, and being able to charm beast and monster with music. His main weakness is staying still for too long. Hermes biggest myth was that his father (Zeus) sent him too bring souls to the underworld, he was also said too have helped other, like saving Io by putting Argos to sleep and letting her go away before Hera (Zeus's wife) killed her (or tried too). Hermes name means "Kindly" he is also a helpful god, Because Hermes could easily get in mischief, Zeus made him the messenger of god, thinking, Hermes would at least get in less trouble then before. Hermes wasn't mostly like his brothers and sisters, he had no famous temple's, he had statues of himself made by mortals to please the gods.Hermes could also give and take dreams and sleep! | Hermes is known to create items that are musical, items we use today, and maybe even brought us... | Fire | (He brought it too earth, not created it) | Hermes

3: Hermes was born in a cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. He was said to be born at night and his mother fell asleep. when she fell asleep Hermes left and stole from his older brother, Apollo. Hermes then left. Hermes made sure Apollo wouldn't find them by making the herd and himself walk backwards, to confuse Apollo. | Some myths say that Hermes hid everything away and went back in his mother arms. As if nothing happened. Others say Hermes went in a house and hid there. Ether way, Hermes made the Lyre. A stringed instrument that looks like a harp. | After finding his younger brother. Apollo was in rage, and he knew his baby brother stole from him because he string, from his lyre, was from Apollo's herd. Apollo was in rage, Hermes was so scared that he went in a corner and bundled up, scared of Apollo, even thought he kept the Lyre with him. | Hermes start

4: Later, Hermes and his brother, Apollo, made another trade, Hermes gave Apollo the flute in return the caduceus, a magic wand which was also given for a safe journey in raging storms. | Finally, Zeus stepped in to help his children too stop arguing. Zeus thought that a trade would be a perfect answer. Hermes gave his brother the lyre in return for taken from his brother. | (Note: In most myths Hermes is said to have created the flute, others say Athena did)

6: Hermes is not said too be the first messenger of god. But,Iris, the rainbow goddess. Yet it could be the other way around for other. Iris could be a messenger too, or Hermes was the first messenger of god. | Hermes as is know to have a son thats have sheep half god. Pan. Pan is also the god of shepherds. | Did you know... | Even thought Hermes is a thief, is very helpful. | People give sacrifices too Hermes by throwing something dear in fire (or candles)

8: Hermes Apprentices | Hermes looks like a handsome young man with a winged hat, winged sandals, and a golden staff twined with serpents. | Some stories say Hermes has a beard and wears travelers clothes, others say his hat is gold or silver too protect him in hard winds.

10: Invented what? | Hermes invented many things musical ones are the pipe flutes, lyre, written music, and the flute (ones again Some myths say Hermes invented the flute others say Athena did OK) the written music, flute, and lyre was a gift too Apollo. (the god of music) he was said to also invent boxing,measure and weights, alphabet.

11: Hermes children are... Angelia, the goddess of messages Eleusis, the goddess of the Eleusinian mysteries Hermaphroditos, the hermaphroditic demon Oreiades, many of the Oreiades were believed to Hermes' daughters Palaistra, the goddess of wrestling Pan, the goat footed god of shepherd Priapos, the god of garden fertility Satyroi, one of the 3 Satyrs | Hermes had affairs with other goddess like Aphrodite, and others like a dryope. | (This is Pan) down there

12: Slayer of Argos | Zeus sent his son Hermes to slay Argos the guard of Io. (Who was disguised as a cow) Argos was sent to guard Io by Zeus wife, Hera, sent after finding out Zeus had feelings for Io (as in Love.) Hermes went to earth and wore a shepherds clothes. He played the pipe flutes on a rock and tried to make the 100 eyed beast fall asleep, most of the eyes started dropping in a good night sleep after Hermes played the pipe flutes a littler longer and then all 100 eyes fell asleep. Then Hermes made sure he was asleep then pulled out his sword and slay the beast, but then, Hera found out and left the Havens to find Io and slay her, herself, until Hermes let her run away and be free.

13: Symbols | Hermes symbols are: | tortoise,purse,bag,cock,and the syrinx. | Another one which might not be Hermes, a roadside mound of stone, which might be Iris the goddess of rainbows and a messenger (of course not for Zeus like Hermes is.)

14: Hermes myth | Hermes brought the dead souls of humans to the underworld were souls go to when dead. Hermes and Iris are both messengers expect, Hermes is Zeus messenger (also son) So both are allowed in-and-out of the underworld.

15: Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia his step-brothers is Ares, Hephastatus, and Apollo. His step-sisters are Aphrodite, Athena, and Artemis. His uncles are Hades, and Poseidon, his aunts are Demeter, Hera, Hestia. His grandfather is Cronus, and his grandmother is Rhea. His grandfather on his mothers side is a Titan. | Hermes Family | with out his children

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