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An Open Door, A Golden Light

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S: An Open Door, A Golden Light

1: An Open Door, A Golden Light

3: An Open Door, A Golden Light Lilly Koteras

5: For my mother, Ivy, with love.

7: Dedication Page I wanted to say thank you to all the people who inspired and encouraged me to write, I now enjoy writing as a release of emotion that aids me in life. First I wish to shout out to my wonderful mom, she does it all for me and helps me with everything I want and more. Every day I see her I am thankful for her though sometimes I just don’t show it. Thank you to Wade for helping keep mom sane and somewhat happy and for being a dad to me and caring for me when I needed it most I love you and you are the best dad anyone could ask for. Thank you to Laila McCutcheon and Emily Chadwick, for being great friends to me. Because I know even if you are mad at me if you see me crying you will stop me and say, “What is wrong?” Laila you are like my sister and you have been there for me since day 1. Actually more like 1st grade but, whose counting? Emily Chadwick, thank you for being my inspiration for Waves by being so heartbroken, it made me so sad, I still remember going to your house that 1st time and writing it for you on my i-phone right then and there. ILYa’ll Thank You Rose Marie Moran (Ms. Rose!) For being there for me and caring so much, without you I would have gone crazy by now you are the best, sweetest therapist a girl could ask for. Thank You to Mrs. Dorothy Price, for being the trigger of my writing and helping me understand and enjoy the art of literature. I have never had a better writing teacher and never had as much fun as I did then. Thank you everyone else who has aided me throughout my (so far!) short life, Mrs. Tiller-Smith, Mrs. Arledge, and all the other teachers, friends, adults who have helped me. Thank you all so much ~Lilly Koteras

8: Night and Day Their friendship unraveled like an old piece of thread I acted as the shears which did shred Over time I came to tie bonds with both But still they're at each other’s throats Their thoughts of each other are filled with hatred and spite I can only hope for one day they might, Use me not as the bloody knife But as the needle that fixed it all

9: A Melody of Trust Harmony, Melody, Something deep inside of me Harmony, Melody, Something really, really sweet Harmony, the thing that fills me up with Happiness Melody, The thing that helps me reach my hardest goals Harmony, Melody, Something deep inside of me Harmony, Melody, Something really, really sweet ~A song composed by: Natalie Ann Scates and Lilly Koteras P.S. This was written in Third Grade

10: Secrets Lock and Key to my Heart Metal Shell to my Soul Pools of Tears Drowning my Hopes Rain falls, little drops of my broken Dreams Tears fall, like Shattered glass The glass of my heart My soul a Mirror of all the things you’ve said My soul a mirror of a wilted flower My heart a glass lock broken one time too many And now I must again lock away the me I truly am Delicate, Sweet, Caring, Coated in steel, all you can see is anger and pain How can I let you know? The me beyond my metal coat, Beyond that shield to my heart.

11: Simple Pleasures A slow waltz across the glossy wood floor The sweet song of a siren The smell of the sweet blooming flowers To be bathed in the cool moonlight These are the simple pleasures in life Like silence on Saturday mornings Like sunlight against a sapphire sky Like silver tears I have so often cried Like the sweetest kiss goodbye These are the simple pleasures in life Even that poison box of secrets Even steel tipped fears alike Even fires, scarlet and raging Even anger, silent and caging Even the memory of one who has died Cannot take away these pleasures in life

12: Lock and Key Secrets Told, Stories Unfold Silence Lingers, Atop my Fingers Silver Tears, Steel Tipped Fears Slicing my Fragile Trust Filling me with Secret Lusts That Key I have held so Long, Sings a Silent Weeping Song As it Longs to Open the Lock of my Heart Gold Clothed Larks Fly Away For Happiness seems Light Years Away It seems that Fate likes to Play With my Ever Precious Breathing Day

13: In a Cup of Tea I opened my Heart, poured it out like tea You Smiled, I trusted you, foolish of me I thought those eyes of yours were warm When through the fade they were so cold My heart a tender living flower Now you have taken all its power Taken it and shattered it at my feet Now how can I even move? My arms and legs to use that broom To sweep away the love too soon And why do you expect, to once again collect The secrets that my heart may wield

14: Stars Little pockets of hope Through the blackest silk blanket of life Stars As if someone carelessly spilt sugar From heaven to the earth Stars Like diamonds, glittering from afar In the rawest form of beauty of all Stars Small sweet gems on the crown of the sky To accompany the milky moon Stars Like places in the obsidian glass That has shattered and fallen far away Stars The map of the sky, A place for a final goodbye Stars

15: Parade So many times before, So many times in the past, Have my feelings been put on parade Every day the gawk, that feeling always lasts. The tears that flow from my eyes Are, to them, merely lies Deceiving their little minds But why is it that to this day I feel immune to the pain That pierces through my dark, dark heart.

16: Silence My heart, silent now I am now immune to their insults I look at them with glass glazed eyes As if my soul has been tranquilized I am so numb to the rumors and lies But, why do tears still run, From my cold, cold eyes

17: Snake You coil, like a snake Ready to strike with your hate I spread my wings, ready to fly Immune to your every lie Maybe to others your beauty means you are kind But to me it is pure evil And now you fly, like me, at me, Though, I’m already gone

18: Voices Their voices ring with emotions Trembling, vibrating, loud Soothing, sweet, heartbreaking The opera of life is playing, Audition if you will, the part you play, Has no script, the world is your set Your lines are from, deep in your heart At the end of your scene You bow and you leave Your curtains close But that everlasting play goes on

19: Fate With the roll of a dice you can see, Exactly how tricky fate can be Every action you take Influences someone’s destiny So take every step with caution Shed every tear with care So in the end The fates’ shears don’t shred That simple lovely golden thread

20: Wings If you had wings would you fly away? Would you return on another day? Would you sing of freedom and love? As you flew sweetly, so like a dove If you had wings would you fly away? Would you leave me all alone to play? Would you laugh at all your fears? As you let me cower at my tears If I had wings I would fly away I would sing songs of return one day I would laugh at the face of darkness With you right at my side If I had wings I would tear one off I would give it to you so you could come along I would hold you tight against me With a smile in our eyes

21: Waves (A companion to Wings) Broken Hearts have no remedy Just try to explain myself to me Scattered tears wasted, don’t you see Is there any more hope for love? I can only curse the skies above Broken Dreams have sailed away Never will they be back until you say, That you love me one more time For now all I can do is sit and sigh For you, ours, yours and mine Broken Hears have a remedy A few good songs and tears for three A friend to guide me along A rewrite of your old love songs And now my love for you is dead and gone Broken Dreams really don’t exist You only hide them away for a later date I don’t need you anymore You or those gifts from before Because you and yours are simply that And ours, mine, and me are only a memory

22: Hourglass Glass walls surround me The sand of time slowly kills me The staring people twist and turn my fate Yet no one at all will rescue me No one holds a hammer No one has the key Except me I have the key I have the will You and me are free

23: Lilly K .

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