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Ancient Greece

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S: By:Tamara & Starr

FC: How Greece has an effect on our society today

1: Language | What is the origin of the word "Alphabet"? It comes from the first 2 letters of the alphabet,alpha & beta. | How our English words are based on the Greek language? Most of our letters come from their's. | What type of literature was developed by the Greeks that is still a part of modern day society?The Greek roots and alphabet. | What parts of Greek writing do we see in our modern day writing? We see letters and the alphabet in our writing. |

2: Government | What aspects of our government are based on the Greeks' government?The practice of having citizens serve in Juries. | What does the term 'democracy"mean?It Mean the people rule. | What are the two differences between our representative democracy and the Greeks' direct democracy?The Greeks voted on every issue.Today we elect representatives to speak for us and make laws. | How is democracy different than some of the earlier types of government people actually get a say. |

4: Medicine/Human Body | Originally,what did the Greeks think caused disease and illness?They thought the Gods were punishing them. | How did Hippocrates change the way the Greeks viewed illness and disease? Hippocrates said that illnesses were natural causes. | Why did early Greeks not know much about the human body? The Greeks didn't know much because they believed that cutting open human bodies would anger the gods. |

6: Math | Who is Pythagoras,and what is he know for?He was a scientist and he was know for a=2. What does the word "geometry" mean,and how was it first used?Geometry means to measure and it was first used to measure 3 distant cities. | oldmathand mewmath.oirg

8: Astronomy | What does the word "astronomy' mean?It means the study of outer space. What did the scientist Aristarchus suggest that we still believe today?He suggested that the earth revolves around the sun. What are two accomplishments of the scientist Hipparchus? 1.He study and named more than 650 stars.2.He estimated the distance from the Earth to he moon and the Earth to the sun. Hipparchus's theories allowed for the prediction of what in later years?This allowed scientist to later predict eclipses of he moon.

9: |

10: Geography | What does the word "geography"mean? It's means writing about the earth. | Describe the system of latitude and longitude developed by the Greeks. Latitude measures the distance a location is north or south of the equator.Longitude measures the distance a location is east or west of the Prime Meridian. | What are two of the scientist Ptolemy's accomplishments? He developed the system of latitude and longitude.He created a book of maps,and those maps were the first to show how the earth curves on a flat surface.


12: Architecture Architecture means the art of designs on buildings. The three parts of Greek architecture are Frieze and a Frieze is the band of sculptures on the top of a temple. Another part is a Pediment a pediment is a roof slant and it creates a triangle. The last part is the Metope, the metope means the sculptures itself without anything else.The reason that the Greeks built temples were for the beautiful dwelling places for the gods and goddess rather than as places to worship . We see forms of Greek architecture on churches and different types of buildings.


14: The Greeks were benefited of the plants and animals doctors because, the doctors learned about anatomy or body structure of animals and human. The three ideas that the Greeks learned about plants were, was that plants the plants reproduce by spreading weeds, and they identified plants and they're names, and Herbs were used as forms of medicine to help with illness and pain. The philosopher Aristole is known for creating a system that classifies plants an animals ( animals with backbones vs. animals without backbones.)


16: Theater | A theater is a viewing place, Greek theater was built with semicircles and the rows of seats rose steeply so everyone could hear and see, The greeks have improved their special effects, The greeks gave us most of our drama and special effects.

17: Ourtheatersin our | greecetheaterlife/photos/

18: Sports | The purpose of the Olympics were to show talents.We see Boxing, Wrestling track in our modern day life and ancient Greek Olympics. Our current Olympics are based on events from the ancient Olympic track was the main game they did in the Olympics.

19: | ancientgreeceolympics/

20: Greek Mythology and Religon | The ancient Greeks worshiped their gods The importance of the oracle at Delphi is the people asked her a question and was answer by Apollo through herThe Greeks gave us roots and we use roots all the time to figure out words and their meanings. The Greeks gave us our drama, plays and a lot of our theater.

21: Pictures from http.thatsmykindofgreece/mytholgy& |

22: Alexander the great | Why was he called Alexander the great?He was called this because of his empire and army. Who was he and how did he become king?He was told to be the son of Zesus. How did he spread his empire?He spread it by having everyone speak nothing but Greek. How did he Unite his Empire?He united it by having everyone speak Greek,If they were loyal to him he let them worship their own gods,He also had everyone believe he was a god


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