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Ancient River Valley Civilizations - Kyle White

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S: Ancient River Valley Civilizations Mixbook - Kyle White


FC: ANCIENT RIVER VALLEY CIVILIZATIONS MIXBOOK -Kyle White- | Egypt | Indus | China | Mesopotamia

1: Table of Contents Mesopotamia.....................................2 Egypt.................................................4 Indus..................................................6 China.................................................8

2: 1. Mesopotamia is the oldest know civilization. 2. It is located between the Tigris River and the Euphrates River. 3. Some believe the Fertile Crescent was where the Garden of Eden was located. 4. Mesopotamians used the cuneiform writing style. SS | ~MESOPOTAMIAN RIVER~ ~VALLEY~

3: 5. Mesopotamians invented the wheel. 6. The Mesopotamians followed "Hammurabi's Code." The basic concept of this code was "an eye for an eye." 7. Mesopotamia is the setting for the Old Testament of the Bible. 8. Social classes of Mesopotamia included kings, farmers, and even slaves. 9. Both Mesopotamian women and men were able to learn to read and write. 10. Mesopotamians invented techniques such as copper and metal working.

4: 1. Ancient Egypt was centered around the Nile River. 2. The Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphics. 3. Their use of technology revolved around Geometry and other mathematics. 4. Egyptians were led by Pharaohs, or “priest-kings.” 5. Egyptians believed that their Pharaohs were gods. 6. Social classes included Pharaohs, priests, farmers, and slaves. | ~ANCIENT~ ~EGPYTIAN~ ~RIVER~ ~VALLEY~

5: 7. King Tut is the most famous and well known of Pharaohs. 8. Egyptians believed that if they were mummified a better after-life awaited them. | 9. The most important god to the Egyptians was the sun god. 10. An important symbol to the Egyptians was the Eye of Udjat.

6: 1. The Indus River Valley Civilization flourished around the Indus River Basin. 2. The people of this civilization invented a plumbing system. 3. Upper classes of this civilization of were Priests and soldiers. Middle Classes were merchants and traders. Lower classes were servants. | 4. Signs of Hinduism in this civilization are present before and during the early Harappan period. 5. The people of this valley wrote with symbols. | ~INDUS RIVER~ ~VALLEY~

7: 6. More than 400 symbols from the Indus Civilization have been found. 7. The cities were planned in a grid, or "block," style. 8. The leader of this valley's government controlled trade and religion rather than military. 9. The people of this civilization invented most modern measurements, such as the minute and mass. 10. The Indus River Valley flourished during the Bronze Age.

8: 1. This Chinese Civilization grew around the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. 2. The people of this civilization believed their leaders, or Emperors, held divine approval, or the Mandate of Heaven. 3. The leaders of this civilization were Emperors. | 4. The Chinese people wrote with stroke-related characters. 5. These people created many uses for metal-working. | ~CHINESE RIVER~ ~VALLEY~ ~CIVILIZATION~

9: 6. The Chinese, like the Egyptians, built pyramid-like structures. 7. This civilization introduced the use of horse-drawn chariots. 8. Social Classes include Emperors, traders, merchants, and servants. 9. Time periods were called dynasties, which were divided up by what Emperor was currently ruling. (For instance, while Emperor Shang was leading, the dynasty was the Shang Dynasty) 10. Dynasties were overthrown when they were deemed unsuccessful, and when the Emperor of that dynasty had lost the Mandate of Heaven.

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