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Angel on a Quest

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Angel on a Quest - Page Text Content

S: Seasons of Change

BC: The End

FC: Angel on a Quest

1: Bryce Canyon is almost as beautiful as heaven itself. You see I would know because I’m an angel sent from heaven. I was sent here because there’s always trouble going on in this human world. I have a certain task that I need to complete to help someone in this world before I can return to heaven. I haven’t found this quest yet. I’ve been waiting for two years for it to come to me.

2: I can feel the magic feather on my back, which belongs to my wings, anxiously waiting to be pulled out to help someone. Not everything on this Earth is the way the humans see it. There are more creatures than they think there are lurking around. Creatures that know how to hide out of human sight, but know how to appear scarier than a monster from a human’s nightmare right as they capture them. This feather will help me defeat them. It has the magical power to stop time. Only the victim and I are unfrozen and the rest of the world is still.

3: I sit on a bench, still getting stares by everyone and just wait there. It’s a canyon and people fall off the edge all the time. I just want to rescue someone. I wish a mission could just hit me right in the face. As soon as I make my wish, a piece of paper whacks me in the face. I hear a couple people chuckle at me as I peel the piece of paper off my face. The eyes that were on my paper gave the emotional human heart I was given a mini heart attack. I had to look away for a little bit. The boy in the picture was so beautiful. I didn’t think humans could be so beautiful. I mentally slap myself in the face and look at the big, capitalized letters below his picture. It read: MISSING 17 YEAR OLD BOY LOST IN THE CANYON IF YOU FIND HIM PLEASE CONTACT US | The people around me stare as I walk past them. They know I’m different, my face is perfectly proportioned and my skin is a beautiful milky white. Sometimes I get worried my wings are sticking out of my back, but that’s impossible because they are folded so tightly against me, you can’t even see them through the thinnest shirt.

4: Finally! My task has come! I am so excited I jump up and go to the edge of the canyon and almost jump right off the edge spreading my wings out in front of all these people. You would think I would be better at this now after two years of being around these humans, but no, I am certainly not. My heart sinks though. Do I even want to do this task? Then I will have to go back to heaven and I will not be able to stay here on Earth. I love it so much here. I look at the picture of the boy again, and the eyes look at me like they are begging me to come to the rescue. I roll my eyes at myself. I can’t believe I am about to surrender to a picture of a boy with beautiful eyes. I can’t just leave him be, even if I don’t get to stay on Earth and be with my friends I made during the past two years.

5: I look at the rocky path below me that the feet of the humans need to travel down into the canyon. I sigh. I feel bad how much these people need to put effort into moving everywhere. All we angels have to do is soar through the air without any trouble. There’s no need to worry about falling off the edge or twisting a foot or getting tired. The only thing to worry about is how your going to rip yourself from the beautiful sight around you as you whip through the crisp air. Sometimes I just never want to stop flying. I observe the eyes around me that stalk my every move. I want to get this mission done as quickly as possible because I miss home. The better and faster I get this mission done, the more proud of myself I’ll be, and the prouder The Master will be of me. When He’s proud of you, it’s the most incredible feeling ever. I have heard of this other feeling though that’s called love. It is supposed to be greater than anything in the world. I don’t think it’s better than Him being proud of you, though, is it? I feel like I want to experience this feeling more than I want to go home though. I feel like I want to stay here more than anything, but I can’t abandon my home. Can I?

6: The thought confuses me, so I push it away as I see no eyes gazing in my direction and quickly pluck the feather off my back and freeze time. I only have ten minutes to fly around the canyon and try to find the lost boy. So, I spread the white angel wings that stretch fifteen feet and almost seem to glow when the sun’s rays strike it’s pearly white surface. I remove my shoes and curl my feet on the rough edge of the rock. I inhale the fresh air around me and finally, like I’m a swimmer about to strike the water, I dive off the canyon. The chill of the air brushes my skin, creating goose bumps and then, I feel myself gliding.

7: I weave through the tiny cracks in the rocks where he could get stuck and then through the creepy caves that could scare someone so badly, it could put them into shock. I can feel frustration boiling the blood inside of me. Where in the world could he be? Did someone already find him? Is he dead? Gosh, I hate this human brain I’ve been given. It can ramble on forever and make you more and more stressed. While flying through some arches I see smoke that can’t be created by a human campfire. The smoke seems evil, grayer than usual, almost black even. I zoom towards the mysterious site, and what I find there isn’t pretty. | I open my eyes and find orange rock everywhere I look. It’s a world of orange that seems to go on forever. I mentally slap myself as I find my mind slipping away from the track it’s supposed to be on, finding the gorgeous blue-eyed boy. I can hear the seconds ticking away as I frantically fly through the air, trying to find a source of struggling life.

8: There are huge, hideous lizard type things dancing around a roaring fire where a boy is awaiting his death as they lower him down with thick ropes that I could see were used to whip him with earlier. His skin is patched with dark red marks where the ropes are holding him. I can see blood trickling down along with sweat that covered his body. I start to cry as I see this horrific sight. I look around for water. Sure enough, I find a small river right behind me with a bucket sitting along side the edge. I know I only have seconds left, and what if those creepy lizard things just drop the beautiful, scared boy into that roaring fire? I rush back and forth towards the fire and the water, until I finally put it out. I close my eyes; relieved I could at least save him from the fire. Now, if only I could just rest for a little bit before these monsters come out-

9: My thoughts are interrupted as one of the evil lizard’s slimy hands covers my mouth and nose, suffocating me. I try and wave my feather to freeze time again to get the vermin off of me, but another one of the lizards snatches it from my hand. I try to scream, but then I find it a waste of my energy. Who is going to hear me this deep in the canyon? I get a hold of the lizard’s arm that is grabbing me and flip him over my back. I only take one breath before I look up and my breath is stopped again. It’s not because of someone holding me and trying to suffocate me, but it’s because my breath catches in my throat as I make eye contact with the boy that was on the wanted paper. The picture did not do him justice. The blue eyes were even more magnificent and his brown hair whipped around his head as he shook his head at me for some reason, and as he did this, the sun glistened off the gold hairs that were mixed with chocolate brown ones.

10: I only could admire him for two seconds before I realized why he was shaking his head. Four lizards grabbed me from behind. One yanks on my wings, two yank on my arms, and one pulls both of my legs. I feel like I’m being torn to pieces as they set me down on a board. I try to wiggle around and set myself free, but their strong slimy hands hold me down so I can’t move a muscle. I want to cry, but I don’t want to look weak in front of blue-eyed boy. They strap me down with the same rope used to strap him to the tree. It feels like it’s metal, not rough rope.

11: They walk away from me, a little too calmly for my liking, like they know I can never escape their trap. I look over to see what they are doing and I see them coming back, carrying weapons with boulders on the end of them. My eyes grow wide and I look frantically around for something. A smirk appears on my face as I see my feather lying beside me, stupid monsters. All that needs to happen to get my feather to work is for it to be shaken and held against my skin. I rock my body back and forth to reach the feather. My actions quicken the lizard’s steps. The feather almost falls off the table, but then I quickly turn the opposite direction, and it hits my thigh. I feel a blow to my wing and I scream in pain. | A boulder crushes my other wing too, and I cry so hard my body starts to shake. I see another boulder stick heading towards the direction of my stomach, but time freezes and it stops two inches me. I feel one of my hands free, I guess the same stupid lizard that put my feather next to me accidentally cut my rope with a knife. I grab the knife away from the idiotic lizard and cut the ropes away from my body. I look down and see the same type of rope burns I saw on the boy earlier on my thighs and wrists.

12: The boy, oh my gosh, I totally forgot about him! I look up to see him fidgeting over the wood that was soaked with the water I threw on it. Before I help him though, I cut the heads off the lizards. I almost puke at the sight of the green blood that oozes out of them. I rush over to the blue-eyed boy and I forget the pain in my wings as I look into his eyes. For the third time today, I mentally slap myself to get back on track and cut him loose. He lands gracefully on the ground, even with all of his injuries. He limps over to me and stands six inches away from me. I untie the cloth that was jammed in his mouth and tied at the back of his head.

13: As I release the cloth, I hear the Lord’s voice inside my head. “Lovely angel Abigail, you have completed your task. Great job saving the boy! I have found the perfect gift that I would like to give to you as a way of saying thanks. I know you’ve been curious about love and how much you love this world living along side the humans. So, I will give you the love of your life, your soul mate. Without you, this boy can never find his true love. So, he is your home now and my gift to you. As you live a long happy life together, make sure you help some others along the way. Thank you again.”

14: This only took the Lord a second to say. Suddenly, I could feel my wings come back to full health and fold themselves tightly and neatly against my back. “Thank you for saving me,” the boy says breathlessly. “How can I repay you?” “I wouldn’t mind a name,” I say as I smile at him. He laughs this magical laugh that pulls at my heartstrings. “Brandon. And yours?” “You’ll figure it out over dinner.” I smirk again as he chuckles and takes my hand. “Dinner with an angel, sounds interesting,” he replies. Now, it was my turn to laugh. “More than you know. Hold my hand tightly,” I warn. As I feel a squeeze, I take flight with the love of my life. After dinner that night, I finally figured out the best feeling in this world. It’s love. An angel that finds love and is given the ability to help people on Earth for eternity, that’s me and I don’t think life could get any better.

15: iguana from flickr (page 8): angel wings from flickr (page 6)- feather from flickr (page 2)- lizard hands from flickr (page 9)- rope (page 10)- blue eyes from flickr (page 12) - rock from landscape photo (page 11): canyon photo (page 1)- taken by Emily Schmidt woman sitting on a bench (page 3)- taken by Emily Schmidt Black and white (page 4)- taken by Emily Schmidt people on a path (page 5)- taken by Emily Schmidt arch canyon (page 7)- taken by Emily Schmidt heart in a hand (page 13)- taken by Emily Schmidt holding hands (page 14)- taken by Emily Schmidt

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