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Anna and the French Kiss

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Anna and the French Kiss - Page Text Content

BC: By: Holly Everman

FC: Anna and the French Kiss Stephanie Perkins

1: A- Antagonists: Amanda: -Rich, preppy, has a crush on St. Clair, flips her hair often, adds emphasis on one word in each of her sentences, and calls Anna "Skunk Girl".

2: B- Books Anna Oliphant's father, a very famous novelist decides it'd be very appropriate to send his 17 year old daughter to SOAP (School of America in Paris) for her senior year. But when she accepts what is, Anna decides Paris isn't so bad. Especially after meeting some cool new friends and Etienne St.Clair. A very beautiful boy with great hair. Too bad he has a girl friend... Hopefully Anna can make the right decisions about life, college, and St. Clair.

3: C- Climax: The climax of "Anna and the French Kiss" is in chapters 38-41, when the whole gang is watching Meredith's soccer game. Anna and St. Clair slip away to sit by the pound in the park. But they're conversation turns into a make-out session in the grass. They both snap back to reality when Meredith sees them. She is devastated since she's also had a crush on St. Clair since Freshman year. After, running after Meredith, St. Clair goes back to Ellie's house (his girlfriend). So when Anna gets back to the dorm she feels sick and runs to the bathroom. Unfortunately Amanda is outside the door, making things up about Meredith. But when she goes too far and calls Meredith a bad name, Anna snaps and attacks Amanda. As if thats not bad enough, when St. Clair returns Anna yelled at him until he ran away. So Anna: made out with her best friend, betrayed her other best friend by making out, fought a mean girl from school, and yelled at her best friend until he ran away.

4: D- Description: Anna: Dark Brown hair with one bleached streak, about normal size- 5'5ish, wears mostly jeans and tennis shoes, skinny, neat, organized, has a big gap in her two front teeth, has only had one real relationship (with Matt), nice, pretty shy, and not much money even though her dad is rich her mom won't take money from him St. Clair: Very handsome, attractive, great hair, short, wears boots often, muscular, crooked row of teeth, and deathly afraid of heights

5: E- Exposition: Background: Anna's father becomes a famous writer. And decides to send Anna to boarding school in France. Setting: Atlanta, Georgia. Paris, France. SOAP. Plot: Anna develops a crush on St. Clair and all the drama along with that. Character's Histories: Anna has always lived in Georgia, gone to the same school Clairemont High School. Had the same boyfriend her whole life. Senior.

6: F- Figurative Language: Alliteration: "Step, step, step." (p. 170) Onomatopoeia: "Smack" (p. 177) Imagery: "In fact, the crypt us well lit. It's freezing down here, but it's also clean and sparse and white. Not exactly a dungeon. But St. Clair is still agitated and embarrassed. I lunge toward a statue." (p. 171 2nd paragraph)

7: G- Give an alternate ending An alternate ending for, "Anna and the French Kiss", could be many different things. For example, if I had written this book I would of had St. Clair tell Anna he loved her at point zero. The place Anna and St. Clair first went to on Anna's first night out in Paris. That is an alternate ending for "Anna and the French Kiss".

8: H- Heart to Heart: Dear Anna, Hello, my name is Holly Everman, from BCHS. I know you don't know me, but I want to ask you: why do you think your father is so horrible and annoying? He was only trying to help you. Giving you such a great opportunity, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Your father loves you very much and just wanted to broaden your surroundings and give you a wonderful senior year. Just think, if your dad hadn't sent you to SOAP (School of America in Paris) you never would have met St. Clair. I just hope you know, your dad sent you over there for your own good.

9: H- Heart to Heart (continued): You made so many great friends, for example Meredith, Josh and Rashmi. In Paris you also made so many wonderful memories. For example, your last weekend in Paris. When you went to Notre Dame. So in conclusion, you should be a little more appreciative of your father, he sent you to Paris because he loves you very much and only wanted the best for you. So please, realize his love for you. I hope you give him another chance to be in your life. Sincerely, Holly Everman

10: I- Illustrations:

11: J- Justify why "Anna and the French Kiss" is a must read for teens: "Anna and the French Kiss" is definitely a must read. This is because the author, Stephanie Perkins, has a way of making a connection with the reader. For example, from the first few chapters of the book I couldn't put it down. I was absolutely hooked. Also, because of the characterization. Anna is such a well developed, round character. When Anna was sad in the book, you felt sad also. For example, in the book Anna goes home on Christmas break. While there, she finds out that her best friend, Bridgette, started dating Toph (the guy she almost dated before she left for Paris). As Anna's heart was being ripped apart, you felt the heartbreak also. That is why, "Anna and the French Kiss" is a must read for teens.

12: K- Know your book: 1.) Explain how Anna is feeling on her first night. -Anna was feeling very sad on her first night at SOAP. As soon as her parents left she got very upset and started crying. But then, Anna's next door neighbor, Meredith came over to check on her. Which lead to one of her first friendships in Paris. 2.) How do you think Meredith felt after she saw Anna and St. Clair in the park, after her soccer game? -Meredith felt very hurt when she saw Anna and St. Clair. She felt as if they had betrayed her.

13: K- Know your book (continued): 3.)What happened to St. Clair's mother? -St. Clair's mother got cervical cancer stage 2B. When St. Clair found this out, his father wouldn't let him leave to go see his mother. So his grades started to drop and he was very miserable for a couple weeks. 4.) What is the name Anna calls St. Clair? - Etienne. 5.) What did St. Clair tell Anna at the end of chapter 15? - St. Clair told Anna that he likes her as more than a friend.

14: K- Know your book (continued): 6.)When Anna went home to see Bridgette's concert, what did she find out? How did that make Anna feel? - Anna found out that her best friend, Bridgette, and Toph were dating, at the concert. After finding this out Anna was very upset. Only finding support in St. Clair over the phone. 7.) What is Anna's passion? - Anna's passion are movies. She wants to become a famous movie reviewer when she grows up. 8.) What is Anna's gift to St. Clair? - Anna's gift to St. Clair is when she told him how to outsmart his father, so that St. Clair can move to California for college.

15: K- Know your book (continued): 9.) When do you think Anna knew she was in love with St. Clair? - She knew on Thanksgiving break 10.) Why did Anna get detention? -She fought with Amanda in the hallway

16: L- Lessons Learned: One theme in, "Anna and the French Kiss", is to give things a chance. Don't judge something or someone just because you don't know anything about that certain person or place. For example, in the book, Anna automatically decided she didn't want to go to Paris and begged her father not to make her go. If she would of had an open mind about moving to Paris for her senior year then she would have been much happier in the beginning. That is one lesson I learned in "Anna and the French Kiss".

17: M- Making personal connections: In, "Anna and the French Kiss", I connected with the main character, Anna, very well. For example, I could relate to her travels overseas to Paris. Over the summer I went to London, England for the Olympics. So I could relate to the differences in foods and buildings. Also, I can connect to Anna's love for movies. Thats one of my other hobbies. I love movies. If I could watch movies all Saturday long, I would. I don't want to be a movie critic like Anna, I just love watching them for enjoyment with my friends and family.

18: N- Narration: "Anna and the French Kiss" is written in first person point of view. This is very effective because you can directly read Anna's thoughts and feelings. Also, when a book is written in first person point of view its easier to relate to the "I" character (main character). Thats why its effective for "Anna and the French Kiss" to be written in first person point of view.

19: O- Obituary: Paris, France- Anna Oliphant, 18 years old, died on Thursday, June 14, 2012. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She was the daughter of James Ashley and Mrs. Oliphant. Visitation will be held from 2-4 pm and 6-8 pm Friday June 8, 2012 at La Voie Eternelle, 10 Rue Armaille, Paris. Services will be held at 10 am, Monday, June 10, 2012 at the Sainte- Chapel.

20: P- Protagonists: Anna Oliphant: Moved to Paris for her senior year Lived in Atlanta, Georgia Brown hair Regular height; 5'5 ish She is in love with St. Clair but doesn't admit it until the end

21: Q- Quotes: "If I had a euro for every stupid thing I've done, I could buy the Mona Lisa." (Anna and the French Kiss, p. 314). - This is very important to the book because Anna makes a lot of mistakes. So when Josh says that he is trying to make her feel better. "I'm saying I'm in love with you! I've been in love with you this whole bleeding year." (Anna and the French Kiss p. 363). - This is very important to the book because, as it says above, St. Clair is finally expressing his feelings for Anna. This is when they come and tell each other they love one another.

22: R- Resolution: In the end of the story, St. Clair tells Anna he loves her. Anna's plan, to go after St. Clair's Father's pride, worked. So when St. Clair pretended to be excited about going to school in Paris it made his father very mad. So St. Clair got to go to Berkley college in California, only a 20 minute train ride from Anna's school. Josh and Rashmi broke up. Since Rashmi was going to Brown and Josh (a junior, going to be senior next year) will be staying at SOAP. And, Meredith will be going to college in Rome. Anna and St. Clair started dating and have a long lasting relationship in California.

23: S- Sensory Details: "Now I know why people are always carrying on about Paris in the Springtime. The leaves are bright green. With birth, the chestnut trees are clustered with pink buds, and the walkways are lined with lemon yellow tulips. Everywhere I look, Parisians are smiling. They've shed their woolen scarves for scarves that are thinner, lighter, softer. Le Jardin du Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Gardens, is busy today, but it's a pleasant crowd. Everyone is happy because it's the first warm sunshine in months. (Anna and the French Kiss, p.307). This is a huge impact on the story because this descriptive passage leads into Anna's and St. Clair's big kiss in the park. Which is the climax of the story.

24: T- Top five song list: -Why ya wanna- Jana Kramer: This song applies to Anna because it represents how much Anna likes St. Clair. Yet, she knows she can't have him because he has a girlfriend. -You da one- Rihanna: This song applies to Anna because it represents how much she likes and thinks about St. Clair. -With you- Chris Brown: This song applies to Anna because it represents how Anna thinks, she and St. Clair belong together. -That should be me- Justin Bieber ft. Rascal Flatts: This song applies to Anna because she thinks she should be the one dating St. Clair instead of Ellie. -Kiss me: Sixpence None the Richer: This song applies to Anna because she wants St. Clair to kiss her.

25: U- Undercover mission: The author of "Anna and the French Kiss" is Stephanie Perkins. She is a very interesting person. For example, the house she lives in is 100 years old and every room is painted a different color. Also, she lives with her husband, Jarrod and cat, Mr. Tumnus. And lastly, she lives in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. That is the author of "Anna and the French Kiss", Stephanie Perkins.

26: V- Visiting your favorite character: St. Clair 1.) Why did you stay with Ellie so long? - I would ask this question because, in the book is obvious that St. Clair and Anna liked each other. So why didn't St. Clair just break up with her in the beginning, so he and Anna could be together. 2.) If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing, what would it be? - I would ask this question because, I want to know what he would say. For example, if it would have something to do with his mom or with Anna?

27: V- Visiting your favorite character: St. Clair (continued) 3.) Do you regret anything from your senior year at SOAP? - I would ask this question because, at the end of the book when Anna and St. Clair were at Notre Dame, St. Clair hinted the he regretted not telling Anna he liked her sooner. So I would like to know if he regretted anything. 4.) When did you officially know that you liked Anna? - I would ask this question because, I want to know when St. Clair officially had feelings for Anna. For example, did St. Clair officially know he liked Anna back in November after they had slept together? 5.) Why did you always wear those boots? - I would ask this question because, I want to know. Did he think it was a fashion statement?

28: W- Why? In, "Anna and the French Kiss", the human motivation the drove the characters and the plot of the story was the feeling to belong and to be loved. For example, in the beginning Anna was the new girl. She didn't know anybody and just wanted to belong to a friend group. That's how she found Meredith. Being scared and alone in Paris, France, naturally her first reaction was to cry. So when her next door neighbor went to check on her, it started a wonderful friendship. Also since Anna wanted to feel loved, she started to fall for the cute senior boy, St. Clair. As well, he fell for her too. So they experienced the feeling to be loved. That is the human motivation that drove the characters and the plot in "Anna and the French Kiss".

29: X- Xenophobia: Intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. - Someone who experienced xenophobia is Anna. Anna was very skeptical and afraid to move to Paris her senior year. She was afraid of all the Parisians and what they would think of her.

30: Y- You get to create a page based on our own ideas: Favorite Part My favorite part of, "Anna and the French Kiss", was during Anna and St. Clair's big kiss in the park. It was so romantic, unexpected and about time!

31: Z- Zinger: Something causing interest, surprise, or shock. One zinger in, "Anna and the French Kiss" was during winter break. At home, Anna went to Bridgette's and Toph's concert. The concert was awesome, but Toph reveals he and Bridgette had been dating for over a month. This is unexpected to me because I thought Anna and Bridgette were best friends. I thought Bridgette would have told Anna, she and Toph were dating. I was very shocked when I read that. That is one zinger from, "Anna and the French Kiss"

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