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Anne Herring Retirement

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1: For Anne ~ A Collection of Warm Thoughts and Thank Yous December 2013

2: I absolutely adore Anne and had a super internship year. I remember being so excited to have a female mentor. I learned a lot from Anne and it was a fantastic experience to have such a strong female supervisor. I remember WADA testing and Anne laughing at me one day in the maternity wing as I was wondering when my maternal instincts would kick in – which fortunately they did! I wish Anne the best in her retirement – she has truly left her mark on many generations of neuropsychologists and clinicians! Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe 1994

3: I came to Tucson in 1993 to intern for Anne. I loved my internship year, and such a big part of that year was the support we all got from Anne (and Maryruth!!). I then had the good fortune to stay in Tucson and become friends with Anne over the years. I wish her the best of luck with her retirement, I know she will be sorely missed on the 7th floor. Shannah Biggan '93-'94

4: Internship with Anne. Although this title may sound like one of those filmstrips you watched in third grade (does anyone remember filmstrips?) this will not be even vaguely like that. I had the great fortune to intern with Anne in 1997-1998. There were three of us and it was a big year because it was the year APA was dropping by to check out the program. Also, as is probably the case every year, some of us were trying to get used to Geoff, excuse me, Dr. Ahern, but no more shall be said on this. Early on in the internship, I had been mowing and had been bitten or stung by something and my foot had swollen to the point that I could not wear a shoe. I came to work and knowing that Anne had a nursing background, asked for her opinion on the state of my foot. She looked at my foot and it was decided that I should go to the ER and have them look at it. As it turns out, my foot was apparently cursed that year as later I had to wear a cast after I did something while hiking. These dangers were never made clear to me during the initial interview but I cannot say that it would have changed my decision to come if I had known about the possible physical dangers involved. Despite all of this, Anne was always supportive and practical. Her no nonsense approach to the foibles of interns was highly appreciated. She guided me through providing feedback and raised my awareness of how people interpret even seemingly good news about their results. She is awesome and I am sure that not enough people know it! If I can get back to Tucson next year Anne, I will come over for a visit, but I will always be in touch. You can run, but you can’t hide. (smile) Thank you for everything, Patricia Klaas 1997

5: Warmest congratulations on your retirement! I hope that you and Jim enjoy it to the fullest. I consider my internship year to have been not only one of my happiest times, but also one of the most formative. I will always be indebted to you for the guiding hand you provided in facilitating my professional development. By trusting me to be your representative as I interacted with other professional services, you gave me the space and confidence to find my own voice and make to transition out of studenthood. I continue to plagiarize you in my reports to this day and with your retirement, I feel liberated to do so even more brazenly. The style of supervision provided by both yourself and Jim also greatly influenced by own style with trainees and for that I am sure my gratitude would be echoed by them. While the above would have been enough to make you a superlative program director, it pales in comparison with the impact you had on my personal development. Your willingness to learn about me as an individual and to interact with me in an accepting and friendly manner had a strong effect on me. I wanted to live up to expectations and be worthy of that open stance. When I failed to meet those expectations and you still believed in me, that had a profound effect. I know that your support and understanding when I needed it kept my life path from derailment; for that I cannot thank you enough. With that gushing duly gushed, I also can’t resist mentioning the incident when your cat threw up on your bedspread in the middle of the night after eating the White Elephant can o’ potted meat. I also fondly recall Kimi, Cindy, and I speculating about the backstory of the hobo-like guy in the art on your office wall and how he fit into your life. Good times! Best Wishes, Major Bradshaw 2004

6: It's been over 7 years but every time I come to a juncture in life where I must choose between an elevator and the stairs, I think of Anne! More specifically, I think of Anne's legs. And then I think of my legs. And then, I too take the stairs. Upon your retirement, Anne, I'm sure there are many more things you'd rather be remembered for than your legs, so let me assure you... As I trudged behind you, huffing and puffing up seven flights of stairs, a woman half your age and a sixtieth your cardiovascular stamina, I had plenty of time to admire other parts of you as well. Such as your quiet determination, your great hair, your habit of leading by example rather than lecture, your classy Ann Taylor-esque business suits I would want to buy if I ever finished graduate school, your firm but gentle nudges in the right clinical direction (for example, toning down my enthusiasm when evaluating organ transplant candidates that can barely breathe)... These were just some of the qualities that that made me look forward to our weekly supervision meetings. You were certainly a much admired and well respected Director, and I look back on my year in Tucson very fondly. Thank you for your leadership and inspiration. I really do think of you every time I want to just take the elevator! Enjoy your well-deserved retirement. Rebecca Swenson 2006

8: Dear Anne, It is my sincerest hope that you enter your retirement with full knowledge of the good you have done for so many! During my year at Arizona, you took the time to discover my individual interests and create a rotation that suited my needs, rather than asking me to follow a pre-determined path that would have been academically adequate but not as personally engaging. I know that you did this for others as well; now that I am supervising trainees myself, I am especially aware of the extra effort this required on your part. I also find myself falling back on lessons learned during my rotations with you, and often tell trainees about your gentle but effective manner in guiding patients through interviews. I look back on my time in Arizona with such fondness – certainly the blue skies, mountains, and carne seca have something to do with that – but in large part my experience was good because you made it that way. I’m happy to have gotten to know you, both professionally and personally, and hope that we will continue to keep in touch. I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life – happy retirement! Warm Regards, Mariana Bradshaw (nee Witgert) Class of 2006

9: Dear Anne, 2005 – 2006. What a year at UMC under your tutelage. I have so many fun memories (in fact we are all wondering if you found the last photo hidden in your office at our departure). I can picture your little testing room like it was yesterday. Your warmth and humor. Climbing the stairs every day for extra exercise. Rep luncheons with the psychiatry residents (and rep cocktail hours!). Finding a way to configure furniture in those tiny cubicle offices without sitting in the client’s lapTransplant rotation meetings in the glamorous conference room. Breakfast burritos in the cafeteriaSweet lovely Maryruth. I loved working for you and with you, Anne. I admire your skill and your easy manner. The experience you offered me was one of the best of my professional life. THANK YOU!!!! You are never far from my thoughts, Love, Margaret Mitchell 2006

10: I had a wonderful year on my internship, and a large part of that was having Anne as our training director. Professionally, the training was outstanding and helps me in my clinical work today. But more that than, she was a mentor, someone who really looked out for her interns – she really seemed to care for us as people. And let’s face it – she’s really funny. Her dry sense of humor definitely helped me get throughout the day. So, thank you, Anne, for everything you’ve done for me and the other interns throughout the years. You will be missed!! Elaine Bailey 2005-2006

11: Dear Anne -- Best wishes for this new phase of life! I'm sure Jim will be happy to have you around more :) Please know that my internship year was a really wonderful experience for me. I really enjoyed your supervision and learned a lot. You have also continued to guide me professionally, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Be sure to stay in touch. warmly, Rima intern class of 2008

12: I would like to wish her all the best on her next life chapter! Best Colleen Ray 2008-2009

13: The best memory/story I have about Anne was the first time I saw her conduct an interview for an assessment. It was my first case when I started internship and the patient liked liked to give long convoluted answers to simple questions. I was amazed at how well Anne was able to redirect the patient and be patient. She was able to get all the relevant information in the right amount of time while making the patient feel comfortable. I have always strived to give interviews in the manner she did. One funny story: Anne had injured her foot during my internship year. At one point we saw each other in the morning outside the elevators to our offices and I held the door open for her. She kindly waved me on and took the stairs, which made me feel very lazy. I wish nothing but the best for her retirement, she deserves nothing but the best. Cheers Ben McKenna internship 2010-2011.

14: Anne, It's hard to estimate how many countless lives you must have touched through the years. I will always think of you fondly as a person who had great influence on me during a pivotal point in my life. Your good judgment and thoughtful, steady guidance sets an ideal example that I will carry forward in my own work. Best wishes to you for a happy and fulfilling retirement. Lynn Oelke, PhD Internship Class of 2011

15: Dear Anne - thank you for a wonderful internship experience and beyond! Your mentorship and guidance has meant a lot during my time at UMC. It won't be the same without you here! You have devoted so much of yourself to the internship and made a program to be proud of. I wish you all the best in your retirement! ~Sarah Skoch

16: My favorite memories from my time at UMC came mostly from our case conferences - where I got to enjoy the yin and yang of Dr. Herring and Dr. Ahern. Her ability to keep a straight face during his 'artful' patient conceptualizations was truly impressive. I was also particularly grateful that Dr. Herring was so flexible with me when my daughter was born midway through my internship year. She allowed me to be there for my family as we dealt with the difficult situation of being so far from home with a newborn child. Dr. Herring even hosted a nice get together to welcome Aislin which was greatly appreciated. I have to admit though, squeezing all of the interns, Maryruth, my wife, and my newborn daughter into that tiny room by her office had me nervously ruminating about potential diaper disasters. Thankfully, we made it through without any issues. I'd like to thank Dr. Herring for the opportunity to spend a year at a site where training was given high priority and where I was exposed to a truly diverse group of people and situations - all of which continue to serve me well in my clinical work today. I wish you luck Dr. Herring and hope you get to fully enjoy your retirement out there in AZ! Best wishes! Robert Rider

17: Dear Anne, I wish you a very happy and healthy retired life. Please know that we, your students and mentees, will continue to carry forward your work and legacy. Warmly, Surabhi Patwardhan, Ph.D. Internship graduation: 2012

18: In some ways I knew what I was getting into when I started my internship year under the direction of Dr. Herring. Having completed my graduate work nearby (as in, right next door!), I was well aware of her reputation. Quiet. Confident. Brilliant. And don't forget, board certified (requiring completion of a process that is both widely feared and highly respected)! I was prepared to learn a lot from her (and did!). I was also prepared to be surrounded by other brilliant people from whom I could learn (and was...and therefore did!). What I was not prepared for was the generous thoughtfulness and sensitivity with which she would approach supervision. It is no secret that Anne is soft-spoken, nor that I have trouble being quiet unless others are talking (it is ok to laugh--anyone who knows me knows that is true!). Despite our differences in communication style, I always felt heard and understood by Anne. And she always found ways to speak loudly through her quietness (if that makes sense?). The best example of this for me came when I returned to work after having had to say goodbye to a family member--my bloodhound Samson--I had to put him down as his congenital kidney problems had progressed to the point that other organs were being affected. Naturally, I had shared this information with my internship class and with Anne, and all were sympathetic...I expected nothing more and already felt supported when I found it--a card in my box that helped me more with my grief than anything that had come before or was to come after. I learned later that Anne has a reputation for giving the best cards...and this was no exception. On the front were a series of dogs, some of whom were wearing halos. The words that were printed expressed beautifully the relationship my family had with Sammy... "Good dogs are with us for a little while to teach us how to love like it's our job...because it is." I still have the card. I've never felt more understood or supported by a mentor than I did in that moment. And that, I came to know, was Anne's way. Of all of the things I learned that year I will remember most fondly the personal moments of sharing, the sweets we were so fond of eating, the shared recipes...I came in expecting to learn from a great mind, but learned even more from a gentle heart. :-) Sarah Burger, internship class of 2011-2012

19: Congratulations on your retirement from the internship class of 2012-2013! You certainly deserve all of the rest and relaxation that is coming to you after such a wonderful career. We appreciate you sharing your expertise throughout the year and the opportunities that the internship provided. You also showed an amazing ability to tolerate some colorful characters throughout the year particularly during our Friday meetings! We will always have positive memories of those times and hope that you will as well. In order to assist you in this endeavor, we have included a picture of Matt’s attempt to recreate the picture your father took of the particularly distinguished vagabond that hangs in your office. We wish you well! From, Brock Frost, Nicole Kiewel, Emery Mahoney, Matthew Mumaw 2012-2013

20: Dear Anne, Thank you for being such an amazing mentor all these years. Thank you for sharing not just skills and knowledge but your impeccable professionalism and your constant support. I could not have been luckier.I hope retirement brings lots of adventures, fun and laughter. Love, Marisa

21: Dear Anne, Thank you for your support and friendship as a fellow psychologist in the Psychiatry Department. I admire the stellar internship and neuropsychology programs that you created. We will miss you. Best wishes for a very happy retirement. Fond regards, Tricia Haynes

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