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Annie, Riley, Michael & Isabelle meet Hinnison the Friendly Shark

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S: McMahon Adventures of Annie, Riley Wanda & Daft: The Quest for Candy Island

BC: Christmas 2012 Merry Christmas, kiddos. Love, Daddy (Uncle Matt)

FC: The Quest for Candy Island | The Continuing Adventures of Annie, Riley, Wanda &Daft | Featuring Michael and Isabelle | And Introducing Hinnison the Friendly Shark

1: Annie, Riley Daft and Wanda were drinking lemonade on their deck one hot summer day. Annie and Riley were drawing pictures of lizards camping while Daft and Wanda discussed their favorite TV shows. Daft preferred Peppa Pig. Wanda was partial to Dora. | Suddenly Wanda noticed a fin poking out of the water in the swimming pool. “What’s that?” she asked. “Let’s check it out”, said Annie, after getting permission from her mom to go down to the pool. When they got to the pool, a shark popped his head out of the water. Daft screamed “Shaaaaaaarrrrk!” and quickly climbed a tree.

2: The shark spoke. “Sorry that I scared the lion wearing the bow tie. I didn’t mean to scare anyone. My name is Hinnison and I’m a friendly shark.” “Pleased to meet you, Hinnison,” said Riley, “My name is Riley. This is my sister, Annie, and that’s our dog, Wanda. The fraidy cat hiding in the tree is Daft.” | “Well,” said Hinnison, “I am pleased to meet you, as well. I like to make new friends. Would you, by chance, happen to have a juice box and a cheese stick? I haven’t had a snack today.” “Certainly”, said Riley as she ran inside to get a snack. “How did you get in our pool?” asked Annie. “Well,” replied Hinnison, “I was swimming up the river and saw these beautiful woods. So, I crawled up the hill to look around. After a while, I got hot and started to look for some water for a quick swim. I saw your pool and jumped in.”

3: “That was a great snack, Riley. Thank you” said Hinnison as he finished eating what Riley had brought him. “Hey, would you girls like to help me find Candy Island?” “Yes, please” the girls shouted together. | Wanda decided to stay in the yard and help Daft climb out of the tree. The girls helped Hinnison crawl through the woods and down to the river. Once they got to the river, the girls climbed on Hinnison’s back and they rode as a he swam back towards the ocean. Hinnison swam out into the Long Island Sound and turned east.

4: He swam along the beaches for a while until Riley spotted one of their favorite playgrounds. “Look”, said Riley “That’s the playground at Compo Beach. Hinnison,swim up to the shore, please.” | playing at the playground saw the shark, they screamed. And they ran away. Except for two. “Hey Annie and Riley,” said their cousin, Isabelle, as she jumped off of swing and walked over to them. “Who’s the big fish?” asked their cousin, Michael, as he slid down a pole. | Hinnison swam to the shore and Annie and Riley climbed off. They ran up to the playground and Hinnison crawled up the beach behind them. When the children

5: "Nice to see you, Isabelle and Michael,” said Riley, “That’s our friend Hinnison. Don’t be afraid of him; he’s a friendly shark.” “Pleased to meet you, Hinnison”, said Michael, “Want to throw the football with me? I can make great diving catches in the sand.” | “Well, I’d sure like to,” said Hinnison, “but I can’t really throw very well with these fins. And when I catch the ball in my mouth, I pop it with my super-sharp teeth.” “Okay,” said Michael, “Why don’t you just block?”

6: After Michael scored numerous touchdowns with Hinnison blocking for him (after all, who is going to tangle with a shark?), Annie, Riley and Hinnison asked Isabelle and Michael if they would like to help them find Candy Island. They most certainly did. | Riley, Isabelle, Annie and Michael climbed on Hinnison’s back as he swam out into the ocean. After a while, Isabelle announced that she was hungry. Hinnison asked her if she’d like him to catch her a fish, but she said she was more interested in a sandwich. So, Hinnison swam on until he saw a cruise ship.

7: Hinnison swam up to the ship and Michael, Annie, Isabelle and Riley climbed up the side and onto the deck. Once on deck, Riley went to the cafeteria and came back with a platter of sandwiches and a big bucket of smelly fish. | “Why do you have that smelly fish?” asked Isabelle. “I got a snack for Hinnison, as well” said Riley. Annie finished her sandwich first, so she took the bowl over to the side of the ship and dumped the fish in the water. “Thanks, Annie!” shouted Hinnison.

8: After they ate, Riley, Isabelle, Annie and Michael climbed over the side of the ship and onto Hinnison’s back. After swimming for a while, Isabelle pointed towards seals swimming around a big rock pile in the middle of the ocean and shouted “Hey, what’s that?” | “That might be Candy Island” said Annie, “Hinnison, can you bring us over for a look?”`` Hinnison swam over to the rock pile and saw that it was a small island. And the seals were playing volleyball! There wasn’t any candy there, but the seals invited them to play volleyball.

9: Isabelle, Annie, Riley and Michael climbed off of Hinnison and played volleyball with the seals. After their volleyball game with the seals, Michael, Annie, Isabelle and Riley climbed back on Hinnison and resumed their search for Candy Island. They swam east until they saw a big building. “What is that big building?” asked Hinnison. “It’s the Aquarium” said Riley, “Sometimes we go there to look at fish. And sharks. And sometimes we see movies.” “My cousin lives there,” said Hinnison, “Can we stop by and see him?” Michael replied, “Of course, Hinnison. We can’t wait to meet him.”

10: Riley, Isabelle, Annie and Michael climbed off of Hinnison once they got to the beach and led Hinnison inside the aquarium. They walked around and saw seals, penguins and all sorts of fish. Eventually, they came to the shark tank. “Look” said Hinnison, “That’s my cousin, Neil the whale shark. He gets his spots from my mother’s side.” | “Hey, Neil, how are you doing?” asked Hinnison. “Hey Hinnison, great to see you” replied Neil, “I’m doing fine. I get a little bored swimming in circles, but they feed us well and I’ve got all my friends in here. That’s Trixie the grouper and Harvey the tuna. Over there is Belinda the sawfish.”

11: “Pleased to meet you all” said Hinnison. “We’re looking for Candy Island. Do you know where we might find it?” “We don’t get out much,” said Trixie. Belinda said, “You should ask my godfather, Ned. He’s a whale who’s traveled the whole ocean. He usually swims by the aquarium around now. And if you ask him nicely, he might give you a ride.” | “Thanks,” said Isabelle, “Let’s go see if we can find him.” Hinnison, Michael, Annie, Isabelle and Riley left the aquarium and swam back out into the ocean. After a short swim, they saw a big black and white whale called an Orca. “Hello, Mr. Orca” called Riley, “Might you be Ned, Belinda the Sawfish’s godfather?”

12: “My name is Riley. This is my sister, Annie, and my cousins Isabelle and Michael. Pleased to meet you, Ned. Belinda thought that you might know where we might find Candy Island.” “Well” said Ned, “I don’t know where Candy Island is. I think you should ask the sea turtles. Candy is their second favorite thing.” “What’s their first favorite thing?” asked Michael. “Racing” said Ned, “They love to race. Before you go see them, would you like a ride? Giving rides is my favorite thing.” | “Why, yes I am!” said Ned, “And who might you be?”

13: “YES WE WOULD!” shouted Annie, Isabelle, Michael and Riley. “I’ll just watch” said Hinnison. Isabelle, Riley, Annie and Michael rode on Ned’s back for an entire hour. They had a great time. Ned was quite the jumper. | After their ride was over, they thanked Ned, climbed back on Hinnison and went off in search of the racing sea turtles. They found them in the middle of a race. And it was quite a race. Seven turtles raced around the bay seven times. Finally, the turtle wearing the number thirteen on his shell won the race.

14: “Hello, turtles. My name is Annie. This is my sister, Riley, and these are our cousins, Isabelle and Michael. That’s Hinnison. Don’t worry about him, he’s a friendly shark. Ned the Orca thought you might know where we can find Candy Island.” | “Oh sure, we can show you where it is,” said the Number Thirteen Turtle, “But only if you can beat us in a race.” Hinnison volunteered to race for them, but Annie said that she would do it. “I’ve been taking swimming lessons at the Y,” said Annie, “I think I can win.”

15: “Here, Annie,” said Isabelle, “Take my super fast swim fins.” So, Annie put on Isabelle’s super fast swim fins and raced the sea turtles. Seven times they raced around the bay. The Number Thirteen Turtle led most of the way, but at the very end Annie swam extra fast and pulled ahead of the lead turtle, winning the race by just a few feet. “Well raced, Annie,” said the Number Thirteen Turtle, “Climb back on your shark and follow us. We’ll take you to Candy Island.” | Isabelle, Riley, Michael and Annie climbed back on Hinnison and they followed the turtles as they raced across the sea. Out in the distance, they saw it. “Look,” Isabelle shouted, “Candy Island!”

16: Hinnison swam up so that they could see it. And what an island it was! There were tootsie roll towers, rocky road rock piles, jelly bean hills, candy bar trees, a chocolate house and even a gumdrop rainbow! Isabelle said to her companions, “I think we should stay a while!”

17: The others agreed and they all climbed ashore. They ate jelly beans and chocolate bars, jolly ranchers and nerds, tootsie rolls and rocky road. And because they were a little jittery after eating all of that sugar, they played soccer with a giant gumball.

18: It was getting late, so they climbed back on Hinnison and he swam back to Compo Beach to drop off Michael and Isabelle. Hinnison then swam Annie and Riley back up the river. When they reached a spot in the river near Annie and Riley’s house, they climbed up the hill and back to the house.

19: When they got home, Daft had climbed out of the tree and made them fresh lemonade. And when they told Daft and Wanda of their adventures, Wanda asked, “Did Candy Island have any biscuits?”

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