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Anniversary Album

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S: Happy 40th Anniversary

BC: Look at us After all these years together Look at us After all that we've been through Look at us Still leaning on each other If you want to see How true love should be then just look at us Look at you Still pretty as a picture look at me Still crazy over you Look at us Still believin' in forever Look at us After all these years together Look at us After all that we've been through Look at us Still leaning on each other In a hundred years from now I know without a doubt They'll all look back and wonder how We made it all work out Chances are We'll go down in history When they want to see How true love should be They'll just look at us | "Look At Us"

FC: "Where do I begin To tell the story of how great a love can be..." | Love | Story | Est. June 10, 1972

1: I love looking back to where you began, seeing you as you were in the beginning, then slowly leafing through the memories you've made together to bring us all to where we are today. I love anticipating the days ahead of all of us, wondering what we'll find in each other, in ourselves, before another year has slipped away.But, best of all, I love being with you both where we are today, together writing the pages we'll remember tomorrow. Until we're grown we never know or fully realize how sweet and kind our parents are, how gentle and how wise...we simply take for granted, from day to passing day, each sacrifice they make for us in their own loving way. But then we grow and finally learn, the way that children do, how much their love has really meant, how thoughtful they've been, too...and so this comes with all the thanks you both deserve and more. For there aren't two dearer parents than the one's this album is for!

3: 40 years ago you started your life. It was the day you became husband and wife. The years passed by and your children are all grown. Now your little ones have babies of their own. And sometimes it seems like the time went too fast when we reminisce of your life in the past. But there is still one thing that I know you would would spend another 4 decades with one another beside you!

10: Happiness is being married to your best friend

11: A wedding is an event, but a marriage is an achievement.

14: Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be!

16: Love begins in a moment, grows over time, and lasts for eternity. | Love's promise is fulfilled one day at a time, one year to the next, one joy after another.

20: It doesn't matter where you go in life, what you do, or how much you's who you have beside you

22: Love is a lot like dancing; you just surrender to the music

24: "Believe in happily ever after, and it will come true"

36: All because two people fell in | Love...

38: Sisters by chance...

39: Friends by choice

44: It's the moments I spend with you that build the memories which last a lifetime.

46: Other things may change us but we start and end with | Family

76: Everytime a baby is born so is a Grandparent

168: Ataleigh RaeLynn 4/12/12 3:23 pm 9 lb 1 oz 21.5 in long

170: On our anniversary I want to thank you for being with me for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness & in health, through thinness & thickness, in joy & in home improvement...

174: I have never had the pleasure of meeting either of you but just from the pictures Jackie posts I can tell that you are both AMAZING parents and she is blessed to have you both! Happy 40th Anniversary! -Perna | A love like yours is what everyone wishes for but so many will not find... I love the way you still look at each other like you are newlyweds. It reminds me of my parents. Happy Anniversary! -Tonia Henderson | I remember hanging out at your pool in LI, when I had a broken foot. I couldn't go swimming. Frustrating. I always remember you having great food around! Happy Anniversary! -Heidi | Happy Anniversary Ken and Judy! You guys are so amazing and inspire so many of us. -Erica | Mr. and Mrs. Koprowski, I met you both after Jackie and I became best friends in 2nd grade in the infamous Mrs. Boroughs class. You were always such warm and kind people that always made me feel welcomed in your home. Mrs. Koprowski, I will always remember you for wearing short sleeved polo shirts with a popped collar and sunning yourself outside next to the amazing pool you guys had in Miller Place (in ground pool with waterfall, hot tub, and diving rock). Mr. Koprowski, you always wore a smile on your face, cracked jokes and shared the polish pride. Lol. You both had amazing patience for always allowing your daughter to have sleepover b-day parties with at least 15 or more girls. I remember Jackie’s fiesta Mexican themed b-day party eating tacos on your deck and also the sleepover party where I watched Flowers in the Attic for the first time. I also remember the delicious tuna casserole you made Mrs. Koprowski. I loved riding in the back of your station wagon, especially when you would allow us to ride all the way in the back. Now that I've said all that hoping and wishing you remember me as much as I’ve remembered you and all the time I’ve spent with your family when you lived on Long Island before you moved down to sunny Florida! I wish you both a very Happy Anniversary!! Love, Heather Rzeplinski

175: Happy Anniversary Ken and Judy!! I remember lots of fun times at your house. It was always nice to be with you all because there were always lots of laughs and lots of love! From playing Tetris on Nintendo (was it in a rental house?) to little pug dog (I can't remember its name), and Freddy/Jason sleep overs and yo Chris lines... You opened your house and hearts to everyone. The Love you have shared together for the past 40 years has shown through to your children and has also made an impact on all of us who had the pleasure of spending time with you and your family! Thanks for the wonderful memories, and I wish you many more anniversaries filled with love! -Gina Venezio Wright | From the first time I've met you both, you have always made me feel like family. So much so, that we have even taken turns caring for your daughter! Wishing you a wonderful 40th anniversary and many more to come! And Mrs. K... if I ever decide to get married, I'll be sure to save you a seat in the front row. Love, Brooke Yanko | 40 years is an amazing celebration. It seems like yesterday I was helping Jackie with your 25 year anniversary party. While looking at photos and hearing stories from the past, it was easy to see just how much love you two had for each other. That love continues and it is such an inspiration. I feel blessed to have been a witness to your love story. Wishing many more happy years together! Love, Cyenne

176: Ken and Judy, I would like to say how much Art and I enjoy living in OUR house. It has been a lot of fun remodeling and having you over to see all the upgrades. Knowing the history of the house and who lived there made it more intriguing. Our progressive dinners and Daytona weekends are always enjoyed and what a spread you put on! The best Italian food ever! Love, Jackie and Art Duncan | There once was a little office with lady workers who traveled from a far away place called Sugarmill Woods. ‘SMW with Husbands’ celebrated holidays, sunned on beaches and had dancing dinners. We wish you many congratulations on your 40th Anniversary!!! From your SMW buddies, Joan and Jim

177: My first day of working with you Judy, I walked in to go to my desk and you shot around the corner almost tackling me, wanting to know who I was and why was I coming to the back of the office without asking. I told you I had been hired and that was my first day. You reluctantly loosened your grip on me and shot me a "watch your step" look! You were like a mama grizzly protecting her Doctor cub! You scared me that day, as a matter of fact, I'm still a little scared of you! Happy Anniversary! Love, Jerri

178: More than cousins.... more like siblings! | Forever in our hearts

179: Ken and Judy, I've never met two people that have made my husband and I feel like we belong more than you two. You’ve welcomed us into your home and family with open arms. Much Love and wishes for many more years. CONGRATS! Love, Al & Barb | Ken and Judy, We could not ask for better neighbors! You have been there for us in crisis, and fun times! We share your anniversary, and only have 31 more years to catch up! You have an amazing family! We are so happy to have gotten to know such a gracious, fun, and loving couple (and family). God bless! Love, Dave and Chrissy

180: Aunt Judy & Uncle Kenny, We tried to pick one moment that was super special and amazing which we shared with you both-but as we sat down to pick one, we realized that choosing just one moment is impossible because every moment we have spent with you is special. You both are such amazing parents, grandparents and overall people that we can only hope to imitate the happiness and success that you have attained in every aspect of your lives. And the way you look at each other shows just how deeply in love you both are, even after all of these years. You both are such amazing people and we love and adore you. Happy Anniversary!!! We love you both so much!! Love always, Justin & Kaitlyn

181: Judy and Ken, Judy I met you in 1981 when I worked at Pathmark. Ken I met you several years later. You and my husband, John hit it off right away. I'm so thankful for your friendship. Happy 40th Anniversary to a really great couple! Love, Sue Skuba | Ken and Judy, Happy 40th Anniversary! My favorite memories are the Polish Pool Parties at our house. Your love for each other is an inspiration and proof that true love does exist. With love, Susan Skuba Jr lol

182: Dear Cuz and Cousin Ken, Here are some photos that bring back very good memories with you. The ones when we were young happened when our family made our first trip back to NYC after moving to Texas. That was when you and I really became acquainted. Judy, you were about 2 when we left NYC. We had a good time at a beach or lake, I cannot remember which. We stayed with your family for several nights. The other picture is of our trip when Tracie graduated high school. You were such gracious hosts to us, we had a wonderful time with y’all. One of my special memories happened on that visit with my girls. Y’all treated Tracie and I to the play “Forty-Second Street” which was playing just off Broadway. It was my first time attending a play at a major theatre and a famous production too. We loved it and had a wonderful time. Judy, you and I both had a moment of panic in the parking garage when the elevator hesitated while moving with us inside. Love, Judy

183: Cousin Judy and Cousin Ken, Going to visit "the cousins” after my graduation in 1985 was a fabulous trip. I still remember it like it was yesterday. As Mom mentioned the moment of panic in the parking garage when the elevator stopped --- I remember thinking the pantyhose were about to come off in that moment of panic and not being able to breathe. I still talk about that "moment of terror" today. When I think of Cousin Judy and Ken... I think of good times. You guys are always so happy and fun to be around. Still wished when you decided to move south, that you would have moved to Texas instead of Florida. Love "Y’ALL" and Happy Anniversary!!!! Love, Tracie

184: Judy and Ken, Cuz, when we were growing up you were always looking out for me and I still think of you as my Big Sister. Ken, whatever you two are doing, keep it up. It’s working. Congrats on your 40th and for many more! Love, Roddy

185: Dear Kenny and Judy, “Lots of Hugs and Lots of Love for Two Very Special People on Their Anniversary. Thinking of you on this special date and all you have to celebrate And wishing joy to both of you Through A future filled with Dreams come true!” It is so hard to believe that 40 years have passed since you two were married. We are a long way from “The Bronx” but I still have fond memories of our life there. Times spent in Anne and George’s yard will always be part of who we are. Wishing you both the best now and always. Your friend and Daly Ave. cohort, Jeannie Iannaco

186: Uncle Ken and Aunt Judy, Although we all can recall the MANY pool Bar-B-Q gatherings, this short story will always stick. When we were all having a great summer Bar-B-Q, Jackie and I decided to go back in the pool. So I took a short cut from the walk-way of the extension of the deck and somehow pierced the bottom of my big toe with a splinter of wood that was about the size of a broken in-half pencil. In one side and out the other. Of course, me not knowing how minor this was, I was freaking out! BUT Uncle Ken and Aunt Judy calmed me down and Uncle Ken, you became MacGyver while pulling the splinter out and cleaning and attending to it with hydrogen peroxide and paper towels. Since that time, I still fold paper towels and clean wounds the way you did. I’m pretty sure my calmness in situations like that comes from that day. Needless to say, the majority of the puncture was through callus. Lol. I’m pretty sure Jackie and I were totally freaking out because we were maybe 10-12. Aunt Judy, I love how you and your daughters as well, always take pride in hosting and having everything just perfect! You always have the best food! I also love your attitude toward things or events that tried to ruin our day. That’s when you would grab who or what the problem was by the throat and set it straight! On behalf of my Mother and I, we both have so many memories and holidays and just get togethers (and songs my Mom would sing to me about these memories) with you guys. We wish you a Happy 40th and you still have so many more! You both and your marriage are iconic and are the idol of what true love is next to Grandma and Grandpa. Love, Frankie

190: Uncle Kenny and Aunt Judy, What can I say about two of the most wonderful, loving and caring people I know? Since the day I was born you have been Uncle Kenny and Aunt Judy to me, and I totally understand why my parents had us call you that. You are CHOSEN family and always will be. You have held a very special place in both parents’ hearts since childhood and I can tell you, you continue to do so in mine. I find your relationship totally inspiring and I hope that when I hit my fourth anniversary I am as happy and loved as the two of you are. May your next forty years be as good to you as the first forty were and may you continue to be as in love with each other now as you were the day you married. I love you and miss you. XOXOXO Love, Debbie and Joe

191: Uncle Kenny and Aunt Judy, Happy 40th Anniversary!! I'll never forget the summer when you opened up your home to me while I was in a really bad place back in my teenage years...I remember the conversations we used to have and how caring and loving you were. I know I was quite a handful but you stood by my side more concerned than angry about what I had brought on myself. You got me through a really tough time in my life and I will never forget it. All my love on this momentous occasion. I love you Uncle Kenny & Aunt Judy. Love, Stacey Gutjahr Sabo

192: Dear Judy & Kenny, We've had so many good times over the last 40 years that it's hard to pinpoint the most memorable. We only know that all the time we've spent with you have been times of happiness, friendship and love. Happy 40th Anniversary! Love, Eleanor & Dom | Kenny and Judy, Happy Anniversary! I remember one time at your house (on LI) Kenny wanted to show me a loose brick that I had to be careful of by the pool and when I leaned over to look, he pushed me in. Love, Tony Balletta

194: 40 Years Happy Anniversary to Judy and Ken We have so many good memories of both you and your family. Living behind you in N.Y. Moving to Florida and you coming a few years later. The week-end trips to Daytona, South Carolina and visiting each other’s houses. We have shared Christenings, Communions, Weddings, and birthdays. We have thought of you and your family as more family than friends. We hope to share many more memories with you all. Love, Betty and Bob

195: I can't believe you have been married this long. You still act like newlyweds...your love (like my parents) is inspirational...I can only hope and dream that Doug and I have that...I have so many wonderful memories of you. I don't remember when I first met you, I was a child, but you have always been more than neighbors or friends. You are family, like an Aunt and Uncle...I am so happy that we have always stayed in touch and that my parents still spend so much time with you, taking trips and family vacations....even through all the moves we all have done. I love you Judy and Ken and truly could not imagine you not being part of my life...You are 2 of the greatest people I know....God has blessed the two of you with a great love and Jackie and Jennifer are so blessed to have you as parents. I love you Ken and Judy ...Here is to many many more blessed years...xoxo Love, Denise Cooper and Family | Ken & Judy, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Every family has Aunt's and Uncle's and although you are not an Aunt or Uncle through blood, for us you have always been considered FAMILY! XOXO LOVE, YOUR FOREVER PAPERBOY and YOUR PAPERBOY's Wife and Family

196: Ken and Judy, My funny songs you used to dance to was “The Unicorn” by The Irish Rovers and “Bottle of Wine” by The Fireballs (1968). Your first St. Patrick’s Day songs together. Happy Anniversary! Miss you Love You, Bobby D.J. | Ken and Judy, You’ve always been good to me and before your children arrived you were practicing parenting on Barbara and I – not always successfully I might add! I can remember being the altar boy at your wedding and was right there facing you that day 40 years ago. That was way cool. The most fun I had was making you laugh Judy, while the priest was doing his thing and you were trying to be serious. Ken, you of course, gave me the stink eye to behave but really couldn’t do much since your new bride seemed to get a kick out of me! Guess I was too cute at age 12 to resist! That and the fact that two of my brothers were on the altar and both of them tipped me that day. Usually just the best man used to tip us but that day I think I made $100 between them! Big Fun! Wish I could join you guys this year – we’d love to be there! Have a blast! Love, Doug

197: Dear Judy and Ken, “Love and happiness seem to belong togetherJust like the two of you!” We have wonderful memories of every time we have spent with you! We are blessed to have you both in our lives. Our love and prayers, Bob and Barbara

198: Dear Judy and Ken, On March 2nd 1957 as Donny and I sat in our limousine after our wedding, these two little faces looked into the window. I said to Donny “Who are they?” Donny said my brother Gerard and my cousin Judy, she is adopted but she doesn’t know it. That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship with you Judy and then Ken came into your life. As the years went by we entwined our lives together – family get togethers, graduations, the birth of your girls. We were a big part of all of it. “Family” The Poconos, Bermuda, remember the big boat and the Bar-B-Q on the beach. Lots of laughter, lots of fun. Michael playing Santa, Donna helping to babysit your beautiful girls. New Year’s Eve, Christmas dinner, pool parties, So many wonderful memories. We loved being with you both, and then that one night after much drinking, Donny told the unbelievable secret. “Judy you are adopted.” None of us will ever forget those words. I tried to stop it but now I’m glad that I didn’t. At the time I thought our friendships would be over. What a night. The next morning you fell down the stairs and hurt yourself very bad, as if you didn’t have enough on your plate. I now know that it was the best thing that Donny could have done for you and your brothers and your “family”. He didn’t plan it but I guess it was meant to happen. Many years have passed. Our memories of being in Florida, going to the Flea Markets, and days of just hanging out together. Nothing will ever change what we had. “It was good”. We may not see each other much anymore but the telephone will be the link to our lives. We wouldn’t have missed it for anything. May you have many many more wonderful married years together. Think of us often as we think and love you both very much. Love you forever, Donny and Nina

200: Judy and Ken, I'll never forget March 13th, 1988. The day you came to help me out of a jam. It's been over 24 years and the promise I made that day I have kept. If you weren't there I don't know what would have happened to me. You know what I am talking about. That is only one of the many reasons that I have the best big sister and the finest brother-in-law a man could ever have. I love you both very much and even though we live hundreds of miles apart you are both in my heart always. I wish the both of you another 40 years together ‘cause no couples I have ever known are so meant to be together!!! Your loving brother, GEORGE

202: Dear Judy & Ken, It seems like it was just yesterday when I picked up the phone and heard Ken's voice explaining who he was and hoping to make a connection with Judy's long lost family. Without hesitation, I turned the phone call over to John and knew in my heart that he was about to discover that he indeed has a sister. It has been almost twenty years now and we are so very happy that Ken made that phone call. Our family is truly fortunate to have you all in our lives and now two separate families have become one. We wish you both a wonderful 40th Anniversary and many, many more! Love, Grace, John, Kevin, Elizabeth, Johnny & Helo PS: Hey blood, how many people eat Cheez-Its and sardines as a meal and are happy about it???

204: Dear Judy and Ken, No one can deny that you two have a special once in lifetime love. You’ve made a beautiful life together. We didn’t know you way back then, yet feel as though we’ve known you all our lives. I’ll never forget the shock that Al first had when he learned he had a sisterthen the joy set in. A wish come true for him, and it’s been terrific! So many things we’ve shared through these yearsgreat times, joys, sorrows, worries and prayers back and forth. Many memories - Who can top meeting at a cemetery? “Bonding” Ken in his red “Polish” sneakers. Mr. Turtle, the kids were keeping him forever, until he pooped in the box and got a speedy trip back to the wild! Walking together when Judy screamed and jumped on me – scared the bejeezus out of me – it was a little black snake. K.C. Crump’s, The Crow’s Nest – out on the pontoon boat – potato pancakes – dancing the Polka at Oktoberfest – Christmas’ together, especially New York City. Busch Gardens – the sky ride – stuck under the waterfall on the rapids – never been so wet n clothes! Beer school! Daytona – St. Augustine – scratch offs – winning a few bucks! We’ve always had such wonderful times with you guys, lots of fun and laughter and we’re looking forward to more! We love you and wish you a very happy 40th Anniversary. We’re so sorry we missed your weddingbut then again you didn’t make it to ours either! XOXOXO Love, Al and Cris

206: Aunt Judy and Uncle Ken, What's amazing to me is how, despite the fact that I've only known you for about twenty years, I feel like you've both been there my entire life. You both have a quality, I don't even know what to call it, that makes everyone you speak with feel like they're the most important person in the world. I have such amazing memories of times spent with you, all of you. Sparklers in the driveway in our pajamas. NYC at Christmas. Volleyball in the pool. Dragging a stray turtle back after a walk. Scaring the hell out of you with pretend body piercings (my mom still hasn't forgiven me for that one. Oh, and I have a real one, now.) I'm grateful every day that you sought us out. That you both were curious enough, and brave enough, to find us and contact us. Because I can't imagine my life without you all in it. Blessings for many, many more years of happiness, love and family. Love you so much, Aunt Judy & Uncle Ken!! Love, Sharon-Anne and Paul

207: Judy and Ken, Having to grow up with the misfortune I was dealt in life (losing half my immediate family by 11 yrs. old), you learn to appreciate life. The day Mike and Brenda woke me and told me we had a sister and her family, I was the luckiest guy in the universe. After I met all of you, I realized, life is really beautiful. You, Jackie and Jennifer are responsible for that. Thank you. Happy Anniversary! Love, Bobby | Ken and Judy, Thanks to our mom for giving us today. Happy Anniversary! Love, Mike and Brenda

208: I wish you a very happy anniversary. If you could bottle the formula that you are using for a successful marriage, you could make millions. -Mary Lagarino | Mr. and Mrs. K, I wish you an Incredible 40th Anniversary! Your love for each other and family has inspired me to love unconditionally and in certain ways has made me a better man. I am envious of your extraordinary bond. It is the epitome of true love. Love, Greg Lagarino | Mr. and Mrs. Koprowski, Not only should you celebrate 40 years of happiness, but also the happiness you have brought to others throughout the past 40 years. Dustin and I should be so lucky to share the time that you two have had with one another. What a milestone! We look forward to wishing you a very Happy 50th Anniversary! Warm Wishes with Love, Kelly, Dustin and Gage Cummings

209: Judy and Ken, All of our many visits to your house are memorable. It was like being with family. Happy 40th Judy and Ken! Love, Beverly | One things for sure is you both have hearts of gold. Ever since we knew you guys you always treated us like family. Some of my fondest childhood memories are those great pool parties and any given day you would invite us over. Even though Anita is not doing so well these days I can always reminisce and make her smile with those memories. She was always grateful and never had a bad thing to say about you. I wish you an eternity of happiness. Love and miss you all. Sincerely, David Algarin & Family

210: Mr. and Mrs. K, Life is a journey. Some say we choose our own path yet some believe our path is predetermined by a higher power. Some say love is not something you stumble upon, but something we are destined to find. Some say love is by chance, some say it is by choice. You truly exemplify the word love. Whatever it was that brought you to the same place, it was seemingly right. As your two paths merged into one in the course of your journey, so did your souls. I am privileged to have witnessed two people so passionately in love, and find comfort in knowing it still exist, and that love can be forever. As you embark on another chapter of your journey together, I wish you countless more years of happiness, love and memories. Happy 40th Anniversary! With love, Brooke Lagarino

211: Mr. and Mrs. Koprowski, Happy 40th Anniversary to the most Amazing and Inspiring Couple we know! Love, Greg and Shanna | Happy Anniversary Congratulations! We love you! Love, Jay, Sally, Laura, & Jim | So far our favorite memory of you is how forgiving you are....especially when Jackie & Eddie move here! lol You both are very loving & welcoming. We feel like part of the family every time we are around! -Chris,Carly,Ava & Tenley

212: Happy Anniversary to 2 of the most wonderful people we know! Y'all truly are 2 special people & demonstrate what a marriage is about! We love you, Mr. & Mrs. K, and are so glad to be a part of your life! Love, Tia & Grant | Momma and Pappa K- you are truly my second parents and I am so thankful to have known you! I have so many wonderful memories that involve you and your family, that I don't know where to begin. You put up with so much from us kids- like the sneaking out and the foul language while holding rosaries. And who could forget Mr. K jamming out to Whomp There It Is. Friday night at the Koprowski's was one of the smartest parenting decisions. You knew exactly what we were up to and didnt let us get away with too much! You raised us all with compassion, wisdom and fun. We are all blessed because of your marriage. May you have another 40 years together! All our love, Melissa and the rest of the Sutherland Clan

213: Dear Mom and Dad K, Over the last few years, Mike and I have grown to know you, as well as many of your relatives. You have opened your home to our family on many occasions, whether it is a holiday, a birthday, a simple family gathering, or home project! You have shown us the true meaning of love, acceptance, and in many circumstances have been surrogate parents to us. Each and every time we get together, you have a way of making us feel welcome. Many memories have been made as well as reminiscing ones from the past. One in particular that comes to mind. In 2009 we had attended a wedding for some friends we had in common. During the festivities, one of the games to be played was the “Dance with the Bride/Groom”. I didn’t have any cash on me, so I ran up to Dad and asked him if I could borrow a dollar, for the “dollar dance”. He graciously, said “sure”! He opened his wallet, handed me the cash as if “I” were one of his daughters. Please accept the enclosed $1, as repayment! Sorry, it took so long! Three years isn’t bad! Love, The Millers

214: Happy Anniversary to one of the most wonderful and fun couples we know! Hope you have many more loving years together. Love, Debbie and Brad | Happy Anniversary! We are so glad to have you both in our lives as friends and role models. Thank you for sharing in our special day as Jordan officially became a member of our family. Love, Eric, Christine and Jordan (“JR”) | I never imagined moving into a neighborhood to meet the coolest neighbors ever. You both have such big hearts, always welcoming everyone just like they are family. We have been blessed to become really close to your children and can now see why your kids are such wonderful people. "How could you not be with Ken and Judy as your parents?" Josh would like to add the fact that Ken is “the man" at Corn hole, lol. We love you Ken and Judy, and wish you many more years of happiness. Love Always, The Medders Family

215: Mom and Dad K, I was so lucky to have my daddy in my life and I wouldn't have changed that relationship a bit!! However, I always found the ideal family environment and feeling at your house!! As a kid, I watched your family interact and I saw you welcome every friend/guest into your house with a "You're always welcome" attitude. Although that changed a bit when I contributed to the delinquent behavior of your baby!! However, I do believe it was those actions that God was preparing us for raising our own daughters and how to consider attempting to prevent them from making the same careless decisions through their teenage years!! So really you should be thanking us!! ;) However, I do understand the loss of money and time you poured into those flower beds below Jackie's windows! I would imagine the biggest compliment I could pay you is to tell you "Thank You." As Scott and I raise our family, your family is who I wish to emulate. I want to have the over whelming love and support from my children just as you do from Jackie and Jennifer! They adore you both!! I want to have the relationship with my children's friends just as you did and continue to do! They, too, adore you!! I want for our friends to feel the "open door" policy just as those that you know feel for your house! They also adore you both!! I wish that I am rockin' the personality and flare for life that both of you do for your age!! I adore you!! Finally, and perhaps the ONLY reason for all of the above, I hope that our marriage mirrors the connection you 2 have that tells the world you will surpass any obstacle thrown your way because you have each other! It is obvious you adore each other!! You will either find the time to cry together or laugh about it, but you will make it through it!! May GOD continue to bless the two of you and those you come in contact with! Thank you again for being the pillars of a family that I needed to see as a young adult to know what to seek after! With much love, Tiffany Clawson Thompson (a.k.a. the one Jackie is not allowed to spend any more time with!!) LOL

216: Ken & Judy You both are amazing people. That would be why your such an amazing couple. You both inspire Kenny and I, not only because you're a loving couple but, also for being a great role model. You both have taken us in like we are one of your own kids or grand kids. You have helped us a lot in many different ways. Whether it was for cooking (our wedding, Kenny's 40th BDay party, baby shower) to helping with the kids, to (Ken) giving advice on financial things, or even supplying your house for a baby shower =) We are very grateful to have people like y'all in our lives. Happy Anniversary to such an AMAZING couple!!! Oh yeah one more thing,Judy....Kenny said don't ever lose that Arsenio Hall finger! haha Love, Kenny, Ashlee, Kendal, Brittany, Kaylynne and Colbi | I love both of you guys! Congrats! Love, Kendal Rose | Congratulations on your marriage. You are the greatest grandparents! Love, Brittany

218: Aunt Judy and Uncle Kenny, There was never a time in my life that I can remember that I never had an Aunt Judy or Uncle Kenny. When I was 4 I was the flower girl at your wedding. I remember being in first grade and pretending to be sick because I knew my Aunt Judy was off of work that day and it meant I could spend time with you. Uncle Kenny, you were my Santa Claus, you were also my protector when problems arose between my mother and father. I remember the summers I spent at your home in Coram. I also remember that when my mom needed help you took me in as if I was your own child and treated me as such. You taught me about life, you showed me what family was and what it means. I am very privileged to call you Aunt and Uncle and very fortunate to have you in my life today. I love you both as if you truly were my parents and in certain instances you were! Love Always, Your niece Deborah

220: Dear Mom and Dad, Well just saying Happy 40th Anniversary just doesn't seem to be enough, so today as both of you look back, with happiness and pride, upon these last 40 years, that you've spent side by side, may every memory that you share, be of all the dreams you've seen come true. Well I have had the privilege of being your daughter and I know that I could not have picked finer parents, I could not - even if I had tried, but if I could of I would still have picked you. Some of my fondest memories are from our road trips with you and Dad singing in the car holding hands, it always seemed like the world had stopped and we were the only ones in it. Growing up in our home was wonderful, it was filled with love and support and laughter, it was a true blessing to be around. I sometimes feel like I took your love for granted. It just seemed unbreakable to me and now being married myself I truly can appreciate all your love you gave to us growing up. Like any family we had ups and downs but in the end we always find a way to make it all right again and move on. So many of the lessons you have taught me I am now trying to instill in my own family. Whether we had a group of family and friends over for a BBQ or a holiday dinner, or just a friend over for dinner, our home was always filled with love and I know it was contagious to all those who entered. I remember when Matt and I got married he said to me I hope we will be as happy as your parents. As I am writing this on our 16th wedding anniversary, I reflect on how much your marriage has influenced ours. You have always been wonderful role models of a happily married couple, loving, honest, devoted, respectful, and caring. I have learned so much from you about being the person I am today, as well as the mother and wife I have become. You have taught me the true meaning of Unconditional Love, and that if you love something fight for it, a marriage is hard work but if you are willing to work hard at it, it can be a truly amazing thing. It is a true gift to be able to call you my Mom and Dad and so today I wish you both a very Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary! All my love, Jenn

222: Mom & Dad... Well now that I have spent 6 months getting messages from everyone else for this book...and over 65 hours making it... I suppose I should contribute something since I've left this page blank for just that! I don't even know where to begin. I wanted to do this project, and poured every bit of my heart & soul into it, hoping it would show you just how much you both mean to me and everyone else. There's just no words to describe it. Making this book has made me realize the important difference you've had in, not only my life, but others as well. I wanted this album to be full of different memories. That was my intention. But the reactions I got from everyone were, "How can we pick just one or two...they're all great memories!". So instead of just memories, this turned out to be more of a testimony of the Inspiration you have been to many! When I reflect on my childhood, I do not have a single bad memory. Yes, we had our ups and downs during my teenage years....but someone had to keep ya on your toes! Lol. I honestly cannot put into words how much y'all mean to I did what I do best presented these 40 years through pictures and memories! Thank you for all of your love and guidance through life. I can only hope to pass on to my children what you have taught me. Thank you both for being you...for being amazing parents... I am proud to be your daughter! I love you, Jackie P.S. Dad...."Gushy Gushy"

224: Mom and Dad it has been one of the great gifts of my life being a part of yours. it has been an amazing journey for me witnessing you go through yours. You have helped shape who I am as a husband and a father and I thank you with all of my heart. I have so many memories of good times with you to list, but know the memories are and always will be there. I look forward to the years ahead while we celebrate together the years that have passed. It gives me great relief to know that 40 years of marriage and beyond is achievable and look forward to spending the rest of my life with your daughter and giving her the love and respect you have taught me to give. Congratulations on 40 years together I love you both very much. - Matthew

226: Mom and Dad, Wow!!! 40 years where do I start? I would just like to say THANK YOU for opening your hearts and giving my sons and I the opportunity to be a part of the family. I have so many great memories with y’all that if I wrote about all of them then no one else would have room to write!!! So I will keep it short and sweet. Thank you Mom and Dad for always being there for us with guidance, wisdom and open arms. Thank you for all the love and support that you have given us and for making me strive to be a better person. I’m looking forward to spending that many years with your daughter and more. Mom and Dad, Thank You for just being YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Love,Ed

228: Grandma and Grandpa K, I don’t even know where to start. When I first met you guys I didn’t know what to expect, but now looking back I’m glad. I have two of the best grandparents in the whole world. I have some of the best memories and I’m glad that you are in them. The Holidays, cruises, Daytona and just hanging at the house. I have the best times and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Grandma, you cook the best food. I think you should have your own TV. show. Lol. And even though you like Notre Dame, we still love ya. Grandpa, I love listening to the advice that you give like how to become a millionaire and how to invest. You guys are some of the best people anybody could ever wish for and I love you. Love, Lil Ed

229: Grandma and Grandpa K, I’m so happy and thankful I got the chance to meet someone as amazing as y’all and that I’m now a part of your wonderful family. I have tons of great memories of you but I have two in particular. Daytona and Christmas. You make every Christmas an unforgettable one and Daytona we always have so much fun! I can’t wait for Ataleigh to grow up and see what amazing grandparents she has. I know y’all will make a big impact on her because you already have on me! Love y’all! Happy Anniversary! Love, Meagan and Ataleigh

230: Dear Grandma and Grandpa K, Thank you for being such awesome Grandparents. My favorite memories are in Daytona. Thank you for always supporting me and for always going to my soccer & football games. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!! Love, Brad

231: Dear Grandma and Grandpa, With special love on your Anniversary. An anniversary is memories of past joys and dreams of future happiness. No Grandparents could be more wonderful than you. You've done so much for our family, by your kindness as well as your helpfulness. That's why there's love and warmest thoughts in the wish this brings your way. May you both share every happiness today and always. Love, Mackenzie

233: Dear Grandma and Grandpa, Happy 40th Anniversary. I love you guys so much, I want to be with you all the time. I like going to Subway and the Wildlife park and you buy me candy and we go to Daytona. Love, Tristan

234: Mom and Dad, Happy 40th Anniversary!!! Honestly, that’s the first time I’ve ever said that to anyone. I’ve never known a couple to be together for that long. But then again, I’ve never seen a couple more perfectly matched either. Looking at the two of you, it’s easy to see why you’ve been together for so long. You make it look so easy. It’s not only the love you show each other, but the love and respect you both show toward any and everyone that is truly amazing! You are easily the two most loving, kind-hearted, cordial and approachable people I have ever met. And that’s why I call you “Mom and Dad”! You have made me feel more than comfortable to be around you. Never judging, always listening and giving the best advice and you’re that way with everyone. Your “FAMILY” has become much larger than just your relatives. You show love to so many...and that’s why you’re loved by so many!!! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! Love, David J.

235: On June 10th, 1972, as a young man, I vowed to my sweetheart to Love, Honor and Cherish. Little did I know, that what seems like a lifetime, the vow became a commitment, the wedding turned into a marriage and my sweetheart became the most beautiful person and the center of my life. Our love is so strong and complete, it knows no boundaries. I look with joy to our future and remaining years, but with no sadness that it may end, for we will endure together in this life as well as the next. Happy 40th Anniversary To My Beautiful Wife. Your Loving Husband | Dear Ken, We have shared life’s journey for 40 wonderful years. Together we have built a beautiful, loving family. You are not only my husband but my best friend. Happy! Happy! 40th Anniversary! I will love you always! Judy

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