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Anniversary Book

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S: Tributes from your family

BC: (Their) children arise and call (them) blessed ..." Proverbs 31:28 Vern and Lucille Meeds Wed June 29, 1951 Diamond Anniversary 2011

FC: Mom and Dad 60 years and counting ...

1: Happy Diamond Anniversary!

2: We are jumping for joy that you are celebrating your 60th anniversary! Your strong faith in the Lord encourages us to "keep holding on."

3: We all feel blessed to be a part of the Meeds' legacy. Thank you for loving each other and the Lord. You are a great example to follow! | We love you Dad & Mom Grandpa & Grandma, Wilf, Arlene, Aaron, Crystal, & Jasmine

4: Mom & Dad – 60 years – WOW! And has it felt like 5 minutes...with your head held under water? :) No, I’m sure it has not. I’ve been blessed to be a part of almost 55 of those 60 years. Thank you for modeling a committed lifestyle. Committed to Christ; committed to each other; committed to our family; committed to the church. I have memories of a moving altar call at Burlington campground. I guess I was about 2 years old so I didn’t understand what was happening. However, my mind is imprinted with the movement of the Holy Spirit in that place and the tender response both of you exhibited. You may not remember that specific occasion but it has long influenced my prayer life, my yearning for intimacy with Jesus and my burden for the church to be alive with the Spirit’s indwelling. I - like all 4 of us - have clear memories of Dad on his knees every morning. how did we know not to interrupt? | I don’t remember ever being told, but I knew that those prayers between Dad and the Lord were important. That influence has born fruit for generations, I’m certain. Dad, you told me at one point how your Dad had prayed for many generations of his descendents and now you were doing the same. You emphasized the importance of me doing the same. So, I do. And now, my children do the same. That is a legacy that I pray continues until the Lord returns. I – as I’m sure all of us – remember clearly that the two of you would never be parted without giving one another a kiss. Two quick kisses, if I remember correctly. That was something I had to teach my dear husband. But he’s a good learner! Thanks for working so hard through the years to care for us. You sacrificed in order to provide. Mom, you went back to work – but made it seems like a good thing for us. “If it’s Thursday, it’s pancakes for dinner!” YAY! Even while working hard, Mom, you still made sure the blackberries didn’t go to waste nor did any of the great fruit we brought home from the Okanogan. I remember the days of you baking many, many loaves of bread at one time. Waiting for a fresh slice with melted butter and honey – as soon as it was cool enough to handle. You taught us the value of a dollar. Buying name-brand items is a foreign concept when a generic or one with a damaged box is available. Shopping at thrift stores is fun – not a necessary evil. Even when funds were tight, however – we knew that the first 10% belonged to the Lord. Again, another legacy point that continues for generations. Thanks. You taught us to enjoy the world. By seeing you travel abroad to serve the Lord, it was naturally assumed that we should do the same. And even tho’ it caused you pain to let us go – you did it without complaint. Your love and support for our ministry has blessed us many times over. I could go on and on, but must be brief Thank you for all you’ve done to prove that marriage is a good thing and serving the Lord together for 60 years is a joy. Someday (altho’ we pray not very soon) you will both hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” May we all have the same blessing!! I love you, Marlene

5: Dear Mom and Dad: Congratulations on your 60th anniversary. It is a joy to have experienced the majority of your 60 years together. What I have witnessed is a couple deeply in love with one another, deeply committed to their family and the body of Christ. You have demonstrated godly examples for your children to follow and have loved those of us who have joined the family through marriage. You have been unflinching in your faith and commitment to always do the right thing. Thanks. Specifically, I hearken back to our time together for a month or two in the Philippines. You demonstrated a love for all people and an eagerness to learn something of a different culture along with different worship styles and things more or less unfamiliar. Additionally, you blended into the family with Marlene and me and the kids with great and refreshing love. Thanks. Also, I think of the way the two of you grieved with us at a very difficult time with Mitch’s passing. You came to be at his bedside and also never imposed yourselves or your will upon us. Instead, you offered your gentle support even though you grieved yourselves. Again, thanks. Additionally, your generosity with your time, your money and your energies with your children and grandchildren is something that has not gone unnoticed. In fact, it is a common topic of conversation- how you have always been eager to give and share and do whatever you can to help those closest to you. Your model has been replicated through your children. Again thanks. I could go on and on. However, I will suffice to say, you bless me and give me much reason to thank my God that I am a part of your family. Love always, Matt

6: Remembering: I am so grateful to have the memory of a father who regularly knelt by his bed and prayed for His kids, their spouses and grandkids. Even now it gets me through many a day knowing the circumstances that surround their present lives have been covered in prayer. The love you both have extended to a sometimes difficult and rebellious daughter! Your patience when I couldn't make a meal decision at a restaurant. (I still can't) I remember preparing to go on a vacation, I think to Yellowstone. We packed the car/trailer and cleaned the house - yet my memory was we didn't have money to go unless the income tax refund arrived. You both believed it would arrive on that day and of course it did. Dad coming home from work and sitting on the basement stairs and playing with Mitzie our cat. | I remember stopping at A&W for a special treat after church some Sunday nights. Other times after church we'd go down to Priors or they would come out. The many times we left you with a litter of puppies to sell. Hauling a washer and dryer up to Penticton for us so we didn't have to go to the laundry mat with a new baby. Cleaning the house when the church ladies were coming over to throw a surprise shower for Desiree's birth. Helping us pack and move from house to house. You being there in Penticton when Dion was born. You being so patient with Shane when he joined our family for that brief period of time. The winter ski trips we went on and you willingly came to watch the kids while we skied. Visiting us for many Christmas brunches. Dad proving to all the rest of the males in our family that you are the arm wrestling champion. A more recent memory is spending time together at Laura’s place when I came out to visit Auntie Doris in the hospital. Extended family Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations with a table that I'm sure spread across the entire length of our living and dining room in the house on Brunette Ave. Meeting us in Cle Elum for camping. Cle Elum for camping. Cle Elum for camping. Cle Elum for camping. So thankful for your help and support with the many changes we have done here in our home. Basement bathroom, re-roofing the house, putting in a skylight. Always being so willing to share the cabin with us, or maybe better said allowing us to take over the cabin during family camp. These precious memories could go on and on. I am eternally grateful to God for the family He choose for me. For you my Godly parents. I am blessed. Thank you for your example of a committed marriage. I pray all your children and grandchildren, great grand children and so on, experience the same. I love you, Dot

7: Dear Mom and Dad, Some of our early interactions still stand out to me, most of them seem to be associated with either a dinner or fixing something. Mom, the Christmas and Thanksgiving meals you prepared are still highlights. Actually, maybe it's more the Christmas and Thanksgiving desserts that are most vivid: peanut butter marshmallow bars and Nanaimo bars. And you made me feel welcome those first few years, especially. Thank you for your warm hospitality. Maybe the next time we're at the cabin I'll pick up a bag of mini colored marshmallows... Dad, I don't recall the first fix-it job for did for us but there were several in the early years. I'm sure it was something automotive related, maybe the silver Mazda in Salmon Arm. There have been many repair and maintenance tasks over more than thirty years and I will always be grateful. You know, I still need a new firepit in the backyard. What are you doing in a couple of weeks? I have your tools. Thank you for all your love, support and help over the years. We love you and Happy Anniversary. Garth

8: Happy 60th Anniversary, Mom & Dad, Today is a huge milestone, and I am so happy that you have arrived here. We are all so very proud of you and all that you are for our family. You have been an excellent role model of marriage for us. Today reminds us of that – you have shown us a Godly marriage - how to truly love one another and love God. How to love and listen, care for each other, on the days that it is easy, but also when it isn’t. How to love one another, through every action. How to be a partner, not at 50%, but really at 200% each! I will always remember the “Couples retreats” – oh, how I dreaded them, and didn’t make it easy for you to go, but you always came back and always had a special ‘treat’ – as a thank you for letting you go. I think it was one of those week-ends that I got to first wear make-up! I remember being so upset and crying at school when you came to say good-bye. Mom, you managed to convince me to calm down and put on some face powder! You then encouraged me to stay calm, so not to ruin my make up. Mom & Dad, you both have always been there. Whether it was learning to ride a bike, burying a dead fish (beside the garage on Brunette), losing Trixie, celebrating birthdays and Christmas, you always knew how to make every moment ‘right’. You showed your love through everything you said and everything you did, and still do. | Thank you for living Christ in your life. For the times of family bible reading, or taking me to church activities, the example of daily devotions or even regular church attendance. You were always encouraging me to make the right choices and the importance of a personal decision to follow Christ. You set a high Godly standard, and it was always clear the right things to do. You taught me the right ways, and then gave me the space to make the right choices. I have always felt your loving support gently urging me in the right direction. I thank God for that loving kindness. For your strength to question and challenge, but your wisdom to let go. As a parent now, I can only imagine the struggle in letting go, but I am so thankful, that I was able to grow up at home, having the built in support and willing ear to guide me through so many years. I feel that I had a privilege that none of the other kids had – I got to spend adult time with you. We moved in our relationship from just being a parent-child relationship, and we were able to become real friends – best friends! I always loved, and still do, the time that we have together. It is an absolute joy to spend time with you and nurture our friendship. Of all the wisdom that you were able to impart one particular piece of advice that you gave, continues to reign in my mind, pretty much on a daily basis. That is with the children, you’ve taught me to say “yes” when I can. Thank you for does change our lives, all the time! Thank you also for being such wonderful Grandparents. I am so glad that you were able to come and share in the birth of both of the girls! I think that started a very strong bond that exists with both of them. They love you more than you can imagine, and look forward to every time that we get to spend together. We are all so happy that you have made it to your diamond anniversary! There was never a doubt about the marriage surviving – you taught us true commitment. However, the health challenges have been immense! Thank you Mom, for going through the chemo (both times!) – I know you did it for us, not for you. We are so grateful, we love you and want to keep you for as long as God will allow us. Dad, thanks for being more than just a husband, but also being the ‘nurse’ and showing your love, through the health challenges. God is good – all the time, and we thank Him for both of you. We thank Him for today, your diamond anniversary! We love you and wish you every joy and happiness today, tomorrow and for many years to come. Thanks for everything! I love you! Bev (your youngest favourite! )

9: Dear Mum and Dad I write to congratulate you both on your 60th wedding anniversary. I thank our God through our Saviour Jesus, that as the good Shepherd, He has guided and led both of you into each other’s arms. Although I have only known you for a fraction of your 60 years together, I nevertheless count it a great privilege and honour to be a small part of your life. Without you two coming together as one, I would never have met your most Godly, beautiful, smart and intelligent daughter Beverley. Neither would you have been able to experience the joy and fun of your two granddaughters, Arianna and Chaeli. Thank you most sincerely for the constant love, patience and support | you have given to us as a family throughout the years. For allowing me to extend my three to five years promise to return to Canada, to what has now turn out to be thirteen years (plus?). As you know I have recently been led by God to join the Pastoral Team at Romford Baptist Church. As you are also aware, my goal is still to return to Canada as soon as practicable. I also wanted both of you to be aware that I always enjoy being in your company and love to come last (ah ah ah !!) when we play our many games. Thank you for coming over to London on the different occasions you have been able to make it. I especially want to thank you for your presence at your grandaughters' birth, Beverley’s graduation and your surprise visit at my induction into the Pastorate at Romford Baptist Church. | I am also extremely thankful for the practical ways in which you both have helped us in our house here in London. May the LORD continue to bless you both and to heal and strengthen and grant continual peace to Mum as she travels through life in these difficult days. I pray too that Dad will continue as long as possible and is able to be a wonderful strength and companion to Mum. Finally, I thank God for your consistent evident faith and witness of our Lord Jesus Christ – and especially the impact this has had not only on your children but also on your two granddaughters and son-in- law. To God be the glory. Happy Anniversary to you both. Michael

10: In all seriousness, we're deeply thankful for your unswerving devotion to one another and more importantly, to our Lord and Savior. May the next 60 years be filled with more joy and grace than you have already experienced. Keep going because we're catching up with you! We love you! Luke, Jennifer, Jalen, Jordan, Andrew & Asher | Congratulations, Grandma and Grandpa. We're extremely thankful for the example of faithfulness and love that you have provided over the last 60 years (though my memory of the first 30 years is a little fuzzy). You have always been generous with your time and resources in ways that have blessed us immensely (not to mention the added favor I naturally receive as the first grandchild and the first provider of a great-grandchild, but since I don't know who else might be reading that might only be a figment of my imagination!)

11: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going.” John 14:1-4 | When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. Isaiah 43:1-3 | Mitch and Chelsea

12: Happy Anniversary!!! 60 years together is so amazing and such a beautiful example to give our family of commitment, friendship and love. Thank you. My favorite memories with you two are from a few years ago when Sam and I lived in the Vancouver area....and we would play Rummikub together! That was so fun and a great way for me to get to know you both! Wish we lived closer again so we could have a rematch. :) Love you both and Happy Anniversary!!! Blessings on your continued years together! With love, Christy | Reflecting: In the fall of 2002 I was going to school at Trinity Western University while working at Starbucks, student teaching and coaching at Pacific Academy, and living down the hall from Grandma and Grandpa. I had also been planning on proposing to my girlfriend. Needless to say, my brain was a little scattered. In these days my alarm would sound at 3:45am. One morning I awoke and put a Pop Tart in the toaster/oven before stepping into the shower. This time however, the pastry was directly touching one of the coils and my shower was cut short by a building wide fire alarm. My room was filled with smoke and the beeping was so insane that no one could ignore it and the next thing I knew I was standing outside with a towel on next to my gracious elderly neighbors who all wore similarly floral patterned bath robes. Up until that point I had received cookies and kind words as "the Meeds’ youngster" from the other residents. Now I was "the guy who burns toast in the middle of the night." Despite my ineptitude and clumsy attempts to make conversation with the other tenants, Grandma and Grandpa looked out for me in many ways - for example, grandma explained to me that the food I'd been eating for dinner ever since I was out of my mother's house was actually lunch food. I always thought that there was breakfast food and everything else, I truly did not know that people appreciated different food categories at noon and at 6. Apparently hot dogs in mac & cheese or grilled cheese & tomato soup are to be enjoyed earlier in the day. My ignorance in this regard led to many free meals and quality time with G & G. Through all of these experiences I grew to know and appreciate my grandparents in a more intimate sense. Happy Anniversary. I love you, Sam

13: Grandpa and Grandma ~ Thank you for the Godly example you have made of your life. I often have the opportunity to talk to individuals about their family structure, beliefs, abnormalities, marriage and divorce status, etc. What I have come to realize is, what I grew up thinking was normal was actually quite abnormal. Couples who do not keep their marriage vows has become the norm. You and Grandma have not only demonstrated that marriage is for life, but you have shown your children, who have shown your grandchildren (and even onto great-grandchildren), that God belongs at the center of marriage. Thank you for the hours you have spent praying for me. I have no doubt that God has heard those prayers on multiple occasions, and has responded to take care of me. One of the pictures I chose to share of the Grandpa and me at Niall and Janae’s wedding reception. This is probably my most favorite memory of you, ever. Having fun, laughing and dancing to music you never would have picked on your own. Thank you both for being such amazing Man & Woman of God, Husband/Wife, Father/Mother, Son/Daughter, Brother/Sister, Uncle/Aunt, Grandpa/Grandma, and Great Grandpa/Great Grandma. with love, Desiree

14: Dear Grandpa & Grandma, Thank you for the example you have set in love and living for Christ throughout your marriage. You have shown us the value of a servant's heart and the impact a life of devotion can have throughout more than just the immediate family. Your example has begun a legacy of service, for which we are forever grateful. with love, David, Charese, Eli, Callia & Mikaela

15: Grandma and Gramps, Congratulations on two hundred years of marriage. It is a feat and a demonstration of love unmatched by most left in this world. If I had a horse, I would ride it to New West and tell you myself with a six shooter on my hip and a Border Collie in trail. We have had some good times and will continue to share some good memories. I love you guys like a fat kid loves cake. Dion

16: Dear Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you for being such a shining example of a beautiful marriage and for your demonstrations of love toward each other. Your children and grandchildren are a testament to your legacy of love and faithfulness. The loving and close extended family that we are privileged to enjoy is courtesy of your commitment to each of us as members of this family. We are so thankful to have you in our lives. We truly enjoy your company and couldn’t ask for better grandparents. We love you! Happy 60th! Nate and Sarah

17: Grandma and Grandpa, Congratulations on so many years. You have been an incredible blessing to so many people. I love you both very much and cherish the time that we get to spend together. Thank you for the model you have shown in your marriage. I cannot express how much you mean to me. Happy Anniversary! Your Grandson, Niall Dear Grandma & Grandpa, Even before I officially joined the family, you two adopted me as a grand-daughter. You guys have made me feel so special and loved. I love you both so very much, and appreciate everything you have done for Niall and I, as well as everyone else. I think it is so neat to see the result of your hard work of raising children, putting God as #1, and caring for everyone along the way. This family is so wonderful because of you and what you have done. Thank you so much for everything! Lots of love, Janae

18: Dear Grandma & Grandpa, I love you because you are so special to me. You help me. I remember when Mummy and Daddy were out and you were helping me. I miss you Grandma and Grandpa. Happy anniversary. Love, Chaeli | Dear Grandma & Grandpa, I love you. Happy 60th anniversary. Thank you for being my Grandma and Grandpa. You always look after me and I hope I can come and see you soon. You are special because you are so wonderful. When we are together most of the time we eat out – not in and I like that. I like it when we are together shopping because we can do shopping with you. I love it when I get cuddles and kisses. Love, Arianna

19: Anniversary Greetings from | Andrew | Jordan | Jalen

20: I love going to the cabin to see you, GGma and GGpa. I love you, Konner

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