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anniversary gift

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S: Van and Julie Jones 30 year anniversary

FC: Happy 30 year Anniversary Van & Julie Jones February 14, 1981

1: "Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two." -St. Augustine

2: Mom and Dad, People of all ages wish their whole lives for a love like yours. You two affect everyone around you even without knowing. This book is a small reminder of the legacy you have created and the people who admire you both. Happy 30 year anniversary This is just the beginning...

3: Mom and Dad. I will start by saying Happy Anniversary. You guys have taught me so much, some with words and some by example. I have been privileged to be around you for 28 of the 30 years you have been together and what a blessing it has been. I have received incredible advice from you and learned countless lessons from you even when you may not be trying to teach one. I am exceedingly proud to be your son. Enjoy your day, you truly deserve it. I love you. Nick | I met Van and Julie in 1998 during the Super Bowl. We ate dinner and watched the game. I knew at that time that this was a couple that was extremely happy together. They watched the game downstairs and as I was eating upstairs all I could hear was Julie screaming and Van clapping because the Denver Broncos won. They are still in love after 30 years of marriage and this is such an amazing accomplishment. Watching them together sets the best example of how I hope my marriage is after 30 years. -Ashley Jones

4: Mom and Dad, There are no words to describe what an inspiration you two are. Growing up with parents like you two is something that every child dreams about. Thinking about my childhood, there is literally nothing I would change. You two gave nick and I everything. You are the most selfless people I know. And that’s one of the many things that make you perfect for each other. In a world full of challenge and hate, you both have shown everyone you come in contact with, that love is still out there. You are the couple that people look to as an example. You have created a family that is full of love and hope and friendship. When I look at Nick, who married an amazing woman and now has an amazing child, I know it is only because you two taught both of us that love and family are the most important things in this world. As I continue to grow up and become more independent, I am realizing that a strong family base is by far the most important thing in life. I know that no matter what happens, I have an amazing family who will always support me. This is all because of you. You two are not only the couple that Nick, Ash and I look up to, you are the couple that all your friends and family look up to as well. The way that you two support each other, unconditionally, shows the rest of us that there is hope. If anyone were to argue that true love did not exist, I would ask them to simply look at your marriage. Never once in my life have I wondered if my parents were in love. Mom, you are the most selfless person I know. You will do anything for the ones you love. I don’t think I will ever come across someone has kindhearted as you ever again in life. You are my rolemodel and I wouldn’t be who I am without you. If I can grow up to be half the mother and wife you are, I know I will have done a good job. Dad, you are the absolute coolest person I’ve ever met. Your intelligence and wit has made me the crazy person I am today. You have quietly driven me my entire life, and I want nothing more than for you to be proud of me. You are not like most dads. You aren’t judgmental, or naive. You are truly one of a kind. Individually, you are amazing people. But together, you are unstoppable. Happy 30-year anniversary mom and dad! I know you will have an amazing 30 more. Love, Dill

5: Some of my favorite childhood memories were made at Aunt Julie and Uncle Van's house. I greatly looked forward to sleepovers that happened on a semi-regular basis during my pre-teen years. I knew that those weekends would involve lots of laughter and lots of love. I also knew that it meant I could stay up late watching movies with Nick in the living room and falling asleep on a pile of comforters and pillows. It meant mornings with homemade biscuit donuts and the cheesiest eggs in the world. It meant a baking lesson from Julie and a hair-do from Van. It meant a really good steak, hot of the grill, dipped in as much A1 as I wanted, served alongside baked potatoes for dinner. Then, it meant more movies with Nick and falling asleep in the living room. I didn't think those trips to the Jones' could get any better, and then Dillon was born. Soon, my favorite weekend trips were filled with playing and caring for one of the cutest little girls ever born... as well as the good food and goofing around with the family. Those weekend sleepovers gave me priceless gifts that I will never forget. I learned what a healthy marriage looked like and felt like by watching Julie and Van. To this day, I see their family as the epitome of what family should be, and rarely is. I am so thankful for their continued kindness and generosity. And I'm so happy to congratulate them on thirty years of commitment and love. Happy Anniversary, Julie and Van! You are loved! Love, Taylor Parker

6: Dear Van and Julie: Congratulations and best wishes on your 30th anniversary!! You are truly two of the coolest people I know, and I am so happy and honored to call you "friends". Julie, your love and pride in your family is so awsome to behold. Your face lights up with such joy when you speak of Van, Nick, Dillon, Ashley and darling little Vincent and I so admire your fierce dedication and devotion to the people you hold most dear to your heart. (And please - keep those "grandma" pictures coming!). Van, you always make me feel so welcome in your home and you exude a warmth from your eyes and your smile that is so rare and wonderful. And on top of that, you have just about the best taste in music (second only to ME!) of anyone I know! It is obvious that your adoration for one another is as strong after 30 years as it undoubtedly was on the day you married. Here's wishing you 30 more years of love, happiness, tenderness and really, really fun times, together and with your family and friends! Lots of love, Linda Ehrlich

7: Dear Julie & Van, Julie, we met in about 2000 at Loeb & Loeb. I knew the minute I met you that we were on the same wavelength. You are one of the most loving and giving people I know. Julie, you are such an amazing mother, grandmother, cook, wife, friend and all of us are so blessed to have you as our friend. Van, you are the husband that all of us wanted to find for ourselves! Finally, I found Jerry (again, after 40 years) and I knew I was as lucky as Julie when she found you. "A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be." Friends, Jerry and I wish you the most special of anniversaries with many, many more loving years to come. With love always, Leslie & Jerry Goldstein | Van and Julie: When thinking about your marriage anniversary, I would never say, “I can’t believe it’s been thirty years”, because while knowing you my whole life it comes as no surprise you two have been together for three entire decades! Since being neighbors on Applewood Lane, going to the circus for Dillon’s 3rd birthday, and of course high school craziness, you two have always were such great parents to Dillon and amazing people to be around. Every time I come into your house, it feels like home because there is so much love! I hope to have a marriage and family similar to yours one day. Thank you for being such an amazing example of happiness to Dillon, me, and all of our friends I feel priveleged to have known you two, and I love you so much! Happy Anniversary-and to many more! Love, Jenna

8: Congratulations Vanny and Julie on celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary from LaToria, Kaseem and the rest of the Ali clan. At a time when the institution of marriage is not even taken seriously, it is very refreshing to see a couple that has stayed together for so many years and still in love. I can recall when me and Valencia were first introduced to Julie. Vanny had invited us to a club call Dillons and we saw him and Julie dancing like crazy. They would not get off the dance floor. Valencia and I looked at each other and said "I see why he likes her, she can dance". Who would of thought that 30 years later, you two would still be together and yes, Julie you can still dance. Thank you for being an example to our young family members. They can see that it is possible that two people can stay in love with the same person for a long period of time, and that there is hope for them to find that special kind of love someday. My wish is that 30 years from now, we will be congratulating you two again on 60 years (smile). Even though we don't talk to each other as often as I would like, your family is constantly in our prayers wishing you good health and prosperity. We love you all! The Ali Family P.S. Kaseem and I are right behind you, we made 28 years in November. God is Good.

9: Happy 30th anniversary Van and Julie, love you guys. I'll never forget the days at Central Park...Julie getting the boot for arguing with umpires, and Van losing his hat half way to first every time due to his killer speed. Such great memories. I look forward to many more in the future. Congratulations, your 30 years of happiness is an inspiration. -Mixa | I have never heard a mean word from Van and I don't believe he is capable of saying anything harsh when it comes to other people. Julie, she is kindhearted and passionate about her beliefs. I will never forget the sympathy card she sent me when Jet, my first Basset Hound, died. It was very thoughtful and sweet. Happy anniversary Julie and Van and have many more!!! Dale.

10: I remember being a little girl and thinking that my Aunt Julie was super cool. She wore tube tops, and wrap skirts, and she was always laughing and smiling. She was fun. Friends and good vibes surrounded her, and she was a very sweet aunt to me. When Van came into the picture, I could tell they were very happy together and well matched, even though I was little. I remember their wedding, and how beautiful Aunt Julie looked. It was a very happy day, and the beginning of an incredible marriage! As years passed, and I got to know Uncle Van, I learned how lucky and wise Aunt Julie was to find such a mate. Talented and smart, handsome and kind, Uncle Van was a stand up guy. Together the two of them created a space for our family to gather and grow, and they were always the consummate hosts! Trivial pursuit. Devil Cake. Birthdays and Christmas. So many memories are connected to them. They have grown such a beautiful family! What role models. What care givers! What amazing people to have in my life! Thank you, both, for many, many years of fun! I can never thank you enough. I love you so. I am enormously happy for you in this landmark moment! See you both at your 50th!!!! xoxo-Shelayna

11: Van and Julie: Through 31 years of courting, 30 years of marriage, the birth and the raising-up of 2 beautiful children, the blessing of a grandchild, 10 different cars (give or take a few), 9 different residences, 5 major health challenges between you, hundreds of parties graciously hosted at your home for the benefit of your friends and family, thousands of daily challenges that come with a productive life, and millions of emotions that you have endured; as ONE. One beautiful, bountiful, blessed couple to whom I wish at least thirty more years. Thank you and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Love, Diane

12: Van and Julie, Congratulations Uncle Van and Julie on your 30th wedding anniversary. It seems like yesterday we were young and single dancing to Le Chic and Good Times at Dillons in Westwood. Who would have known you would welcome in the family two wonderful children and a beautiful grandson. Given the divorce rate and getting married so young you are to be admired. What an example for all married couples. I wish you good health and another 30 years of marriage. May god continue to bless you and your family. Congratulations on this milestone anniversary. Hope to share many more special occasions. Love you both, Valencia and Patrick

13: Happy Marriage (a Jones Family Recipe) Ingredients:4 cups laughter 3 cups music 1 tablespoons friends teaspoon holidays cup talk before sleep (hold in reserve) Dash of allspice Directions:Combine all ingredients in favorite dish. Cover generously with Love. Bake thoroughly. Sprinkle reserve amount of talk before sleep. Serve warm. Serving Suggestion: Goes well with Champagne or tequila, sarcasm and sincerity. Can be served as breakfast in bed, appetizer, entrée or dessert. Makes great leftovers. Never spoils. Love, Kim

14: As someone who has worked with Julie for close to ten years, I am extremely well qualified to write about her given that during such ten year period, I have probably spent more time with Julie than I have with anyone else including my wife and kids and I venture to say that she has spent more time with me (including her husband and kids) than anyone else. What I do know however, is that what is important in life is the quality of time you spend with the people you care about and not the quantity of time. What I can say with complete certainly is that the quality of time Julie spends with Van and her kids is nothing short of the highest quality imaginable. One only has to observe the wonderful qualities and traits that exist in Dillon and Nick to know that Julie has been and continues to be a great wife and a great mother and of course a very proud grandmother! The fact that her two children are as amazing as they are, despite the hours that both Julie and Van work, only goes to prove what great and wonderful people they both are. What can I say about Julie??? That’s easy. She excels at everything she does. She is an incredible cook. Her cakes are legendary as are her cookies. The low sugar, fat free icing that goes on top of her lemon cake that looks like a river flowing over a cake, is to die for. There is barely a holiday or birthday in the office that she does not bake something for someone. As an assistant, she is indispensable. Julie runs my life and my legal practice. There is no way I could be half the lawyer I am without her. Julie’s ability to juggle three phones lines at once, handle 80 calls a day and type sometimes 30 documents a day is a marvel to everyone. When Julie takes a day off and a “temp” has to come in, no one can believe that just one person can handle the work we put out. But that is only half the story. Julie has a loyalty and commitment to her job and to me that makes her unique. There are days when I know it takes her three hours to get to work in traffic. There are days when she is sick and still insists on coming in. She is as much a partner at Loeb & Loeb as anyone else. I don’t know why, half the time I even ask her a question if something has been done as she has already taken care of it days or weeks ago. There is not a person at Loeb who doesn’t like and respect Julie. She is as good as it gets! I am proud and honored to be considered a friend of Julie and could not be happier to witness and wish Van and Julie my congratulations for what they have achieved in 30 years of marriage and what I know they will continue to achieve in the future. You guys set the bar for the rest of us. Congratulations and best wishes. Craig Emanuel

15: Van and Julie are a great example to us all and their marriage and the life they have made for their children and grandchild is outstanding. -Paul Cruz | 30 years is a wonderful accomplishment. You are truly an amazing couple. Happy Anniversary! Love, Mostafa and Janis

16: Sung to the tune of "Super Freak" by Rick James She was a very funky girl From the hood of Pacas Rifa She would never let our spirits down When her feet moved to the beat. She liked a boy from the hood Vanrick Jones became her favorite Together they were "Muy Caliente" Every time that they would meet. Chorus: Together they were dancers, like Rodgers and Astaire And when they hit the dance floor, people stopped and they would stare Their rhythm and their movements, copestetic from the start And soon they would be married, Jone's forever at their hearts. He's alright, She's alright, The Jone's are alright with me....yea...hey hey hey! After moving 50 times They bought a homestead in Castaic And there home became the family sanctuary Where we would meet and greet From Holiday's to games of BidWhist Talking smack and bogus poo poo There was always jamming food and tasty goodies In the house where she "Believed" Chorus: They always kept it freaky, they both were Super Freaks They kept their bed a creaking, making love beneath the sheets Together they created 2 baby Super Freaks A handsome "Tatted PoPo" and a Shopoholic Geek He's alright, She's alright, They all are alright with me...yea...hey hey hey! Love, Justine and Janine

17: Congratulations Julie on this milestone in your life! You are so amazing and wonderful, just full of sweetness, and it is evident to all who are fortunate to know you that the love of your husband and family is first and foremost in your life, and permeates everything that you do. You are an inspiration to me and I am honored to call you "friend". Again, congratulations! Love you, Diana | Congratulations on your first 30 now on to the next 30. From the early years in Westchester to the present in Stevenson Ranch you have truly been blessed and the blessing I'm sure will still continue - Have a great Anniversary!!! Love The Campbell Family

18: Happy 30 year Anniversay!

19: The end...

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