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AP Biology

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BC: Eukaryote | Flowers are plants and plants are an excellent example of eukaryote because it is an organism whose cells contain a distinct membrane-bound nucleus.


1: The crab's "shell" is considered an exoskeleton because it is a hard outer structure that provides protection for the crab. | Exoskeleton

2: This plant is an example of the term "autotroph" because autotrophs are self-feeding or producers and flowers are known as producers. | Autotroph

3: Adaptation of an animal | These birds are a perfect example of adaptation of an animal because they perch on wires instead of branches since these wires are so common in society nowadays.

4: This plant is an example of the term "conifer leaf" because the leaves on the tree are considered as conifer leaves. | Conifer Leaf

5: Insect | This ant is an example of the term "Insect" because it has six legs.

6: Adaptation of a plant | This plant shows an adaptation of a plant because this plant is planted in my front yard under the roof so it adapts by growing its fruits in the direction where the sun hits the most.

7: This peach is an example of "fruit-fleshy with seed" because it has a seed inside it and is edible in a raw state. | Fruit - Fleshy with seed

8: Stem - Herbaceous | This photo shows a flower with a herbaceous stem.

9: This photo shows a tree with a woody stem. | Stem - Woody

10: Long-day Plant | A lettuce is considered a long-day plant because it "flowers" after being exposed to light periods longer than a certain critical length.

11: This flower shows radial symmetry. | Radial Symmetry

12: The flower ovary is located beneath the flower. | Flower Ovary

13: R-Strategist | This ants is an example of an r-strategist because ants mature early and have short life expectancy.

14: This girl is an example of a K-Strategist because she is human and humans have long life expectancy and mature late. | K-Strategist

15: Animal that has a segmented body | This crabs' body is a perfect example of an "animal that has a segmented body" because its body is divided into multiple parts.

16: Scale from animal with two chambered heart | Fishes are known to be one of the animals to have two chambered hearts.

17: Heartwood | This photo shows the dense inner part of a tree trunk, also known as heartwood.

18: These peanuts are a fruit (dry seed) because it is a dry food with only one seed. | Fruit - dry with seed

19: Corn is considered a C 4 plant because it uses the C4 carbon fixation pathway. | C 4 Plant

20: Frond | This set of leaves shows a frond because fronds are usually a large leaf with sets of division which is shown in the photo.

21: This photo shows deciduous leaves because these leaves fall off seasonally | Deciduous Leaf

22: This photo shows the leaves on this plant and the leaves gives off a glossy coat on the leaves displaying the cuticle layer of a plant. | Cuticle layer of a plant

23: Crabs are a littoral zone organism because its an organism that lives close to the shore. | Littoral Zone Organism

24: Thorn of a plant | On the stem of the rose, there are multiple thorns.

25: Monocot Plant With Flower and Leaf | This flower is a monocot plant because it parts in threes.

26: Wasps are pollinators of fig. (the wasp was flying really fast. its the blur between the bracelet and the bee hive) | Pollinators

27: This flower is an example of a dicot because it parts in fives. | Dicot Plant With Flower and Leaf

28: A crab has all the characteristics needed to be an anthropod: segmented bodies, an exoskeleton, and jointed appendages | Anthropod

29: Pollen | The inside of this flower shows some yellow pollen that is stuck on the inside of the petals.

30: In this flower, we can see the stigma and style of carpel of the flower. | Stigma and Style of Carpel

31: Xylem | This flower is a plant and all plants has a xylem that acts as a pipe that carries water and minerals up and act as support.

32: Xerophyte | A cactus is an example of a xerophyte because it is a plant that needs very little water.

33: Chitin | A crab is an organism that carries chitin in its exoskeleton since chitin is a principal constituent of the exoskeleton.

34: Vascular Plant Tissue | This flower is a plant and all plants has a vascular plant tissue that is supportive and conductive in them.

35: Protein - Fibrous | The outermost layer of the skin is made up of a network of fibrous proteins.

36: Phloem | Pholem carries food up and down the plants and this flower is a plant and the phloem is located inside the stem of the plant.

37: Epithelial tissue covers the entire human body. Thus, skin is the perfect example to use for epithelial tissue. | Epithelial Tissue

38: Gymnosperm Cone | This pine cone is a gymnosperm because there are spikes at the end of it and it is also small.

39: This photo shows a picture of a striated muscle fiber because a striated muscle fiber is connected at either or both ends to a bone. | Muscle Fiber – Striated

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