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AP Biology Project

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AP Biology Project - Page Text Content

BC: Maddie W. Alyssa S. 10/2/11 AP Biology 3rd/4th

FC: AP Biology Photo Collection Maddie W. & Alyssa S.

1: Bryophyte Bryophytes are non-vascular plants, Meaning they do not transport water. There are three types of Brophytes: Liverworts, mosses, and hornworts. This picture is of a Bryophyta, moss | 9/12/11 Okoboji, Iwoa

2: Gymnosperm Cone Gymnosperms are a group of seed bearing plants that include conifers. This is a picture of a gymnosperm cone. The female cone produces seeds, while the male cone produces pollen. They come from the division Pinophyta. | 9/14/2011 Jeffersonville High School

3: Arthropod This arthropod is known as a Hacklemesh Weaver spider. It's class is a arachnid, order araneae and family amaurobiidae. An arthropod is an invertebrate animal, that has an exoskeleton, a segmented body, and jointed appendages which spiders do. | 9/14/2011 Jeffersonville High School

4: Slime Mold Slime mold is a protists that uses spores to reproduce, the slim mold used to be classified as fungi.Slime mold is usually found on deciduous trunks. Slime mold contains many nuclei with no membrane. | 10/2/11 Alyssa's Church

5: Basidiomycota Basidiomycota are filamentous fungi composed of hyphae. The Basiomycota include things like: mushrooms, puffballs, stinkhorns,bracket fungi and many more. This Basidiomaycata is a mushroom. | 9/29/11 Maddie's house

6: 9/29/11 Mrs. Brewers Room | Endotherm An endotherm is an organism that produces heat internally, such as muscle shivering. This animal is a dwarf hamster or a phodopus campbelli, and were discovered by W.C. Campbell. Dwarf hamsters go into a temporary hibernating stage called torpor. Torpor is a state or regulated hypothermia in endotherms.

7: 9/14/11 Jeffersonville High School | Deciduous Leaves Deciduous trees are trees that lose their leaves once a year.

8: Mold Mold is a fungi, that grow in the form of multicellular fillimants called, hyape. Molds have many functions; desease or food spoilage, while others play an important role in biodegradation or in the production of various foods, antibiotics and enzymes. This is a picture of mold working as it spoils the steak. | 10/2/11 Alyssa's House

9: Commensalism Commensalim occurs when two organisms live "together" where one organism benefits but the other is neutral. This picture shows commensalism between moss and trees. | 10/2/11 Alyssa's House

10: Cantaloupe This fruit is fleshy with seeds on the inside, and has a hard outer covering. Cantaloupe comes from the genus cucumis. Cantaloupes range in size, with a orange flesh in the middle. | 10/2/11 Maddie's house

11: Nectarines This fruit is fleshy with seeds on the inside, and has a soft outer covering. A nectarine is similar to a peach, but does not have fuzz. Nectarines have a specific name of prunus persica | 10/2/11 Maddie's house

12: Annelid An annelid is a large phylum of segmented worms, such as a earthworm that is pictured above. The phylum annelis has over 17,000 species. The common earthworm is also known as lumbricus terrestris. Earthworms have a vascular system with true capillaries. | 9/28/2011 Mrs. Brewers room

13: 9/17/11 Alyssa's House | Woody Stem A woody stem is the stem of a plant that has been growing for two or more years. This woody stem is a tree trunk that was cut down. This tree is an Elder tree.

14: Gastropod Gastropods come from the phylum Mollusks. Many are aquatic shelled organisms. The most common gastropods are snails and slugs. This picture is of a aquatic shelled gastropod, a snail. | 10/2/11 Petsmart

15: Ectotherm Ectotherms refers to organisms that control body temperature through external means. These pictures show fish, the live in water that stays room temperature, allowing them to regulate their body temperature. | 10/2/11 Petsmart

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