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April - June 2011

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S: Hawkes Family Blog Book April - June 2011

FC: Hawkes Family Blog Book April - June 2011

19: Week 14 Hard to believe, but I only took about four pictures this week. Scott actually took some more, so I have those. I guess I got all pictured out after this week. I found myself at things all week and would realize I had no camera. Guess we'll just have to remember the pictures in our mind! Here are a few things we did this week: Scott got the last piece of bead board up in Brooklyn's room. Our next step is to find molding to put at the top of the bead board. It is looking so cute and I am really excited! Snow, snow, snow. Will it ever go away?!? I am so anxious to get outside and go on walks, go to the park, etc. This weather is so yucky and I just want it to go away!! Brooklyn has become quite the verbal girl. Some of her recent sayings are: chocolate milk, cold, hot, colors (blue, green, yellow, purple and sometimes the others), cougars (she will say that on command whenever she sees any cougar logo). She has turned into quite the crazy lady and is just loud and busy all the time. In church today she had to yell every word she expressed despite all my efforts to try and and shush her and teach her to whisper. Good thing there are so many kids in our ward and it's loud anyway. If we are outside and there is mud or puddles, she runs right to them. She has a very mischievous look on her face when I tell her no and then she runs right toward it. She has endless energy and I'm not sure I can keep up with it. I wish she could share some with me! Our week was filled with General Conference (LOVE this time of year!), Scott's first softball game, running errands here and there, and a RS activity on meal planning which was wonderful. I always enjoy my nights out with the ladies and wish they were more often. :) Yesterday Brooklyn and I attended my niece's dance competition and Brooklyn really loved the music. When they did Hip Hop dances, she would jump up and down and dance. It was pretty funny.

29: TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2011 And this is why I'm so far behind... Baby #2 is on the way! We are really excited, though by Brooklyn's expression in the pic who knows what she is thinking! :) This pregnancy has been 100% different than Brooklyn was. After I found out I was pregnant, I soon began to feel sick and then the throwing up started. I didn't throw up once with Brooklyn so it was all new to me. Weeks 7-9 were by far the worst and running to the bathroom became a regular occurrence. I didn't really like going out much since I didn't know how I would handle things. When we went to DC I was so nervous and I just prayed that I would be fine. Thanks to Heavenly Father's tender mercies, I did great. I think being busy and doing things helped get my mind off of it and helped me feel better. Once we got back though, things went right back to the way they were. I survived till my 1st check up (11 weeks) and they gave my Zofran. That stuff is amazing!!! I'm definitely feeling better, but use it on and off depending on the day. I have not been as tired this time around but I think part of that has to do with being able to sit and rest or take naps. I was having a horrible time sleeping at night (2 am - 5 am were the worst) and the Dr. gave me some stuff to help with that. I found that if I sat at the computer for a long time I felt really sick, so that really deterred me from scrapping and blogging. Even though I feel better now, I still have a hard time since I expect I will get sick. Crazy how pregnancy affects so many things like smells, etc. Overall, I do best when I make myself get up and stay busy and active. Having a busy toddler helps with that and we spent lots of time outside, when it's warm (darn weather!!!). The baby is due Nov 5th, but the ultrasound showed that it is measuring a week bigger. The Dr. won't change the due date unless it is still measuring bigger at my 20 week ultrasound. I am going to Dr. England and he is in the medical office right next to Riverton Hospital. I will deliver at Riverton and am really excited. I've heard great things about it and love that it's a smaller hospital. I did not enjoy the hugeness of UVRMC with Brooklyn and hated that my nurse took forever to come help me. So here's to a fun summer of being pregnant (I hear that's lots of fun...) and a baby just in time for the holidays. We feel so blessed and grateful that Heavenly Father has trusted us with a special spirit!!!

34: Baby Update (14 weeks, 5 days) So I wrote a long update yesterday and posted it. Apparently while blogger was down, they lost it. GRRR! So, I'll try to remember what I wrote. Yesterday I went to the Dr for a checkup. I was anxious since I haven't felt kicks very strongly and and it's always a reassurance to hear the heartbeat. Quick side note: I LOVE my new Dr!! My first one was great, but I did not like the office staff. He was often running behind and they would leave me in the room for 45 min to an hour at times. They gave me wrong info and just weren't helpful sometimes. This new office is so efficient, I never wait long and I just love how nice and caring my Dr is. Anyway, back to the visit. The medical assistant brought me back and did the usual weigh in and blood pressure. Then she took me in the room and did the heart beat check. This was new for me since I've always had a Dr do it in the past. Well, she took FOREVER to find it and was pushing all over and pushing harder and harder. I just kept thinking, "please let everything be okay, please find the heartbeat soon!" She finally did and it was at a good 163 bpm. My Dr then came in and asked about my concerns. I mentioned weight since I am starting much higher this round. He told me that he would be pleased if I gained no weight or even lost some. I was glad to hear this since I was hoping to gain very little. He advised me to exercise and eat healthy and everything should be just fine. Since I got so sick at the beginning I stopped exercising and was eating whatever I could get down. Now with the miracle drug Zofran I feel awesome, so I am ready to get back into it. We have great walking paths around here so I just need to get up early and get it done! And as for eating, I get sick when I eat sugary things anyway, so that helps to stick with the healthy things! At this point I've actually lost 5 lbs, but most of that was during the sick phase, so let's hope I can keep the weight down!! They gave me a paper to schedule the ultrasound and the Dr said he was fine if I did it anywhere close to 19 weeks. Since my next appt will be 18 w 4 d, he said that I could go in the day before. So, we should know the gender of the baby on June 8th!!! YAY! Any guesses?!? I would include a pic, but right now I just look extra chubby. Once the bump appears, I'll include one. :)

35: Our crazy and messy girl! Brooklyn loves to eat, but sometimes she likes to make messes too. She doesn't like wearing a bib, so the food usually ends up all over her! Today she decided to put it in her hair too.

37: Weeks 19 & 20 May 8 - 21, 2011 These past 2 weeks have been busy, but not filled with many pictures, as you can see. Scott's brother's family was in town so we spent lots of time visiting with them. My fav picture from above is the one of our cute little niece who got a little too far into the toy box. Sooooo funny! Brooklyn is getting more curious and into things. She has started the "shoe phase" where she will find our shoes and put them on and walk around. It makes me giggle every time she does it. Whenever I am cooking or baking anything she loves to help out and especially likes the spoon when I am done. She definitely inherited her mama's sweet tooth! She recently found her set of toy keys and decided that it could open the doors in the house. I was so surprised since she hasn't seen us use keys a ton with the remotes we have for the cars. She is one smart cookie!!! With all this darn weather we have not been able to get as much done on the yard as we hoped. (I say "we" but should really say Scott. He's doing all the work :) He has gotten all the sprinkling in and covered. Now he's just leveling it out and using the tractor to make sure the trenches get covered well and leveled out. He even made himself a sifter for the dirt since we have a gazillion rocks around here. It's worked great and he's able to put good dirt on the trenches and then let it settle down. We hope that the weather will cooperate soon and are planning on doing hydro-seed soon. Who knows... it may be fall before we can get things done. We worry the weather will go from rainy to scorching hot. Brooklyn has been dealing with the sickies on and off. We went from a UTI to a major diaper rash and diarrhea, which I think was from the antibiotics she was on. We FINALLY got the rash cleared up after using everything we could think of and a phone call with the nurse. We ended up doing sitz baths (baking soda baths) and using some cream for yeast infections which cleared it all up. It was actually medicine for athlete's foot that the nurse told us to get that finally cleared it up. Never would have thought of that! Now she has a nice cold which she and Daddy share with each other. Whenever one gets sick, the other always gets it. They just love to share that much. :) Other than that we are doing well and are anticipating warm weather! I am ready to get out and about and sick of being cooped up inside!!!!

44: 2 years, 24 months For so long I have referred to Brooklyn's age using months. It's weird to think that now she is in the "year" stage. I don't hear many people saying their child is 26 months, etc. It's always, they are two. I have a two year old - holy cow! I can't believe how fast this last year flew by. Her first year was much slower, too slow at times for me. But this past year went by so quickly. She has grown and changed soooo much!! She's quite the grown up, independent little lady and has quite the personality. We love her so much and she shows us so much love back. Nothing melts my heart more than when she runs up to me, hugs me and says, "I wuv you moooore!" In honor of her 24th month, let me share 24 things about Brooklyn. 1. Brooklyn is always full of endless amounts of energy. Even when she was just a newborn baby she was not one to be calm and lull herself to sleep. She came with a lot to share and boy does she ever! She spends most days running all around, singing songs, galloping and just having fun. 2. Some of Brooklyn's favorite shows include: Little Einsteins, Blues Clues, anything Elmo, Tangled (or "sorsie" as she calls it) and Despicable Me. She has definitely hit the sit and watch a movie phase and it's a fun break. 3. Brooklyn definitely takes after her mama with her love of sweets. The other day she asked me on three different occasions for a popsicle, cookie, and a treat. (Yeah mom of the year award, right? :) She is very good to try most foods and does love fruits and most veggies. But she LOVES desserts. 4. When it comes to sleep, Brooklyn is a champ. She has always been a really good sleeper and continues to be that way. She is starting to resist naps more often, but when she does take them will sleep about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. She usually sleeps for 12 hours at night, but this week has been surprising us with early wake up times. :) 5. Recently she has started showing an interest in what she wears. One day she wore pajamas and no matter how hard I tried to convince her otherwise, she was determined to wear the froggy jammas. It's fun to see her want to make decisions, but I admit, hard for me to not always have control over everything she wears. 6. Each day when I get ready, she loves to come and watch me put on makeup. She is very intrigued by it and loves when I let her put on some lip gloss. She smiles and says, "pretty." 7. She is equally intrigued with jewelry. She loves to run to my drawer and say, "necklace, necklace!" Needless to say, she has broken many of them, but thankfully they are easily repaired. No matter how many toy ones I get her, they just aren't the same as Mommy's. She also loves my earrings and I'm sure she will be excited to wear her own someday.

45: 8. This past week I decided to try more fun things with her hair and as long as I give her something to be distracted she does great. It can take me a while, but she loves to sit and play with the hairbands, bows and my lip gloss. She loves those chances to play with the things that are usually off limits. 9. Quite often during the day Brooklyn will request to go "side" or outside. She loves to be able to go out and run and be free. We've been working hard on not running in the street and she is getting really good at stopping at the end and waiting for me. They have a yellow patch they put at the corner of the sidewalk and she knows she has to "stop on yellow" and wait for me. She is really good about that and we have fun walking around. She would spend all day outside if she could. 10. Brooklyn still has a love/hate relationship with our cat, Little Guy. I seriously can't believe how forgiving she is of him and how tolerant he is of her. They definitely torture each other, but she really just loves him so much. Too bad he doesn't understand that her chasing him around and hitting him is just her way of saying, I like you!" :) 11. I don't think I can really say that Brooklyn is a daddy or mommy's girl at this point. She loves to be with both of us and doesn't necessarily show favoritism to one over the other. Often when I go and get her she will say, "Daddy sleepy" or "daddy work." If he is home, she loves to run in, climb on the bed and give him kisses. She gets very excited when he comes home from work and she can give him hugs and kisses. It's not uncommon for me to find her in our room, under the covers right next to Daddy when he's sleeping from his graveyard shift the night before. I don't think Daddy minds her cuddling with him either. :) 12. She is still sleeping in the crib and has not made any attempts to climb out. YAY! I'm not sure I'll be able to handle it when she figures it out and we have to move her into a bed. I'm happy with her staying in the crib as long as she needs. Her new favorite past time is to either jump in it or lay down and kick her feet against the side. That's usually what she's doing when she isn't napping. 13. Brooklyn has a strong love for drawing and coloring. She will spend a long time with a notebook and something to draw with. She especially loves when she can use a pen or a mechanical pencil. She holds them amazingly correct, which is shocking to me and is very particular when she draws. She has learned what a circle is and loves to make "circles" on paper (they look more like wavy lines.) 14. When is comes to colors, Brooklyn LOVES them. She points them out all the time and loves to color with them as well as see them all around. She hasn't necessarily taken to one color over another. 15. We thought for sure that Brooklyn was going to be left handed, but lately she switches back and forth all the time. So, we'll see what she ends up doing.

46: 16. Brooklyn loves to help Mommy whenever she can. She is always watching me and loves to mimic me. My favorite is when I am cleaning and she loves to try and help. This morning she even "helped" me sweep the floor. I am sure she is going to be a great helper when she gets big. 17. Our Little Missy is quite the verbal child. She loves to talk all the time and I can understand most things she says. It's fun to hear her ask for things rather than just cry. Even when she gets upset I can tell her to tell me in words and most times she will. She can be quite the chatter box at times! 18. Since she was very little she has identified Jesus' picture and loved it. It's so fun to be her nursery leader and watch her during the lessons. Whenever she sees a picture of Jesus or the temple she will immediately grin and exclaim what they are. She folds her arms well during the prayer and for the most part will close her eyes. Just this past week we've been having her say prayers and she will repeat what we tell her to. It's such a sweet and wonderful moment!!! 19. I've always felt like Brooklyn is quite the independent child. At home she plays really well by herself and has started doing imaginary things more and more. I love when I look over and catch her talking or singing to herself. She loves books and it's not uncommon to see her looking at a book and "reading" it, or more like mumbling sounds. 20. Some silly and not so silly things Brooklyn has been into are: exploring the car, jumping and spitting. Often when we get home I will get her out of her car seat and then let her explore for a bit. The other day I was getting ready to leave and had opened the car door so that I could load stuff. While I was in the house grabbing stuff, I looked in the garage to see her in the front seat saying, "I did it!" and hear the music playing. Our car is keyless start and I had just put my purse in the car, which had the keys in it. She is such a smart girl and had seen us start it so she climbed up and pushed it. You can't officially start the engine just by pushing the button, but you can turn on the radio. She was so excited and proud of herself. As for jumping she will jump on any trampoline she can get to and last for hours. We have a mini one in the house and loves to jump away on it. Lastly and not my favorite she loves to spit. Ick, I hate it so much. We are working on it and hopefully it ends soon... 21. She has recently shown more of a daring side. Whenever we go to the park she loves to climb up and go down the slides. It's nice that she's big enough to climb the stairs by herself for the most part. Lately she's been shocking us by going down the biggest slides and just laughing when she gets down. She is one daring little lady. 22. Brooklyn's eating goes on and off. Somedays she eats a lot and others not much. She loves her milk and still likes it warm. I call her my milk snob. She especially like "chockey milk" and would have it every time she was thirsty if we let her. She's not a huge water fan , but I have found that if I give her a fun cup she will drink it without complaint. She likes to eat: cottage

47: cheese (actually any cheese), pasta, pizza, apples, bananas, green beans, peas, and others I can't think of. One funny story. One day we had meatballs and she looked at it and said, "poopy" and wouldn't have anything to do with it. We had a good giggle. :) 23. She is one tall girl. I often have people ask me if she's three and when I tell them she's just turning two, they are surprised. She's been high on the charts all along for height, so we'll see where she is the next visit. 24. Last and most importantly, she is a beautiful daughter of God. I find myself constantly shocked that Heavenly Father has trusted us to care for her. She is always teaching and reminding me of how I can be more like my Savior. She loves unconditionally, is quick to forgive, and all the other qualities that I should be more like. I pray that as she grows I can learn to be more like her! Happy Birthday to my sweet two year old!!! I sure love being your mommy.

51: Baby Update 19 1/2 weeks Today was another routine check-up. I went in for my 18 1/2 week check up and came out one week further along! After reading the ultrasound, the radiologist said the baby was measuring a week earlier, so my doctor said he was just fine moving up my due day. So, now she's due Oct 30th. I had to smile because that's right around my birthday. Brooklyn and Scott's b-days are 2 days apart so it would be fun to have my and the baby's birthdays close together too. :) The check-up went really well. I was happy to see I've lost another pound (yippy!). If only losing weight not pregnant went as well... :) When my Dr did the heartbeat check, he put the thing on and seriously found it right off. He said he just got lucky, but I swear the Dr always finds it faster. Her heart was beating nice and strong. Everything else is going great and I go back in 5 weeks. I'm happy to say this past week I have been feeling tons better. I was still taking the Zofran every morning and one morning this week I forgot. Once I realized I decided to go ahead and see how I did. I actually felt better than I did with the medicine, so I decided to just go ahead without it. So, since Monday I've been medicine free and feeling good. I'm just trying to stay away from the sugar and red sauces. Oh how I miss them though and sometimes I still give in and just suffer the consequences. :) I've got the Tums right next to my bed and they are a welcome help many nights. I've noticed that I get a lot more tired in the afternoon and evenings the past week or so. I've been trying to not take naps since I have a hard time sleeping at night when I do nap, but some days I just have to lay down for a bit. I'm hitting the bathroom more frequently at night, but thankfully can usually get back to sleep pretty well after. The baby is definitely showing more and the bump is really appearing. I pulled out my maternity clothes and am happy to have things to wear that are more comfortable. :) I guess I am weird, but I enjoy wearing them since my body can stretch and be comfy in them. I seriously love maternity pants and look forward to wearing them. I tried the regular pants under the belly thing and it killed my stomach; I just couldn't handle all that pressure down there. So, I love the big belly pants and wear them proudly! So overall everything is great and I'm feeling great. We are super duper excited this baby girl is growing well and are looking forward to her arrival in October!

54: 2 Year Check-up We took Brooklyn to her 2 year check-up back on June 6th. I'm learning to dread these check-ups the older she gets. She absolutely hates going to the doctor and will cry from the minute we enter the room till we leave. She really turns it up when she gets her shots. I hate it, she hates it and I'm sure Scott hates it too. Hopefully someday she'll understand it's good for her and not scream as much. :) Here are her stats: Length: 36.5 in (97%) Weight: 30 lbs (85%) Head: 48.7 cm (81%) Here are some updates on her based on the sheet my doctor gave us for a typical 2 year old. Development: She can say at least 25 words and uses 2 or more words in a phrase often. I can understand almost everything she says and our family can understand probably half of it. She can follow commands, walk with confidence and carry objects. She easily goes up and down the stairs, one at a time, but still loves to hold our hand and count the stairs. She can kick a ball and throw one, but not with great accuracy. :) We are working on appropriate behavior while playing. She still hates sharing and isn't too nice during nursery sometimes. But as the doctor says, "do not expect shared play." So, we just remind her to be nice and find other toys for the kids to play with. She loves to read books, sing songs (twinkle little star and ABC are probably her favorite). Nutrition: Brooklyn almost always feeds herself. It's a huge mess, but good for her to practice. She still switches back and forth using hands, but definitely favors her left hand. The Dr told us to always let her decide how much to eat and not worry when she doesn't eat much or anything at all. Kids know when they are hungry, so we follow her cues. Dinner is the one she eats the least at, but if there is ever a treat around after, she always has room for that... (definitely got that one from her mom. :) She is definitely starting to be more picky about what she likes, so some foods I'm learning she just won't eat much of at all, while others she loves and devours. Sleep: The past month she was waking up lots earlier, but we discovered she is working on her 2 year molars. Combined with the diarrhea she got and diaper rash, her sleep was quite off. She is now back to her great sleeping schedule. She sleeps about 10-12 hours at night and usually 2-2 1/2 hours a day during nap time. She will go down for her nap anywhere between 1 and 3. Still no climbing out of the crib. YAY!!!

55: Teeth: As I just said, we're working on molars. They are seriously the worst and she has had the hardest time with them. She's just been more cranky in general, which is no fun! She loves to brush her teeth herself, but is not fond at all when we try and do it for her. It's definitely a work in progress. Potty Training: HA HA! I seriously wonder if she will ever be interested. I made an attempt about a month ago and she HATED sitting on the toilet. She definitely liked the underwear and the treats, bubbles, etc. I was trying to distract her with. But no interest in actually going. I am hoping so badly that she will be interested before the baby comes! I am open to ANY suggestions anyone has! :) Behavior: She is definitely discovering her ability to test boundaries. Tantrums come and go and luckily not too often. Just as they taught us in the education field, the doctor recommends praise the good. It's definitely something I can be better at. It's so easy to just say, "No!" Good always goes a lot further than bad!!! He also suggested that somethings just aren't worth fighting over and it's okay to give in at this age on the small things that don't really matter. We were also told to limit rules since too many are confusing and rely mostly on Time Out. I am not so great on this one and we need to work on it. I get frustrated that she won't stay there, so I need to train her better. We usually just put her in her crib for time out, but I want to move toward having a spot downstairs too. Overall, she is doing great, growing well and a happy girl. We love her so much!!!!

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