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S: Archetypes Abby Wurst and Jake Spiess

BC: The End :)

FC: Archetype Project By Abby Wurst and Jake Spiess

1: A | Ariel from the movie The Little Mermaid is a heroine. She saves Prince Eric twice. She saves him once from a burning, sinking ship. She saves him again from the evil sea witch, Ursula.

2: B | Batman is a courageous hero who always shows up to save the day especially from his enemy, the Joker. Batman said, "I'd rather die than beg for such a small favor as my life."

3: C | Cruella de Vil is a villain from the movie 101 Dalmatians. She wants to make the dalmatian puppies into a new spotted fur coat. Her name is actually a play on words. Her name is a combination of ''cruel'' and ''devil''.

4: Debra Barone from the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond is a shrew. She is always nagging her husband, Raymond. "Ray, don't you say one more word or I'm going to send your mother back in here to smack the crap out of you." Debora is always yelling at Raymond and bothering him. | D

5: E | The Evil Queen from Snow White has a double personality. To trick Snow White into eating a poison apple the Evil Queen changes herself into an old lady. Snow White believes this transformation and eats the apple.

6: Princess Fiona from the movie Shrek is a damsel in distress. She was cursed and locked in the tower of a castle. A brave hero had to fight a dragon to save her from the tower. They also had so save her from the curse of becoming an ogre as well. | F

7: Grandmother Willow is the wise tree from the movie Pocahontas. She could be considered a mother figure for Pocahontas who lacked this important person in her life. She was always there to provide wisdom and guidance for Pocahontas when she was confused and needed direction. | G

8: The Hunchback in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame is an outcast. He was shunned for looking different and lived alone in the church tower. In the movie they sing about the Hunchback saying, "God help the outcasts. Hungry from birth. Show them the mercy. They don't find on earth." | H

9: Inigo Montoya was a side kick in the movie The Princess Bride. The Man In Black needed help saving his princess and he called upon Inigo to be his sidekick and help him save Princess Buttercup. | I

10: Jack Sparrow is a pirate from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. He is very selfish and only cares about himself. Throughout the movie, he becomes a reluctant hero. At first, he does not care about saving the people around him on the adventure but, to his dismay, he decides to come around and save the day. | J

11: Katherine Pierce is manipulative vampire from the TV show The Vampire Diaries. She uses her beauty and charm to sway others to do as she says. She is a temptress. She always has her way and she uses others to get it. She poses as her human doppelganger, Elena Gilbert, in an attempt to further manipulate people to do her will. | K

12: Lloyd from the movie Dumb and Dumber is a fool. He is always doing stupid things and making himself look like an idiot. People laugh at him and cannot take him seriously. | L

13: M | Mr. Miyagi from the move Karate Kid is a teacher and a wise old man. He helps a young boy learn how to defend himself. He gives the boy advice and guidance based on the knowledge he has learned in his lifetime.

14: N | Noah and Allie from the Notebook could be considered star-crossed lovers. They were two teenagers in love but they were separated by a fight and Allies mother. Noah wrote her everyday for a year. Allies mom never gave her any of the letters. They were kept apart for many years until Allie finally went back to Noah.

15: Owen Armstrong from the book Just Listen is a seeker. Growing up, Owen had a rough life. He had anger problems and made choices that he should of avoided. He realized that the way he was living was wrong. He set out to find an escape from his problems and found it in his music. | O

16: Paul Crewe from the Longest Yard is an underdog. He was a star football player with a drinking problem. He was caught drinking and driving and thrown in jail. Times were hard for him in jail but he pulled through by starting football games between his jail mates. He went through a rough time but finds his way out of it in the end. | P

17: Quinn from the TV show Zoey 101 is a nerd. She is always experimenting and coming up with weird sciences. When people around her have strange sicknesses she always has a medicine she has made up waiting near by. She even runs tests on her friends. Quinn is always inventing new things and is your classic nerd. | Q

18: Robert NeVille, from I Am Legend, was the last human on earth after a "cure" for cancer killed everyone or turned them into zombies. He was immune to this epidemic. Soon, he realizes he is not alone. A woman and her son are also immune to the disease that was started. Robert finds out from the woman that there is a whole town that has survived. He discovers that the cure for the disease is his own blood. When Robert, the woman and her son are surrounded by zombies he gives the woman a vile of his blood and then runs into the zombies with a bomb. He becomes a sacrificial victim by killing himself and the zombies. | R

19: Sully from Monsters Inc. is a monster. He is very misunderstood. Where he works, monsters go through doors to scare kids in their beds. To the kids, he is a monster to be afraid of but in reality he is a kind and caring animal. | S

20: Tess and Anna Coleman from the movie Freaky Friday never get along. They are mother and daughter and they are always fighting. In the movie, they fight so much that a fortune cookie makes them switch bodies so they can learn to sort out their differences. This is junex vs. senex. | T

21: Venom, the evil Spiderman, is a degenerative hero. At first, Spiderman is a hero and saves people who are in trouble but then he turns evil. In Spiderman 3 he turns from a hero to a dark villain. | V

22: W | Woody Woodpecker was a scoundrel. He was a loony, insane bird who played tricks on people for fun. He was cunning and intelligent and he used these skills to get the better of others.

23: Zero from Holes is a temporary orphan. He and his mom were poor and Zero was often left alone. One day, he was asleep in a park and his mom never came back. He was left alone to fend for himself and eventually sent to a delinquent camp. In the end, he is reunited with his mom after being alone for so long. | Z

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