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S: Crack the Clues

BC: Crack the clues to find out what bug is in the picture? Have you ever wondered why we call some bugs insects?

FC: Crack the Clues! | Authors Kayden, Mckenzie, Renae, Rhand

1: Crack the Clues! | Authors Kayden, Mckenzie, Renae, Rhand Editor Mrs. Perlich Published 11/10/2011

2: Dedication To the first grade classes at Arocla Elementary School

3: Table of Contents | 1-6...by Rhand 8-13...by Renae 14-21 ...by Kayden 22-27...by Mckenzie 28-29...How we made the book 30-31...About the Author 32...Glossary 33...Resources

4: I have 6 legs. | Rhand | I have an abdomen. | 1

5: I have a head. | I have a thorax | 2

6: I have wings | 3

7: Can you guess what I am? | 4

8: 5 | I am a cricket!

9: I am also an insect | They have two antennas above their eyes. Their ears are on their legs that help them jump. They have two pairs of eyes on their head under their antennas. There are 120 different kinds of crickets. Their wings go along their body. Some humans eat crickets. | 6

10: Renae | I have 6 legs. | I have an abdomen. | 8

11: pic | I have a thorax | I have a head. | 9

12: I have ears on my stomach | 10

13: Can you guess what I am? | 11

14: 12 | i i i i i Tympanum | I am a grasshopper!

15: A grasshopper's ear is right beside its wing. Its ear is called tympanum and sticks up just a little bit beside its wing. A grasshopper's claw is in the front of its hopping leg. The claw hooks on to stuff like grass, weeds, and plants. Grasshoppers’ have a fore wing and a hind wing. They use their wings to fly short distances to get away from predators. A grasshopper has legs that help it jump really high. The top part of the leg is thick and thick. The lower part is long, skinny, and red. A grasshopper's eyes can see in all directions. Its eyes are on both sides of its face and are big and black. A grasshopper's antennas are right above its eyes. It uses the antennae to sense things that are coming. | I am also an insect. | 13

16: I have 6 legs. | Kayden | I have an abdomen. | 14

17: I have a head. | I have a thorax | 15

18: I have a stinger. | 16

19: Can you guess what I am? | 17

20: 18 | I am a bee!

21: I am also an insect! | The honey bee has poison in its stinger to protect its self. The first time they use their stinger they die, but some can sting multiple times. You can see the veins in the wings if you look really close. They let them fly fast so they can get away from things. They need bones in their wings or they cannot fly. The legs collect pollen everytime they land on flowers they leave pollen. If there were no bees some flowers would be extinct. | 19

22: Now, that you know what an insect is, can you find out if I am an insect? | 20

23: Mckenzie | I have 14 legs | I have an abdomen | 21

24: I have a thorax | I have a head | 22

25: I can roll in to a ball when I get Scared. | 23

26: 24 | I am a pill bug!

27: Pill bugs are interesting creatures A pill bug has five different parts to its body. There are called the Head, thorax, abdomen, legs and uropods. Their head is the first segment of their body. It holds their antennas, and there eyes. The thorax is the second part of the body there are seven sections. Each part of the thorax has a pair of legs. The third part is the abdomen it holds the uropods. | No, I am not an insect I am a crustacean | 25

28: How we made this book Four Arcola Elementary School students, named Mckenzie, Renea, Kayden, and Rhand got together on Skype with their college teacher, Mrs. Perlich twice a week to create this book. We took pictures of insects and body parts and put them in the book. We came up with clues for the reader to crack. It took some time to write our stuff down for all of our insects, but it was still worth it. Then we drew a diagram to put at the end of each insects clues. We had to talk it over and agree on some stuff. We made this book because we wanted to help first grades learn insects. We hope that the readers love this book and learn a lot about insects

29: 27 | Arcola | Elementary

30: 28 | My name is Mckenzie Warner. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have three cats their names are Toby, Smokie, and Angel. My favorite sport is gymnastics. In gymnastics I like the High Bars and the Trampoline. when grow up I want to be a gymnastics teacher. | My name is Renae Haddad. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My favorite subject is math.My favorite sports are soccer and gymnastics. I like to flip on the high bars. When I grow up I want to be either a orthopedic doctor or work at a store. | About the Girl authors

31: 29 | My name is Rhand and I am nine. I was born in Michigan. My favorite subject is art. My favorite color is green. My favorite sport is football. I want to be a police officer when I grow up | My name is Kayden and I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My favorite sports are soccer and football. My favorite subject is science. When I grow up I am going to be a police officer or and engineer. | About the boy authors

32: Glossary Abdomen- the rear part of an insect. Antenna- one of a pair of feelers on the head of an insect. Crustacean- An animal that has a hard shell and lives mostly in water. Insect-a creature with six legs, an abdomen, a thorax, and a head. Pollen- A yellowish powder made in flowers. Predators- An animal that lives by hunting other animals. Thorax- A part of the body between the head and the abdomen. Tympanum- The ear drum Uropods- last part of the abdominal | 30

33: Resources 1.www.bugfacts.net 2.www.biokids.umich.edu 3.www.kids.nationalgeographic.com | 31

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