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FC: Heroes Come In All Sizes | By: Ariana Fernandez

1: "We'll be back in 3 hours... you and Ethan stay home while me, your father, and sister go to watch a movie." said Cole's mom as him and Ethan were upstairs playing video games. They heard the door close and ran downstairs to call Domino's pizza so that they could have something to eat. As they were running downstairs they noticed sketchy looking guys talking about something that seemed important, as they kept eavesdropping they heard the word "robbery." At the same time they both stared at each other with a worried look.Ethan and Cole decided that they were going to ignore it and ran back upstairs. "Do you honestly think that those men were planning on robbing our house?" said Ethan with a very worried voice. "No, don't worry about it, we'll be okay." responded Cole as he kept playing his video game.

2: As it was getting darker outside they started to forget about the things that they heard earlier during the day. As Cole opened the door he took the pizza and handed the man a 10 dollar bill. Before he closed the door he noticed the same people that were talking about the robbery making loud noises. He immediately closed the door before Ethan could see so that Ethan wouldn't freak out. As they were sitting down on the kitchen counter they heard loud noises and just suspected that maybe the neighbors were just taking out the trash... As they kept eating they kept over thinking about all the bad possibilities that could happen. "You don't think you're going to come to your house do you?" Asked Ethan. "No, they're is no way, but if they do we could just call the cops and let them know what's going on."

3: But five minutes later they heard things breaking. Ethan noticed that the neighbors were not home because their car was not there. Now they're both freaking out and unsure of what to do. Ethan yells, "they're breaking into your neighbors house Cole we have to do someth-" before he could even finish his sentence they started hearing loud banging noises as if someone was hammering down their door. They planed on running up but as soon as they start sprinting a tall, strong looking man dressed in black stood right in front of them. In shock the two boys stayed there, motionless not knowing what to do. The person in black started chasing them and the boys sprinted off to his theater room, and locked themselves so that the robber couldn't come in. Smartly the robber started putting all these furnitures so that the boys wouldn't be able to get out of the room....

4: Struggling and crying to each other Ethan and Cole realized that they were stuck in their theater room with no way to escape because it had no windows. They were wandering around in circles, trying to think about what was actually happening. With watery eyes Ethan asked "What do we do now?" "I don't know yet, do you have your phone with you? We can call someone and let them know what's going on." Both of them started looking in their pockets then suddenly Ethan with a soft voice said "I left mine in the kitchen counter when we were calling the pizza man..." They realized that they were stuck in their own house unsure of what this big scary man was doing or taking downstairs....

5: Angrily, Cole got up and started pushing against the door. "Help me push against this door Ethan we need to get out of this room and try to stop them." Ethan sprinted up and with all his strength they were both pushing and banging at the door. Desperately wanting to get out they started banging chairs, tables, anything they could find. Cole got so worked up that he punched the door and ended up making a little crack on the door. they kept hitting that spot with chairs and ended up making a hole to stick their hands through, and open the door. They heard loud noises under them and decided that they were just going to stay quiet. They were also not wanting to get seriously injured so the looked out the window noticed that there were about three strong men in the neighbors house. Unable to see their faces because they had on something over their faces. They both tip toed down the house being as quiet as a mouse.

6: As they were walking around the house they noticed that there was glass... everywhere. Both creeping downstairs they saw that two short men were looking through the kitchen. They opened the silverware drawer and heard all the forks, knives, spoons everything fall down. "It doesn't sound too good down there... they're probably making a mess." "Yeah I know Ethan but we're going to have to find my cell phone so that we can call someone and let them know what's going on." "Well where did you last leave it?" Asked Ethan. "I think it's somewhere in my room, let's go look for it." It wasn't easy finding Coles phone because his room was a mess. Basically swimming through all the piles of clothes and finding food all over his floor there was no sight of his phone.

7: Confused and not knowing what to do they decided that they were going to get the home phone. As they were planning to get it they heard something vibrate right underneath Cole's desks. They both rushed and started looking all throughout the dresser. Ethan with the most excited look on his face picked up the phone. The caller read "Mom" Cole whispered on the phone "hey mom I can't talk right now there's strangers downstairs what should we do?" Coles mom of course started freaking out and started yelling really badly with a panicked voice she said, "Cole DO NOT go downstairs. Hide somewhere go call the cops and I'll be home right now." They hung up the phone and thought they heard someone come upstairs so decided to hide underneath the bed.

8: Cole dialed "911". "Hello what's your emergency?" A very firm voice asked them. "Hello ma'am there are men downstairs robbing my house and I also believe they're robbing my neighbors house." "How long have they been there? And are ya'll alright? Your safety is our priority, police are going to your current location right now but just in case can I please have the address for the house you're in right now?" "4672 Blakehill Dr." responded Cole. "Just stay on the line with me and don't worry as I said before the police are on their way."

9: They see blue and red lights flashing. "Those are the cops. Wow they came by really fast." said Ethan. Both of their hearts were racing. They heard someone yell "COPS THEY'RE HEAR WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW." And heard noises downstairs. It sounded like they broke a window and things were going all over the place. They heard a very loud noise and a heroic voice say, "please stay where you are. Don't leave, or move." Then there was silence.

10: After not knowing about what had been going on they see black shoes underneath the bed. Both of them stare at each other because they didn't know what was about to happen to them. Then out of nowhere they heard, "this is officer Jordan is anyone in this room?" With the most excitement they both sprinted up on their legs and felt relief. They went downstairs and found a complete mess in their house, as they were walking downstairs Cole's mom walked through the door. They all gathered in for a group hug, being thankful that they were all alive and safe. "Those men were sent to the police station and they'll receive further consequences. But you two boys were heroes today. You did the right thing. We'll be back to see more evidence and get more people for this." Officer Jordan said as she was shaking Cole's parents hands and walked out of the house.

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