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Arlyn Cook 80 plus things we learned from you

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Arlyn Cook 80 plus things we learned from you - Page Text Content

S: Arlyn R. Cook - March 12th 2014

BC: "We grow up and discover No one ever loves each other Like Fathers and Daughters." To my Daddy with Love, Rhonda

FC: 80 + Things We Have Learned From You | Arlyn R. Cook

1: Tell me and I Forget. Teach me and I Remember. Involve me and I Learn. Benjamin Franklin

2: Dear Dad, No one will ever fill your shoes. When I was a little girl I thought you were the tallest man around. I knew you were the smartest. Even though you are a man of few words you have taught many lessons in your actions and the way you have led your life. In Celebration of you becoming an Octogenarian, I thought you may like to know some of what you have passed on. Love Rhonda

3: Dad taught us the importance of education. Kresten

4: Dad taught us to have a Positive Attitude | No matter dad's true mood, when asked "How are you doing?" The standard reply with a smile was always, "Fantastic!" Rhonda | FAN-TAS-TIC !

5: Dad taught us to appreciate the outdoors. Kresten

6: Dad taught us we had to be nice to each other. Rhonda

7: Dad taught me how to tie a tie. Kresten

8: Dad taught us we could wear anything we wanted to. Kresten

9: "YOUR RIGHTS END WHERE SOMEONE ELSE'S BEGIN" | This is something dad would often tell us. It is something I have pondered and reflected back on in many life situations. Rhonda

10: Dad taught us to appreciate sunsets... As he has taken over a 1000 pictures of them. Kresten

11: Dad taught me how to use my eyebrows to communicate Kresten

12: Dad taught us about building things. This is one of two forts he built us . Rhonda

13: Dad taught us the value of a strong work ethic. Rhonda

14: Dad shared his fondness of Colorado with us. Kresten

15: Dad taught us to appreciate hiking. Kresten

16: integrity integrit noun the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. "he is known to be a man of integrity" | Rhonda | Dad taught us by example of what it means to live a life of;

17: ingenuity injn(y)ooit noun the quality of being clever, original, and inventive. | Rhonda | Dad often showed us about,

18: Dad | sho | us | ho | to | rel | so | ti | Kres | ten | we | d | w | ax | me | me | s.

19: Dad | sho | we | us | how | to | fi | fr | tub | es. | kre | ste | n | nd | d | ee

20: Dad taught us to Love Dogs and Hate Cats. Rhonda

21: Dad taught me patience. Rhonda

22: Clark Kent?? maybe not, but he was our Superman. Loving our Dad was an easy lesson. Rhonda

23: Dad taught us the importance of getting away. Kresten | Also, the joy of outdoor grilling. Rhonda

24: Dad taught us the importance of keeping in high fashion. Kresten | E A S T E R

25: Dad taught us it was not a good idea for five people to take a road trip from Texas to Wisconsin in a small car. | Rhonda

26: Dad taught us the importance of going to church, Every Sunday Morning, Every Sunday Evening & Every Wednesday night. Rhonda

27: Dad taught us to appreciate fine cars. Kresten

28: Dad taught us to stop and smell the flowers. Rhonda

29: Daddy-isms; If you leave a room Turn off the Light. When someone compliments you just say, Thank You. If all you had to do was push a button to wash the dishes you would argue over that. After the laughing comes the crying. You weren't raised in a Barn. Praise the Lord, Anyhow. Kresten & Rhonda

30: Dad taught us the art of giving a well thought out, slow response. A Very, Very, S-L-O-W Response. | Rhonda

31: Dad taught us humor in the form of the PUN coupled with Deadpan delivery. | Rhonda | "Did I ever tell you about the Indian that Drank too much? They found him the next morning, he died in his tea pee."

32: Dad taught me that drinking a beer was not that bad after all. | Kresten

33: Dad taught us to take care of our own cars. Kresten

34: One of the best things we learned from Grandpa was camping is great fun. Devin & Taryn

35: Growing up, dad taught us REAL campers camp in a green musty tent, with a coffee can for a nighttime toilet. | Then we grew up, and moved away, and all the camping rules changed. Rhonda

37: Dad taught us about | Kresten

38: Dad taught us about being patriotic. Rhonda

39: Dad passed on to us his Love of Texas | Kresten & Rhonda | Dad taught us to have Love for our Great State of Texas

40: Arlyn taught me about acceptance for those that are different. Ken

41: I learned from Arlyn, to pour Rhonda's creamer in her coffee cup before she gets up. Ken | Also, Shrimp shells are better put out in the garbage and not down the disposal... Thanks for helping me clear the drain.

42: I have gained a better appreciation for the outdoors. Kimberly

43: Importance of time. Kimberly

44: Dad taught us to Appreciate Nature. | Kresten

45: Hunting for our Easter Baskets at the campsite. Devin & Taryn

46: It's cheaper to make a tool, such as a steering wheel puller versus buying one. Larry

47: I learned how to wire an outlet, without getting shocked. Larry

48: Grandpa / Gramps is nice to nap with. Devin, Samantha & Ashleigh

49: Gramps helped me build my Pine wood derby racer. Logan

50: My Great PaPa's house is a fun place. | Kayleigh

51: I love the outdoors Hiking & Camping , this comes from Grandpa. Grandpa told me not to eat oysters unless in a month with an 'O'. ?? Grandpa introduced me to Real Ale. Devin

52: Arlyn, Over the years we have swapped recipes. I have learned to enjoy your wit. | I have also become a huge fan of your frozen Blue drinks. Amy

53: Samantha,Ashleigh,Morgan & Lauren | Thank Heaven for Little Girls | Lead Me Guide Me Walk Beside Me

54: Gramps helped me build a Gauss Gun for the St. George School science fair.... We got 2nd Place! Samantha

55: Gramps showed us where to watch for bats at Bamberger Ranch. Logan & Ashleigh

56: Grandpa Took us to see the Christmas lights in Johnson City. | Taryn

57: It's fun to play in the leaves at the park near Great-Grandpa's house. Henry & Greyson | What are | Little Boys | made of? | Slugs and | Snails and | Puppy | dog Tails.

58: I learned It's never too late to change. Dad finally learned the benefit of outdoor Christmas decorations Kresten

59: Dad taught us the importance of Kresten

60: I learned the raccoon / fox buffet never ends. Ned

61: Birds and bird lovers are high maintenance. Ned

62: I got my interest in photography and writing from Dad | Rhonda

63: Dad taught us to Be | Grateful | Rhonda

64: Arlyn taught me its fun to go for rides in the truck and on the golf cart. | Sunshine | I can appear to be his lady friend from the back if I sit up tall.

65: I like cats more than Arlyn.

66: Dad taught me that he relaxes more after a margarita, or two. Kresten

67: Dad taught us about | commitments | and keeping | promises | Rhonda

68: Grandpa Cook is there whenever I need him. | Grandpa Cook is very helpful, he took time to come and build the ramp on my house. | Spencer

69: Trevor need text | Grandpa,Very Patiently, taught me to weld. He also taught me the value of a properly stocked and organized shop space. Trevor

70: Then, he moves into a barn. Then I learn, you still have to keep things clean, even if you do live in a barn. | All those years he told us we were not raised in a barn. | Rhonda

71: A Love for Dogs. Kimberly

73: Growing up we enjoyed learning to have a special love for the Texas Hill Country. It was no surprise to us that dad would want to retire in the Heart of the Hill Country. Kresten & Rhonda


76: When I brought Devin home from the hospital I was so scared. Scared I did not know how to be a mom. Dad told me the best advice he could give me was to be consistent. Not sure how well I learned that lesson but I tried & I am blessed. | Be Consistent | Rhonda

77: Dad taught us the importance of community service. Kresten

78: I have learned from Arlyn: Quiet sometimes is the loudest voice in the room. Labeling saves time and memory later. Sarah

79: Gramps taught me how to make the best cinnamon toast. Morgan | Gramps taught me how to find scorpions with a black light. Lauren

80: Dad taught us to be independent. I know it's that independent spirit that helped me have the courage to start my own business. Rhonda

81: Arlyn taught me that a hammer drill works best for drilling into concrete. & How to create a cheater bar using another wrench. Larry

82: Dad showed us how to never be overly enthusiastic about anything. Anything. No matter what. Rhonda

83: Ding Dongs truly should be one of the 4 food groups. Ned, Sarah & the girls

84: Arlyn taught me there are a multitude of uses for wine bottle corks. Chap

85: Read the directions Before we start. Go about your business and stay out of trouble Patience brings clarity. Sarah

86: Vacations with Grandparents are fun! Logan & Ashleigh

87: I learned Dad is afraid of Snakes. And that's all I have to say about that. Rhonda

88: I study closely Dad's technique, when an unexpected visitor drops by, hide and appear busy. Kresten

89: stubborn stbrn adjective having or showing dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, esp. in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so. synonyms:obstinate, headstrong, willful, strong-willed, pigheaded, difficult, contrary, HUH? | Just Sayin.... Rhonda

90: Grandpa | taught | me | the | import | of | building | a | legacy | through | Spencer | ance

91: By the time I met Arlyn I already knew everything. I can think of one thing Arlyn has always said, "I can fix anything but a broken heart." I have come to learn he truly can fix anything. | Ann

92: Dad taught us about Life. The hard parts, The fun parts And a lot of parts in between. | Rhonda | Kresten | Daddy

93: He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. Clarence Budington Kelland

95: ------- | opinion

96: Happy Birthday Dad.

97: Spencer | Trevor

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