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Armand's Art

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S: Armand Roy's Art

BC: This collection Armand Roy's work is limited to those works the artist has been able to document to April 4, 2012 and is not the complete collection..

FC: A Collection of Paintings and Artwork by Armand Roy

1: Armand Roy This book represents a lifetime collection of paintings, graphic arts, sculpture, logos, illustrations , and court room drawings created by Armand Roy.

2: I have been drawing, painting and sculpting since I was five years old.. I remember a grade one teacher in a one room school house in Fairview, Alberta, Canada who taught me how to draw an apple. That was the start. When my grandfather died I was given his oil paints to play with. I was four years old when he died. I remember my Dad encouraging me on a rendering in pen and ink I did of a WWII P-51 Mustang fighter plane when I was about 12 or 13.. By the time I was in grade 10 I knew art would play a major roll in my life. I took an aptitude test and art surpassed everything. In grade 12 I majored in Commercial Art at St. Joseph's Composite High School in Edmonton , Alberta Canada. But an as fate would have it my Dad was forced to take a position in Montreal Quebec and I left my high school and moved with the family. Quebec didn't have grade 12 and I was forced to finish their grade 11. I had already taken and passed all the courses they provided me. The saving grace was I was accepted into the l'Institut des Arts Graphiques the following year. Although all in French which made it a little difficult for me as my French was duly lacking when I started. I completed two years there when the Quebec government indicated they were eliminating the school and folding it into the new initiative of CGEP.. So over the summer I applied to the Alberta College of Art in Calgary and was accepted. Four years later I graduated with a diploma in Advertising Art with an honourable mention. Since then my art life has been an incredible journey. I worked as a Resident Artist for Prince Albert Saskatchewan, a Graphic Supervisor for a Provincial Government department, an Art Director and Creative Director for and Advertising Agency, a graphic designer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and in between all of that a freelance artist for a whole range of clients. And I always had a painting or two on the go throughout all this time. This book is a sample of my years of work painting, sculpting, designing and just plain being a lifelong artist. Armand Roy

3: Contents | Paintings Landscapes Portraits Fantasy Portraits Abstracts Murals Illustrations Sculptures Cartoons Graphic Design Logos Posters, brochures and video Court Room Drawings

4: Paintings

5: facing page Jasper Campground Acrylic on canvas 24" by 30" Painted while on vacation in Jasper in 1995 | Landscapes and Still Life | Dunvegan Bridge Oil on canvas board 24" by 30" 1964 One of my very first paintings

6: Shirley's Flowers | Shirley had asked me to do a painting of flower's for her since we got married in 1974. I finally decided to do one for her. | Oil on linen 12" by 24" 2010

7: Off the Acreage Deck | Guouche on illustration board 7 7/8" by 11 1/2 " 2005 | The fall day I painted this everything was absolutely quiet. There wasn't a breeze, no bugs, birds or distant noises. A truly rare day for anyone.

8: Fall Fire 35" by 15 1/4" Acrylic on canvas 2003 The fall colours in 2003 were unbelievable. Collection of Brian Kenny and Jan Carter

9: Symphony 36" by 22 1/2 " Acrylic on Canvas 2003 Collection of Peter Bergbusch

10: Land of the Living Skies 60" by 84" Acrylic on canvas with glass beads 2001 | Our acreage near Hendon and Wadena Saskatchewan s rides the climate between the north and central regions of Saskatchewan. Hence the skies we get are phenomenal and truly reflect Saskatchwan's motto of "Land of the Living Skies".

11: Land, Sea and Air Tryptic Acrylic on canvas 42" by 42" 2001 | This tryptic was a study in shape, form and design during my studies in fluid strokes. I was influenced by the work of Van Gogh and was studying the limits of fluid, loose brush strokes

12: Ash Tree Acrylic on canvas 23 1/2" by 17 1/2 " 2003 Had some scrap lumber from making other shaped canvas's and decided to make another canvas out of them. The resulting painting was this tree. from one found at our acreage.. | (right) European Buildings Water colour on paper 14" by 20" 1982 Part of a series done for a client of German ancestry. One of the paintings I did for the client was a portrait of his ancestor from the 15th century which the only reference I had was a sculptured relief on his coffin. I don't have a record of the painting and I lost the name of the client.

14: Land of the Living Night Acrylic on Canvas 2002 An expression of the amazing night sky around our acreage near Hendon Saskatchewan

15: Alien Invasion Airbrush and pencil on illustration board 1988 | Created as a political comment on the dramatic change to the Conservative Right. in Saskatchewan. A sequel to this piece was done for a Mackenzie Art Gallery initiative where well known artists from all over Saskatchewan produced art made out of food. My contribution was an extension of this work where the elevators were made from jam and graham wafers, the egg was made in chocolate and it was broken open with various types of pasta spewing over the landscape..

16: Summer of "95 Acrylic on Canvas 60" by 96" 1996 Impression of water falls in Jasper Alberta | The Cedars Acrylic on Canvas 2004 Impression of the giant cedars on Vancouver Island

17: Bleeding Earth Acrylic on Canvas 36" by 36" 2005 Produced for a three artist exhibit on global warming called "The Carbon Crisis" held at the Art X 9 gallery in Regina Saskatchewan. B

18: Brick Egg Acrylic on Canvas 24" by 30" 1989 During my "Egg" period I pursued a range of visual experiments with patterns and structural art.

19: St. Andrews Home at Night Acrylic on Canvas 20" by 16" each painting 2005 This is an impression of looking through the trees surrounding our home in St. Andrews and the light that is streaming from the windows and how it interacts with the leaves.

20: Animals

21: We got Katie six months after losing Bud. She is the most loving dog any dog owner could hope to have. During Christmas of 2010 our daughter Chantelle took the most amazing photo of Katie in her favourite spot on the futon. It was the inspiration for this painting. I wanted the classic style and the result has been a resounding acceptance of our most special gift.. | Katie Acrylic on Canvas 36" by 28 3/4" 2011

22: Buddy Acrylic on Canvas 60" by 41 1/2" 2007 Buddy was the first dog Shirley and I owned. He was a cross between a Coon Hound and a Golden Retriever. He loved to run and play golf. He would hide in the foliage to stay cool. In the spring and fall Shirley and I would try to do everything to keep him out of the ice covered water holes but to no avail. When he died we realized he had changed our lives forever. He is truly missed. I did this painting in honour of his great and special gift he gave us with his presence and life.

25: Three Cute Dogs Acrylic on Canvas 16" by 20" 2011 Commission for Joanne and Dan Olson | (Facing page) Punky Acrylic on Canvas 2008 Punky was our cat who lived 21 years. When I had the long beard she would come onto our bed and comb my beard in the morning to wake me up. She was dearly loved by the whole family. After doing the painting of Buddy I was lobbied to do one of Punky. She died soon after.

26: Katie 2 Watercolour 8" by 10" 2010 | On a hot summer day Katie was sleeping on the deck at our acreage when I decided to take some time to quickly grab a painting of her.

27: Big Fish Acrylic on Canvas 60" by 96" 1996 | This is a political comment on the Corporations eating up the poor and middle class . It appears that the bigger the entity the more it feeds on all of us. The painting leaves the question of what happens when all of the little fish are gone. The modern ruling class Property of Roger Lepage.

28: Small Fish Acrylic on Canvas 1999 | Fish # 7 Water colour 1999 | Wide Mouth Fish Acrylic on Canvas 1999 | Gold Fish Acrylic on Canvas 1998 | The paintings on this page are all part of my fish series. I was experimenting with colour and fluid brush forms.

29: Reclining Fish Acrylic on Canvas 2000 | This painting was done as a spoof on the artistic world that tries to put so much intellectuality behind basic painting motive of sex. The Reclining Fish is a laugh at the reclining nude, a common theme among all male artists and universally recognized as an acceptable artistic endeavor even though it is often a simple sexual expression.

30: My Aquarium Acrylic on Canvas 144"by 168" 1999 Using the fluid brush stroke I developed this assemblage of paintings was done to see if I could apply the same strokes to everything from fluid lines and characteristics of fish as well as the human form. I also wanted to experiment with the assembly of unique shaped canvases in an unorthodox assemblage.

31: My Aquarium #1 Acrylic on Canvas 1999 This is the most popular of the four piece ensemble. Still in my possession I am waiting for a serious buyer.

32: Portraits

33: Jacob Giesbrecht Lawyer Acrylic on Canvas 48 " by 35 3/4" Commissioned on his first presentation to the Supreme Court of Canada. Most lawyers may only have one chance in a lifetime to make presentation to this, the highest court in Canada. It is important to note that the case he was presenting on was one I initiated with the Nor-Man Regional Health Authority in Manitoba in my work as a Labour Relations Officer with MAHCP

34: My Family Portrait Acrylic on Canvas 36" by 48" 1989 In developing this painting I wanted to illustrate my ability to do realism but to add unique elements into the mix. My family became the unique subjects. My wife Shirley is reflected in the tea pot. (She was collecting them at the time). We have three daughters which are reflected in three of the eggs. We also had a fish and a cat and the two extra eggs represent them. I am reflected in the glass of the table below the place matte.

35: Canadian Gothic Acrylic on Canvas 60" by 96" 2007 The painting "American Gothic" was the inspiration for this painting. My version adds the smiling faces of our daughters as well as a depiction of the home at our acreage in Saskatchewan and our dog Buddy who was considered as her son by Shirley. Often people are shocked when they hear that this painting took me a mere 12 hours to complete from start to finish.

37: (Left) Young Shirley Acrylic on Canvas 40" by 34" 1977 The day I met Shirley I fell deeply in love. By 1977 we were married for three years. Shirley was 22 years old at the time of this painting. She posed for several hours. She is the greatest model I have ever run across. She could sit for hours without a flinch. | Graham and Adele Acrylic on Canvas Graham - 37 1/2" by 49 1/2" Adele-71" by 37 1/2" 2007 | This ensemble depicts Adele and Graham our daughter and her husband. They are both consumed in music Graham has a punk rock band "Cricket" and Adele was the runner up for the lead role in Cirque de Soleil's Quidam when she was only 10 years old. She continues to perform. She also has a fabulous sense of humour which I wanted to capture in the second rendition of her portrait in the bottom left of the painting.

38: Young Charine and Chantelle Acrylic on Canvas 16" by 20" 1985 | An homage to our two oldest daughters. After all these years you can still see their personalities reflected in this painting.

39: Andy Acrylic on Canvas 48" by 36" 2011 Commissioned by Yvette and Craig Hamilton upon the death of Craig's father Andy

40: The Right Honorable John Diefenbaker and his wife. Oil on Canvas 24" by 36" 1973 | Shortly after finishing art school in Calgary I was commissioned to produce this painting for John Diefenbaker. It was interesting because he kept requesting I make him look younger than he was. The home in the painting was their last home in Prince Albert Saskatchewan.

41: Joe the Cook Oil on Canvas 24 1/4" by 28 1/4" 2012 In my work I often travel to Northern Manitoba. There is a restaurant and bar in the Pas called Good Thymes where I often go to eat. One day sitting in the bar side I was sipping on a beer and decided to do some sketching. What struck me was the rectangular shapes and the unique look of the cook's beard. It was probably in a net but it gave me the impression of alnost being sculpted. I had to do a painting. I asked the waitress the name of the cook. "Joe" she replied when she saw my drawing. The next time I went to the restaurant Joe had shaved his beard. I was saddened by the fashion change.

42: Dead Explorer Water colour 11" by 20" 1972 Just after leaving art school in Calgary I did two water colours dealing with historical events and death. I sold the first painting and I don't have a record of it. My father wanted that one but never told me about it until it was too late. This is the second one based on a photo of an American explorer from the late 19th century who's grave was discovered in and around 1972.

44: Fantasy Portraits

45: Tattooed Woman Acrylic on Canvas 34 1/2" by 24 1/2" 2012 In the development of this painting I wanted to explore the combination of pattern with the human form. I worked in Photoshop to get close to what I wanted. Once I had an image that achieved what I was looking for by combining fabric patterns to the entire image I then began the painting. I made many adjustments throughout the painting process which was more than I had anticipated.

46: Ice Cream Man Acrylic on Canvas 48 1/4" by 32" 1979 One of my most popular paintings it was done as a concept painting for an ad campaign for Saskatchewan Health. It was never published.

47: Junk Food Junkie Acrylic on Canvas 48 1/4" by 32" 1979 This painting and "Ice Cream Man" were presented together as part of the concept on the evils of an unhealthy diet. In the end a series of black and white cartoon style drawings in a western theme became the characters of the campaign. Samples of them are shown later in this book.

48: 21st Century Business Woman Oil on Canvas 53 3/4" by 23 1/4" 2009 I am always struck by the intense ambition of power that women in managerial or supervisory positions believe they have and can wield. The seem to have an incessant need to prove themselves. Often micro-managers they push their underlings through unrelenting turmoil. Society seems to encourage their advancement. When I did the first drawing it struck me how similar they all appeared. Their hair usually short. They often wear glasses but not always. They seem to discard a lot of what makes them feminin.e . As I developed the concept each medium changed the image till in the painting and the shaped canvas I achieved the style and character I wanted. The sketches are the concept drawings

49: If you work hard you will be successful. No statement could be further from the truth when dealing with the kind of individual I wanted to express in this painting. It often appears that people in authority have been able to make wasting time an art form.. Procrastination, delay, deflection and just plain stalling permeate their landscape. When I did the drawing I wanted to capture the cold, obesity of a master of delaying tactics. A real person was my inspiration. Without photographic reference and only my recall abilities was I able to create this image.The Turtle is the perfect zoomorphic image. Slow, wise and able to hide in his shell frustrating everyone coming in contact with him. Perfectly satisfying the bureaucracies desire to non accomplishment hoping any issues will go away.. The sketch is the concept drawing | The Turtle Acrylic on Canvas 55 1/2" by 43" 2010

50: Middle Aged Woman Acrylic on Canvas 43 1/4" by 25 1/2" 2010 As women age they face the difficult struggle of trying to keep up their youth and beauty. Image in modern society plays far too much of a role and pushes women to the limits of their endurance. When I created the concept drawing I was thinking of a middle aged woman of limited means who's features were sculpted by years of built up makeup and stress. When I created the sculpted painting the woman evolved into a softer but sadder woman with hints of gray in her hair and a stern look hiding her inner insecurities.

51: Brianna Acrylic on Canvas 45 3/8" by 26" 2006 Modern society is saturated with models selling plastic products to pornography. It was that combination of statuesque beauty combined with illicit activity that inspired this sculptured painting. When I constructed the canvas I intentionally gave a hint of squared shapes to the breasts. It is tied to the manufactured look of implanted breasts common amoung models, movie stars, porn stars, exotic dancers and even every day women. Using a photo of Brianna Banks, a porn star, I manipulated it till I got the style of image I wanted then produced the painting. This was the first of my sculptured portrait paintings.

52: Seduction Acrylic on Canvas and motion sensor light 35" by 19" 2005 The seduction of power and wealth subjugates whole populations and leads to the destruction of our environment and ultimately end our world.

53: Oppression Acrylic on Canvas 32" by 16" 2004 No matter the culture women are oppressed by narcissistic paternalistic oppression.. Often this is framed around religious beliefs. | Freedom Acrylic on Canvas 34" by 16" 2004 This painting represents the freedom from tyranny and oppression. It also reflects the joy when she has overcome major trials and tribulations in her life. The painting was sold to a woman who overcame breast cancer .

54: Solstice 1 Acrylic on Canvas 24" round 2005 Using Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man as the basis of the painting and playing with the oriental ying and yang philosophy but placing the woman's form instead of the male form to achieve an expression of the balance of the universe expressed in the solstice. . | Solstice 2 Acrylic on Canvas 16" by 24" 2005 The second painting plays on night and day that create the solstice in equal parts. The woman displaying herself in the bright sun and the woman in the shadows of the night. | Amazon Women Acrylic on Canvas 2004 Using my unique brush technique I wanted to see how it would work on the human form. The result was this image of very muscular women.

55: Winnipeg Beverage Room Acrylic on Canvas 54 1/2" by 24" 2011 When I moved to Winnipeg it seemed that every beverage room I visited had two things in common - slot machines and exotic dancers. I came from Saskatchewan where slot machines were becoming common but exotic dancers were virtually unheard of.

56: Textured Nudes Acrylic on Canvas 28 1/4" by 16" 2012 Playing with texture and the female form I was struck by the richness it created building up the paint in a most unusual tactile way. | Details of the painting

57: Attention Walmart Strippers Oil on Canvas 48 3/4" by 16 1/2" 2012 I hate Walmart. It abuses its worker's, buys goods from questionable sources, and dictates labour regulations and government policies in countries around the world. It seems there is a type of consumer that always makes purchases at Walmart. This is a mystery to me. There are countless photographs taken of the patrons and their fashion and style. I created this painting to take it one step further. The Walmart pin up girl. Consumerism stripped naked.

58: The Magi Acrylic on Canvas 30" by 36" 1990 | The story of the Magi has had special meaning to Christian beliefs. I was raised a Roman Catholic. As an adult I began to question Christianity as a whole and speculate that maybe all of it is based upon an alien event. What if the "three in one" concept could be illustrated and the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh were represented by the eggs. To carry the theme of three is the three pointed star. The "2001 A Space Odyssey" child represents the Messiah.

59: Generational Dreams Acrylic on Canvas 41" by 30 1/2" 1973 This painting was completed shortly after I graduated from the Alberta College of Art in Calgary. It is a statement on my desire and dreams of being an artist. The child is a self portrait when I was a baby. The man is a fantasy based on the fashion from the 1950's through the 1970's.

60: Abstracts & Surrealism

61: Fluid Diamond Acrylic on Canvas 42" by 72" 1999 During the late 1990's and into the early Millennium I created a series of paintings experimenting with fluid brush strokes and colour on shaped canvases..

62: Windows Under Glass Acrylic on Canvas 60" by 96" 1994 | I created a series of four paintings around the theme that modern life is seen through glass and lacks social participation. This painting represents looking through the glass of a computer and the confusion it brings to our lives.

63: Window of Generational Continuum Acrylic on Canvas 60" by 96" 1995 | The whole painting is a giant egg. In it are a sea of people. My wife Shirley, our children, Charine, Chantelle and Adele, as well as my mother and Shirley's father, and many more hidden and fantasy portraits. The white egg is behind a window where it represents our birth.

64: Tommy's Legacy Acrylic on Canvas 60" by p6" 1994 | A tribute to Tommy Douglas. He was on a plane ride over Saskatchewan at night when he was asked what he felt his legacy was. Everyone thought he would reply Medicare. Instead he replied by asking the questioner to look out the window below. He explained his legacy was rural electrification. Lights on every farm..

65: The Real Heros Acrylic on Canvas | Did He Forget Acrylic on Canvas | Christmas Candle Light Acrylic on Canvas

66: Surrealistic Dreams Pencil and airbrush dyes on quality paper 18" by 24" 1996 Without any pre-planning i started with a simple texture study on the grain of the paper. As the work progressed the images grew onto the paper until the surrealistic image exposed itself from my mind and the paper.

68: Diablo Acrylic on Canvas 54" by 36" 1999 At the time I was immersed in experimenting with fluid brush strokes. The technique was inspired by some work I did when I was living in Montreal in the mid 1960"s This piece was done during an Art X 9 exhibit held in one of the CBC television studios which for our show had been converted into a high class gallery. Each artist presenting had an area where they created a piece while the visitors watched the work being done. The exhibition lighting was very dramatic. The art was displayed against either black or white backgrounds. The bright reds were a perfect contrast to the surroundings and as the painting progressed it exposed a devil like face which I couldn't resist defining.

69: Fluid Tear Acrylic on Canvas 54" by 36" 2000 Another experiment in the "fluid" series of paintings. In this one I used blue as the basis for the composition and colour movement.

70: Fluid Sea Water Colour 9" by 12" 2002 | Like jellyfish floating on the top of the water I created this piece experimenting with similar techniques to my acrylic fluid paintings..

71: Outside the Box Acrylic on Canvas 2004 A three dimensional painting made up of two canvases one superimposed over the other.

72: Jello Landscape Airbrush, prismacolour on special paper. 1997 | I was fascinated by the discovery of texture in the grains of paper. I also wanted to experiment with unplanned composition . This was one of the results..

73: Untitled Acrylic on Canvas

74: The Seven Sisters Acrylic on Canvas

75: Sexual Castle Oil on Canvas

76: Sculptures

78: Untitled Wood, canvas, wood stain and acrylic

79: New Hope after Global Warming Soap stone, copper, wood and wire

80: Pitts Special Airbrush Dyes and Guoache on Illustration Board

81: Illustrations

82: K 165 Canadian Corvette Airbrush and Guoache on Illustrtion Board

83: Series of Illustrations on Office Space and Pen and Ink and plastic film on Illustration Board

84: Series of digital illustrations for an open source internet developer | Cover illustrations for a calendar and book cover celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the CCF

85: Cover illustration for a book on Shift work | Digital illurstration for the Punk Rock Band "Cricket" | One of a series of digital illustrations on the development of Glaucoma | Digital illustration for an employee assistance consulting company

86: Poster for a union on strike at the Calgary Herald

87: Series of digital illustrations for SaskPower describing how energy is produced and distributed

88: Covers for a series of adolescent story books

89: Series of illustrations for brochure covers for the Labour College of Canada and Athabasca University

90: Fantasy illustration Airbrush and prismacolour on illustration board | (Facing Page) Series of illustrations for a book on the History of Labour in Saskatchewan

92: Cartoons & Caricatures

94: Part of a series of posters promoting healthy food choices

95: Cartoons created in a book about the Saskatchewan Party | A caricature of Brian Mulroney and the Americanization of Canada | This cartoon strip was created as a promotional piece for the CBC Saskatchewan Sunday morning children's program " Switchback".

96: Limited edition Christmas Cards done as fund raisers for CBC Saskatchewan's annual Food Bank fund raiser. | Christmas Cards

98: Logos and Branding

100: Union Logos (Left to right - top to bottom) Prairie School for Union Women SFL Kid's Camp Sister Sally Memorial Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Canadian Union of Public Employees (Saskatchewan) Buy Union products logo The Union Bug Celebration of the 1935 On to Ottawa Trek

101: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Evening News program | Fred Clipsham writer | May 1st Celebrations | Ralph Smith Copywriter | Birdsong Film and Communications | Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals

102: Saskatchewan Labour Force Development Board | North West Demolition | Art by Nine An artists cooperative | Fertile Images A Film production company | An agricultural transportation and distribution company | Concepts for Saskatchewan Pork Producers

103: Stationary and logos for: Acacia a personal counselling Roadhouse film and video production

104: Murals

106: Dominion Construction Mural Acrylic on Canvas with Chromed framing

107: Monseigneur de Laval Mural Acrylic on Wall Board

108: Posters, Billboards, Brochures, & Video

109: Poster for the Communications, Energy and Paperworker's Union of Canada

110: Top left: Opening image for video production "Mandela's Sash Left: Opening image for CBC production "Passion for Pigskin" Story board for 10 second ad for CBC News Hour

111: Brochure cover for the Communications Energy and Paperworkers Union

112: Court Room Drawings

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