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Art of Caroline Green

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Art of Caroline Green - Page Text Content

BC: "Green’s technical skills are luscious in creating an inviting texture for the viewer to fall into. Brush strokes flow into seamless colour transitions, while the choice of incorporating graffiti like stenciling as an inclusive street element is attractive. Her limited choice of saturated colours consisting of reds, greens and blues provoke an essence of a drug fueled hallucination; A Scanner Darkly thrusts into mind. Psychedelic nightmares on repeat." -Meghan Clarkston, Zouch Magazine, 2013. | Ephemeral Gallery Mural. April 2014. 14 by 10 ft. Acrylic and brush.

FC: Art of Caroline Green

1: For my parents, who have always supported me and my art. And for the love of my life, Doug who inspires me everyday.

2: Caroline Elizabeth Green Artist, Curator, GAC Vice Chairman, Volunteer, Muralist, Published Author & Poet | Creator of artworks depicting people engaging in bizarre and curious behavior, animal portraits, landscapes and the children's book series "Chonzy the Traveling Cat"

3: The Art of Caroline Green Caroline Green is a contemporary artist currently residing in the Pacific NW. Green has a love for constantly exploring new techniques and finding different ways to create her images. This book is a collection of her artworks that encompass her journey from traditional style paintings to contemporary spray along with her professional series of pet portraits. The Book begins with Green's large scale gallery works Humanoid, and ends with her newest series still in the works, Wandering Woods. These pieces combine Caroline's saturated colour palette and painterly qualities to create a modern take on otherwise traditional landscapes. You will be able to see the transition that takes place within her works. More of her artworks can be seen on her website: http://gallerygreen.wix.com/carolinegreen

4: "Evaluation" 72 by 60 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013.

5: Humanoid The Humanoid series is a combination of Green's popular silhouettes combined with influences from medicine and inspiration from the human condition. Randy Young, curator of Gallery Zero describes the works as being "extremely dark surreal imagery". Green's artwork not only holds aesthetic value, but also sends a profound message to the viewer. Her painterly qualities and saturated colour palette are consistent throughout her works. The vibrant colours and black silhouettes give it an additional depth that can only be appreciated in person. Green uses her craft along with concept to create massive ambiance changing artworks.

6: "Some Kind of Deficient" 48 by 72 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013.

7: "A Tangled Dose" 48 by 72 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013.

8: Artist Caroline Green stands next to her work at the opening night at The Gallery Zero in Portland Oregon, July 2013.

9: "Just a tickle" 48 by 72 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013. | "Empty Hope" 48 by 72 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013.

10: "Can You see Me now?" 48 by 72 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013

11: "Pinch of Sanity" 48 by 72 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013

12: "Malfunction" 48 by 72 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013 | "Recession" 48 by 72 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013.

13: Artist Caroline Green stands next to her work opening night at The Gallery Zero in Portland Oregon, October 2013.

14: "Three Skulls" 10 by 10 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013. | "Butterfly Skull" 12 by 12 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013. | "Hole in the Head" 11 by 14 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013.

15: "Skull Evils" 15 by 30 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013. | "Skull and Crow" 10 by 16 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013.

16: "Three Crows" 11 by 14 inches. Acrylic on canvas, 2013. | "Eight arms to kill with" 11 by 8 inches. Acrylic on paper, 2013. | Untitled One of the first experiments with spray.

17: Ten small (8 by 8 inch) wood panels created for the Peoples Art of Portland Big 400 show, December 2013. | "Butterfly Eyes" 18 by 24 inches, acrylic on wood, 2013.

18: Green's Humanoid series has gained a tremendous amount of attention. It was the subject of multiple articles throughout 2013 and 2014.

19: Publications 2013/2014 Whitezine Catapult Art Magazine Zouch Magazine Critique Collective ieLAvate Studio Visit Magazine untitled publications Spaceblues Light Space & Time Tribe Magazine

20: "Carrie Pop" Acrylic on canvas.

21: "Caroline Green’s bold colors and human faces place current world conditions and issues straight in your face without uttering a single word. You will find a conversion internally when viewing her art. Look deeper at each piece and allow yourself to feel what the art brings out in you. By placing subconscious fears on canvas she forces you to look deeper into your own psyche through her work." -Spaceblues.com -

22: "Atreyu" Acrylic on canvas.

23: Pet Portraits | Green's pet portraits were created parallel to the Humanoid series. These paintings focus solely on the pet, with emphasis on the facial structure and eyes. Colours are enhanced to embrace the energy of each pet. Most of these pieces are a combination of oil and acrylic on birch panels. The contrast of the natural wood grain alongside the vibrant colours of the pet enhance the overall feel of each piece. All of Caroline's pet portraits are totally unique from any other pet portrait. Caroline is the first and only artist who has constructed a one of a kind formula for these works. No two portraits are the same. Every piece is unique in style, technique and colour palette. Most of these works are paid commissions, so each request is a little different. Some portraits are conservative, while others are more abstract. 20% from every commission pet portrait goes toward no-kill animals charities, helping to support organizations fighting for animal rights and ending the illegal dog/cat meat trade in Asia.

24: "Bailey" Acrylic on canvas. | "Griffin" Acrylic on birch.

25: "Sam and Tango" Acrylic on canvas.

26: "Little Girl" 10 by 10 inches Oil on birch

27: "Sarah & Buddy" 16 by 20 inches Oil on birch.

28: "Isis" Acrylic on birch.

29: "Osiris" Oil on canvas.

30: "Ike" Acrylic on birch. | "Emma" Acrylic on canvas.

31: "Missy" Acrylic on birch.

32: "Conchita" Acrylic on birch. | "Orange Clown" Oil on found wood. | "Mini Isis" 6 by 6 inches, acrylic on bristol. 2014

33: "Lilith" Acrylic on birch.

34: "Lilly C" Oil on canvas. | "Trixie" Acrylic on canvas. | "B'Elanna's Radiant Star" Acrylic on birch.

35: "Xavi" Acrylic on wood. | "Blue Dog" Acrylic on wood panel. | "Mini Osiris" Oil on wood panel.

36: "Lilly A. " Oil on birch

37: "Luna" Oil on canvas

38: "Big Ted and Little Joe" 20 by 16 inches. Acrylic on birch. 2014

39: "Sam" Acrylic on found wood.

40: "Lucy" Acrylic on birch.

41: "Kiska and Demon" Acrylic on birch.

42: "Odd Job" 16 by 20 inches Acrylic on canvas, 2013

43: "Lady" Acrylic on birch.

44: "Moraldilemma" 10 by 10 inches, acrylic on birch. 2014

45: "Princess Zelda" Oil on birch

46: "Cisco Smiles" Acrylic on Birch 2018

47: "Cisco" Acrylic on Birch 2016

48: "Hurley" oil on canvas 14 by 11 inches

49: "Rossi" Acrylic on birch.

50: "Jack" Oil on Canvas 12 by 12 inches

52: "Soft Breath" 20 by 20 inches. Oil on canvas, 2013.

53: Admiring The View The Admiring the View series was created from the interactions and observations of various people. This series is also influenced by medicine and the human body. A limited colour palette is used, creating a variety of earthy tones, while inducing a melancholic mood to the overall pieces. By using a dry brush technique, Green is able to create a soft dreamlike feel to each piece, much similar to oil an painting, only achieved with acrylics. This series began in 2008 with the first piece, The Yard. Green still comes back to work with this series today, as seen in Soft Breath (left). Many pieces are taken from memories while others are inspired by observing people in action.

54: "Dead at 21", oil on linen. This painting was a moment captured by Green while a woman on her 21st birthday falls asleep at a table in a diner after drinking too heavily. | "Valerie", acrylic on canvas. A woman relaxes on a large piece of drift wood while she lifts her shirt up to expose her breasts to her lover. | "The Yard", acrylic on canvas. A scene of the aftermath of a party thrown by young adults.

55: "Dirty Old Man Scott" Acrylic on canvas. | "Scottie-kins" Acrylic on canvas.

56: "Rossi and Feet" Acrylic on canvas. Green paints a moment of herself relaxing with her beloved dog, Rossi.

57: "The hanging of Fernando" Acrylic on canvas. A pair of young women hang an inflatable male doll dressed in a French Maid's outfit. | "Say it with Swine" Acrylic on canvas.

58: "All I wanna do. . . " Acrylic on canvas.

59: "Jennifer's Leg" Acrylic on canvas. A young Caroline stands looking as bolts are removed from her sister's leg.

60: "A Loving Brother", oil and acrylic on canvas. Green's brother threatens to strike her while at a hotel near Disney Land.

61: "Happy Birthday Doug", acrylic on canvas. | "Hands", acrylic on canvas.

62: The Bunny. . . This bunny was used as a prop for art classes at the community college where Caroline attended. The bunny can be seen in several of Green's works. You can see progression of the ware and tare of the bunny over the years of use throughout Green's artworks. The bunny first appeared in drawings as a whole and over the years the bunny began to lose limbs and in the end even the facial structure. Left: "Alice" Acrylic on canvas. Bottom Left: Untitled One of the first known drawings of the "Bunny". Bottom Right: Untitled Acrylic on canvas One of the last paintings of the bunny.

63: Toward the end of Admiring the View series, Green began to experiment with other styles. These pieces seen here are the bridge between this series and the Humanoid series. Green began to saturate her palette choice and introduce dark silhouette forms along with different mediums. You can clearly see a transition taking place in Green's work. Not only does the colour and imagery change with each new piece, but there is also a shift in technique. | "You and Me and the Tumor makes Three" | "Thanks, Kitty" | "Octopus Silhouette"

64: Close up section of the Ephemeral Gallery Mural. April, 2014.

65: Ephemeral Gallery Mural | Ephemeral Gallery is the brain-child of developer and Goldsmith building owner David Gold. David has been a large supporter of the arts in Portland (The Goldsmith building is an art studio building) for many years. Artist are give three days to complete the 10 x 14 foot mural space. The mural is completed before the 1st Thursday of each month, and is then painted over at the end of the month for the next artist. The temporary mural project was started in 2009 and has continued since, first with a 5 year window for the project, but it seems it may be indefinite how many artists/months this wall will be painted by. EPHEMERAL GALLERY is located at the entrance to the Goldsmith Building at 5th NW Couch, across from Upper Playground, opposite Backspace. It is a viewable from the street through glass doors and is seem by all who occupy and visit the large building.

66: First step was to draw out the basic shapes and get colour up on the wall. -3 hours into mural.

67: Starting to add value and make corrections. - 6 hours into mural. | Finished drawing out the image, filling in colour. Introducing more colors.-5 hours into mural.

68: Finish correcting colour,lines,value. - 7.5 hours into mural. | Starting to add detail. -9 hours into mural.

69: Introduced a final colour to help the image pop. -10.5 hours to finish mural.

70: "Whispering Woods" 30 by 30 inches. Oil on canvas, 2016.

71: Wandering Woods | This collection of landscapes and dream-scapes has combined Green's classical painterly skills along with her signature palette and techniques to create a beautiful new take on scenery. This body of work is still in the developmental phase. | "Alpenglow Morning" oil 16 by 24inches.

72: "Swedish Pond" 16 by 24 inches Oil on canvas

73: "Swedish Bay" 16 by 24 Oil on canvas

74: "Midnight Feeding" oil on canvas 48 by 72 inches. 2016

75: "My Overgrown NW" oil on canvas 48 by 72 inches

76: "Every Move You Make" oil on canvas 2016

77: "A walk with mother bear" oil on canvas 2016

78: "All by Myself" oil 2016

79: "Follow Me" oil 2016

80: "I See You" oil 2016

81: "Autumn's End" oil 2016

82: "Road to Nowhere" 12 by 12 inches Oil on canvas

83: "Oregon Desert" 12 by 12 inches Oil on canvas | "A Swedish Dock" 6 by 6 inches Acrylic on bristol, 2013 Created for the ROCO 6x6x2014

84: "Swedish Grounds" 16 by 24 inches. Oil on canvas, 2014.

85: "April Ocean" 16 by 20 inches Oil on canvas, 2013.

86: "The Owls Are Not What They Seem" Oil on canvas, 2016-2017 74 by 48 inches

89: "Crimson Sea" 16 by 20 inches oil on canvas, 2004 The first ever attempt at a landscape.

90: "Swedish Sailboat" 18 by 24 inches Oil on canvas

91: "St. Anthony's Church" 20 by 24 inches Oil on Canvas

92: "Swedish Lady in the Garden" 2014. Oil on canvas. 24 by 18 inches. Featured on "Portlandia" SSN 6, EP 7, and featured in the IFC'S Portlandia Art Show and Sale, June 9th 2017.

93: A progression shot of the creating of "Swedish Lady in the Garden".

94: Featured on IFC's "Portlandia", seasons 6 and 8.

96: "Evening Glow" 8 by 16 inches Oil on canvas

97: Above: "Mt. Hood Glow" 8 by 16 inches Oil on canvas | Left: "Soft Water" 8 by 16 inches Oil on canvas

99: Several examples of other styles and techniques from past creations of Caroline Green.

101: "Saint Murray and Child" 24 by 18 inches. Oil on canvas, 2014. Created for the Bill Murray themed art exhibit at Good: A Gallery Nov/Dec 2014, Portland, OR.

102: More info | One of the exhibit fliers for a show curated by Caroline Green, 2014. | Chonzy the Traveling Cat, written by Caroline Green.

103: Green currently works in the Portland Metro area. Her works are displayed at several locations around the Pacific NW. For more information, artworks and show listings, please visit her web page.

104: Creative Resume EXHIBITIONS *Rex Seattle 1402 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA. June -November 2013 *The Wurst Portland Oregon. November-December 2013. *Village Gallery of Art, Cedar Hills Oregon 2003 *PCC Rock Creek 2009/2010 *Art for peace and justice show: Sept 2012 *TWITTER ART EXHIBIT 2013, 2014, 2015 *6x6x2013: Rochester Contemporary Art Center 2013 and 2014 *UTW Day - 357 South Fairfax Ave. #411 - Los Angeles, CA 90036. 2013 * American Cancer Societies' Relay for Life Spring 2013 *APOCALYPSE MASQUERADE BALL June 27th 2013. *The Gallery Zero Portland Oregon 97214, July & August 2013. *Blue Pig Portland Oregon, July-October 2013 *The Gallery Zero's 5 year Anniversary Show October 2013: *Peoples Art of Portland: "Love of Portland" March 2014/2015. *"88 strong": GoodFoot Portland OR May 2014, 2015 *"Art of War" Sat. May 31, 2014. *Peoples Art of Portland, "Icons", Sept 2014. *GAC Curator & Artist-"Reflections" Oct. 2014- Gresham City Hall *Bill Murray Show: Good: A Gallery Portland, OR Dec, 2014 *GAC "Making a Difference" Dec. 2014, Gresham Oregon. *GAC "Artists Mind" Feb-April 2015. *GAC "Juried Show" 2015 *GAC Curator & Artist-"Backyards" 2015 *Curator for-Oregon College of Art & Craft "Janice Green Memorial Art Exhibit" July 2015. * OneDer Gallery -Resident artists, 2015-2016 *Peoples Art of Portland- "BIG500", 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,2017 *People of Peoples 2016 Staff show. 2015, 2016 *Wild Abandon, Portland Oregon Summer 2016/2017 "IFC'S Portlandia Art Show & Sale" June 9th 2017 "Little by Little" 2018 Portland Oregon.

105: PUBLICATIONS *CATAPULT art magazine November 2012, 1112.v15 *Artist's World Magazine- November 2012 issue, honorable mention. December 2012 issue, 2nd place *Midnight Muse Magazine Issue 5, Jan 2013. *Abstracts 2013 Art Exhibition Event Catalogue April 5th, 2013. *Bauble Art Beat of Oregon August, cover. 2013. *Spaceblues' blog August 2013: *Tribe Magazine issue 21. September 2013: *Muse Arts Zine Sept 2013 *Zouch Magazine October 2013, *ieLAvate October 2013 featured artist/interview * Light Space & Time October 2013 Special Merit Category for 3rd annual animals exhibit. *Whitezine: 10/21/2013 *CATAPULT art magazine 2014. 0214 v 27 *Critique Collective interview, March 2014. *untitled publications April 2014. *Studio Visit Magazine, (Open Studio Press) vol 25 Spring 2014/2015 *Cement Covered Ink Quills-October 2015 *“The Art of Color & Whimsy” photo article Oct. 2015 Other involvement *MUTO -Messenger bags with an interchangeable lid that feature artwork from emerging artists. Proceeds from custom lid sales support the artists and charity. * s.m.a.l.l. (Send Mail Art, Love & LIfe) November, 2013. Madrid Spain *Volunteer at Peoples Art of Portland. 2013-2016 current. *Ephemeral Gallery - Goldsmith building mural. April 2014. *Gresham Art Committee- Vice Chairman/artist/curator/volunteer 2014-2015 *Regional Arts & Culture Council -City of Portland Muralist 2014-2017 Featured on "Portlandia" Ssn 6 Ep 7 "Family Emergency"SNN 8 "Let's Give Up"

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