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Artie Lewis

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S: Artie's Auto Biography!

FC: The Life and Times of Artie

1: The Life and Times of Artie | 1

2: Table of Contents | p1: Title Page p2: Table of Contents p3: Table of contents p4: Personal Alphabet p5: Personal Alphabet p6: Family Influence p7: Family Influence p8: Quotable Quotes p9: Quotable Quotes p10: Quotable Quotes p11: My own List of Lists p12: Picture This p13: Best Vacation | p14: TWB Pictures p15: TWB Pictures p16: My most Rewarding Experiences p17: My most Rewarding Experiences p18: A Special Place to Me p19: My Best High School Memory p20: My Original Poem p21: Remembering the Child p22: Personal Pictures p23: p24: Extraordinary Pet p25: Extraordinary Pet p26: Driver's License p27: Driver's License | 2

3: p23: Someone Who has Influenced Me p24: Extraordinary Pet p25: Extraordinary Pet p26: Driver's License p27: Driver's License p28: Emotion Poem p29: Who am I? p30: A Memorable Event p31: My Turn to Brag p32: Telling Tales p33: As Time Goes Bye-Bye | 3

4: A is for Artie B is for bold C is for clean D is for demon E is for eager F is for funny G is for grumpy H is for happy I is for indestructible J is for jumpy K is for kind L is for loving M is for moving N is for naughty O is for organized P is for pleasant | 4

5: Q is for quirky R is for rambunctious S is for spastic T is for tenacious U is for ultimate V is for violent W is for welcoming X is for xenophobic Y is for youthful Z is for zany | 5

6: 6

7: My grandmother Inez, "Granny Nez,' is my only living grandparent I have left. She is eighty one years old, and accordingly, her memory has faded over the past few years. During the middle of this previous summer, I was staying with her and we decided that we wanted to go shopping. The closest mall to her house is about an hour away, and I had no idea how to get there! Also, because of Granny's memory, I wasn't so sure that she did either.We were on the way and came upon a stop sign where we either needed to make a right or a left. Again, | I had no clue but surprisingly, she did! We made it to the mall with no problems. Her actions over the years have taught me that no matter how old one may become, wisdom is something that is rarely stolen from you. Granny Nez and I have always been pretty close, but as I have gotten older and more mature, our relationship has really blossomed. I hope that Granny is along for a long time so we can continue to laugh and just have fun together! | 7

8: Quotable Quotes! -"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." - James Dean -“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.” -Unknown -“Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I really need it.” -Unknown | 8

9: -“To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.” - Brandi Snyder -"A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” - Unknown -“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” - Bo Bennett | 9

10: -“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” -Unknown -“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Winston Churchill -“Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.” -Mark Twain -“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” -Jim Rohn | 10

11: My own list of lists: People who have influenced me: My Grandma, Grandpa and my Aunts. Places that make me happy: The beach, the mountains, my bed. Things that moved me: Jesus, Church, People at my Church, mission trips. My Personal Favorites: GermX, Gum, Laura, Kayla, Charles, Jacob and chapstick. | 11

12: This is a picture of all three of my best friends and I! We have been best friends for six years. We do everything together! No matter what we do, we ALWAYS have fun! We have the ability to make the best of any situation. | 12 | Picture This!

13: Best Vacation: My best vacation was on my cross country trip with Teens Westward Bound. About ninety other teens my age from around this area participated as well! We departed from Davidson, NC on June 23, 2009. From there, we went to Georgia. And from there, we traveled across the country with all of these people we had never met before. At first, it was sort of awkward on the bus with all these strangers, and the only people that I wanted to talk to were the people I already knew from Cherryville. But after about two hours on the bus, and a few "ice- | breakers" later, I couldn't shut up! Remember, this was only after two hours together, can you imagine after 23 days?! We become one, big, approximately 100 person family, it was great! The friend that I made on this trip are unlike any other friends that i have ever had. This was the absolute best, most AMAZING summer of my life! | 13

14: 14

15: 15

16: My Most Rewarding Experiences | First and foremost, the most rewarding experience that I have ever been on is my trip across the country with TWB. Going on a trip with about one hundred strangers sounds like it would be awful, but is was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun. Another trip that I partook in was a trip to Washington for JrYLC. On this trip, young leaders from across the country met together and had a lot of fun. Going to New Orleans on a mission trip with my church was very, very rewarding. While down in Louisiana, my youth group rebuilt a home that had been severely damaged by hurricane Katrina. | 16

17: When I go to the beach each year with my family, it is always very rewarding. When we go, there are always a ton of laughs and many memories that are made and many lessons that are taught. A trip that i found very physically rewarding, as in I felt that i was making a difference right then and there, was when my youth group from my church went on a mission trip to Lexington, Kentucky. The reason that i felt that it was so rewarding, and instantly gratifying, was because we did hands-on activities that we could see making a difference in people lives as soon as we were doing it. We were doing things like feeding the homeless and hungry, and delivering meals on wheels. | 17

18: A Special Place | One of the most special places to me is the beach. There is just a peaceful, togetherness feeling when I am down there. I love it! Being at the beach reminds me of family fun and wonderful times. When my family and I go on our family vacations to the beach, not just my immediate family goes, but my entire family goes, including all my cousins and mom's sisters! We have an absolute BLAST!! About seven years ago, my mother and father purchased a vacation home at Hilton Head Island, which allows us to go even more frequently, we all love it! | 18

19: Best High School Memory! | My best high school memory was when I had Ms. Chelsae Childers for half of my day, the second semester of my junior year. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Ms. Childers, but we literally did nothing in either one of her classes. I had her first period for Creative Writing, and again in third period for English eleven. In first period, we could come in up to around eight thirty without having to go get a tardy, and for me, because I am usually running behind, this came in VERY handy! After we came in at the time of our choosing, we would write a page in our journals and that would be the end of our work in that class. But, in third period, we were responsible for a little more work. We had to cut and paste something in our English Journal every day and then we would read a story in our Literature book and answer a few questions on a worksheet. After we had completed our worksheet, we called it a day. This is my BEST High School Memory. | 19

20: My Original Poem | We've been in school for thirteen years, that is so long we have no fears. I do not know what we will do, When we go to college to pursue, The career we want for the rest of our life, I just hope it causes no strife! We're almost DONE, or so we think, It went so fast, as if we just blinked! | 20

21: Remembering the Child | When I was a toddler, for the most part, others saw me as somewhat sweet, careless, and pretty mean. WhenI asked my Aunt Mary about how I acted when I was young, she said that to her son, I was a bully. She said that she remembers Charles and I playing when we were about three, he had a light blue blanket that he carried around with him everywhere. Aunt Mary says that I knew how much he loved that blanket, and that I would snatch it from him and run around the house with him screaming and crying for it as he chased after me. Another fond memory she has of me is when I played baseball for Tryon and she came home from Charlotte to watch me in one of my games. I was about six at this point and this is when most of the people on my team were starting to get competitive, but I played purely for fun. So when I had to go out in the outfield, everyone was hitting and stuff and I really wasn't seeing any action, so I just sat down in the grass and started playing with the little white flowers that grow in the grass. She thought that that was absolutely hilarious!! | 21

22: 22

23: Someone Who has Influenced Me Someone who has had a great positive influence on my life is my preacher, Dr. Bill Lowe. He has been one of the most positive role models for me in my life. In the seventh grade, my teacher gave my class a project. The project assignment was to identify who your hero was and why. My hero for that project was Preacher Bill. I interviewed him and asked him about many different subjects. One of the subjects that I asked him about that he was the most emotional about was his experience in Vietnam. The fact that h got very emotional, made me get emotional and I wasn't even in the Vietnam War! Just by listening to him preach each Sunday always has, and always will influence me greatly! | 23

24: Extraordinary Pet | My family currently has two dogs, Jackie and Rose. We got Jackie when she was four months old around Halloween, her name Jackie is short for Jack-o-lantern. We do not keep Jackie inside a fence because she stays around the house well. Six years ago, we noticed that she was gaining weight unusually fast. So, my dad started feeding her less so that she would not be obese. But, every time we fed her, she was waiting anxiously at her food bowl, and ate all we gave her very fast. So, we just decided that if she was that hungry, then we would just feed her as much as she wanted. Then, one day we came home and found eight puppies in her doghouse. We loved them and they grew to be very fun and playful! We had to give all of them away except for one, Rose. Because she was the only one that we got to keep, we spoiled her to death! We play with her all the time and love her very much! One of the funniest things that she does is when she | 24

25: sits down on the ground and scoots herself around to scratch her butt! She does this all the time and my whole family just thinks that it is hilarious!! She is one of the sweetest and most amazing pets anyone could ever ask for! | 25

26: Driver's License | I have a Driver's License. In order to receive this license, I had to first go through a Driver's Education class with Bill Moss in the tenth grade. After I completed thirty hours in the classroom, Mr. Moss and I had to get six hours of me driving with him to complete the final step of the class. After in got my certification from Mr. Moss saying that I had taken the class, my mother and I had to go to the DMV in order to try to receive my Learner's Permit. After I passed the test and received my Learner's Permit, my mom and I practiced driving very much in order that I may be a safe driver. After I had my Learner's Permit for one year, I went to the DMV again to get my Driver's License. I passed the test on my first try! My examiner was very kind and friendly and helped me to feel completely relaxed while behind the wheel with her. Now that I have had my license for over a year, I am pretty comfortable behind the wheel. But, when I first | 27

27: had gotten my license, I had a wreck! It was very scary and has made me to be a much safer driver! | 26

28: happy-yellow sad-blue mad-red ecstatic-orange rude-poop green Happy smells like fresh cookies, Happy feels like a soft bed, Happy tastes like cookie dough ice cream, Happy sounds like loud laughter, Happy looks like me! | 30

29: Artie funny, happy, noisy, fun sibling of Thomas and Will Lover of people Who feels overjoyed to be alive Who needs food and water Who gives friendship Who fears death Who would like to see Hawaii Resident of Bessemer City Lewis | 29

30: A Memorable Event A very memorable event that I have attended in the past year was the NC State football game when their opponents were. NC State won this game! The fact that they won was a very big deal to all of us NC State fans! We were all over overjoyed when the final buzzer rang and the ending score was 37 to 36, with NC State having 37 points and attaining 36 points. My family, friends, and I had so much fun at this ball game I think I will remember it fir th rest of my life! | 30

31: My Turn to Brag I am so smart. I am more athletic that anyone could ever wish to be. I am going to be richer that anyone could ever imagine being. And, last but not least, I WILL have the BEST family around! | 31

32: Telling Tales | When I was thinking about what I was going to write for this page, I happened to be at one of my best friends house, Laura Leigh Beam, and her dad, Stan, started telling me about a birthday party that I had had long ago. It was my eighth birthday, and I decided that I would like to have a party to celebrate. Well, everyone came over and I wanted all of my friends to see my pet chickens. We all went down to the chicken coop and they though that it was all done, they had seen them, that was all that they were expecting. Well, I on the otherhand, wanted all of my friends to pet one of my chickens. So I crawled into the coop and grabbed one for all of them to pet. Stan said that as a young child, I was always very careless, inquisitive, curious, and more courageous than he had ever seen! He thinks back on this story and laughs every time! | 32

33: As Time Goes Bye-Bye | Before I die, I would like to go skydiving. My mother has done this and said it was, by far, one of the funnest things that she has ever done in her life. Before I turn 35, I would most like to be living on my own with a good family. Some things however, I have already said good bye to in my life. These things include elementary school, middle school, a first day on NC Public school, high0-school Homecoming, and almost, High School!!!! | 33

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