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Ashlyn Julian's Monomyth Project.

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Ashlyn Julian's Monomyth Project. - Page Text Content

BC: The End!

FC: Paper Towns and the Monomyth by Ashlyn Julian

1: 1. Lock The Club on Jase's car steering wheel. 2. Tell Becca's parents that she is with her boyfriend alone in their basement. 3. Take a picture of Jase running naked from Becca's basement window. 4. Get Jase's clothes from Becca's room in case he tries to come back. 5. Leave fish for Becca. 6. Leave flowers and an apologetic note for Karin. 7. Leave a fish for Jase. 8. Leave a fish in Lacey's car. 9. Break into the Suntrust building and get on the roof. 10. Get payback for Chuck being mean to Quentin. 11. Break into SeaWorld. | Margo's List of Things To Do Today

3: The Call to Adventure | The Call to Adventure happens when the main character, Quentin, was called upon by his friend, Margo. She blatantly stated, "so like I said, I need a car" (Green 26). She also adds " I have to do eleven things tonight, and at least five of them involve a getaway man" (Green 26). They have known each other since they were both little. She showed up to his window late at night asking him for his help. Margo wanted Quentin to come with her on a journey of revenge to all of the people who have hurt her.There were eleven steps in the plan. She needed someone's help and she thought that he would be the perfect choice.

5: Refusal of the Call | Quentin tried to tell Margo many times that he didn't want to get in trouble. Although Quentin pleads, "I really don't want to get in any trouble" (Green 32), Margo keeps assuring him that everything was fine and adding, " that's how you know you're having fun"(Green 44). Quentin wanted to stop in the middle of the acts of revenge many times. He was afraid that his parents would find out or maybe that they might get in trouble with the police. At first, Quentin felt bad for the people that Margo pulled these pranks on, but then he adjusted to it.

6: Supernatural Aid | Margo disappears shortly after they finish their revenge plan.One of the steps of revenge was to break into the Suntrust building and get on the roof. While on the roof,looking down on the city, Margo tells Quentin how she could "see how fake it all is" (Green 57) and that she "has never once come across anyone who cares"(Green 58). Before Quentin spent time with Margo that night, he was very quiet and simple minded. She got him out of his comfort zone by doing something that would change his perspective on things. Margo showed Quentin how Orlando was "just a paper town" (Green 57). When Margo went missing, she gave him a reason to go out of his way to find her. Margo knew that he "loved" her and that he wouldn't give up without finding her.

8: Crossing the Threshold | After Margo disappears , Ben, Radar, and Quentin are talking about what may of happened to her when Quentin remembers: "Margo's parents just said this morning that she sometimes leaves clues" (Green 108).The crossing of the threshold occurs after Margo leaves a poster of a band on the the back of her window shade because she knew that Quentin would see it and realize that it was a clue. Quentin put the pieces of the puzzle together and went to her house and found the record of that band. Then from there, she left more clues which she hoped would lead to her discovery. She left a poem called "Song of Myself" for Quentin. In the poem were highlighted lines in

9: which Quentin had no idea how to decipher. He knew that those specific lines meant something, but he didn't know what.

10: Belly of the Whale | Quentin is determined to find out what happened to Margo. He desperately tries to find clues leading to where she may be. The only clues that he has is the lines of "Song of Myself." He has certain lines highlighted such as I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love" (Green 117). Since Quentin is only weeks away from high school graduation, he is torn between spending time with his friends or looking for the girl that he has always loved. All of his friends want to cherish the last few weeks that they have left in high school, but Quentin just wants to find Margo. He is alone in his searching while his friends are busy partying, getting ready for prom, and spending time with their girlfriends.

12: Road of Trials | Quentin is desperately searching for Margo. He has found some minor clues, but they just seem to be leading him nowhere. He got a big break when Margo left him an address. The address led him to an abandoned Minimall. While at the Minimall, Quentin finds that Margo left him a note on the wall demanding, "you will go to the paper towns and you will never come back" (Green 149). Quentin then starts to search for many pseudovisions, or abandoned towns, hoping that it will begin to find Margo. After the pseudovisons don't work out, Quentin really begins to study a poem that Margo left for him. He doesn't know what this poem is trying to say to him, but he knows that the answer is hidden in it.

14: Meeting With the Godess | While at school, Quentin's best friend, Ben, introduces Quentin to his girlfriend, Lacey. Lacey used to be best friends with Margo, but that friendship was terminated when Lacey didn't tell Margo that her boyfriend, Jase, was cheating on her. While chatting, Lacey tells Quentin some very needed information stating, "New York was the only place where a person could actually live a halfway livable life" (Green 120). He uses this newly learned knowledge to try and track down Margo.

16: Temptation Away From True Path | Quentin still is alone in his search for Margo. His friends Ben and Radar are too busy to help him. They are more worried about the last few weeks of high school rather than looking for somebody that never really wanted to be found anyway. Ben is really wanting to live for every moment that he can, even if this means underage drinking. Quentin is busy concentrating on Margo while Ben calls him and drunkenly says, "everybody's drunk. Ben drunk. Lacey drunk. Radar drunk. Nobody drive" (Green 177) then Quentin agreed to help his friend out by giving him a ride home. Ben responded happily, "yay, designated driver" (Green 177). This shows how Quentin was tempted to party with his friends, but he didn't do it.

18: Atonement With the Father | While all visiting the Minimall one day, Ben, Radar, Lacey, and Quentin run into Gus and a group of his friends. Gus was the security guard at the Suntrust building that Quentin and Margo broke into. Gus was there with some of his friends exploring the Minimall. Everybody begins to talk and Gus says how Margo used to come with them to this same building when he would come and observe it. Gus was shocked how Margo "just wanted to go inside and, like sit" then he added "she had that black notebook. She would just sit in the corner and write" (Green 205).

21: Apotheosis | After skipping graduation, Quentin, Ben, Lacey, and Radar all go to Algoe, New York. They are positive that Margo is there. When they finally get there, they find Margo all alone in an empty building writing things in her journal. She is very suprised to see everybody because she really didn't expect anybody to come looking for her. Margo also didn't expect somebody to be able to track her from Orlando, Florida all the way to Algoe, New York. After talking to Margo, Quentin realizes that she never wanted to be found. She just wanted to get away from everybody and be free of the "paper towns." Margo gave Quentin hope to search for her. He wanted to believe that she was ok. Quentin recalls that he " had to do all kinds of crap that I would never do" (Green 284) just to be able to be standing in front of Margo.

22: Refusal of the Return | After having a long talk with Margo, Quentin expects her to come back to Florida with him. Quentin is really suprised when Margo states "I'm leaving for New York City today" (Green 288). She doesn't want to go back to the old life that she used to live in. Even though things have changed, she is afraid that they will return to how it used to be. Quentin shortly leaves and returns home without Margo.

24: Master of Two Worlds | Q | ed | Quentin returns back to Florida while Margo goes on to New York City and travels around to different places. Even though Margo doesn't come back home, she promises to keep in touch with her family and Quentin. She tells Quentin that she left because she began to think, and after all, "I didn't think how everything was made of paper. I thought about how I was made of paper" (Green 293). She just had to get out of there and running away was the only choice she had.

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