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1: I JUST WANTED TO ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO SEE WHAT I SPENT MY TIME ON. THERE IS BEAUTY IN EVERYTHING. | KEY: first picture on the left page is the original the black and white picture on each page depicts original times.

2: For this photograph I used a dim lighting and adjusted my ISO to 3200. with a 38-380mm lenses.

3: In this version on my picture I had the camera set on AE and went back on photoshop to adjust my brightness. With AdjustingI left the AE lock on with AF. | The monochromatic tone is added to show how this picture would have looked back n the modern day and how times have evolved.

4: For This photograph I had to make sure the anti-shake was on to get a still face. I also used a small aspect ratio of 4:3 covering a little more ground than a normal photograph.

5: This picture I took the back lighting and adjusted it so that the features in the picture would not be so dark. I used Photoshop and Balfour studio editing to adjust the lighting and make the photo fit to the frame. | The monochromatic filter on this shows the emotion through which the models eyes and stance portray.

6: I took this photograph at a side view so that you could see that the column was my center auto focus, my ISO was set to 100.

7: I used the AWB focus to edit this, which is the automatic white balance. I then went on Photoshop to adjust the background features. | The monochromatic filter on this photograph show the cutting lines in each line of the picture.

8: This Photograph required a back light and a 38-380mm lenses. The autofocus was on so the background was clear.

9: I highlighted the surrounding areas so the photo would light up by adjusting the automatic white balance. | Monochromatic filter. I chose to do a bleed meaning the photograph ran off of the paper. It also emphasis the floor lining and the classiness of a clean photo.

10: The Colour balance was faded in the picture because the focus on the picture itself fist focuses on the wall then floor then back towards the lighting and clothing. The automatic focus was on.

11: Compression - This digital photograph creates an image file that is huge, a low-resolution 640x480 image has 307,200 pixels. I zoomed into this picture to give it a new demographic and make the colours the new focus . | I chose two bleeds off the pages meaning at the top and bottom of the page the picture does not stop. I used a monochromatic filter and auto enhanced it on Photoshop.

12: Contrast - A measure of rate of change of brightness in an image. In this photograph I left the auto-flash on so that you were able to see the flash on the picture and clothing.

13: Although in this picture I fixed the glow on the suit I took off the glare so that your eye reads the picture from left to right. Auto-focus on. | I used a monochromatic filter and a glare guard so the flash of the photograph would not affect the picture.

14: Densitometer - A tool used to measure the amount of light that is reflected or transmitted by an object. We tested this inside this store on a brighter light.

15: In this Photograph the lighting was fixed with photoshop and studio works adjusted the picture to fit the frame. | I used a monochromatic filter and a 4:3 ratio setting to account for a regular size picture.

16: Focal length of 38-380mm. AA Cell, most common battery for the best camera. I have found that canon cameras are my favorite for outdoors.

17: Photoshop and studio works to dim th building brightness and focus on the car and sky in the background. | To me the monochromatic filter helps your eye naturally float to whatver it like, whether it be the car or light.

18: Auto-focus 4:3 ratio meaning I took a regular size photograph. Cannon EOS 1200D camera to take this photograph. Observer eye view and proportional panoramic.

19: In this photograph I wanted to encompass the skyline and create movement. I turned he heat up and set my focus to the middle of the canvas. | I used a monochromatic filter and enhanced the background so that the sky may appear as a light. Canon camera. 4:3 regular zoom ratio.

20: This photograph was taken on Peachtree street and shows still life. Meaning, without people being in the picture you still think action. Colour adjustment of 12 and auto focus was on.

21: I did a warm scale color adjustment on Balfour studios and enhanced the sky. ISO of 800 meaning the sky was bright and a regular lenses was needed. | Monochromatic filter used and auto enhance was used for the electrifying sky.

22: I took this from a side angle and turned the flash off so no glare would be in the photograph. Observers eye view used.

23: One add one lenses was used to create a sharper image. ISO was kept on 800 due to the bright indoor lighting. Anti-shake was on so there were no unwanted blurs in the picture. | Monochromatic filter used . Still photograph caught by a still angle and white tone enhanced on photoshop.

24: In this photograph I turned off all effects. I adjusted my zoom all the way out and adjusted the colours.

25: I turned the exposure to 350 on studio works to give the photograph an unworldly feeling. | Monochromatic filter used . Colour adjustment done on photoshop and Balfour studios.

26: The auto-focus was off and flash was on. However my focus light was on. ISO was on 400 meaning it was on shutter speed.

27: I edited this photograph so that all things were clear and visible such as the exit sign. Photograph and Balfour studios were used. | Monochromatic filter used. Dim lighting high lighted back drop to make the mannequin stand out.

28: I turned the exposure down. Considering the indoor lighting and not wanting any glare in the jewelery.

29: I added a darker back light so that all of the jewelery looked enclosed and the top three rows were the focus points. | Monochromatic filter used. Warm colour adjustment on studioworks.

30: The ISO was adjusted to 3200 because of the scenery because of all the objects in the pictures.

31: I used photoshop to enhance some features and fixed the color graph so you so that could also notice the sky changing in the background. | Monochromatic filter used. Cool colour adjustment to illuminate the hour of time.

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