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BC: The Good Old Days<3

FC: Allison Paige Hill

1: Table of Contents | ME Where I'm From/Momma Mom's letter Daddy Stephanie Jennifer Thomas/Puppies Family Tree/ Pap Crayons/ Schools Classes/High School Book/Home./1st memory Spring Break/ Coco Beach Future/ Taylors House Potatoes/Hula Hoop Sam/ HSM Don't cry out loud/ My Girls Softball/ Tinkerbell Socks/ Fear Factor Pictures Book&Movie/Future? Scrapbook

2: After my mom had her first two kids she knew she wanted an Allison Paige. After she had my brother, she wasn't sure if she was going to have anymore kids, because my dad only wanted two. She got her Allison Paige though. Ever since I was four years old my dad called me Bert. Jennifer and her husband, Kyle call me Lil' Al. APH is Stephanie's nickname for me. She always tells me that I have to marry someone with an 'H' last name, so she can still call me that. When I was little my brother thought I lied about everything. He called me 'Liela' all the time because of it. | On December 25, 1997 at 12:37 AM I was born at the Kettering Memorial Hospital. I had strawberry blond hair with blue green eyes. At birth I was 19.5 inches long, and weighed 7.68 pounds. I am German and Native American on my mom's side and British and German on my dad's. According to my mom, I was very patient, but had a wild side. I am definitely not the same way anymore. I am not patient whatsoever.

4: I am from clocks from keys and canary yellow From the crunch of leaves in my backyard I am from vacuuming nuts on cool fall days, the fallen trees I am from Santa on Christmas eve and corkeyness, From Morgan Freeman, Vogelhuber and Hill. I am from exclusiveness and noise From 'sit like a one not like a nine' And 'its all shits and giggles till someone giggles and shits' I am from London and Salem And 10 lbs of Banana Pudding From the 'Canalope already married' joke of my mom The 'your mean' of my sister and The 'Allison's room has four walls?' of my brother I am from the brown trunk that Will forever stay in the dining room Holding on to all my childhood memories

5: Being a teenager it's expected that I hate my parents and everything they do. But in all honesty it's not that way at all. My mom, Jody Elaine Southern was born on February 8 in Salem Ohio. She doesn't exactly follow the 'rules' of being normal. Shes constantly singing to our dog, or dancing around the kitchen like an idiot. I guess it's just her way of staying young. I admire her for that and I hope I'm that way when I'm older too. I can never take her seriously, but it's almost better that way. We always have the best times together.. you know, for a mom. When my mom turned 43 I was about 6 years old, and I had just gotten a tea party set. So of course I wanted to throw her a tea party for her birthday. My mom gave my sisters and me 5 minutes to get dressed in our fancy clothes and meet her in the kitchen. My mom was always very willing to do all the dumb little kid things with me, even though she went through it 3 times before. I'm very lucky to have a mom as great as her. Even now the things she says just crack me up. I don't know what I would do without her. | Sometimes I look at pictures of my mom as a kid and think it's me. We are practically identical. Shes has blue eyes, with specks of brown in them. Her hair is naturally dark brown and curly. But ever since I remember her hair has been dirty blond. | MOMMA

8: On June 10 my dad, Ted Alan Hill was born in Chillicothe, Ohio. He has brown eyes, dark skin, and dark brown hair. He's so dark that his siblings used to tell him he was an adopted African American boy. He is head of I.T at NewPage Corporation. My dad is very particular. He likes things the way he likes.them. Whenever he has cookies he has to have six, three piles of two, and he won't eat them any other way. Though my dad is serious he can be a huge goofball when he wants to. Every night at dinner he tells me a new joke, and I always end up crying I'm laughing so hard. When I was little and I was mad he would get a really serious face and tell me not to smile, and that there was no smiling in his house. I always ended up cracking a smile then pretending I didn't. | I started playing softball when I was six. My dad and I would be outside for hours when he was trying to teach me how to throw the ball. 'Turn, point, step, throw,' over and over again until I got it right. It really means a lot to me that my dad took so much time to make one little thing so perfect. | DADDY

10: STEPHANIE JO | When I was five years old I remember staying at my sisters' apartment in Columbus to visit her at school. It was the smallest apartment ever. I'm not sure how they found room to fit me in. Everything was wooden and it always smelled like dust in there. After I got out of the shower one night I was really hungry. Sense she was a college student, she had no food in her house. Stephanie told me she couldn't leave to get me food until Jennifer came home. I whined and whined until she finally agreed to let me go to the CVS just down the street by myself. I walked down in my pink princess pj's with a towel on my head. I got some Hot Pockets and left. I got the weirdest looks from people as I walked back down the street. I got my Hot Pockets though. She now lives 3,864 miles away. Her husband, Ryan Montgomery, is in the Air Force and they are currently stationed in Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska. I miss her so much, but we still find ways to talk. She has short dark hair, brown eyes, and is extremely tan.

12: My second oldest sister Jennifer and I are eleven years apart, but I don't think I've ever been closer to someone in my life. When she went off to college I was seven. I bawled the day we helped her move into her dorm. Almost every weekend that she would come home she would ask me if I wanted to watch Barbie and the Nutcracker with her. She would do my hair and call me 'her life sized Barbie'. Jennifer has always been a kid at heart. Now when she comes home every once in a while, we hold hands and remind each other that 'we're sister' just to make sure the other person didn't forget. Jennifer has a head full of curls and they match her personality perfectly. Very bubbly and free. She has blue eyes to match. She got married on September 26 to Kyle Hickey, her high school sweetheart. Kyle has been in my life sense I was four years old. I love him as if he were my own brother, and I'm so happy that Jennifer's happy with him. | J E N N I F E R L Y N N

14: THOMAS ANDREW | When my parents were driving me home from the hospital the first thing my brother said was 'can I teach baby Addison to play indendo?' Me and my brother, Thomas, were really close when we were younger. Now that his a Junior in high school, and I'm him 'annoying little sister' we've grown apart. I remember we would get sent to our room for fighting all the time. We thought it was the worst punishment ever. We talked through the air vents, and told each other we were sorry. Then when our 15 minutes were up, my mom pretended that she didn't hear a thing. Sometimes when I was the only one in trouble I would sit on the edge of my door and cry my eyes out. Thomas would feel so bad that we would bring me some paper and a box of crayons and ask me to color him a picture. I'd say out of all my siblings he is the one I remember the most about. Maybe it's because were only three years apart, and because he was a huge part of my childhood. Either way I love him to death, and I know I can count on him for anything. Even though he pretends he doesn't like me, I know he loves me too. | Thomas has short brown hair and brown eyes. I have never met a funnier person in my life. He is hilarious. Even though most of the time it's him being stupid, he never fails to make me smile.

15: HADEN | KOSAR | DIXON | I've had three dogs in my lifetime, Dixon, Koser, and Haden. All Golden Retrievers. Koser is the one I have the most memories of. When I was little I used to use his body as a pillow and we would lay on the floor together. Whenever someone would come to the door, Koser would grab a toy and make this whining noise. It always reminded me of someone trying to scream with their mouth closed. On October 10 2011 we had to put him down. When the vet brought him in on the blue platform I saw the puppy I used to play with. I could tell he knew what was going to happen, but he still comforted me. His tongue licked up every tear that fell from my face. Even in his last few moments he was a loyal and loving dog, that never worried about himself.

16: Allison Hill | Jody Southern | Billy Southern & Dorothy Vogelhuber | James Southern & Georgia Huges | Mary Barthesn & George Vogelhuber | Ted Hill | Dennis Hill & Jeanette Lawhorn | Cecil Hill & Ethel Hill | Herbert Lawhorn & Caroline Lawhorn

17: My grandpa, Dennis Hill, was the typical 'sour' old man. When he was sick but still at home, my mom, my sisters and me would go up to Chillicothe to visit him. Being born in England, he was a big tea drinker. Stephanie had just started drinking tea and was thrilled to have something special that only them two could talk about. Around five minutes into being there Stephanie asked what his favorite kind of tea was. She was looking for and answer like peppermint or raspberry. However he replied 'tea'. As simple as this is, this is my favorite memory of him. Whenever we left his house, we left with about 10 pounds of candy. Papa was born on October 6 1929 and died in July 2010.

18: Every year on the first day of school my mom gets me a new pack of crayons. Its become my favorite school tradition. I love the smell of crayons. It reminds me so much of my childhood. When I was little I would only ever color with crayons. So every time I smell a crayon i think of me and my brother sitting in my room coloring birthday cards for my sisters. Or sitting in the bonus room coloring and laughing while my sisters wrapped my Christmas presents . I know that when I have kids I will buy them a new pack of crayons, and I hope they will mean as much to them as it does to me.

19: On my first day of preschool I woke up an hour earlier then I needed to, because I was so excited to go. I went to Epiphany until I was five. That's where I met my first friend, Nina Kanis. After preschool I went to Centerville Kindergarten Village for two years. I remember Nina and I used to sit together on the bus an pretend to make food. | . We made cookies, cakes, or anything our hearts desired. I swear we could taste and smell the food as if it were really there. We where so hungry and we thought it filled us up. Brooke Flory sat across from us and would make fun of us for being so dumb. We had a blast regardless. For elementary school I went to Weller Elementary. I was so nervous on the first day, but our principal, Mrs. Gumm gave us all gum. This made me feel a lot better and helped me relax some. On my first day at Magsig Middle School I was so scared. I thought that I would get lost, or that people wouldn't like me. After I got to my adviser's, Mr. Kunst, room I felt much better. He made me feel really welcome, and took away all my nerves. | Me on the first day of 8th grade

20: My favorite class is by far Social Studies. Even though I hate everything we learn about, I love my teacher, Mr. Kunst. I mean, come one, whats the point in knowing what the how long the Nile river is? None the less, there is never a dull moment in that class. He's always cracking jokes or making fun of some poor kid. Just today, February 2, 2012 we spend half the class period talking about our favorite TV shows as a kid, mine was Arthur. Of course Mr. Kunst had some crazy story from when he was young that had us all dieing of laughter. | On the first day of sixth grade I was scared out of my pants. My brother had just left Magsig, and I was scared about not having him their to help me. I was also really nervous about my adviser. Everyone said that Mr. Kunst was a mean old man. I don't know how they thought that, but I disagree completely. I couldn't have asked for a better adviser. | Mon classe la plus difficille en francais. I have never really understood french or the reason for taking it. I know my 'Bonjour' and 'oui' but most Americans do. I always study really hard, and ask a lot of questions. I really like my teacher Madam Howard. Somehow despite my huge confusion of the foreign language, I still manage to have an A in that class.

21: I am dreading leaving Magsig. I've gotten really close to all my of teacher and made a lot of new friends. I know that I will find those things at the High School too, but it won't be the same. It feels really weird to be the 'Big Dog' at Magsig. Everyone expects us to be the role models for the sixth and seventh graders. When in relativity we still need a role model ourselves. I can't believe I have less then half a year left. It will never been enough time | I have never been more nervous for something as much as I am for high school. I know that I'll be okay and don't have anything to worry about. But I still worry. I'm scared that I'll get lost, or have mean teachers. I'm scared that people wont treat me right. My brother will be a Senior next year, and had already promised to help me out with things. Which is comforting. I'm mostly excited though. I'm ready to continue to become a “big girl”

22: When my sister was a junior in high school, I was six years old. I was obsessed with this feelings book and I would read it all the time. Jennifer, being a teenaged girl, was sick of listening to me asking people how I felt. She got so tired of it she threw it out the car window and it landed on the angry page, how ironic! I remember bawling in the back seat, I was so mad. My mom and sister, however, were dying of laughter. I made her turn around and go get it. The people watching a six year old pick I book up off the street probably thought I was crazy. Looking back on it now, I think it's hilarious, but it definitely wasn't then. That was by far my favorite toy as a kid.

23: I have only lived in one house all my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love knowing where everything is in our house. Or having Alex Harrison wake me up at 9 in the morning with his basketball skills. I can't even think about leaving the house with the green front door and the tree house in the back yard. It's my home. | The very first memory I have was at one of my sisters softball games. Stephanie practically lived on the softball field. Being thirteen years apart, I was dragged to all of her games at a young age. I would always sit in the dugout with all of her team. They became like fourteen extra sisters to me. One of them was even the person who finally got me to tie my shoes on my own. | Jennifer and I watching one of Stephanie's games

24: For spring break 2011 my mom took my friend, Brooke Ackerman, and me to visit my Grandma in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is always beautiful and smells like the salt in the ocean. This was definitely the most fun I've ever had at my Grandma's house. We stalked extremely hot guys on the beach; fell asleep while tanning, woke up bright red; and shopped till we dropped, literally. It's a 10 hour drive from Centerville to Charleston, but it felt like 20 minutes. You have to go through a lot of mountains to get there. When we were on our way down the mountain my mom started talking in a Jersey voice, and we all started laughing so hard. My mom was yelling “I'm gonna pee my pants!!” with her eyes closed the whole way down. I thought we where going to die. It was funny none the less. On a long day of shopping at the street markets, Brooke and I sat down on the curb for a while. About 5 feet to the right of us, there was some unguarded wet concrete. We figured that it was the perfect opportunity. We ran over there and wrote 'BA+AH=<3' right in concrete. We said that we would go back years later and look at our names written in the street.

25: In 2002, my family went to Coco Beach, Florida. This was also the first day we had our new car. My dad is very set on doing everything the way it's supposed to be done. So for the first 500 miles we drove under 65 miles per hour, as you should. This made the sixteen hour car ride a nineteen hour car ride. I can still hear my sister's whiny voice complaining the whole way there. Or at least the parts that I was awake. Once we got there though it was a blast! My sisters and I played in the sand for hours. We would walk around the beach and collect sea shells, then spend ours getting all the sand out of our toes.

26: I can't believe that in four and a half years I'll be graduating from high school. After high school I want to go to The Ohio State University. Soon after I would like to get married. I want 4-5 kids. Preferably more boys than girls, but I'll be happy with anything. I really would like to be a stay-at-home mom, but I think that it would be fun to be a third grade teacher. I love kids and I want them in every aspect of my life. I really like the name Charley. I want my first child, no matter what gender, to be called. Charley. Charlotte for a girl or Charles for a boy.

27: Almost everyday I'm at my best friend, Taylor Mastin's, house. I practically live there now-a-days. It's gotten to the point that I never knock at the front door. I just go right in and up to her room. I have the most amazing memories there. Last winter we were there on a snow day. We were all outside on the tennis court “shoveling snow” and taking lots of pictures. None of us were ready to play in the snow, so we were all out in jeans and a sweatshirt. I fell countless times and had a huge bruise on my knees. It was totally worth it though. No matter what's going on, are plan is always Taylor's house.

28: Stephanie and my dad are opinionated people. They both always think they're right. So whenever they start talking, things heat up. On Thanksgiving 2005 they were arguing at the table after dinner. My mom was in the kitchen cleaning up, and all us kids were sitting in the dining room. After five minutes or so, Stephanie picked up a spoon full of corn and held it in the sling shot position. My dad did the same with the mashed potato's. After what felt like 10 minutes Stephanie put her weapon down, surrendering. Out of nowhere my dad sends his potato's flying across the table. They missed Stephanie's head by inches and landed in a nice little pile on the floor. She never ended up cleaning it up like she was told to. That pile of potato's sat there for three days before my mom realized they were still there.

29: Every year in July my family goes to the Vougelhuber Family Reunion. That year my mom, Jennifer, Kyle, Stephanie, her boyfriend Matty, Thomas and I all went. It was the best family reunion in a while. My cousin, Samantha, and I always put on a show for everyone on Friday night. That year we did a hula hoop dance. We threw them up tons of times, but only cought them once or twice The neon pick hula hoop with silver sparkles hit the ground at least a dozen times, but everyone still told us we did an amazing job. | We followed the backward triangle to get to the green monster:)

30: In 2005 my cousin, Samantha, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, or leg cancer. She was only eight at the time, and I was seven. I didn't really understand what was going on. Or how truly serious the situation was. At the time she lived in Paducah, Kentucky, which is a six hour drive. When we were almost there my mom explained to me that my cousin would look a lot different. | That I shouldn't stare or make her feel sad about what was happening. It was my job to make her smile. When I walked up her cobble stone driveway she met me at the door. She didn't have a lick of hair on her head and had a huge scar eating at her right leg. She was still my same old Sam. I went to visit her at St. Jude's Children Research Hospital 1 year later. The week I was there they were having a princess party for all the patients. So Sam got a pretty dress and a beautiful crown. There was a girl there named Jenna who had a brain tumor. Jenna wasn't a girly girl, so she gave me her crown to wear at the party. I was so exicted to be a princess for the night. She died 3 months later. This really puts life in perspective for me and reminds me that I cant take anything for granted. I still have her crown hanging in my room, and it will forever stay there.

31: In 2006 I was in love with High School Musical. Along with every other 9 year old. That year for my birthday my mom got two tickets to see the High School Musical Concert! I went crazy when I found out. We went with our neighbor, Lauren Kamm, and her mom. That day Lauren's mom picked us up from school and drove us to Columbus. Our seats were second from the top row. I remember telling my mom over and over that they were the best seats in the whole place. That was my favorite birthday present ever!

32: I used to cry about everything. Whenever something didn't go the way I wanted, I bawled for hours. My sisters would always sing 'Don't Cry Out Loud' by Melissa Manchester until I stopped. I still remember all the words. | Baby cried the day the circus came to town 'cause she didn't want parades just passin' by her So she painted on a smile and took up with some clown While she danced without a net upon the wire I know a lot about 'er 'cause, you see Baby is an awful lot like me Don't cry out loud Just keep it inside, learn how to hide your feelings Fly high and proud And if you should fall, remember you almost had it all Baby saw that when they pulled that big top down They left behind her dreams among the litter The different kind of love she thought she'd found There was nothin' left but sawdust and some glitter But baby can't be broken 'cause you see She had the finest teacher-that was me-I told 'er Don't cry out loud Just keep it inside and learn how to hide your feelings Fly high and proud And if you should fall, remember you almost had it all

33: Taylor Elaine Mastin or TayTay Pop, and Samantha Madison Briggs or Sass are by far my favorite people in the world. I love them to death and would do anything for them. Every weekend we go to Taylor's house and laugh or heads off. We are each others best friends. All of our old friends call us the 'Three Musketeers that everyone hates' but we just laugh and say it brings us closer together. I know I can tell them anything. I love them with all my heart. One weekend we went out for dinner and a movie with our other friend Kate Duvall. We walked around the Greene and giggled nonstop. It was an amazing night out with the girls. Just like every weekend with them. I could never forget those girls.

34: Ever sense I was six years old I've played softball. Last year was my first year playing for the school and I loved it. I had the best teammates in the whole world. We always sang “Whats gonna work? TEAMWORK!” From the Wonderpets theme song. In the middle of the season, I was out sick for a couple of practices. The day I came back, we had a game against the best team in the league. When I was gone my team learned a new trick play called 'California'. In California the pitcher throws the ball outside, then the catcher throws the ball the the shortstop waiting at third base to get the runner out. I was playing shortstop that game so my coach taught it to me on the way to the game. I remember her freaking out when it worked. It was a great moment. Even though we didn't win the game, it was amazing that the play I had just learned had worked against the best team.

35: Tinkerbell used to be my favorite Disney princess. I used to have a neon green Tinkerbell costume that I would ware all the time. My mom used to tell me and my brother that bees are attracted to the color yellow. As much as I was scared of bees I was deathly afraid of wasps. My brother thought it would be really funny to convince me that wasps were attracted to the color green. Sense I was always in my Tinkerbell costume I thought they would all attack me. I never wore the Tinkerbell costume again.

36: For my birthday in 2010 my boyfriend at the time, Jon Morgann, gave me a pair of sock, but it was the best present I've ever gotten. It was what he put them in that made it special. It was in a tin box with rainbow cupcakes drawn on top. This was the same box that I gave him for his birthday when we dated in 2008. It had gray string in it, with red, blue and white speckles. He kept it for two years just to give it back to me when we dated again. I ended up giving it back to him for his birthday that year. He still have it with the string inside and everything, just waiting to give it back to me again.

37: When my brother and I were little, my mom loved to have “Camp gonna-wanna have fun” every summer. We would do crafts, like make flip flop cookies, or have bowling night. One year we mixed it up and added a 'Fear Factor' night. Fear factor was a TV show that you had to do disgusting or terrifying jobs, in order to win fifty-thousand dollars. The second round on fear factor is always drinking blended bugs, or sitting in a bucket of spiders. In 2006 we decided to to do it in our own backyard. We went to Kroger and got dollar frozen meals, and blended them all together. You had to roll a dice to see what meal you would be drinking. I got 'turkey dinner' my favorite. I chugged that slop so fast and had the winning time of two minutes and twelve seconds. My sisters both threw up their Mexican surprise, and my brother cried after his pizza and a brownie. It was so funny, but we yet to do Fear Factor again.. Wonder why.

40: My favorite book is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. There are three books in The Hunger Games series. The Huger Games, Catching Fire, and The Mockingjay. I loved them so much that I read the whole series in less then a week. They're about a world split into in twelve districts and once a year, they must send two children from each district to fight to the death. A girl named Katniss Everdeen takes place of thirteen year old sister, Prim. She does whatever she can to keep herself, and her friend, Peta, alive. | Dirty Dancing is by far my favorite movie. I can quote almost the whole thing, beginning to end. It's about a girl that people call Baby. She is told by everyone that she will never become anything, and that she must always do what she is told. Baby then becomes a summer club's dancer. I also like the movie Beauty and the Beast. Its about a girl named Belle who falls in love with a monster that is keeping her prisoner in his house. It warms my heart with how deep the whole movie is. I cry at the end every time. I hope I'll find someone who means as much to me as and Beast does to Belle.

41: I would not change anything in my life. Everything I've done in the past has made me who I am today. If I were to change something, my life could have be completely different, and I definitely wouldn't want that. If I had to change something it would be having my sisters be eleven and twelve years apart from me. I love them so much, and we always have the best times together, but i never get to see them. Our age difference also makes me want to grow up faster. Maybe i grew up a little to fast, and didn't have the time to really enjoy my childhood.

42: The Average Price for a movie ticket is 8$ | Scrapbook

43: Skiny Jeans 19$ | Shirt 32$ | Ugg Boots 150$ | Mens Jeans 25$ | Jordans 100$ | flannel Shirt 19$

44: Side pony. Braid. Poof and bun. Buzz cut. Spiked

45: Mustang $22,000 | Suburban $50,000 | Porsche $126,000

46: BIg mac: $3.49 Ramen noodles: $.20 special k: $9 gum: $1.04 24 pack of coke: $12.99 Fries: $1.89

47: 1997 | 2011 | .32$ .44$ | 1.60$ 3.50$ | 1.00$ 3.30$ | .13$ 2.00$ 1.55 oz

48: The average price of a house in 2011 was $166,100 The average price of a house when i was born, in 1997 was 175,800 | The average rental price on an apartment in 2011 was $742

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