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Avery's 5th Year

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S: A V E R Y K A T E J O N E S T H E F I F T H Y E A R

BC: In your fourth year... | A V E R Y I S F I V E | Five has much to live up to after a fun filled year of being four. There are certainly big things in store for you this year, and we are eager for them all to begin! We love you crazy, Baby Girl. Happy Birthday.

FC: t h e f i f t h y e a r | Avery Kate

1: Avery | Our favorite girl in the whole wide world - that's what we always tell you because that's what you are. You are everything that we could have ever dreamed for in a daughter and more. You are funny and smart. You are genuine and kind. You've now been in our lives longer than high school, longer than college, and more than half of our marriage. We never realized how fast time could fly; you are growing up so quickly. This year, your independence and self confidence blossomed. You can dress yourself, reach the light switch, and use scissors. You are happiest when you are with your friends, and you are more comfortable in your own skin than ever before. We love you so much, and we are so looking forward to these last few months that we have you all to ourselves before you are off to Kindergarten in the fall. Everything you do makes us proud, and we love you to the moon...and back. | Kate

2: You had so much fun at your Fancy Nancy party last year that you decided to do it all over again. Instead of having your friends over to the house, this year you decided to have your party at Westwood Gymnastics. You had a ball bouncing, flipping, running, and climbing all over the gym as you celebrated your big day with all of your friends. You are loved by so many people, my girl! | four. | four.

3: december 11, 2011

4: the details

6: a s p e c i a l b r e a k f a s t w i t h t h e | birthday girl

7: d e c e m b e r 1 2 , 2 0 1 1

8: CUE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT | When December arrives (and sometimes even a few days before), the | Christmas spirit starts flowing in our house. This year, on the day after Thanksgiving, we were prompted by our elf on the shelf, Rudy, to begin the holiday festivities right away. He brought us a special breakfast, a few treats, a letter, and even some snow from the North Pole. He asked us to be quick and get our Christmas decorations on up because he was feeling a little homesick. We happily complied and trimmed the tree, hung the stockings, and completely decorated our house that | very day. As always, you enjoyed helping put the tree together and hanging many of the ornaments. With Brady as your helper this year, the bottom three feet of our tree has never looked more beautiful! 'Tis the season!

9: november 2011

10: children's museum CHRISTMAS PARTY | december 2011 | We attended the Christmas party at the Children's Museum of Houston for the first time this year. You had a ball meeting Santa Claus, decorating gingerbread cookies and houses, and exploring the museum. It was a great evening!

12: The Nutcracker HOUSTON BALLET | December 2011

14: wonderful | time of the year | it's the most | enjoying all of the little things that make Christmas so special...

15: at school | at home | christmas eve | This time of year always offers so many ways to celebrate, and this year was no exception. From the photographed moments shown here to all of the other little moments in between - late night drives to see Christmas lights, dancing to Christmas music around the house, selecting perfect gifts for loved ones - this season is all about the little moments that we share and celebrate together.

16: Christmas | A V E R Y M E R R Y | Christmas morning is Mama's favorite morning of the year. I am always the first one up, eager to hear the first yawn, rustle, or stretch over your monitor or your brother's. This year, that first little sound came from Brady's room. After Daddy and I scooped him up, we all tiptoed in to your room and woke you up with Christmas kisses. We whispered "Merry Christmas", then made our way down the stairs as a family, anxious for the Christmas morning magic to begin. We spent this one at home, just the four of us. You and Brady were excited to find the new toys and treats that Santa left for you. Your new roller skates, umbrella, & Barbie swimming pool seemed to be the favorites this year. Throughout the morning, as you opened gifts and played with your new toys, Daddy and I couldn't stop smiling at how happy you were. Later in the day, you made us all laugh when you opened the front door to find that a "donkey" had arrived with JoJo and Pops.

17: december 25, 2011

18: painting pottery

19: We tried something new just before Christmas - painting pottery. You picked an ice cream cone for Daddy, a coffee mug for JoJo, and a plate and snowman ornament for Mommy. You would have stayed at the pottery studio all day painting if I had let you. You love anything crafty and we all love the keepsakes you made for us so much! | D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 1

20: galveston | d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 1 | island | We wrapped up 2011 with drive over to Galveston and a morning at the beach. You immediately ran right to the ocean and put your feet in. You loved every minute of it. You built sand castles with Daddy for most of the morning while Mommy and Brady walked along the water. After a picnic lunch on the beach and a stop for ice cream along the sea wall, you were fast asleep in your carseat before we even made it off the island. It was a good day.

21: you love the sand. you love the waves. you love the beach.

22: little miss | People always say to us, "It's a shame she doesn't have any personality..." They're kidding of course, because your little personality shines so bright. Your smile is infectious, and your spirit is innocent and inquisitive. You are your own person, and we love that so much. You are happy, funny, and kind, and we couldn't be prouder of the little lady you are becoming. We love you so much. | personality

23: december 2011

24: r o l l i n g i n t o 2 0 1 2 | w h a t a b e a u t i f u l s t a r t t o a n e w y e a r | We started the new year off at one of our favorite places - the park. The weather was cold, but beautiful. Grandma and Papaw were in town visiting, so it was a treat for them to be there to watch you run and play. If this day was any indication of what our year will be like, it should be good one. Happy 2012.

25: j a n u a r y 2 0 1 2

26: RAIN RAIN | go away | c o m e a g a i n another day | january 2012


29: January 2012

30: p r a c t i c e | FEBRUARY 2012 | soccer

31: YOUR FIRST TEAM SPORT We are so proud that you are always up for trying new things. This spring, you decided to play soccer. You had fun picking out all of your gear. "The pinker, the better" seemed to be the strategy for you and several of the other girls on the team. At the first practice, we overheard one little boy asking his mom, "Are you sure this is my team?" when he walked up to see all of that pink. Though you were the smallest kid on the team, you held your own and tried your best. Other parents described you as "scrappy" and "aggressive" which made Mommy and Daddy smile. We had so much fun watching you play soccer this year, and we are so, so proud of you for trying something new.

32: Houston Rodeo Parade

33: The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is quite a big deal around here. A huge deal, actually. This year, we decided that it was time for us to see what all the fuss was about, starting with the parade that kicks everything off. There were horses, marching bands, rodeo royalty, a few clowns, a few floats, more horses, and more marching bands. Brady was not a fan of the marching bands, but you helped to comfort him when he got scared. We had a great time, and you enjoyed the chance to break in your new cowboy boots! | F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

34: Pony Rides Petting Zoo Really Big Tractors Cowboys Ice Cream | spring break fun at the livestock show and | HOUSTON | RODEO

35: m a r c h 2 0 1 2

36: playground | the

37: A trip to the playground is almost always a sure fire way to put a smile on your face. You love to climb, to swing, to slide, and to explore. No matter what kind of mood you are in, I can almost always win you over with a trip to the park. This particular trip took place after school one day during rodeo week (hence the boots). We spent the entire afternoon exploring the park and enjoying the beautiful spring weather. I never grow tired of watching you play. | m a r c h 2 0 1 2

38: fire station | KATY

39: Spring Break provided the opportunity to do lots of things through the week that we otherwise would not be able to do. One of those things was a private tour of the Katy Fire Station for you and your friends. We got to explore the inside of an ambulance, climb in to the driver's seat of a fire truck, and learn a lot about what to do in an emergency. After our tour, we stopped at a nearby park to play and have a picnic lunch. It was a fun day! | m a r c h 2 0 1 2

40: Bluebonnets | Bluebonnets

41: We know that Spring has arrived when little patches of bluebonnets begin popping up along our roads and filling otherwise empty fields. This year was no exception. We found a nice big patch close to home and stopped to take some pictures one evening in late March. The combination of the bluebonnets, your big blue eyes, and your bright smile make these some of my favorite pictures I've ever taken of you. You are getting so big, and we love you so, so much! | March 2012

42: A special weekend with Mommy and Daddy all to yourself. | AN ALL ABOUT AVERY W E E K E N D

43: It doesn't happen often, so when it does, it is extra special - a weekend spent totally and 100% focused on you. With Brady away visiting JoJo and Pops, we filled our days doing "big girl" things, and we loved every single minute of it. The highlight of our weekend was a trip to the Kemah Boardwalk. Despite the gray skies, we had a so much fun riding rides, playing games, eating lunch on the waterfront, and spending the day with our favorite girl in the whole wide world. Kemah Boardwalk March 2012

44: Froberg's Farm | Despite a rough start, courtesy of your brother, we had an amazing day at the strawberry farm with your friend, Brenna, and her mom. After a quick lesson on finding and picking the ripest berries, you and Brenna were off, eager to fill your pails. | Alvin, Texas

45: You were extremely patient walking from row to row, and by the end of the morning, we did indeed have three full pails of fresh berries. Before heading home, we picked up some fresh produce in the farm's general store and had a picnic lunch and snow cones under a shady tree. It was a great day. | March 2012

46: april 2012 | gone | fishin'

47: your first fishing trip

48: the Lane | L I F E on

49: Good friends. Good neighbors. Good times.


51: MUSEUM OF HOUSTON | april 2012

52: Easter Traditions | april 2012

53: Dyeing Eggs ~ The Egg Hunt ~ Failed Family Photos

54: trick or treat? | Easter Weekend | The rest of our

55: Water guns. Caterpillars. Bean bags. Golf lessons. Crawfish. Cooler Dancing. | We spent Easter weekend in Sour Lake with Pops, JoJo, Jessi, Kyle, and Christie. The weather was perfect, which made you happy because that meant that we were able to spend lots of time outside. You helped us all beat the heat with your new water gun and kept us entertained with your bean bag tossing skills. Memaw and Billie came over for crawfish one afternoon, and you surprised us all by loving it - in fact, you probably ate more crawfish than many of the adults there. | a p r i l 2 0 1 2

56: The Firecrackers | Assistant Coach: Daddy also answers to Brian, Mr. Brian, Coach Brian, and Da

57: Soccer had its' highs and lows for you this year. You loved your team. You loved your coaches. You loved the mid-game snacks. You hated the uniforms. You hated the heat. You hated the games where there were no subs. Despite all of the things that you didn't like, they were nothing in comparison to the joy and pride on your face when you scored your first goal. We are so proud of you for giving soccer a try this year, and we loved watching you play!

58: m a y 2 0 1 2 | crawfish boil | BLOCK PARTY

59: The spring crawfish boil has become a tradition on our block. This year, we hosted the gathering in our cul-de-sac, complete with a giant rented inflatable water slide, which we positioned on our driveway. You had a ball sliding, playing in the splash pool, making a big mess in the sand table, and running around with all of the other kids who live on our block. This is sure to be a fun summer.

60: PRE-SCHOOL 3's | Teachers: Ms. Julie and Ms. Lisa | Grace Pre-School 2011-2012

62: HELLO | summer

63: In late May, we celebrated the end of the school year and the beginning of summer with sprinklers, hot dogs, lemonade, popsicles, water balloons, and lots of friends. | MAY 2011

64: San Antonio | After your last day of pre-school, we loaded up the car and set out for a long weekend in San Antonio. On the way, we stopped at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in New Braunfels. The funniest moment of our trip happened here - an ostrich grabbed Daddy's glasses right off of his nose. It is a memory that we won't soon forget. We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the lazy river and pool at our hotel, visiting SeaWorld, and exploring downtown San Antonio. It was a great weekend! | weekend getaway to

65: may 2012 | n a t u r a l b r i d g e w i l d l i f e r a n c h s e a w o r l d t h e a l a m o s ' m o r e s | t h e r i v e r w a l k h y a t t h i l l c o u n t r y o s t ri ch e s l a z y r i v e r

66: ballet recital | ballet recital

67: Few things in this world make us happier than watching you dance. There have never been prouder parents in an audience before. It's just not possible. Dance was such a positive experience for you this year; you made some great new friends and loved your teacher, Miss Carly, to pieces. | j u n e 2 0 1 2

68: toe tappin' | june 2012 | This year, your dance class included not only ballet, but tap, too. So not only did you get to do two performances on stage, but you got two costumes, too. And two pink costumes at that. You girls had so much fun at your recital. We will never grow tired of seeing you dance.

70: lemonade | a summer isn't complete without | fresh squeezed

71: j u n e 2 0 1 2

72: our first garden | summer 2012

73: We tried so hard last summer to grow sunflowers, but we failed miserably. This summer, thanks to Daddy's help, we were much more successful. Early in the summer, we planted our very first garden together as a family. Mommy planted some herbs, Brady planted green beans, and you planted sunflowers and watermelons. From the day that you planted your seeds in the soil, you checked on our garden every day. You proudly showed it to every person that came to our front door. You squealed with excitement when you discovered your first sprouts of green, and I'm certain that your cries of joy could be heard all the way around our block when you found that your first sunflower had bloomed. This was such a fun family project this summer, and I hope that it is a tradition that we continue in the future. | Jan - Feb 2011

76: best friends

77: addison & avery | j u l y 2 0 1 2


79: In July, we met up with your friend, Brenna, at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Our first stop was the Cockrell Butterfly Center. Naturally, you were drawn to the hundreds of butterflies flying around the rain forest exhibit. So drawn, in fact, that you couldn't quite seem to follow the one and only rule: don't touch the butterflies. After some rather stern looks from the attendants there, we headed to the Hall of Paleontology. You thought the dinosaur bones were pretty neat, but they didn't hold a candle to the bloody zebra leg you saw later in the day at the African Wildlife exhibit. This poor zebra's dismembered leg was by far the highlight of the trip for you and prompted a rather lengthy discussion about the circle of life on the car ride home.

80: rub a dub dub,

81: J U L Y 2 0 1 2 | kids in the tub.

82: Little Gymnast | the Dairy Ashford | J U L Y 2 0 1 2 | A M O R N I N G A T | ROLLER RINK

83: There's a roller rink not far from our house that opens its' doors just to the under seven crowd on Friday mornings. Toddlers can play on ride-on toys on the rink floor, while "big kids" like you learn to roller skate. You loved your skates from the very start. While you were cautious at first, by the end of the morning, you were whizzing around that roller rink. Your friend, Samantha, and her family joined us, and a fun morning was had by all.

84: our | girly girl

85: jewelry lipstick ribbons & tulle

86: august 2012 | destin, florida

87: From the moment your toes touched the sand, you were happy. You loved the beach - the sand, the sun, the waves, the crabs, the fish - you loved it all. Our days began early on the beach, included a nap during the day, and often finished back on the beach where it all began. We had a great vacation.

88: s u m m e r

89: o f f u n

90: First Day of School | How is it possible that your last first day of pre-school is here? It is hard to believe that this will be your fourth school year at Grace Pre-School and that you are now one of the "big kids" on campus. You love school, and always have, so the start of a new year was an exciting day for you. We sincerely hope that you enjoy every minute of your last year of pre-school.

91: S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 2

92: St. Peter's UMC Pumpkin Patch | october 2012

94: ZOO | The Houston

96: Seven Lakes Sapphires | One Saturday this fall, you and two friends participated in a dance clinic with a local high school dance team. Not only did you get to spend the day with a bunch of high school girls, learn a routine, and perform it for all of us parents, but you got to join the dance team on the field at their football game that night. You looked so small out there on that big field, but you did great, and as always, we are so proud of you. | Dance Clinic | with the

97: a p r i l 2 0 1 2 | october 2012

98: a texas | FALL | Our Texas Traditions: | painting pumpkins visiting the pumpkin patch "boo-ing" the neighbors halloween celebration at ballet making fall treats | there may not be much of a chill in the air, but that doesn't stop us from celebrating all things fall

100: Pumpkin Carving Party | october 2012


103: This year, you decided to dress up as Doc McStuffins, a character from your favorite TV show, for Halloween. You had an absolute ball trick-or-treating with Addison and all of your neighborhood friends, and you were totally independent from Mommy and Daddy this year. You ran with your friends from house to house so quickly that we made it all the way around the block in less than a half hour. We love seeing you so happy, we are so excited for the holiday season to begin!

104: Dewberry Farm | november 2012

106: you and your friends



112: Mommy's | G I R L

114: Instagram | Avery on

116: A few of Avery's | You have always loved doing crafty things, but this year, painting was your favorite. Whether it is using your watercolor books at home or visiting the pottery studio, painting makes you happy. | Ipad | You have become a technology junkie this year, and the Ipad is your current electronic device of choice. You know your way around an Ipad better than most adults, and you can get absorbed in playing your games for hours on end. | money for piggy bank | You will do almost anything in the world to earn money to put in your piggy bank. You say you are saving up for Disney World, and by the weight of your bank, I'd say you are well on your way. | Your favorite treat in the world is ice cream. Chocolate has emerged as your favorite flavor this year, and you were thrilled to discover Dippin' Dots as a fun alternative to regular old ice cream. | bugs | Despite being a girly girl in so many ways, you love bugs. You are intrigued by any that you see outside, and you love to make pets of rolly polies, centipedes, and caterpillars. | ice cream | painting

117: Favorite Things... | fairies | little swimming pools | tiny plastic dolls | Barbie dolls | Your obsession with fairies has expanded beyond the Disney fairies this year. Many of your favorite books and toys have some fairy element to them, and you often wish that when you grow up, you could be a fairy too. | If there is a swimming pool toy to be had, we either own it or it is on your Christmas list. You love playing with dolls and animals of all types in your various assortment of swimming pools. | The number of tiny little plastic dolls in our house has grown exponentially this year. You like to stuff them in purses and carry them with you wherever you go. You like to give them baths. You like to change their clothes. You are obsessed. | Barbie dolls have become your most recent play thing of choice. You love to change their clothes, fix their hair, and have tea parties and birthday parties with them. | chapter books | Your love of picture books has expanded to include chapter books this year. It makes my heart so happy to see that, just like your mama, you can get so wrapped up in a good story, that it is difficult for you to put a book down without reading it from start to finish.

118: Mama's | F A V O R I T E P H O T O S

120: More | F A V O R I T E S

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