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Band 2012

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S: Pequannock Township High School Marching Band 2012

BC: Band Director: Kate Socha Assistant Band Director: Kyle Thompson Drill Design: Ian Flint Battery Percussion Arrangers: Ray Ulibarri, Mike Schmitt, Bryan Crawford, & Stacey Palumbo Front Ensemble Arranger: Mike Wyatt Color Guard Technicians: Amy Eisenberg & Anthony Gabriel Brass Technicians: Max Oh, Sean Bilby, & Tom Bourgault Woodwind Technicians: Bruno Mayoria, Andrea Birch Percussion Technicians: Matt Kravets, Jason Gomez, Dave Pelaggi, Samantha Marino, Margo Sun | Tubas: Sal Presti, Brandon Denman, Olivia Sayre Baritones: Willy Lampe, Patrick Jurewicz, Kevin Flood, Kyle O'Brien, Matt Guzzo, Ashley Fredrich Trumpets: Laura Sayre, Robert Giannetti, Aaron Knick, Destiny Rodriguez, Amber Silva, Todd Breitfeller Color Guard: Reylin Bunce, Leslie Maier, Ariana Knick, Elizabeth Egan, Emma Borkowski | Drum Majors: Kevin Phalon & Ashley Wang Mellophones: Matt Lutz, Dan Lutz, Allie Kozell Saxophones: Dan Sarnelli, Ethan Lopez, Tyler Ross, John Kalas Clarinets: Ed Roslasky, Andrew Afflitto, Jason Regner, Elizabeth Wisnewski Piccolos: Melissa Manning, Heather Silva, Lisa Bremer | Snares: Julia Wehrer, Connor Horwath Tenors: Chris Lundy Bass Drums: Leah Oliemuller, Alex Gitin, Hayden Begnoche, James DeCumber Pit: Joelle Battista, Drew Slavik, Caitlin Escobar, Nikki Williams, Gary Kypers, Richie D'Andrea, Laurana Paganotti

FC: Pequannock High School Marching Band 2012

1: Kaleidoscope | light. sound. form.

2: Band camp: | - noun | 1. a place where every summer, a group of like-minded, geeky and goofy kids with instruments all migrate to a common place for a week to learn their show and bond with one another. 2. a strange mixture of hell and the best time of your life.

3: Good Morning | Bandies! | 7:00 AM

4: and Dads | s | Thank You Band Parents! | Band camp this year (and our program in general) would be nothing without everything that you do for us! We greatly appreciate it all from the bottom of our hearts!

5: Work Hard, | Play Hard! | basics block basics block basics block basics block basics block | basics block basics block basics block basics block basics block | basics block basics block basics block basics block basics block | basics block basics block basics block basics block basics block | 9:00 AM

6: Opener | "Make something better!"

7: Ballad | soloists...?

8: Drum Break!

9: Closer

10: "My power only lies in my ability to make others powerful." | Max Oh | 2009-2012

11: When in doubt, | PLAY IT OUT!

12: Seniors | Brandon. Sal. Julia. Rob. Matt. Leah. Kevin. Dan. Melissa. Chris. Ben. Liz. TJ. Thirteen!

13: Senior | Prank

15: The prank? Our main idea was that we wanted it to be the first "band camp initiation" of Kate as our band director. From there, our ideas grew to include not only the staff, but the students as well. We went down to the Pavilion, got all of their instruments, and moved them from their cases to the Sports Center (except for the Sophomore Boys. As revenge for moving everything in the Senior Boys Cabin the day before the prank, their instruments were hid farther away in the Amphitheater). The cases and some of the color guard's flags were hoisted up to the scaffold and saran-wrapped tight to keep them out of sight. We wanted to make a big deal out of three major staff members quitting for this season: Riley (our previous band director), Crawford and Schmitt (the head percussion techs). We carried on the tradition of the "graveyard" by including a mausoleum dedicated to them. Previous staff and students who had quit in our time in band were each given a tombstone with their name on it. On the fly, we took apart a huge marimba and reassembled it in the girl's bathroom in the Pavilion. Simply pulling it out of the bathroom was not an option, since it was too wide to make it through the doorway, and the only way to get it out would be to take it apart and put it back together again. We also took toilet paper and trashed each cabin, including the staff's. We didn't finish until 3 in the morning.

16: The next day... We woke up earlier than everyone else to prepare for the morning's games. As all the underclassmen, staff and chaperones made their way to the cafeteria for breakfast, we planned another surprise for them. Dan dressed up as Riley, Julia as Crawford, Chris as Schmitt, and Rob as a clown. They sat down as the staff's table and acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. As everyone discovered that their instruments were gone, the initiation ceremony was ready to begin on the field. We created four games for Kate to pass based on inside jokes in the band. Kate passed all without fail, and we awarded her with a tiara, cape and silly string.

17: 1. Kiss the Ground: Yell at a freshman and make them do pushups with you. 2. Basket O' Babies: Catch at least 3 flying babies in a row in a basket. 3. Flying Flip Flops: Like Riley, throw flip flops angrily at Connor and Hayden. 4. Killing Kittens: For 2 yard lines, march in a four-to-five step around water balloon kittens. Do not step on them! | The Initiation Ceremonial Games

18: Save your cups everyone! | K.T L.S | Just kidding!

19: Meet the Band

20: Brandon Denman | Salvatore Presti | Olivia Sayre | Kyle O'Brien | William Lampe | Matthew Guzzo | Ashley Friedrich | Kevin Flood | Patrick Jurewicz | Laura Sayre | Aaron Knick | Todd Breitfeller | Destiny Rodriguez | Amber Silva | Daniel Lutz | Matthew Lutz | Allie Kozell | The Brass | Captain: Matthew Lutz Assistants: Kyle O'Brien and Laura Sayre | Robert Giannetti

21: John Kalas | Tyler Ross | Ethan Lopez | Andrew Afflitto | Edward Roslasky | Jason Regner | Elizabeth Wisneski | Heather Silva | Lisa Bremer | Melissa Manning | Ariana Knick | Leslie Maier | Reylin Bunce | Emma Borkowski | Elizabeth Egan | The Woodwinds | Captain: Dan Sarnelli Assistant: Heather Silva | The Color Guard | Captains: Reylin Bunce and Leslie Maier | Dan Sarnelli

22: Julia Wehrer | Connor Horwath | Chris Lundy | Leah Oliemuller | Hayden Begnoche | James DeCumber | Alex Gitin | Drew Slavik | Caitlin Escobar | Nikki Williams | Laurana Paganotti | Richie D'Andrea | Ashley Wang | Kevin Phalon | Percussion | Drum Majors | Battery Captain: Julia Wehrer | Pit Captain: Joelle Battista | Gary Kypers | Joelle Battista

23: We love playing our stand tunes and cheering our football team on to victory! Different bands who come to our games get to meet us at our "hospitality tent". | Go Panthers!

24: Run-Throughs

26: #tubagirlproblems

27: The next day... | Early Morning Practices | 8:00 AM

28: i won't give up on us. | I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily. I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make. Our differences, they do a lot to teach us how to use the tools and gifts we got. Yeah, we got a lot at stake. And in the end, you're still my friend. At least we did intend for us to work. We didn't break, we didn't burn. We had to learn how to bend without the world caving in. I had to learn what I've got, and what I'm not, and who I am. | - Jason Mraz

29: hey band, I just wanna say a few words. I know right now not only seems, but also is really tough and aggravating in terms of perfecting the show, but I really believe we have soo much potential as a whole. you have to remember last year - the year of awards and high scores. we can all agree it was an incredibly great season just by the numbers, but we can also agree that we were so passionate about the show and just marching band in general, and THAT is what essentially led is into such a successful season. we have the same ability as last year, just a smaller size, which means we can kick some tiny little asses out there in group 2A. let's not give up that same drive we maintained last year. don't feel discouraged now; it's only the beginning of the season and there's always room for improvement - and that's for everybody including myself. with love, ashley wang | - Kevin Phslon | Pequannock, keep it up! Love, your toes. | - Bruno Mayoria | I have to say, Band, you're all incredible individuals. I have had my phone blow up and many people talk to me after scores announced complementing how well you all did. Get ready for more great work this week so we can keep being successful! | - Kyle Thompson | Guys, I'm so proud of all of you. I did not expect to do what we did today, and I'm damn happy we did it because I think we proved a lot. And this means there's no stopping us. And by that I mean there's no stopping how much better we can get, because we're gonna work even harder, and bring home that huge trophy we missed by a few points last year. (Yeah... that one.)

30: Home Competition

32: Dress Like... | Despite all the hard work we do, we still have time for some fun. | Tyler Ross as Ed Roslasky | Kyle O'Brien as Allie Kozell | Melissa Manning as Laurana Paganotti | Underclassmen | Kyle O'Brien as Matt Lutz | Aaron Knick as Chris Lundy | Pat Jurewicz as Melissa Manning | Upperclassmen | We play. We march. We eat things.

34: Hurricane Sandy | Many towns and cities on the East Coast were devastated by the relenting storm of Sandy. In New Jersey, our shore was destroyed, taking away our beautiful boardwalks and beaches. People rationed gas, threw out their food, lost their power for weeks, and came home to destroyed houses in the most severe cases. In Pequannock, we were lucky not to have faced major damage to our town and families. In the week without school that we had (7 school days plus weekends), our band was at a standstill. With the storm going on, the band couldn't practice or get together. The original date for the NJ States competition was canceled at Rutgers and moved to the same weekend as Nationals. The status of these two major competitions was to be determined for the band for a while, but as the weather cleared up, the band worked hard in their last week of the entire season. This lined them up for one of the most incredible weekends of their lives - f i n a l s w e e k e n d . | ''Whether you’re a Cadet fan, a Band Mom, or just someone who cares about the future – this is a weekend to lend a hand. Many of these events have been re-scheduled and we are short folks; lots of folks. But these bands need us. These bands are loving the fact that they get out and get to finish their season. Schools are back, and their lives, most of them , slowly are returning to normal." - George Hopkins

35: Finals Weekend

36: The band traveled four hours by bus to get to Maryland. They stayed overnight in a hotel to prepare for the following day's festivities. In the morning, they woke up early and headed to a movie theater parking lot for a practice. The staff created a "concrete field" by marking yard lines and hashes with colorful chalk. The band marveled at the size of the stadium when they got there and couldn't wait to perform on it. After a quick warm-up, it was time to take the field and show the judges what they were made of.

37: USBands National Championship November 10, 2012 Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Annapolis, Maryland

38: leave it all on the field. there's no time for regrets. | perfect phantom kick! | circle drill!

39: With a score of 95.6, the PTHS Marching Band finished 3rd and also taking the caption for Best Music against 14 other bands. This was not the outcome that we expected (or wanted) out of what was our best performance to date. We came close to being in 2nd place, only losing that by slightly more than a tenth of a point. The band who placed 2nd was also competing with us at States the next day. Now, we not only competed for a banner, a trophy, and a title, but for revenge as well. Little did we know what the next day would bring for us...

40: We got to sleep in the next day and had an abridged practice to prepare for States. There, we did our traditional underclassmen and upperclassmen run-throughs, which concluded the seniors' last band practice ever. The "lasts" for the seniors that day didn't end there. | We had one final warm-up with our staff before our last competition. With an emotional pep talk given by the seniors and staff, the band vowed that they would make this last performance of the show shine for both the seniors and judges. We aimed for first one last time.

41: USBands NJ State Championships November 11, 2012 Edison High School Edison, New Jersey

43: NJ State Champions 2012 | With a score of 95.588, the PTHS Marching Band became | beating 12 other bands in their class.

44: After six long months of grueling work, unending dedication, and the creation of a "second family" for all the band students, we finally got the ending we rightfully deserved. We pushed through every obstacle that could have destroyed our program and stuck together through the good, the better, the worst, and the best. And, we finally proved that we were unquestionably #1. | A Fairytale Ending

46: PTHS Competitions 2012 | Hunterdon Central Morris Knolls South Brunswick Hillsborough Montville Ridge Old Bridge USBands A Class Nationals USBands NJ States

47: Seniors | Class of 2013

48: And the Lord sayeth, "Do all the things." And the things were done. Then the Lord sayeth, "Get all the points." And the points were gotten. - Kyle 3:16 | Picture Credits: Kevin Phalon, Mrs. Lundy, Mrs. Manning,

49: Mr. Wang, USBands Edited by: Melissa Manning

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