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Barb Weidman

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S: 25 Years with InterVarsity

BC: June 2011

FC: 25 YEARS IN REVIEW | the life of Barb Weidman

1: 25 YEARS IN REVIEW | What's Within Drexel University.............................3 (1986-2005) Gateway.............................................8 (1992-2011) Temple and Diamond St.............26 (2005-2011) InterVarsity Staff...........................32 (1986-2011) Spirit and Truth.............................50 (many years to come)

2: Barb, It is our joy to join you today in celebrating the work of the Gospel in transforming your life and the lives of others through your ministry. Over the years we have experienced the blessings of your labor. At this time of transition, we stand with you, committing our love, prayers, and support. Mom, Nancy, and Lisa "The Weidman Women" PS.....Aren't you glad you got off the bus?

3: Dear Barb, I am thankful to God for your work in lives of students and especially how God used you in my own life as a student. My time at Drexel had its ups and downs but I’m thankful for all the ‘ups’ that you and Intervarsity (DCF) helped to form. I can remember the various retreats (camp Yolijiwah was quite a cool place), the meetings in your living room, the encouragement you offered directly to me, and especially your godly example. I especially appreciated one spring break which was set at a Salvation Army in West Philly where I got to take part in a culture not my own. You encouraged us to live evangelistically, and for us to see how much Jesus cares for the city. For that reason, we’re still here in the city. In more recent years, your friendship, perspective, and experience has been a great resource to Heidi when living here has been difficult. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love, Andrew and Heidi Lengel ALengel@blackneyhayes.com

4: Since graduating from Drexel 18 years ago, I have yet to meet another person who can ask a good question like Barb Weidman. Oh, people love to talk about themselves. We all have an overflow of these folk in our lives. These people are a dime-a-dozen (and often exhausting). But to find someone who isn’t satisfied with superficialities, who probes under conversational surfaces to see what lies beneath, who doesn’t settle for pat answers or clichéd responses but takes your issue as if her own to wrestle withnow that is someone worth celebrating. And that’s Barb. I came to Drexel in 1988 as a name-tag Christian who had no idea what the real world was like. During the next 5 years in Philadelphia, Barb played a critical role in the period I consider to be my spiritual awakening. She was a faithful guide as I took my first awkward steps out of my Christian cocoon and into the secular world. She was a tireless cheerleader as I wandered through the dense and sometimes dark forest of higher education. She was an honest mirror into which I could peer to catch a glimpse of what spiritual maturity should look like. But what I remember most were the questions she asked. Questions that stirred my courage to try emceeing the Thursday night Large Group meetings; then to lead a small group. Questions that clarified my heart’s struggle when switching majors, or after walking out of more than one “Exec Committee” meeting. Questions that exposed the risks I was taking in dating a non-Christian. Those questions were not just well-timed heat-seeking missiles that God used to grow and refine me in my undergraduate journey. They were also evidence of the love and care of one who set aside a career in Design to pour her life into a young nerd like me. And I am still reaping the harvest from her investment in my life today. My intimacy with God has grown steadily since those foundational college days. If someone would ask me how I came to be such a good question-asker (a valuable skill in my profession), I would tell them I learned from the Jedi Master. Barb’s fingerprints can still be seen in the way I approach scripture, in the way I pray, and in the Marble notebooks I still use for journaling. If the significance of a person’s impact can be measured in its enduring effects, then my life is testimony to what God can accomplish in one person through another. Thank you Barb. Scott Conley Drexel Class of ‘93 Mount Joy, PA

5: Hi Barb! I don't know if I ever told you this, but one of the reasons I was excited to get involved with a group like DCF/InterVarsity when I arrived at Drexel in 1996 was that my own father had been led to the Lord by a campus ministry. I knew if it could help save and set him on a course for life-long ministry, it was something I needed to keep building my own faith and reaching others in the spiritual battleground of college life. I will always be thankful for the wonderful years I spent in DCF making friends, sharing the gospel, praising the Lord, learning leadership, fellowshiping in your living room, and meeting my wife... Oh, yeah, well, it's kind of hard to talk about DCF without mentioning Deanna Ruth Linsky, the love of my life (2nd only to Jesus). We'll be married 11 years in 2011 and God has blessed us with 2 daughters. We are all striving to remain active in ministry using our gifts in various ways, and I believe your diligent, caring service played an important role in getting us here. In a way, you've helped me build on another tradition started by my father: he met my mom at that same college fellowship group back in the early '70s. Now I can tell my kids how I met their mom at our college fellowship, too; and I pray they will have help in seeking the Lord as I did and my father before me. Keep up the good fight, run the race to the end, and keep longing to hear those words, "WELL DONE! GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!" - Richard J. Linsky, AIA, Drexel Class of '02 Richard@Linsky.Net | Kelly Hall, June 1998: | Springfield, PA, 12/2010:

7: Barb, It's been a long time...we first met when you were a student at Drexel and helped to mentor Dave on the Exec and disciple Renee. Those were good times as we all grew closer to God through our involvement at DCF. We've been honored to be part of your support team as you've moved through your ministry opportunities and continued your pursuit of God. May God continue to bless the next chapter of your ministry as part of the local church. Love, Dave & Renee Alshouse Drexel '86 & '88

9: She beamed as the dozen or so arrived that June to the 13-room 3-story dwelling that would be their temporary residence for the piloted summer mission excursion. She knew that they simply needed to weather sharing space that first week. She learned that like sitting at a red light when a Cadillac Escalade rolls up, windows down, and Bazooka speakers tweaked to full volume, so would be the first Gateway’s opening week when 40 teenagers from New Jersey swooped on the building. Nothing muffled their sound any more than rolling up windows drowns Bazookas. But they left, and without complaint, she welcomed their departure but not the aftermath. Her co-director, a Gateway key ingredient, withdrew leaving her as the sole administrator of the experimental program. She hadn’t foreseen this. After consulting and praying with the house’s overseers, gratitude arose when they offered to relieve some of the burden by assisting the remainder of the ministry. By summer’s end, she’d confirmed the project’s value, forged new friendships, and saw God’s hand in transitions. | Barbara, That was the beginning of our friendship that celebrates 19 years this month. We stood with you at the outset, and our prayers and support remain now. We’re proud of your dedication, and the accomplishments God gave you with IVCF. Congratulations, The Upshaws

10: Gateway 1998 | Barb, We've never actually met, but I spent the summer in your house for Gateway in 1998. I was drawn to the program mainly for the chance to work at a Christian health center, not out of any concern for the city per se. My time at Esperanza was rich and, as I saw the relationships the doctors built with their patients, I knew that God had created me for that kind of work. I left Philly that summer sure that God was calling me to a career in medicine, but also fairly sure the city was not for me. Still, the discussions we had around issues of social justice echoed in my mind as I started med school, moved to downtown Baltimore, and started attending a diverse urban church. Over the next several years, God grew in me a passion for racial reconciliation and urban community development which has become a driving force in my life. I relocated to my church's under-resourced neighborhood and hosted the Baltimore Urban Program in 2001. I have worked in underserved areas of Baltimore as a Family Practice physician and mentored middle school girls at my church for the past 5 years. I am so thankful to live in a context where I am humbled daily by the challenges and blessings of trying to live out Isaiah 58. Thank you for living your life for Jesus. The ripple effects in my life alone are more than you could imagine. May you continue to seek the Kingdom in radical ways during this new phase of your life! Many blessings, Emily Sippel ejsippel@gmail.com

11: Dear Barb, What a privilege it was for me to co-lead (really, apprentice under you) this summer of all-women Gateway. I remember...Jen Tan, the girl from Canada singing "O Canada" in your backyard on Canada day, the girl from Wisconsin who had cheese sent on her cooking week, Felix bringing over dinner 2 weeks in a row. More than these, the opportunity to intern at Esperanza while co-leading with you helped me to weigh the two paths of my future--medicine or non-medical Xn work. This summer was a turning point for me, where the Lord clearly spoke and directed my paths...and now (in 2011) here I am, for the last 4 years, serving him among the least-reached, trying to reach the urban poor half-way around the world. Thank you for being a vessel of His Words and light to me and to countless others. With Love, Michelle Park Kim

12: 2002

14: 2004: The first 2-site Gateway | we made it

15: 2005: Diamond Street Site Tim Fryett, Keami Hung, Nora Kenney, Christine Rodriguez, Chris and Jess Owens, Lauren Waterhouse, Megan Rowland, Taehoo Lee, Felicia Desher, Kim Vessey, Gretchen Perry, and Matt Miller. Thank you Barb for impacting us for a lifetime to love God and love our neighbors in the city.

16: 2007 | Gateway 2005 | I see him. Long shirt. Low pants. Curly mop-top. Bright eyes – when he runs, he needs to use one hand to hold up his jeans so his knees can bend. God-do you see him? Malnourished signs visible on skin. Lungs struggling with asthma – already at 3. Is he doomed? Is he doomed to misfortune – as he seeks and attracts the attention of boys on the block- his role models of how to be a man, how to act, based on the boys that strut and sell on the corners. Is he doomed to repeat the cycles of using, selling, jail time? I see him. Quick to play, quick to curse – already at 3. God- do you see? Can you rescue one now, even before the new heavens and the new earth are heralded in? Is he doomed? Is he doomed to be judged by his black skin – to struggle in school, to live on a trash infested street? Do I dare hope? Pray big, John says. So I pray for one, this one – that he will not be doomed. But will be rescued by You. by Minda Thompson Germantown Gateway '05

17: Gateway 2006

18: Barb, I spent some time today looking over some notes and journals from Gateway 2007. I was struck by how many things I learned and saw new and afresh that summer that are now ingrained into my mind and my heart as a matter of course. Somewhere along the line I came to realize that when Jesus came to preach forgiveness of debts and healing to the sick and sight for the blind, he wasn't just using a series of metaphors for salvation. He was talking about the kind of work that he intended to do on Earth with his own two hands and the power of the Spirit, and that is the same work he has passed on to us. We are now his hands, made to do that same work. | The Gateway experience was pivotal for me in coming to that belief - particularly the mentorship, teaching, and reflection that you led. Barb, you sowed seeds that are producing and will continue to produce fruit in my life and in the lives of everyone at the house that summer. I've been working as a nurse on a vascular surgery floor at HUP for over a year now. It's an amazing job and the story of how I came into it is a clear example of God's provision. Every day I try to care for my patients and my coworkers with great love. I married that girl I was dating during Gateway. She works with the Nurse Family Partnership, doing home visits with first time mothers in North Philly - most of them teenage, all of them poor. She sits with them for an hour and a half at a time in their homes and talks with them about motherhood and their future, their relationship with their baby-daddies and their family, child discipline and development. If all I did in life was support her as she does this job it would be a life well spent. Barb, none of us can thank you enough for the work God did through you in the Gateway program. You softened our hearts and opened our eyes to the Gospel of God. I pray that God will continue to sustain you and use you powerfully at Spirit and Truth. Zachary Ferris zachary.ferris@gmail.com | Gateway 2007

21: Dear Barb, I am so grateful for all that God allowed me to experience during Gateway. I frequently am reminded of our discussions from managing money and buying locally, to approaching race and culture in a Biblical way, to practicing the spiritual disciplines, to learning the balance between living simply while still celebrating God's blessings, to responding to injustice, to approaching Scripture from a posture of humility trusting God that He is good. As a freshmen nursing major my eyes were opened to opportunities to use my career for the Upside-down Kingdom at Esperanza. You creatively invited us to meet Jesus in an experiential way and to not only know about what God is doing but to individually become a part of it. Thank you for modeling to us what outpouring love for students, your church, and your neighbors looks like. God has used you powerfully in my life! Love, Katie Baker

22: Serving God and Enjoying His Creation Together

23: encounter God in the city

24: Hey Barb! (I still think B-dubz or BW are excellent titles) Congrats on the move to Spirit and Truth! I’ll be praying for your transition. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for making Gateway a possibility for me. Yours was the first familiar face I saw as I entered the summer, and you really helped to ease the transition. Thank you so much for picking me up, providing a place to stay for me, taking me to the grocery store, and the list goes on. I really love Philly and I want to serve here, and I know Gateway was a part of that. I remember the Monday you came over when it was my and Wes’s week to cook, and I undercooked the baked chicken. Yea. Thanks for being really gracious about that. I was close to being really embarrassed, but everyone was so nice about it (and willing to continue trying my cooking)! I wanted to share with you some of my summer, and I figured one of the best ways to do so would be to share the music and poetry that came out of it. Included here are the words to the poem I wrote maybe the first full day at the Diamond Street House. Also here are the lyrics for Flutter Wings (Lament), which talks about the pain of the community around me as I stayed at the Gateway House, and some of the pain from my own experiences growing up in a low-income neighborhood. I think I wrote that one around week 3 of Gateway. Lastly are the lyrics for New Life, which I wrote at the end of Gateway and which speaks of my personal process of healing, and is very closely tied to Flutter Wings. I hope you enjoy them, and I pray that God blesses you in this transition. In Christ, Allegra

25: Flutter Wings (Lament) Flutter wings, flutter wings and take me to a place where nothing can break me. I’ll be so high above this world. There’s this constant desire to escape from, to escape to. There’s gotta be something better. There’s gotta be something more than the blood and dirt-stained concrete outside my window. I want a better view, one that looks and not warped like lonely broken people with lonely broken dreams and bodies broken by mad twisted schemes and countless young minds wasted on things that only keep the cycle going. The hustle presents itself as the quick and easy way to be best. This boy is offering his love. If you’ll just say yes he’ll take away your pain with practiced ease but then he’ll leave you full, but emptier than you ever were before. The white horse your hero rode in on makes your nose bleed but time is of the essence. No worries as long as you got speed. Each breath in clouds your doubt as you die slowly, blissfully with each breath out. | New Life For many miles I have walked alone, broken down, feeling so misunderstood. How many times have I come before You just to hear this suffering is for a time? But I want more than these broken dreams. I want more than these lonely scenes. Please heal me and move within me. I have found new life within You. You are all my hope. I have found new life within You. You are making me whole. Through all my fears I have run from You and missed the ways You have spoken in my life. I have drifted far from You. But You can mend my broken dreams and You can change these lonely scenes. You heal me, and You move within me. I have found new life within You. You are all my hope. I have found new life within You. You are making me whole. You are dwelling in me. Lord, take my heart, take my everything. This life is Yours. You are dwelling in me. | Flutter wings, flutter wings and take me to a place where nothing can break me. I’ll be so high above this world. Another life’s ending before it’s even begun ‘cause there’s no hope for the untouchable caste of this nation. Mommies and Daddies leaving sons and daughters guideless, their only hope for love found in the never-ending violence. Why do we think we can find peace in street life? Peace in the streets requires marching to a different beat: the beat of our hearts, our commonality, our humanity. Life can be so much more than this limited reality. Flutter wings, flutter wings and take me to a place where nothing can break me. I’ll be so high above this world. If I can find my way out of this darkness will the light shine brighter than my pain? If there’s a way to come out of this brokenness will I find a way to erase my shame? Flutter wings, flutter wings and take me to a place where nothing can break me. I’ll be so high above this world.

26: Temple University and 1633 W. Diamond St.


36: Dear Barb: I can’t say that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know you as well as I would have liked. But, for the little amount of time you and I have spent together, there are things about you that I know to be true, that have caused me to admire you and respect your ministry: First, you are beautiful- inside and out. You are a radiant woman of God. I enjoy looking at you- is that weird? Second, you are colorful- inside and out. You have a dynamic personality that ranges from quiet and observant to uproarious and involved- but your mood and behavior always seem to be grounded in a place of peace and perception. Your outfits also seem to match your inner ambiance: bright turquoises against shimmering hair and rosy skin, vibrant and tactile scarves, cozy sweaters that invite and exude warmth. Third, you are wise. You have experience and a depth of understanding that one (read: me) envies. Fourth, you are passionate and faithful. Your commitment to and love for the city, for students, for Jesus are commendable- and convicting. So, thank you. Thank you for being you: a woman who loves Jesus and people. Thank you for investing in students. Thank you for setting an example of faithfulness and commitment in a way that honors different seasons of life. All of my best, Jamie Hawthorn

37: Dear Barb, As you transition from one phase of our Father's work to another, I join the chorus of people cheering you on the path. Thank you for helping train me to lead a manuscript study at camp, for showing me how to love the city, for providing a context (Gateway) in which I could not only discern my life's path but also push the edges of growing in my gifts. As I serve here now in a totally different context, I can say that your legacy has reached the ends of the earth. Dear friend, press on! Continue in the good work He's started in you, that the Kingdom may come. Honored to serve alongside you, halfway around the world. With all our love, Michelle, Don, Eliana and Selina Kim May 2011

38: Dearest Barbara! I have never seen someone live out the gospel before me as fully as you have. You’ve compelled me to learn from the way you have known Jesus and followed him into loving his people! We are here in Philly because of our time at Gateway – meeting you and learning from you is one of the most important things that has ever happened in the course of my life! God was redeeming my past and uncovering my identity in Christ. In addition to my personal life, my role as a staff worker was altered as well. I began to see how much bigger the gospel was and how vital it has been to us to pursue more of the God that we saw in Philadelphia that summer. Now, living and working here, God is bringing freedom and new life for us that I never expected. He is seamlessly piecing together my past and love for the city, the desire to love and serve his people, especially those overlooked by society. And in all of this, one of his most consistent gifts to me has been you – as a mentor and friend, someone who has gone before us in almost all of these same contexts. Right down to working at Temple – I don’t think I would have been able to start something here without your wisdom, help and encouragement. You’ve balanced the long suffering and dedication it takes to forge ahead into the kingdom in really challenging places like Drexel, Temple, and North Philadelphia and programs like JJP and Gateway. Thank you so much for living your life the way you have. For deeply trusting Jesus and for the many times you have said yes to him and followed him into places unknown. Thanks for letting us into this transition as well as you more fully serve at our church. I’ve said so before, but it's hard to imagine what working at Temple, or even for InterVarsity in Philadelphia, could be like without you. You have had a hand in almost every part of what I have benefited from in this area and maybe the region. Now we must learn how to go on without you in the same capacity. I am grateful that for Jess and I you will still not be far away. | I have really struggled to know how we could appropriately thank you for your years with InterVarsity. As you can see your influence in my life has been monumental, yet I know it is only a drop in the bucket compared to the work you’ve done over the years. You really are an inspiration to me as I think about a life lived well that truly honors and glorifies God. Thank You! Your Friend, Chris Owens

40: Thanks for.... showing staff how to be both strong and gentle in communicating mission and vision. taking risks financially and relationally in your work and dreams. teaching and living out biblical truths in merciful ways. enduring through many staff good-byes, changes, and job requirements. being a person with personal integrity, creative and restorative skills, and collaboration enjoying and creating beauty around you trusting in Jesus to sustain and empower your ministry no matter where and no matter who I'm grateful for you and how you have been an example to me. I will remember you. Jeana

41: Barb, I’m sure there will be many reoccurring themes as students, friends, and colleagues take time to reflect in the ways that you have blessed their lives. Whether it has been working through conflict, Sabbath keeping, racial reconciliation or teaching all encompassing “shalomness” – you have poured out to many. Thank you. As I dug out and looked through notes from Gateways past, one of the common prayer requests from students is “What to do next?”. I’ve appreciated your patience as you have also considered that question, and have strived to be faithful as the Lord has shaped next steps over the years. Thank you for listening well, asking good questions, and caring for the person in front of you in a very intimate and personable way. Blessings on this next chapter, as God continues to call you to love His people in Philadelphia. Below (see Gateway 2005) is a prayer I had written during my summer leading Gateway in Germantown (’05). Love, Minda

42: Barb, Thank you for your ministry with InterVarsity for nearly 25 years and for your leadership of Gateway for the last 18 years. I celebrate your leadership and faithfulness with Gateway that has touched the hundreds of students and developed partnerships that have blessed Philadelphia neighborhoods. Gateway has been a shinning light not only for the Mid-Atlantic Region but also for InterVarsity nationally. It was wonderful to have Gateway and your ministry highlighted a few years ago when all the urban project staff across the nation came to Philadelphia to learn from what you have been doing. As I have talked to alum from Gateway and heard stories about others, I am struck by how much Gateway has influenced students to do what our Regional Vision statement desires to happen in students lives: - To grow deeply their trust in Jesus as they make choices about their relationships, careers, and lifestyles, - To learn intently from Jesus as they seek true understanding in all they study, - To respond enthusiastically to Jesus as they use the resources they have been given to serve others. Thank you for helping to students to understand how the Good News of Christ’s victory over sin and death relates to what is happening in our personal lives as well as what is happening in neighborhoods and society. Thank you for the gift of debriefing notes and instructions for turning the game of Monopoly into a way for students to walk into the effects of sin and death in communities. Gateway has produced students who graduated with a vision to use their studies, training and resources for the Lord’s Kingdom purposes. Thank you also for the depth of commitment to and integrity with Gateway’s urban partners. Thank you for developing partnerships that allow staff and students to be blessed by and empower urban partners. I appreciated how you wrestled with difficulties that surfaced in Gateway’s partnership with Germantown Hope church. I appreciated your wisdom, grace and courage as you worked though a process on how best to respond to the difficulties as well as the rich history with them. Barb, you will be greatly missed. The Lord’s grace be with you as you move into an even greater role with Spirit and Truth. John Hochevar

43: Dear Barb, I really appreciate you Barb. You have been a faithful friend all these years. I love your heart for others because it is so genuine and so real. You have a great way of making everyone you meet feel loved and accepted. God has gifted you with a tenacity to stand up for what matters and an uncanny ability to push us forward in our understanding of Jesus. Personally, you have helped me to reflect on the good things God has done. God is going to use you in big ways in your new adventure. And you will be sorely missed! Love ya sister, Greg Baker | May 31, 2011 Barb, As we think about your leaving the mid-Atlantic staff team, we feel a number of emotions. We are sad to see you leaving our team, but full of joy for all the time we were able to share while we were in InterVarsity together. We have truly valued our fellowship with you through the years, enjoying your honest and thoughtful presence, and perhaps most the open and warm friendship that you gave us so freely. (And every spring we see again the daffodils you gave us years ago as a housewarming present – they are thriving and they make us smile every year.) InterVarsity is a fine organization, but people are what really make it what it is. Through the years you've been one of the people that have defined our InterVarsity experience. We watched as you faithfully followed your calling through various stages within IV, and are glad to see you continue to follow it – we know that God will honor you and your ministry as you continue to give your heart to the people of Philadelphia. We have been and will continue to be glad to consider you a partner and fellow worker in the gospel, and a dear friend. God bless, Neil and Renea Livingstone 812 Brantford Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20904

44: Don't worry Barb... Gateway is in good hands, it'll just take me a couple years to fill up this seat. Thanks for your dedication and persistence on loving the city. Captin Ryan

45: Dear Barb, I’m not sure quite how to capture you on a page. You won’t find anything fancy on this one, just words from the bottom of my heart in efforts to convey what a significant and beautiful woman you are. I will never be the same after sharing the summer with you six years ago. Your compassion for the city and its people is unmistakable. You are such an incredible teacher. You approach people humbly, yet you are not timid; you have a fierce passion to see shalom in this city. I am grateful to you for running Gateway year after year to give people like me the opportunity to see and perceive... to hear and understand. I can only imagine what a personal sacrifice it was for you and yet you have impacted the lives of so many people. When we returned to Bucknell that year, I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get back to Philadelphia. And here we are... Initially, I was content just to call you a staff partner. But over the years I have found myself even more at home in our friendship. I crave time with you because you listen so intently and with a sincere heart. And the questions... you have the ability to ask such piercing questions. You have encouraged me to be me- no false pretenses. You have a way of gently redirecting me back to the Lord and helping me to see truth. And despite the many intense conversations we’ve had, they’ve never been short on laughter- you have a fantastically contagious laugh. To be honest, ‘friend’ just doesn’t cut it anymore. Truly, I consider you family. Chris and I know we can count on you for anything, and we hope you feel the same about us. Thank you for investing in us. We feel so lucky.and relieved that will continue to benefit from your leadership at Spirit & Truth. With a Grateful Heart, Jess

46: BARB WEIDMAN A try at description of a woman of God. Whoever searches for Him. She is a risk taker which is good as it is the best strategy for a Christian. I remember Barb in early days of IVCF in the Mid Atlantic. I remember a very tense meeting of staff; we had many strange meetings and two, no three!!... (Just like Paul :) when Barb cried. She stayed in the meeting though; I was pretty much a coward and left! Another time we all met and everyone put out their deepest feelings, sorrows and the rest of their "laundry"... just put it out there. The response was dead air. But I remember Barb asking a piercing question which fit the bill exactly!!...She is excellent at cutting the crap and also planning a possible strategy. The third meeting was disaster on wheels for me personally (oh what got me started was Barb when she shared with our small team of largely women and specialists, was crying. Do not think that Barb is one who cries easily (at least not in public:)......... So I began to cry and Barb was very kind to me... in my usual demeanor, I left. This is history now. Mid-Atlantic is a happy place. Barb Weidman contributed much in the "earlier” Daze and paid. As the Older woman I cared for our keen women staff and saw that sometimes they were hitting their heads on a glass ceiling. Barb was (years ago) trying to find that hole in the ceiling...DE-termined. I remember sitting somewhere at camp with her as she tried to figure out where she fit and what she should do. And she came up with some really really Good stuff... incarnating in the city, training, discipling in a community, She became that mature woman for the newer staff. The light that shines out from Barb is her softness, her deep thinking and the excitement of Strategy. She does not remain on the safe plateau! But she jumps off the abyss holding hands with the Jesus Christ she follows. And of course......underneath are the Everlasting Arms. Hebrews 6:10. A DAUGHTER OF ZION ALL GLORIOUS WITHIN FROM Marcia Hopler

47: With deep admiration we watched you walk in faith at Drexel among the students encouraging, challenging, and calling them to deeper relationship with God. At times you faced great challenges from external forces that seemed more intent on building their own ministry then inviting people to the Kingdom of God. You walked faithfully and with deep commitment to Christ through the valleys and the hills of ministry at Drexel. Taking risks to rebuild, disband, start over became part of the journey. In God’s amazing ways one of the folks you worked with, Nate Heckman who had a passion for international students and Arabic speaking people in particular years later became a friend of ours and he and his wife Laura joined us in a weekly study of Scripture, as they prepared for missionary service in an Arabic nationseeds planted and watered by you which we were blessed to gently nurture. Remember coming to the IV office in Upper Darby, with this wild idea of starting an Urban Program in Philly. We talked, prayed and set you free to pursue this vision. Fred Woolard came along and in his loveable way supported the effort by raising funds. A unique part of the program was connecting student academic pursuit with real life city opportunities so that students could see ways they could serve God in the city by loving people with their education, training and gifts. Really a remarkable program19 years old now, literally hundreds of people blessed as participants and recipients of this ministry. Personally, Barb in the bumpy travels of the early years in the region you were a faithful friend, steady, encouraging and one I could count on to give quality reflection on events, conversations, decisions. You maintained a wonderful balance of wise wisdom without ever belittling another. The journey toward being more multi-ethnic and empowering more women in ministry was most difficult, a road that seemed filled with land mines. You remained a calm, (at least on the outside) woman quietly confident, doing the ministry God entrusted to you day by day. Buying your first house, selling your first house, moving to North Philly, buying 2 housesall out workings of your visionlove for the city, for the people of the city who became your neighbors, and whom you loved because you understood who your neighbors were and are. Bringing students year after year to the city, letting them rub shoulders with you as you walked out your calling caused life changes in each one who was blessed to be part of Gateway: Your vision, love for Christ following, caught and taught. Remembering your gift of hospitality always a delight to enter your home and be welcomed with your genuine love; to be recipients of your gracious out-pouring of generosity in sharing your home and your creative gifts in gourmet delights; to feel your attention was totally given to the moment; to share in the core of life through “sonship” and recognize God’s very special gift to his body sharing in community, in your home. Remembering the gift of “PhilDanco” performance at the Kimel Center ~ an event celebrating MLK day Hospitality! | Dear Barb, August 1989, we arrived at Mid-Atlantic Regional Staff Conference at Camp Hebron... and the journey began of getting to know you as a woman of God. First impressions were ones of quiet, thoughtful, deep faith. As time went on new words were added to the vocabulary we would use to describe you... friend, colleague, kindred spirit, supporter, loyal, faithful, and visionary. | One passage of Scripture always comes to mind when we think of you ~ Psalm 16 ~ vs 5&6 are remembered from one particular staff conference event ~ however, as I read the whole Psalm I give thanks to God for your witness for Jesus’ sake, to us, through this Psalm! | May 2011~Ben in recovery following Jan 17, (MLK) stroke. | Steve and Nancy Tuttle

48: Dear Barb, Aren’t you clever - 2 celebrations in one! 25 years on staff, and moving on in your journey with Jesus. And what a journey it has been! As Psalm 84:1-2, 4-6, 12 says | From time to time I’d wonder out loud to you “How is it that a girl from Lancaster found her heart at home in this city?” But from the beginning, 17 years ago, getting to know you on the urban Philly team, your delight was wherever God had planted you. On each leg of the journey, first Drexel and Powelton Village, the discovery of Shalom and a growing love and passion for The City, North Philly and Temple in particular your heart was set on pilgrimage. And you always were inviting others to join you on this Shalom journey, establishing Gateway, JJP, influencing staff and students, your neighborhood, your church. As you lived Psalm 84, so many have seen, and discovered their own longing to live more deeply in Jesus, set their own hearts on pilgrimage. You have taught them in word and deed. They also can say, “Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord Almighty!” I’ve been so thankful for the years to journey with you. We’ve been through quite a lot of upheaval, transition, but also lots of joy and laughter. How many different team configurations have we endured? And yet we have been able to find a place of springs in the Valley and go from strength to strength because our hearts have been set on pilgrimage. Barb you have been such a companion in my valleys, reminding me that there are places of springs even there. Thank you so much for nurturing my own journey to Spiritual Formation and Prayer, for helping me to “wait” for it. You were in on the ground of this discovery, listening carefully to my heart and God’s invitation, at a time when it was not understood or valued. Thank you being my encourager and cheer leader, for giving me opportunities to try some “silence” on team meeting days. I will always remember one of the first Quiet Mornings at your house, reflecting on Psalm 139. I had asked folks to sing “Jesus Loves Me” as part of their reflection. I never imagined that they really would. But as I sat in your kitchen, from the various rooms on Baring Street, one by one, Jesus Loves Me could be heard. Thank you! I would be remiss not to mention all the laughter and adventure you have brought along the way. No one, except perhaps Sarah Mitchell can tell a story like you do. No one plans a celebration or finds a perfect gift like you do. Thank you! As you move fully into a new dwelling place and, and ministry place (inviting others into “pilgrimage”) I pray that you will know the companionship of Jesus. I will miss you deeply, I have already in my own role change. But I also delight at the deep love of Jesus to have made the path as it is for this season in your life. With love and thankfulness for you, your life, Sara K | How lovely is your dwelling place, O lord Almighty My soul yearns, even faints for the Lord: my heart & my flesh cry out for the living God. Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you. Blessed are those whose strength is in you; Who have set their hearts of pilgrimage? | As they pass through the valley of Baca, they make it a place of springs; The autumn rains also cover it with pools. They go from strength to strength, til each appears before God in Zion. Oh Lord God Almighty, blessed is Barb who trusts in you!

49: When I think of you Barb I think of someone who does not shy away from the hard task (Drexel, Temple, Gateway... the City of Philadelphia). Rather you embrace the call, and have given yourself to it whole heartedly. You love the people where you are called to serve, no matter how frustrating the system they are in is. Moreover, you have approached these difficult calls with grace and patience. A grace and patience that humbles me. You have stuck with them for years and years and years. Day to day giving of your gifts, your creativity, your love, your soul, dependent upon God for results. And out of this has come changed lives -- both the ones you've served, but also the lives of those who've walked along side you, or watched you from a distance. You've been a model of faithfulness and wisdom and strength. Not macho strength. But strength in God's love and grace, and perseverance to the call. And wisdom, the wisdom that comes from walking with Jesus through the many joys and struggles of life. Finally I think of you as a person who brings beauty to everything you do, both the beauty of your extremely classy and artistic sense, but also a beauty of life giving service, of humbly given love. I am glad to have been one of those who's gotten to walk some of the road with you, blessings Shannon Lamb

51: Barb, I have known you for many years, and it has been a wonderful journey. I praise God for your commitment to the gospel, and to all those who God has sent to you for love and care. Your involvement with city ministries, including gateway, Drexel and Temple will always leave a kingdom imprint on this city that we love. Your servant heart and willingness to go the extra mile is applauded. We at S&T will be with you as you serve in N. Phila for the next 50 years unless the mistake with 5/21/11 was meant to be 5/21/12. In either case Gods rich love and mercy as you give to our community for Jesus sake. Peace and Joy, Manny | Dear Barb, Welcome to the STF leadership team! I know the Lord has given you many wonderful gifts as well as a heart to use those gifts for the advancement of His kingdom. I praise the Lord for that. You will be a big asset to the furtherance of the ministry of STF as the new leadership team is developed and transitioned into place. Thank you for joining us. Sue

52: Dear Barb, It has been a delight to get to know you these last couple of years. Randy and I have been blessed by your leadership skills and your deep caring and understanding of others. But most of all we have been blessed by your teaching about spiritual transformation. In so many ways, we see Christ in you. And you have reached out and touched us. Thank you for your hard work, your faithfulness, and your care. Thank you for loving Jesus! We rejoice with you for 25 years of ministry. We celebrate with you what God has done in you and through you. We look forward to the next chapter of ministry at Spirit and Truth. We are eager to see what God brings forth. Randy and Cathy Hirsch

53: Barb, It is amazing how God has used you and how you have availed yourself to the Will of God. Thank you for guiding and disciplining college students and young professionals throughout your time at Inter- Varsity (me being one of them). Thank you for being a friend throughout my college years and for challenging me to draw closer to God. You are truly a servant of Christ and a great example of a virtuous woman such as the Proverbs 31 Noble Wife. A virtuous woman has strength and honor, and she is able to bear up many crosses and disappointments. Now that you are transitioning to Hunting Park – the Lord will reward you for going where He sends you and for upholding the Lord’s people as a priority in your life. “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate” – Prov. 31:30-31. So, Barb, at the courtyard gates at 6th and Cayuga your works through Christ will bring you praise and you will reach people who others could not – the Lord is completing His work in you and His glory is literally all over you. Thank you for availing yourself to the Will of God – you have encouraged me to do the same. Alyssa

54: The Association of Former Presbyterians welcomes Barbara Weidman to her expanded relationship with Spirit and Truth Fellowship with a poor poem and assorted musings | 25 years – Wow! – it’s good to be loyal Serving collegiates, such joyous toil And now something new, Get up and out of that pew To tend a rich Hunting Park soil! So long you have labored at the good IVCF So long now! Turning to us at S & T F Don’t worry, just a few tears But hurry, really no fears You’re Barbara, our new BFF. (Can you really organize us? Quiet, teach and simonize us?) Barbara, coming to learn of all things urban Now teaching, now sharing, now workin’ and servin’ What can we say? It’s a new day Hello to who she is, farewell to who her been! So hey there, Barb of Lancaster A helper for Manny the Pastor A credit to the gender, Needs none to defend her, A new time – here’s hoping it lasters and lasters! | And now the musings It’s been great to find a new old friend, stretching toward what God has next for you. Surely there must be private terrified moments when you ponder this big decision, wondering if it’s right. Be brave, as you are, full of confidence in Him who sends. God bless you now and always. May you follow closely in His steps. Love always, Dan and Karen Norris

55: The Miracle of Friendship by Anonymous There is a Miracle called Friendship that dwells within the heart and you don't know how it happens or when it even starts. But the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift and you realize that Friendship is God's most precious gift | Barb, we are so glad to be able to share in this time of your life... filled with change, challenges, excitement and joy. We have seen God’s plans being revealed over time and it’s exciting to see where He is leading you! Your years of service to God have not gone unnoticed25 years is a long time! You have touched many lives; including my family... when I needed a friend you were there, when my daughters needed a friend you were there, when my mom and dad needed a friend you were there and for that I am grateful (Hector is very grateful... when we’re happy he’s happy). I so have enjoyed our summer dinners together where we were able to talk, laugh, eat, and truly learn from one another. You give of yourself in meaningful ways and I appreciate that. I hope that I am a friend in the same way. You are an image of a Godly woman who is “comfortable in her own skin”; who trusts God; is complete; who lives life in the present and loves people. I am so glad that my daughters have been able to get to know you and be a witness to your life. Thank you for your love for me and my family... it still amazes me that we knew each other for so long and never really connected until recently... our friendship was for a time such as this. We will continue to pray for God’s hand on your life as you begin this new and exciting season. Blessings, Deb, Hector, Alyssa, Liana, Sander, and Pepper | “Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.” Prov. 27:9

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